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joeden5/5/14 8:29pm
The Night was accosted over Anduruna as young man, a wolf of orange fur and ragged cloths ran into an alley, being chased by shocks whom were in close pursuit. He quickly made a sharp turn and started to curse, “Damnit! Dead end…” Turning around he dropped the bag of Lucre and got ready to face the pursuing Shocks, but heard the sound of metal chipping at bricks from above, looking up he saw something that made his blood run cold and caused him to scream in horror.

Arriving on the scene the Shock troopers where absolutely shocked as one member was already throwing up in a corner at the sight that awaited them. The wolf they had been chasing was ripped into three parts his legs lay torn on the ground in front of them, his torso was pinned to the wall ripped open and insides either missing or spewing out onto the ground. A circle with a five point star was behind him and his head hollowed out and hanging by a chain with a candle inside. Which the head, was looking at the adjacent wall which had blood written on it saying TOWER BASTARD?

Calling this in, the Shocks had a cleanup squad come in to clean out the worse of the mess. Only after taking detailed photos of the scene and checking for every sign of evidence, that would lead to the capture of whoever did this…

Jamie had woken up in the hotel room his brother and his friend still asleep in the other queen sized bed, Jamie turned on the morning news to see the result of the fifth attack in Calypsa this month. The victim was left in too horrid a shape to be shown on the data scroll. He looked at this sighing; “great another attack another problem and we’re still no closer to finding this person or thing…” Resting his head in his hands he pondered on what they had gotten, all of it equaled up to a homeless nut singing about bullshit, of one fine day in the middle of the night and a freaking nagging jerk about how unrealistic everything is and was blaming everything including the kitchen sink on the government. Just freaking great, he hoped this wouldn’t be all that this job had to offer; but he was glad he was getting quality time with his brother.

Getting up he woke Ollow and Specter when they didn’t want to get up he flipped the bed and that got them moving Ollow grumbling and Specter typing on his arm’s voice box “grumble, grumble, grumble” in its emotionless robotic voice. After fixing and making the beds they headed out to the dinner. Sitting in a booth in the corner Jamie drinking a coffee and looking at his notes, as Specter and Ollow ate their hotcakes.

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Corvus5/5/14 9:11pm
As the first rays of the morning sun were making their way over the horizon, Wren found himself running along the rooftops on his way to what was technically his first pickup of the day. While the recent grisly murders were doing wonders for business and in turn for his wallet, They really were not helping his beauty sleep. Thanks to this morning's incident some Engineer at River Ridge Technology got cold feet on delivering a last minute bid, leading to a data scroll message at 7 AM from the boss to get the documents to some mining company by 9. Even worse, given the hour, that necessitated an on-foot delivery, which was complicated by the fact that the authorities were out in force required his avoidance of the streets below, as an interrogation would only slow him down.

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Canthui5/5/14 9:30pm
They were almost on him! Whezley couldn't make out who they were but he knew that they would kill him if they caught him. He would end up just like all of those other people that had been brutally murdered. He heard their steps just behind him and tried for his life to activate his power. He saw a glow above his head and knew it was his Halo and thought he was saved. But before he could even turn around to face his pursuers his foot caught on a loose brick and he came crashing down to the street. Whezley watched in horror as his his Halo crashed down in front of him and shattered into hundreds of pieces. He was going to die...

Whezley jumped up breathing heavily as his alarm woke him from his nightmare. He knew he shouldn't watch the news before sleeping. He slid his legs of his bed and turned off his alarm.

"8:15 AM!" he shouted aloud. "How could I have pressed the snooze that many times!" Whezley skipped his usual shower and quickly got dressed before rushing out the door. He was supposed to be at the library in 10 minutes!

Whezley made it all the way to the library before he realized... It was his day off.

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joeden5/5/14 10:06pm
Wren would soon find himself being chased by a group of shocks at least three and all heavily armed, as one yelled, “hold it right there your under arrest for the suspicion of the violent murders! Surrender now and you’ll be brought in alive!” As to give further motivation for Wren to keep moving, a springer sounded and the ball flew just past him, it was noticeable but did not hit him. There was more yelling and shouting from the shocks but with the wind picking up, all Wren would hear was, “Idiot! Kill him! Hold it! Hospital! Brutal murder!”


