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joeden4/18/14 1:18pm
Worked on this hope everyone likes it pretty much the story of My dreamkeeper Jamie finding his little brother Ollow. Enjoy :)

Ollow pulled himself out of the dumpster, dusting off his green sweatshirt and pants. It was always the same story, how he hated his life, his family gone his home gone his older brother gone, thanks to his mother who got to the city and giving birth to him, before dying, all he had was a locket of his mother father and brother. Pulling his sweatshirt close to him, he looked to the sky to see it starting to snow again, great… He needed to leave Ruskol for somewhere warmer, maybe kojiki. As he started to make his way down the alley he heard a noise of a couple of keepers, paying more attention he managed to make out, what they were saying, “find the kid get the kid and bring him back, how hard of a job is it?”

Snorting the second keeper said, “Not sure Bob, but shouldn’t be all that hard really, just one kid.”

Ollow knew what this meant, and quickly hid, himself trying his best to keep himself hidden. He stayed quiet as possible as the two passed by, mostly disappointed that he wasn’t there. Slowly counting to twenty Ollow got up and crawled out of his hiding spot. Holding his grumbling stomach he headed south in hopes of finding food and somewhere warmer then here.


Jamie had woken up and began rubbing his eyes before sighing and continuing to lie on his bed, looking up at the ceiling. He had only been with the guild for a few months since the whole, let’s try to kill Jamie thing. Now he was a member of the guild and an uneasy member to be exact, everyone felt uneasy around him or just tried to avoid him and he didn’t blame them. He used to be the Cavalry of the shock troopers, a black ops unit and the best of them; he was a walking legend of the shocks. That really caused some mixed feelings about him being in the guild, getting up he slowly got dressed and made his bed, before quietly sitting down. Breathing slowly, he hit his head with his right hand, remembering he wasn’t an obedient soldier that his “friends” in his former, now dead shock unit tried to turn him into. Getting off his bed he went through his door and left the room, making his way down the hall he passed through another door and into the mess hall, which was mostly dormant except for a few kids having a late breakfast. For the most part everyone tried to ignore him as he walked to the fridge at the far end and began to fix himself a bowl of cereal and sat at a table over in the far corner and began to slowly eat his meal.

Even with his high disproval rate he still had a few people that tried to help him become normal again, even his childhood friend Alex, who had just walked up and sat on the other side of Jamie smiling at the red wolf. As for Jamie he looked up and saw the grey rabbit, before looking back to his meal, and continued eating. Alex got a bit of a frown saying, “awwww what’s the matter? Did the little puppy get up on the wrong side of the bed? Again?” Jamie looked up to see him snickering under his hand and replied, “And what do you want rodent?” Alex just gave a frowned of a reply, “Awwww come on man we’re friends we used to hang out all the time when we were kids!”

Jamie sighed, “That was another time and another person who died in a fire.”

Alex taking note of this smirked, “For someone who died in a fire you’re looking pretty damn good, what’s the secret?”

Jamie gave no reply and continued with eating his cereal as Alex watched him upset that he wasn’t making much progress with his friend, and damn did they really do a number on his friend. For someone to go from a full of life almost always happy to a nearly emotionless robot, was just wow. Alex spent a moment tapping his foot over and over, figuring out it was best not to push any further sighed before saying, “well other then this lovely little, chitchat, I was told to come and get you. Taw wants to see you.” Jamie looked up from his bowl to Alex and nodded; finishing his breakfast he brought the bowl over one of the sinks and placed it before heading down the mess hall and out the door, down the hall and out the far end. He then headed up a set of stairs and down a second hallway and into Taw’s Office. Entering, he saw the massive polar bear sitting at his desk; he smiled as Jamie walked into the room he then said, “I’ve seen that you’ve been settling in rather nicely, even though everyone hasn’t fully come to trust you yet. But that’s not why I wanted to see you, we’ve picked some Intel that you might want to see, a gang that’s calling themselves the Bloodshots, have been actively look for a kid of late, who might have potential power. In the wrong hands the kid could level the city, which I don’t need to tell you is a really bad thing. We can’t let that happen and we need you to find this kid before they do; here’s his picture.” Taw then handed a picture of the kid to Jamie, when he saw it, Taw said, “Ollow Hellsing is the name of the kid if I’m not mistaken that’s your last name.” Jamie turned for the door and as Taw said, “well what are you planning?” He smiled at Jamie knowing this would be a great thing to restoring his humanity heading out Jamie said, “I’m going to rescue my little brother and slaughter the Bloodshots if they even lay a single hand on my brother.”

