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Prometheus4/26/14 10:00am
Here's the story plot I have in mind for a short DK horror game in the distant future. Inspired heavily by the indie horror game "Evil".






Mace awoke with a big yawn, stretching hard as he fought the sleep in his eyes. Looking groggily over at the data-scroll that rested on a nightstand by his bed, he saw that the time was 7:30 in the morning.





With a disapproving groan, Mace reached over and pressed a button on the data-scroll's keyboard. Instantly, the sleep alarm went silent.

With another stretch, he jumped out of the bed and walked over to a clothes cabinet. Opening the door, he quickly grabbed his shorts and jacket.

Slipping the shorts on and throwing on his jacket, he walked for the bedroom door.

As he walked out of the room, the smell of a fresh breakfast hit him in the face. With a grin, he suspected that Whip and their newfound friends, Lilith, Namah and Bast were making breakfast without him.

As he walked into the living area of their safehouse, he looked into the kitchen. Nobody was there, but there were clear signs that food was being cooked.

'Huh, where are they?' Mace thought confusingly.

He walked to the living room's window and peered outside. The street that ran past the house was empty. Not a soul in sight.

'What the...? Where is everybody?'

He ran out the front door and looked around. Birds were chirping and the sun was shining brightly in a blue morning sky topped with clouds.

But, Mace realized something that made goosebumps pop out beneath his fur.

The sounds of Anduruna, the biggest city in the entire Dreamworld, were gone. No distant voices. No rumbling groundcars or neighing mounts.

The city was dead silent.

Mace ran back into the house, slamming the door shut as he leaned against it with a hand pressed to his skull.

'Take it easy, Mace! It's not like the Nightmares just showed up in your sleep and took them all away! They would've made a big mess if that were the case! Just,... take it easy! Maybe there's something on the news! Maybe everyone went to the shelters for some reason!'

Rushing over to a sofa, he grabbed a remote and turned on the room's wall-mounted data-scroll.

Instantly, the video feed came on. The first feed was nothing but static and white noise.

Mace began cycling through feeds. Nothing but static. In a panic, he cycled faster and faster through the feeds.

Suddenly, a split-second image in the static made him lean back into the sofa in fear.

It was bloody with black eyes and glowing red irises and appeared to be a little girl.

And, it looked like Paige, his murdered friend.

Cycling backwards with a hesitant hope of seeing the image again, he saw nothing but static.

He placed the remote next to him, trying to figure out what was happening as he calmed his breathing.

Looking up at the static, the image appeared again and was gone just as fast. He gave a quick yell as he sunk back into the sofa.

Suddenly, the static stopped and the image now sat on the screen. It was indeed Paige. Her head was tilted to the right with a toothy, bloody grin on her face. Her black eyes looked as if they were melting, running down her cheeks.

Then, she spoke.

"Hi, Mace. Is your jacket clean enough?"

With a scream, Mace grabbed the remote and flung it at the data-scroll. The force of the impact made the data-scroll pop off its wall mounts. Crumpling to the floor, the scroll went dead.

Standing up, Mace breathed hard through his lungs.



Mace froze, holding his breath. As slowly as possible, he turned around to face the sofa.

Floating behind the sofa was Paige. In her right hand, she held up the decapitated head of Lilith, her eyes gouged out.

"Why did you leave me... for her?"

Mace stared wide-eyed at her for what seemed like an eternity.

Then, dropping Lilith's head, Paige phased through the sofa as she flew at Mace with a demonic scream.

As she made contact with him, subliminal images of death and horror flashed before Mace's eyes, followed by deafening, blood-curdling screams.

Mace tried to scream himself, but he was drowned out by the other screams.

And, then, all was quiet and all was dark.






Mace sat up instantly, looking around frantically to find himself back in his room.

He moaned in agony, rubbing his face into his hands.

'Holy shit! What kind of a dream was THAT? It was... so real!'




He slammed his fist onto the keyboard, switching off the sleep alarm. He looked at the time on the data-scroll and it was still 7:30 in the morning.

Rubbing his temple hard, he got out of bed and walked to the clothes cabinet.

As soon as he touched the door handle, an image of Paige flashed before his eyes.

He stumbled away from the cabinet with a shout. Dried blood now oozed from the cracks of the cabinet. The walls, floor and ceiling of the room were now colored in black textures.

"WHAT IS THIS?!" Mace screamed in terror. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!"

Low, ominous voices echoed from what seemed like every direction.

