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Subscribe to this thread Creepypastas/Horror Games created by Prometheus on April 24, 2014

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Prometheus4/24/14 10:50am
Anyone got a favorite? Got one that scares the shit out of you everytime you play it or watch a playthrough of it? Want to share your thoughts on one?

After watching a few commentary playthroughs of some horror games before going to bed last night (yeahhhhhh, that's always a smart thing to do XD), I thought I'd bring this up and see what you guys have to say about the cousin of the horror movie genre, horror games.

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MobileCrusader4/24/14 11:03am
I used to write creepypasta for a different forum I was on. Beyond that, I've never been big into horror.

I play horror games though.

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Prometheus4/24/14 11:56am
You wrote creepypasta? Interesting! You still have what you wrote? You could post it here! I'd love to give it a read!

Well, one game that really gave me the goosebumps recently is this:

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MobileCrusader4/24/14 5:07pm
It was on a forum since deleted, but I do have one I saved in a text doc.

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Prometheus4/24/14 5:27pm
XD That's pretty twisted. Now I know why I haven't written something like this; extreme action violence and gore, that I can do, but torture? Well done, my friend!

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ZycantAlpha4/24/14 5:32pm
When was this written Cruiser? I can't help but feel the similarity between this and the Christmas Prelude. It's really impressive, but I can't shake the feeling.

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MobileCrusader4/25/14 6:33am
This one was written in January as a throwback after a few members of the forum I was from got together.

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GodofVelcro4/25/14 6:58pm
Possibly the scariest game I have ever played would be SCP Containment Breach. I haven't played it without godmode and most of the SCPs disabled for a LONG time. :P

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MobileCrusader4/26/14 4:47pm
Im not really that big into horror games myself. The scariest i have is Deadspace and Amnesia.

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GodofVelcro4/27/14 10:09pm
Amnesia is a pretty good one, I have only played a bit of it until I stopped due to a combination of terror and better things to do.

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MobileCrusader4/28/14 4:50am
The water monster levels are terrifying.

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GodofVelcro4/30/14 9:25pm
I haven't gotten as far as those, and I feel as though I don't want to.

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MobileCrusader5/1/14 8:31am
I played the first amnesia with a track pad. It was one of the most insanely terrifying situations ever.

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Korangar5/2/14 3:50am
I've played many horror games but my favorite one is slender.
Still can't beat it though :V

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GodofVelcro5/2/14 1:37pm
Slender is a classic one, and I don't think it matters if you beat it. :P

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