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Subscribe to this thread Harmony created by Prometheus on April 24, 2014

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Kirito1/23/15 2:00pm
why did no one ask this yesterday? XD

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crazyhead421/23/15 3:05pm
Because I wasn't here yet? (Also, what were you referring to? No one asked anything for at least two days before your comment)

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Kirito1/23/15 3:07pm
Crazy we have chats every thursday with Dave where we ask questions =)

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crazyhead421/23/15 3:10pm
Oh... in the middle of my school day. -_- I'll have to find someone who will let me ask by proxy.

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Kirito1/23/15 3:11pm
it's at 9pm EST =)

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crazyhead421/23/15 3:16pm
Oh... That's actually better than I thought. Maybe I'll hit the next one and comment on Harmony's character.

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Kirito1/23/15 3:17pm
we would love to have you there =P

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crazyhead421/29/15 6:00pm
Help! I don't think I can make it there: I haven't figured out how to get Chatzilla to see it! Yikes! one hour till showtime!

Never mind, my computer is DEAD ans I left the charger at school.

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EngineerPearl05/11/16 9:48am
Hey guys, according to , harmony and vanth are 11 in the prelude.
Let me just point out what this means:
They're expecting an 11 YEAR OLD to be able to deal with a problem she is not equipped for (Helping Vanth with the emotional aspects of her disability) and requiring her to skip flight school for Vanth. Harmony, 11, got in trouble for not having the social skills or the awareness (which is probably not being taught to her, tbh) she needs to deal with an issue she's never experienced (and probably never had explained to her), and this is excused because "she signed up for helping hands" for wanting to help her classmate.

Knowing that, the thing her principal said to her, "when you volunteered for 'Helping Hands' you knew the responsibilities involved. Considering how spectacularly you're failing at them, I'm not expecting complaints" is a lot more messed up.


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