Then, Mace turned towards the bedroom door. Now, dressed in only his boxers, he slowly walked to the door.

Wincing in fear, he grabbed the handle and turned. Instead of the door turning in, it slid forward from the doorframe and slid to the side.

What once was a hallway running from left to right was now a pitch dark room.

And, in the distance... was a washroom.

"H-hello?" Mace called out in denial. "Whip? Lilith? Anybody? Please, answer me!"

No answer came. Stepping into the darkness, Mace gave one last look at his now deformed bedroom and began walking towards the washroom.

Mace recognized it all too well. It was the orphanage washroom, the place of Paige's death.

Tears now forming in his eyes, Mace looked back at his bedroom. The door had slid back into place, blocking his way.

Now, just inches from the washroom door, he reached for its handle. But, he froze as he heard a child's chuckling behind him.

He spun around and saw something where the bedroom door was.

He could tell it was Paige. Suddenly, she glided effortlessly towards him.

Before she could reach him, Mace gave a scream and bashed into the door, forcing it open.

He went into a roll as he could feel he was rolling in sand.

He jumped up, looking back at the door. It was gone.

Instead, he saw Anduruna, but it was still dead silent, devoid of life.

He looked in the opposite direction and saw he was on the Margate District beach. He also saw a place that froze his heart to his core.

It was the orphanage. Sitting on the shore like it always has.

Mace looked around, seeing the sun in the beautiful blue sky. But, he knew it was anything but normal.

"Get out of my head," he mumbled. "Whoever's doing this to me, just get out! I don't want this anymore! Just, get out! Let me out of here!... GET OUT!"

He knelt, sitting on his ankles as he clamped his ears down, closed his eyes and yelled through his clenched teeth.

Opening his eyes, he saw that nothing changed. He was still at the orphanage. the bridge leading across to the dock was only a few feet in front of him.

Mace stood up and tried to walk towards the city. But, as soon as he attempted to make the first step, his body froze up on him. He couldn't move his legs.

But, when he thought about turning around, he was able to move as he turned to face the orphanage.

Mace realized that whatever was haunting him, it had complete control of everything, including him. It would not let him into the city. It brought him to the orphanage. He assumed it wants him to proceed to the orphanage.

Tears continuing to form in his eyes, he took the first few steps.

Stepping onto the bridge, a subliminal image of people he knew flashed before him, engulfed in red light and their eyes gouged out.

Every few feet he took, another image would appear in his eyes.

Finally, as he was a quarter of the way across the bridge, an image of Paige flashed before him and the nightmarish world that greeted him afterwards caused his sanity to drop.

The partially-cloudy sky was now engulfed with dark, maroon clouds. The horizon beyond the ocean was now pitch black. The crystal clear water had turned into thick, boiling blood.

Mace turned back to look at the city. The majestic Sabbaton Towers in the distance was now reduced to half, as if an explosion had destroyed its upper half. The shops and taverns that lined the edge of the beach were damaged or falling apart.

Mace turned back towards the dock and dim, white words were now floating in the air in his path.

Struggling to grasp what was happening, Mace blindly continued across the bridge as the words became visible.

*You left me all alone...*

*You ran away...*

*You left me to DIE...*

*Now, I've come back...*

*To return the favor...*

*But, unlike the Sandman...*

*I will NOT let you run away...*

*And, unlike the killer...*

*I will NOT let you die...*

*Until I want you to...*

Mace felt like his legs were going to give out as he walked through the words.

Reaching the end of the bridge, he now stood on the orphanage dock. Noises and voices were now pounding away at his ears.

Then, he looked to the right and saw the washroom. Just like when he found Paige, an ominous red glow was coming from inside.

In a trance, Mace trundled towards it. Suddenly, images of Paige's horrific face flashed before him.

When they vanished, a full line of words floated before him.

*I wouldn't go there if I were you.*

Mace wanted to vomit, to jump into the ocean of blood, to do anything to wake himself from the nightmare he was experiencing. Instead, he turned around and began walking towards the stairs leading to the orphan's tent.

He made his way up the steps. As his head passed the floor, he looked at the tent.


He stepped onto the floor. Instantly, he was again bombarded by images of Paige with mind-numbing noises.

When they subsided, the prespective of his vision had changed. The tent was now further away than it should be. Everything was elongated.

He looked around himself. Anduruna and the mainland was gone. The boat and the dock was gone.

It was just him, the tent and the floor that held the tent suspended by stilts. Stuck in the middle of an endless ocean of blood.

