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Subscribe to this thread The Crow has Come created by Corvus on April 18, 2014

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Corvus4/18/14 6:00pm
Figured I would finally take the brief bit of time I have to finally introduce myself here. I'm Corvus, The worst experienced Game Master you'll find, a man who enjoys games of all sorts, and the mastermind of several devilish plans once I get my first paycheck(Buying and reading Volume 3 and in general one of everything else in the DK store, making a set of Sabbaton Tower Guard Armor, making my own Tabletop Game, taking over the world, etc.)

And with that I say Hi.

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CoSinus4/19/14 4:16am

Hey there, nice you finally got your introduction posted ^^

I would welcome you to the community, but you´re a member for 6 days longer then me, so that would sound like a weird joke :D

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MobileCrusader4/19/14 2:42pm
Welcome welcome! I assume you will enjoy your stay here, as we all have. Come to the Thursday chat if you can! Its brilliant!

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Corvus4/19/14 10:12pm
More than aware of the Thursday Chats as I have been at the last 3.

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MobileCrusader4/20/14 12:01am
Really? How did I miss that?

*goes to chatlog thread*

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ZycantAlpha4/20/14 9:39am
He may have just been quiet around it. Though I have noticed his name pop up in the list of people.

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MobileCrusader4/20/14 8:45pm
Yea, he was active... no idea how i didnt notice you. now i feel bad.

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Corvus4/21/14 10:36am
Meh, No big deal. Hardly the worst lack of people recognizing me I have went through.

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