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Subscribe to this thread Introducing the Doctor created by xir1111011 on February 8, 2013

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ListenLoudly3/1/13 12:35pm
Ow man, minus one victim for science.
Are we talking about plastic surgery or make up or clothing? Because I was thinking about all of those when I wrote that. I mean, think about it. If you dye your hair, cut it shot/grow it long, wear different clothing than you usually do, and walk differently, no one will recognize you. No DK powers needed. Being a normal ol' human can be cool too.

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Tempest3/1/13 1:19pm
i was re-fering to physical surgery myself... yea... unless its for medical reasons like injury, im not really that much of a fan of plastic surgery

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ListenLoudly3/1/13 1:45pm
Yeah, it pretty much makes my top 10 list of creepy things I don't want to think about. I wonder if Tinsel had plastic surgery... do they have medicine advanced enough to abuse for creepy purposes in DK?

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Aurom3/2/13 9:33pm
@ListenLoudly, I'm pretty sure Twilight is right. Canonical dreamkeepers physiologies are linked to the subconscious mind and character traits of a human ("Reflecting our distinctive character traits and subconscious aspects, almost no two dreamkeepers look exactly alike." third paragraph), so in order for them to undergo major changes in their physiology their human's mind and character would also have to undergo major changes. This is kinda like how Wisp is probably the dreamkeeper of someone who has Dis-associative Personality Disorder and as such she's a bit loopy, but I'm not sure exactly what type of mental issues would cause a person to make serious alterations to their mind. This is, of course all assuming that you want Doctor Whom to be canonical, there's nothing wrong with him not being so.

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ListenLoudly3/3/13 3:52pm
Hmm, that makes perfect sense. So, in order for "Doctor Whom" to exist as a DK who actually permanently changes their body, there'd need to be a corresponding person in our world who experiences sudden, massive changes to their physiology.
That's a pretty tall order. I was going to suggest that "Doctor Whom" could be The Doctor's DK, but The Doctor's physiology doesn't necessarily undergo such massive and sudden changes, just his body. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....
Ideas anyone?

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Tempest3/15/13 6:42pm
well... to be truthful, the Doctor DOES go through very different character based mood changes... i dont know about the first 8 doctors, but the 9th doctor was the comical coward, the 10th doctor was the brilliant brainiac who just loved solving questions (also known for having a "thick skull" lol ) and the new 11TH doctor is just... well... nutty...

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