Mace began to sob uncontrollably as he walked towards the tent. What should've only taken three steps to get there, it now took over fifty steps.

As he reached the tent, he whimpered, "I'm s-sorry, Paige! I'm so sorry!... I'll... I'll get him! I'll get Randy! I'm gonna kill him! I'm gonna KILL HIM! Then, I'll get Ravat! I'll get them all! And, then, we can run away! J-just like we planned to do! Then, everything will be all right! Everything will-"


As Mace reached for the tent's flaps, he froze. Spinning around, he saw Paige where he began his long trek to the tent. Suddenly, she glided towards him.

She stopped right in front of him. Mace screamed as he fell backwards and into the tent.

He fell, but he didn't stop falling. He now found himself in a bottomless well with giant eyes and teeth protruding from walls of flesh and blood.

Mace screamed for what felt like hours on end.

He turned himself so he could see the bottom. A giant face of Paige waited at the bottom. It opened its mouth where thousands of teeth were waiting. In the middle of all the teeth was one word in red.


Mace gave one last guttural scream as he fell into the mouth and darkness followed.





Mace simply opened his eyes, finding himself in his bedroom.

Shaking all over, on the verge of insanity, he slowly sat up.

Then, he remembered the alarm going off.

He spun around to look at it and what he saw was the last straw.

It was his own eyeless head, resting on the nightstand. The alarm was coming from it.

Then, it leapt at him.












* * * * *

Mixing a bowl of oatmeal, Lilith Calah smiled as she stirred the mixture.

Namah Calah expertly flipped an egg in a skillet. Bast was buttering circular pieces of toast while Whip sat on the counter applying jam to each piece.

Lilith looked over at a data-scroll clock on the kitchen wall.

*7:45 A.M.*

"Whip, did you wake up Mace before you came to help us?" Lilith asked.

Whip shrugged. "Mreh tipruk shroo fiwi kah!"

Bast gave him a quizzical look. "I guess we can take that as, 'He wouldn't get up 'cuz he's a lazy prick, so I just left him!'"

Whip glared at him, but gave a sound that indicated Bast was partially right.

"If you want, I could give him another dose of Nightmare Coat Invasion!" Namah offered.

Lilith laughed. "I'll be right back! I think *I* should go get him up!"

Walking to Mace's door, she could hear his data-scroll alarm still going off.

Knocking, she hollered, "Mace! C'mon! Get up! You're going to miss breakfast!"

She waited, but she didn't hear a response. All she could hear was the alarm.


She turned the doorknob. It was unlocked.

She opened the door and what she saw made her sink to her knees instantly.

Hanging from a turned-off ceiling fan was Mace, hung by his bedsheets. A piece of paper heavily taped to his bare chest had a quickly-written message.

*fOrgIVe Me paigE*


The End.

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MobileCrusader4/26/14 4:47pm
So this is all inspired by the livechat the other day, no?

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Prometheus4/27/14 7:34am
In a way, yes. I already had this story in mind; the chat just encouraged me to go ahead and make it happen!

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MobileCrusader4/27/14 7:52am
I see i see.

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Asora7/4/14 12:00pm
Pretty nice story actually. Props to it.

But I have a few questions though, if you don't mind me asking.

1.) How did Mace have enough time to have the idea to grab his sheets and make a hanging rope out of them around the ceiling fan, and get paper and pencil to write his suicide note less then a hour, while making barely any noise for anyone to hear?

2.) Did Mace really think through to commit suicide, due to the fact it was less than a hour after the alarm clock went off? Also wouldn't he have enough sense to think this was all a "dream"?

3.) Is there an explanation behind the dream. Was it real, was it an halusination created by Mace's own subconcious, or was it created by the nighmares to force Mace to is breaking point?

4.) When does this story happen? Does it happen after the series, if it end in a happy ending?

Sorry for nitpicking, its kind of my thing. I don't mean to ruin the hole thing or anything. Its still a cool story though!

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Prometheus7/4/14 4:29pm
Heh, thanks. XD Hope the people who made Evil don't take offense to the plagiarizing ideas. Though, since I don't intend to make a profit off of this (hopefully) when I finally get around to planning it out, they shouldn't make much of a fuss.

