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Dreamkeepers Forums - Trinity RP Trial Run?

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Subscribe to this thread Trinity RP Trial Run? created by MobileCrusader on April 26, 2014

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MobileCrusader4/26/14 5:24pm
Here will be the place to discuss all relevant information in regards to an Online game using the Trinity RP System that Dave posted.

Topics to discuss:

Who will GM?

Will it be a set game night, or will it be an all the time thing?

What will the setting be?

Will we post character sheets in the Character Creation thread, or here?

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MobileCrusader4/26/14 8:10pm
Here is my first draft of a character sheet.


1 Rifle-Sized Springer: +1D Far Rolls, -1D Close Rolls.
1 Set Shock Trooper Battle Armor: +5S/3S/1S against first three rolls from Guns and Blades. Ineffective after third roll, needs repaired to regenerate rolls.
1 Shoulder Mountable Assault Shield: +3S/2S/1S against first three rolls from Guns and Blades. Ineffective after third roll, needs repaired to regenerate rolls.
1 Boot Knife: +1 Close Rolls, Throwable Mid Rolls, Ineffective Far Rolls.

1 Set Tools, Field Repair Kit: Tools used to repair, build, and maintain weapons/armor in the field.
1 Set Tools, Orienteering Kit: Tools and Maps used to find ones position in the field. +3 to orienteering rolls.
1 Pair Anti-Glare Goggles: Optics to protect the wearer from bright lights and eye irritants.
1 Face Scarf: Cloth used to cover ones face to avoid detection and to avoid breathing in dusts and particles.
1 Rucksack, Large: Backpack for carrying supplies in the field.

Flare - The ability to temporarily blind or disorient an opponent via a pulse of bright light emitted from the palms.

Fitness Skills:

Combat (Shield): 2
Battlefield Discipline: 1
Carry Heavy Load: 1
Combat (Knife): 1

Perception Skills:

Scavenge: find useful materials and food: 2
Spot Foe: 1
Spot Trap: 1
Orienteering: 1

Influence Skills:

Intimidate: 1
Trustworthy: 1
Rally: +1 to next 3 team rolls: 1
Perceive Honesty: 2

Competence Skills:

Crafting (Firearms):2
Armor Repair: 2
Combat (Firearms): 2
First-Aid: 2

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MobileCrusader5/7/14 6:47pm
I'm assuming that the lack of interest means there will be no trial run at this time.

Should anyone change their mind, I'm still up for it.

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Canthui5/7/14 8:48pm
I'd be up for it =D I don't think it would be wise for me to be the GM, but I'd be willing to give it a shot if no one wanted to (I have hosted an RPG before, but its been a while). I think a game night would be ideal for this. I guess the setting should be decided by whoever GM'd.

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Corvus5/7/14 9:10pm
On my part its mostly that I am busy running another game and I have final final exams next week

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MobileCrusader5/11/14 6:49pm
I started up a trial run if the game at my DnD group. We are trying to get the basics down.

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