Whezley was tapped on the shoulder as a couple of shocks asked, “Excuse me sir but have you seen any suspicious activity of lately?” The shocks were looking at him with suspicion; clearly they had some thoughts running through their heads and didn’t look like the sharpest tools in the shed.

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Corvus5/5/14 10:44pm
"Now look! I am only trying to make a delivery, so could you please find someone actually threatening the peace!" Wren shouts back, glancing about for a way forward. "Besides, I am sure your friends to the south would tell you that you are wasting your time." Finally, he spots a beam crossing the street below holding the banners advertising some store's grand opening sale. "Its too early for a swim, but I guess it beats a Spinger any day."
Taking the chance before him, Wren set off running across the beam in hopes that the Shocks would have to find another way around. However, when he glanced back, much to his dismay one of the Shocks was following him over the beam as the rest were heading to the street below in search of a safer path.

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Canthui5/5/14 11:32pm
"Uh--mm--I... uh," was all Whezley was able to say at first. His mind started racing trying to figure out why they were talking to him. He hadn't knocked over any stalls when he ran to the library this time. He hadn't dressed strangely in his rush to leave. He didn't feel like he had activated his power in public on accident. What could it be! He wished he had run all the way into the library.

As Whezley fumbled over his words the pair of shocks seemed to be getting impatient, which of course made Whezley even more nervous. "We're were you last night?" one asked.

"I was home!" Whezley responded in hoarse voice that was barely audible. His own voice surprised him.

"Ey? What was that?" the other barked.

"Uh," Whezley coughed and cleared his throat, "I was home. I haven't seen anyone suspicious, but then again I'm not super attentive. Have you tried asking the tender of that stall over there? I'm sure she's seen lots of suspicious people." Whezley grinned and pointed at a stall he could see over the shocks shoulders. He also started to slowly back away as if he wanted to go into the library.

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joeden5/6/14 5:38am
The shocks looking over to the stalls nodded before the first one said, “very well---“ He was cut off as some crazy basket came out with a pipe and whacked the shock before looking at Whezley and shouting, “thanks for distracting him bratha! Everyone worked according to plan! Ehehehehehe!!!” The crazed keeper then ran into an alley as the other shock was growling furiously at Whezley with shout, “you bastard!”


Wren would notice the shock casing him was shouting, “You can’t escape the iron hand of justice, I’ll bring you in dead or alive!” He continued his path behind Wren on the beam; the shock continued to fire his springer, but it seemed he couldn’t hit the bronze side of a barn. The other two were on the ground below already starting to climb to the roof of the building in front of Wren, all while the Shock behind him shouted, “give up now killer and we’ll bring you in mostly alive!”

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ZycantAlpha5/6/14 7:48am
Veritas stumbled awake, and looked at the data scroll sitting next to her bed. Her brother didn't wake her up...again. She briefly entertained the notion that maybe this had something to do with those recent murders on the news and found herself more nervous. Finding herself in a panic she ran into his bedroom where he was still asleep. While she couldn't hear him breathing, she could see the motion of his body. Angry at him for oversleeping and for making her worry, she woke her brother, Pietas up.

"Huh...?" He groaned as he stirred, looked at the scroll and proceeded to notice that it was around 30 minutes later than he'd intended to be up. The two began their conversation when Pietas noticed his sister's rage.

(Give me a break, Rita. It's only 30 minutes...)

(This is the 3rd time this week I've had to wake YOU, brother! Get it together! You still need to get new tools today, don't you?)

(Yeah, all right. I'll get ready.)

The pair walked out the door and down to what Pietas referred to as 'Artisan Corner.' His hammer and chisel were beginning to wear down and he just liked to be prepared in case something broke at the wrong time.

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Canthui5/6/14 2:46pm
"I have NO clue who that was!" Whezley's ears drooped as he put up his hands. "I promise I have nothing to do with that guy." Whezley kept backing up, stumbled as his foot hit a curb before turning around, sticking his hands in his hoodie pockets, and fast walking for the library door. He hoped they would just let him go.

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joeden5/6/14 3:44pm
“Likely story bud, you’re coming in for assisted assault on an officer and for questioning!” The Shock shouted as he chased after Whezley. There was no talking his way out of this the shock looked furious and stressed with the baggy red eyes it was clear he wasn't thinking straight.