1. I was thinking about that when I wrote this out. The very beginning was going to be Whip waking up a few minutes before the alarm goes off, trying to wake Mace up to no avail, then shrugging and leaving the room. This would be at 7:25. Lilith, Namah and Bast would already be up and Whip would just join in in the making of breakfast. At around 7:30, Mace would be stuck in his never-ending nightmare while the alarm clock goes unanswered. Even I don't know why Mace would hang himself or write that suicide note. I'm a spur-of-the-moment kind of writer. The moment I think of something I like, I write it.

As for not being heard, his room is practically in the other side of the house and his friends are in a noisy kitchen. It doesn't take too much noise to set yourself up from a ceiling fan and jump from a chair.

2. Would you end it all if you were stuck in a never-ending nightmare? I think the whole idea I was thinking of is that Paige returns from the grave as a vengeful spirit and wreaks havoc in Mace's dreams, blaming him for her death. Waking up from one nightmare just to find yourself in another is bound to bring your common sense down a bit. When Mace finally decided to lynch himself, he was doing it in his sleep. Paige continued to torment him even as he was dying. Oh, and the dreams were going by a lot faster than I described them. It was nearly 7:40 when he experienced the head jumping at him. That's when he finally lost it. I'd say five minutes is enough to grab a piece of paper, write a message on it, tape it to yourself and... hmmm, now that I think about it, I probably should've made it 8:00 the time of death. That would've been more reasonable.

3. As explained above, it was Paige coming back to haunt him in his dreams. I don't know how the afterlife works in DreamKeepers, so I don't know if a child coming back as a sadistic demon is right or not. But, this is more or less fanfiction, so what the hell?

4. It pretty much happens sometime after V3. If the V4 preview sketches in the blog are any indicator, I guess this story could take place in V4, when the group finally reunites with Igrath and they're given a place of their own to bunker down for a while.

Hell, I'm glad you asked those questions. You're the first person in YEARS to question my methods and motives behind my stories. Thanks for reading and wondering! :D

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Asora7/5/14 2:43pm
Your very welcome! Your writing does have some flaws though (no offense), but overall, it pretty damn good and entertaining!

But I have been wondering about something though, well technically two things.

1.) Why did Paige go after Mace and blaming him for her death. In the books, she is kind, smart, and does have common sense to Mace. In fact, does Paige's realized the shit Mace is going through? Think about it for a sec. Mace is in a conflict between nightmares and dreamkeepers, who are on the verge of a secret war that is about to be unleashed to the public, being hunted down by dark dreamkeepers, being accused sensesly by the media and police for a murder he did not commit, and dealing the loss of one of his best friends, Paige. Jeez, give he guy a break!

2.) I do like the ending to the story and all, but I was wondering if there is any chance if you can make an alternate ending to this. Like Mace waking up in the real world, horrified by the unholy things he just witessed and expierienced and meets with the others, still shakened up and tells his story on what just happen, and ending with Mace with what did the dream mean. I know I shouldn't request writers to do request, but I was just wondering thats all.

So yeah, I think thats all I have to say. PEACE! :D

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Prometheus8/14/14 4:16pm
Yeah, I know I've still got things to work on. But, my vocabulary and overall general knowledge isn't that broad, even for my age. So, I've gotta work with what I have. XD

1) Well, we've seen the Dream Team have their moments of peace and calm. They haven't been chased by every Nightmare and Dark in the city for every second of the story. This story would take place during one of those times of peace. I get what you mean, though. He has been involved with a ton of stuff that would leave him mentally exhausted and bewildered. But, like they always say, "no rest for the weary". With the way I've portrayed Paige, she could really care less what Mace has been through.

2) That could be arranged. I'll have to find time in my schedule and pre-planned stories to see if it can be done. I don't really see it as a request, but a suggestion. :)

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finlo10/2/16 7:12am
is there going to be a sequel to after the events of mace's death?

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finlo10/2/16 10:40am
what if its like an undertale?

I am paige.
Thank you.
Your power awakened me from death.
my "death"...
and maces "suicide"...
They were not my fault, but yours Lilith!
At first, I wasn't so scared.
when he was there by my side?
how did he leave me here to die?
With the nightmares by my side.
I realized the true purpose of my existence.


Together, we eradicated the traitors and our enemies.
we make mace pay for his wrong doings.
new best friend.
Now we have complete our revenge.
There is nothing left for us here.
Let us erase this pointless world, and make our new Andiron.

you have a point about that...
I don't need you...


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Prometheus10/2/16 10:29pm

I actually have no sequel planned for this. I've moved on from this particular story to others.

As for Undertale, that could be a nice concept for a DK creepypasta.

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