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House5/25/14 7:29pm
He didn't even try to hide the grin, and he finished the rest of his drink before continuing on where he'd left off. "Well I was gonna say the bar table, but Sal ain't told a lie or served a bad drink as long as've known'im, so-o..." he glanced behind him, leaned down so he could see the rest of the patrons on his side of the table, and then turned back to her. "The rest of th'gents 'ere are down-dirty liars, so I'll take my odds with this side. Most honest individual this end of my half'a the table."

Eywin set his drink aside. That was three, he usually fought with six, and nine had him blacked out. He could probably have reached to four or five, but he wasn't quite sure what was going to go on with this Jamie person's plan. Better sober than sorry.

"Looks like ye win this time. Maybe ye pick the next date, see how ye'do on yer own home-field," he said.

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 7:36pm
Calv let out a chuckle, swishing what was left in her drink--still about half the mug. It'd be two for her--not much, but not bad. Didn't usually drink near duty. "Watch out Eywin, home field's a microwave dinner and some fermentae from the fridge--and I'd wear shorts, it can get a little warm in there." She cocked her eyebrows, lifting the mug to her mouth and finishing the rest in one swallow.

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House5/25/14 7:41pm
Eywin laughed, but nodded. "Bit more formal attire than I usual wear, but if we're goin' classy I s'pose I can manage," he said, and stood back up.

"What's say we get out of'ere before ye stumble upon any more of my deep, dark secrets, eh?" he asked. "Plus, the others might decide t'ship out early. What's yer game plan for that, by the way?"

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 7:44pm
Calv stood, following him. "Right now, not much of one--cross my fingers it goes alright, point and shoot, whole nine yards of 'wing it'." She let out a deep sigh, tucking her hands against the back of her neck and lifting her elbows in a stretch before dropping the limbs back down to her sides. "How bout you? Any fine boxing strategies apply here?"

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FelGrey5/25/14 7:46pm
"This is perfect, Voodoo! Thank you a ton!"

Fel was very satisfied, and more than a little surprised. These guys were well equipped!

"Are you going at the Darkies too?"

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House5/25/14 7:49pm
He scoffed, jamming his hands back into his pockets as he led the way back out of the bar. "You see th'guns they were haulin' back there? Doubt I'll be much use, an' no complaint from me. Don't get me wrong, I don't /like/ whatever sort of bad guys they're talkin' about runnin' around all free and what not... but I meant more like...what's yer plan for /them/? The ones calin' themselves the good-guys."

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 7:53pm
Calv paused a moment, then quietly, "Keep a secret?" Her grin was playful, eyes sparkling, and she grabbed him by the shoulder, stopping his movement. He was taller than her, but not by too terribly much--enough that she was up on her toes. One hand braced his shoulder, the other grabbing his ear to tug it a bit closer as she whispered into it, muzzle brushing against the shell.

She finished, dropping back onto her heels and folding her hands behind her back. "Of course, that isn't me inviting you in on the fun," she added in a faux-serious voice.

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House5/25/14 8:01pm
He blinked, a tad surprised. Then again, of all the things that he'd seen and heard today, it probably shouldn't have.

"Well, far be it from me to cast judgement upon the plans of such a Knight," he said, grinning. "Aye, I won't interfere o'course. Sounds like as good a plan as any, safest, fer sure."

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joeden5/25/14 8:07pm
“Na they don’ let me go on dis stuff no’ tamed enough.” He said, with a chuckle but continued with “a’ gatta watch da kid an ma power is ta unpredicible. A’d jus bla eveting up mon.”

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 8:08pm
Calv smiled. "Glad you think so--I mean, after all I've seen today, I kinda figure I better take opportunities when they come." She moved to continue their trek back, one hand falling back into her pocket, the other swinging out to catch Eywin's.

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FelGrey5/25/14 8:11pm
Fel nodded, understanding the reasoning. He was glad that someone he felt he could trust would be there when the boy awoke.

"Alright then, I suppose ill have to watch out for myself then, without you around." He grinned, making jest. "Is there anything I can do for preperation? Or should I just ask around?"

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House5/25/14 8:13pm
Eywin batted out with his own hand, fumbling with his fingers a bit before catching hers and holding onto her hand. It was odd at first; honestly no one he'd ever been with had wanted to hold hands. Drink? Fuck? Steal his money that wasn't stashed and leave before the sun was up? Sure. Hold hands? Not a one. It was...nice. Yeah. Nice. He usually walked and felt like a scumbag; not that he hadn't grown to be proud of it. But now his steps felt different, lighter almost. He didn't feel as dirty.

He let her lead the way back, and simply hummed for the rest of the walk. Taking opportunities indeed.

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 8:19pm
Eywin took it--after a moment, but his fingers knit with hers and she gave it a squeeze, smile widening a bit. He was humming, some tune she didn't know, but she liked it--thought she might want to hear the whole song some day.

They got to the door quick enough, but she tugged them to a stop before they got too near it. "Y'know, Eywin, honestly I don't think I'd normally be this forward with a guy, but we might die in a few minutes, and opportunities and all that," she commented, in a really rather offhand, casual manner, before dropping her hand from his and using both to grab the man by his ears and pull his lips to hers. A bit crooked, a bit off center, but got the job done.

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joeden5/25/14 8:21pm
“a’ gat a good luck cham if ya wan’? witchdocta good fortune ya wan’?” He was now moving over to a box and started scavenging through it until he pulled out a shrunken head, of a fox keeper as he said, “luckie fa ya not fa him thou.”

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House5/25/14 8:24pm
He blinked in surprise, but didn't exactly pull away. It was another thing he had little experience with, and wasn't particularly good at, but was, once again, welcomed. When she was done, he cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck, smiling.

"Aye, good thinkin'. But 'ey, let's keep a positive mind, yeah? Still got a least two more dates t'go," he said, giving her a playful clap on the side of the arm, and a wink, before making his way back into the warehouse.

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