Ever since the attacks had started, the shocks have had stressful work hours that have also been unpleasant seeing as how they were also targets for the killer. All were stressed and wanted to go home. They also had to deal with the fact that they could be the next victim every day and night.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier5/6/14 4:19pm
Lurking around the alleyway corners, Judas was in the mist of another minor paranoid episode of his. Recently after arriving in Calypsa, he has been having moments where he could 'sense' the presence of the dark keepers. Having one hand always hovering over his gun,stuffed in the side of his pants, the bat creeped about with slow steps. He had his eyes constantly shifting to every direction, waiting to strike at any given moment.

Turning his around a corner, Judas noticed that the shocks were running amok. he knew the minute he had his halo come out while they're around, he was good as dead. So in making a smart decision, the bat hid inside an abandoned home where no light was to be seen. This was no problem to him because he's assumed he was accustomed to seeing perfectly in the dark. He lightly pushed open a window, stopping as soon as it made a faint creaking noise, and brought his eyes up close to the small opening, observing what causing this commotion...

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Canthui5/6/14 4:40pm
Whezley darted through the doors of the library and jumped over the check-out desks. "Sorry Paul!" he yelled backwards as his tail knocked a book out of his coworker's hand and he raced through a door behind the desk. Whezley navigated through the circulation room (only knocking a few more things over) and finally to the back door. "Locked!" he spat and sprang to the left for the nearest window. He crawled through and humped down.

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Corvus5/6/14 8:47pm
"I really don't have time for this! I'm not the one you are looking for!" Wren shouted, as he took his chance to dart along the rooftops. [Okay, these guys don't seem to be willing to just give things up... Hopefully with a bit of distance and a dip in the river they will decide that its simply too much effort.] *WHIZZZZZZ* [...Great, the unusually agile one's aim is getting better as well... If I keep out in the open like this I am going to end up like cheese.]

Coming to the end of the row of three story buildings, "If I'm doing it anywhere, it will have to be here..." Glancing over the rear of the building from above, Wren could barely make out in the darkness below a dumpster, filled with what was hopefully soft and clean trash... Drowning out the noise of the shouting Shock behind him, Wren stepped from the roof and hoped his luck would pull through for him when he needed it.

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joeden5/6/14 9:21pm
Judas would soon fine that something would have entered him and try to take control of his body, forcing him to move to the back door. Just as a voice inside him said, “Sorry about this but you’ll thank me for this later; you’ll want to move fast there are thirty or so shocks ready to do a raid on the building.” Judas would then feel his body wanting to move to the back door as sounds of shock troopers could be heard readying to raid the building. Specter would then give Judas directions to the dinar as he said, “it’s better than filled full of springer rounds.”
Ollow held his hands out to stop Veritas and Pietas saying, “Hold on there you got about half a dozen shocks looking for the two of you.” He then pulled out a couple of wanted posters for the two of them, as Ollow said, “if you don’t want to believe me then go around the corner and tell me how the springer rounds are feeling today.” When the two of them would look at Ollow they’d see a fairly young grey cat in a green sweater and red scarf blue jeans and trainers as he said, “best to follow me to the Dinar or take your chances with angry, scared, tired and overworked shocks. The latter isn’t as fun as it sounds.” Ollow then handed the posters to the two and headed towards the dinar with the sounds of unpleasantries ahead of the siblings.
Wren would find that the garbage he landed in was clean and well bagged, however his celebration would end as a big pale of spirits knows what was dumped on him. After that he’d hear, “oh there you are!” and a hand grabbing and pulling him out of the dumpster in one go. Wren would find the hand belonged to a red wolf who led him into the dinar and sat him down across from a young Ocelot, who had his halo active and was completely blank as the wolf coughed, “names Jamie and that’s Specter… Sorry if had known you were in there I wouldn’t have dumped that.” When Wren would look around the Dinar he’d see all the blinds closed an alligator keeping watch, a fat poodle behind the counter cleaning as if nothing was going on and a good old retro feel and look to the place. Jamie then said, “wait here I’ll explain,” he then walked out the back door again.
Whezley would find himself in an alley with a red wolf at a door just a bit o ways down waving at him, telling him to get over and in there in a hurry, as the back door started banging and shaking no telling how long that would last. Whezley would also hear a lot of creative words and threats from the other side of the bouncing door.

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Corvus5/6/14 9:37pm
"Wha... What?" Wren questioned unable to figure out what was going on. "You do realize there were Shocks right behind me?"

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