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Subscribe to this thread Trinity RP System created by Dreamkeepers on April 24, 2014

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Salahir5/5/14 9:55am
What? D&D 3.5 save? You've never played with sadistic GMs and paranoid mages, did ya? 2 years of gaming and we had a whole graveyard full of dead characters... :(

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MobileCrusader5/6/14 4:53am
I guess that's just a difference on a player to player basis in regards to dungeon masters.

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MobileCrusader5/11/14 8:32pm
How are NPC characters supposed to work? What about monsters?

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Corvus5/11/14 11:23pm
The more or less normal approach for such things depends on how important the specific foe is. If the foe is going to show up time and time again, run through the normal character creation process for them, and you may want to level them up a bit for good measure. If the foe is only going to be used once or twice, you are probably better off just assigning their abilities on the fly based on what you feel is right, though be careful, as it is easy to make foes unnecessarily hard this way.(nothing should be good at everything, and everything should have some reasonable weakness)

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Scottieboy20203/6/16 5:42pm
Umm... I tried opening both documents and neither would open. And my computer's a chromebook, so it has no problem with google drive.
Help please?

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