Taw smiled as Jamie headed to his room, he gave a few scares to the people he passed, quickly entering his room he pulled out his old armor. Fighting back some unpleasant memories, he got changed into his old shock armor, along with the replaced parts of his armor. After adorning his armor he grabbed his mask, starring at it he was hesitant of putting it on, he gulped before finally putting it on. Taking a few breaths he went for the door, after finally putting away his horrid memories of when he was in the shocks.

Alex walking towards Jamie’s room with his friend’s cousin Jessica, she was a fox, dragon hybrid, she had for the most part the body of a fox with a tail more overly dragon. Her tail accompanied by a line of scales over the top of the tail, with orange fur underneath; she had scales running down her back and top part of her arms leaving the underside of her arms and along her legs. She had two small horns that adorned the top of head and long red hair in a ponytail; she wore a black tank top and dark blue jeans. Jessica sighed, “So you’re sure something’s up with my cousin? That after he left Taw’s office something changed in him?”

Alex replied, “Pretty much so Jess, just came out and walked by me with some sort of search and destroy storm trooper mission in his eyes and how he walked.”

“Well if he had some sort of a mental snap or some hidden mental failsafe that might have been set by Nightmares or his former acquaintances then we’re in trouble.” Jessica pondered to Alex as she came to Jamie’s door, before she could open the door; the door opened and there stood Jamie in full armor and black and white skull mask on. He then started walking forwards as Alex stood to the side while Jessica, was walking backwards with her hands in a stopping motion saying, “whoa, whoa, whoa Jamie, calm down, there’s no need to get all military psycho killing machine, not here!”

Jamie stopped and looked down at Jessica, who was sort of cowering away before stiffly and chokingly saying, “Jess, I didn't go super psycho… I found out that… I… I have a little brother and he’s in danger.” Easily to see, Jamie was feeling bothered by that quick conversation. He then walked by Jessica who was shocked to hear that, and didn’t move as Jamie walked by her, even Alex was wide eyed as Jamie went down and out of the hall. He shortly left the compound after heading through the majority of the compound to the entrance, before leaving he took a breath and started forwards. He went through the Dune Sea towards the city, approaching the wall he opened a small latch and entered the city. All while Alex and Jessica were following behind him, both concerned for his well being.


Ollow stayed in the alleys and avoided the main streets, remembering to keep his eyes peeled. The last thing he needed was to be found by gangs looking for new recruits or government workers, that was the last thing he wanted, was get sucked into a gang life or sent to an orphanage to be put on display as a piece of meat for some strangers to come and examine. Ollow thought of the whole thing as he came up to a building he peeked inside to see it mostly empty except for a few pieces of furniture. Ollow took deep breaths as he crept through the building trying his best not to draw attention to himself, as he tiptoed through the building, halfway through he felt a hand rest on his shoulder and a man’s voice, kind and gentle as it said, “hello there little guy are you lost?” Hearing that, made Ollow bolt as fast as hell out of the building, as the bird keeper looked shocked to see such a reaction from a kid, he’d always been good with kids.

