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Subscribe to this thread shadows of Calypsa created by joeden on April 25, 2014

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CoolCoyote3/6/15 9:16pm
I think college ate our players. For a lot of places people had tests.

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joeden3/6/15 9:49pm
i think that's the case. should pick up soon again i hope.

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CoolCoyote3/7/15 8:12am
Me too. i rather enjoyed that story

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CoolCoyote4/15/15 7:39am
should i wait for others to post to this thread or post? 0.0

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Aman37124/15/15 7:44am
I'm just waiting for the right time to make another post.

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ZycantAlpha4/16/15 6:40pm
I technically was waiting for a springboard, but I can hammer out something new again. I might be able to stretch things out.

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