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Subscribe to this thread Greetings Comrades created by Canthui on May 4, 2014

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Canthui5/4/14 6:29am
Hello everyone, I'm Canthui. I just started (READ EVERYTHING) DreamKeepers 2ish weeks ago and have become entranced by this new world =D Glad there's a whole forum of fellow fans to talk to.

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ZycantAlpha5/4/14 6:59am
Welcome to the group, Canthui! Glad to hear you're enjoying the series thus far.

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CoSinus5/4/14 9:02am

Welcome to the world of DK-fandom :D
Hope you enjoy your stay here ( you may never get away again >:P )

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MobileCrusader5/4/14 7:23pm
Hello! I'm glad to see another member! Hopefully my busy life will calm down and I can spend more time here.

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Canthui5/4/14 8:05pm
That Doesn't sound to bad =)

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Korangar5/4/14 10:10pm
Welcome bro :V

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GodofVelcro5/5/14 5:56pm
As no one has said yet, make sure to join the weekly chats with Dave on Thursdays at 9 PM EST, lots of fun.

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Canthui5/5/14 8:23pm
Ooo sounds fun

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MobileCrusader5/6/14 4:59am
Yea, I forgot to mention that...

Its usually one of the first things I say. Must have slipped my mind.

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CoSinus5/6/14 2:21pm
Damn it, thought of letting you know about the weekly chat, then thought :
*Mobile willīve sent a pm to him for sure, īcause he didnīt mention it here*

Iīll make you never forget that statement again, Mobile ! ( Muhahahahaha!!! ) :P

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GodofVelcro5/6/14 7:31pm
Come on Mobile, you had ONE job...

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MobileCrusader5/7/14 6:48pm
I have dishonored my family!

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