Ollow had never felt his heart beat so fast in his life, damn that was scary as all hell. He needed to find a hiding place as soon as possible and he needed no more close calls. Step by step, Ollow moved and he could feel his stomach grumbling as he walked through the alley, his hunger slowed him down as he started to smell something good, warm and, and baked goods! Ollow saw the back of a bakery and moved in close to hear talk about a delivery and that made Ollow smile. After a moment of planning, Ollow got ready and as the door opened and the deliveryboy walked out holding the baked goods, taking another step outside the door, he managed to trip over his own feet and ruin the baked goods that still remained in the box. Oh wow he didn’t need to do anything, as the baker came out he picked up the delivery boy and shook him, the man was a huge pig and the boy maybe sixteen or seventeen year old dog. After a minuet of yelling the pig keeper brought the kid inside to get a broom and garbage bag only to return to see the contents gone; eating the edible mess of baked goods Ollow smiled. It seemed he didn’t need the matches and pot after all, but it was still a good win and a lucky go. After he finished his meal, he headed for the beach figuring for a change of scenery.

Ollow after having made his way along the beach, he saw that changing of the scenery was a good choice. He headed south through an old boat that sat on the shoreline of the beach, quickly exploring it he found something shiny, and after climbing out he continued down the beach as he looked over his prize.

“An gets ta yuh chores! If I catch anyone skippin on their chores I’ll…” Grunn roared, as he saw Ollow. Taking a swig from his bottle of fermentae, he instantly knew by the way he looked, he was an orphan himself and with his legendary memory mistook him for one of his. Walking up to Ollow, he picked him up by the collar of his shirt and yelled at him, “so yuh thinks yuh can get out of doing yuhs chores? Not on’s ma watch!” Grunn then chucked Ollow out onto one of the boats already fishing for Blanders. Ollow having had no idea as to what happened to him, kept his eyes closed as he hit the boat, pain racking through him as he winched from the pain.

He had only started to open his eyes as he felt something poking his face and heard, “Mace don’t poke him with the oar,” As he opened up his eyes, he noticed he was on a boat with a green wolf and a fox? No cat well a hybrid kid he couldn’t really tell then this little blue thing he had no idea as to what to make of him. As Ollow sat up, he heard one of the two ask him, “hey you alright?” Ollow replied with a bit of a groan, while rubbing his head, “yea I think… what just hit me and where am I?” Darel said, “Well I’d say you just got hit by Grunn, but who are you? We’ve never seen you around here before.” Ollow replied, “My name’s Ollow I was just passing by as I was heading down to Kojiki for warmer weather. Just like I always do when it starts snowing, but I decided to head along the beach this time around and I got chucked out here.” Ollow brought his hand to the side of his face as he had felt something wet and warm on his face, when he saw his hand; his eyes went wide as he saw blood, he was bleeding.

Mace noticing a bit of a panic in Ollow said, “hey don’t worry we got bandages back at the Orphanage; if you want, I got a plan to get back at Grunn.” Both Mace and Deral used the Oars to get back, all the while Mace telling Ollow his plan and Ollow disagreeing with going along with it. Once they arrived they snuck into the orphanage with Ollow in tow, doing their best to avoid Grunn after a minuet they found Vi working on repairing a part of the Orphanage. As Mace said, “hey Vi, we got a victim of Grunn’s gentleness you seen the bandages?” Vi turned to see Mace, whip, Darel and some kid who she never seen before, who also had blood running down the right side of his face, and sighed.

After going to get bandages and some water, she cleaned and bandaged up Ollow, she looked at him and said, “So mind telling me who you are, and why you had such an encounter with Grunn, and why your here?” Ollow feeling his head said, “My name’s Ollow and I was just passing by when he picked me up and chucked me to out to that boat and now I’m here.” Vi sighed as she said, “damn him, that’s just like him, well if want stay here your more than welcomed to.” Ollow smiled and said, “Thanks for the offer but I’m still heading down south I don’t plan staying in any Orphanage.” Vi sighed saying, “fine but I’m going to have a chat with Grunn and speak of the devil,” Grunn was heading up the docks Ollow was pulled into the boat with Mace and Deral, who brought him under the docks to the beach as Vi yelled at Grunn.


Jamie was standing in the alley that Ollow had been sleeping in; he had one guy lying on the ground, holding his gut as Jamie held the other keeper by the neck against the wall. “So you’re looking for the same kid I am are you? Now you’re going to tell me what you know.” The man groaned as he choked out, “why the fuck should I tell you anything asshole!” His answer came quickly as Jamie’s sword imbedded itself into the wall and started leaning towards the man’s head as Jamie looked at him with dead serious eyes and said, “You see here’s the thing I’m a little pressed for time and if you don’t want to find out which religion has it right about the afterlife, I suggest you start talking now.” The man was pissing his pants as he started talking and said everything he knew about the kid as from every sighting he had of the kid to his current orders.

Jamie dropped the keeper and headed south to find his brother as he left the keeper to sit there next to his gasping friend. Jamie continued south, he wasted no time in getting to his next destination; he followed the sightings from the bums and random keepers who had seen Ollow by glimpse and followed the trail of what little information he could gather. With the little information Jamie had managed to pick up, his limited success was causing him to get frustrated to the point of knocking down the Bloodshots’ front door. Then go trigger happy on the lot of them, taking a breath he heard a deliveryboy talking about how he saw a young keeper eating pastries that he had dropped heading to the beach. Jamie quickly taking note of this pulled out Ollow’s picture, walking up to the boy and asked, “Is this the keeper?” He looked and in a bit of a shocked voice, “yeah that’s him, why do you ask?” before the boy knew it Jamie was already gone.

Making quick pace Jamie found Ollow’s paw-prints in the sand, they were maybe an hour old but he was here. This made Jamie feel the need of finding his brother, his emotions and adrenaline was having a toll on him, and the nagging fear of his brother being in danger staggered on his mind. He followed the tracks to a boat then just short of an Orphanage before disappearing? Jamie was examining the footprints and trying to figure out what just happened. As he looked at this strange phenomenon, he felt eyes of the residents looking at him; he then decided to head to the office as to get some answers. As Jamie walked up the boardwalk, he noticed the abundance of staring eyes on him intensify on him, he even heard whispers as he made his way to Grunn’s office. After a few knocks on the door, he waited for a response which none was received at first. After a few sounds of grumbling came a growling, “Yeas, I’ma comin.” At this point everyone at the Orphanage was watching from a safe distance, as they were whispering about how Grunn was going to be taken in by the Shock troopers. Grunn answered the door and went wide eyed as he saw Jamie standing there, Jamie then held Ollow’s picture and said, “Have you seen this kid? I’m looking for him and tracked him just short of this establishment before his tracks seem to dissapear; have you any idea as to where he might be?” Grunn scratched his head and said, “I isn’t seen em, he’s not ere.” Jamie about to push the subject realized this man most likely had memory issues from the smell of booze and the look on his face, he then said, “Thank you for your time, I’ll be off now.” Jamie turned and walked away as Grunn closed his door, leaving everyone in shock. Jamie saw them as it was apparent that they came closer to see the show, and instantly said, “Have any of you seen this kid?” He held out the picture of Ollow to show them and most said, “No” but Mace said, “I saw him but why are you looking for him?”

Jamie looked at Mace and replied, “he’s my brother, and he is danger of being attacked by a gang called the Bloodshots.’ That news got a bit of uneasy looks, as Deral said, “We saw him, he was heading south to Kojiki after we had finished bandaging him up.” Jamie’s eyes widened a bit and asked, “Bandaged? Why did he need bandages?” Mace quickly replied, “That fat slob back there sent him flying out into our boat and he hit his head causing him to bleed.” Jamie didn’t reply to this and he was already at Grunn’s door kicking it open as Vi and Bobby showed up asking what was going on. The answer came as Jamie screamed, “YOU CHUCKED MY BROTHER OUT TO SEA YOU DRUNKEN IDIOT!!” and then crashing and bashing was heard in the office as there was one last cry from Grunn, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT MA POOORRRNN!!! WHY DID YUH HAVETA CUT UP MA POOORRNN! THE ONLY THING I EVER CARED ABOUT WHYY!” A few crashes later and Jamie left the office clapping the dust off his hands and Jumping off the Orphanage and began running full speed south having seen the tracks resume, as they headed towards Kojiki all with the sounds of a screaming bruised shark behind yelling that he’ll kill him if it’s the last thing he’ll do.


Ollow was back in the city having had enough of the whole beach chucking fun. As he walked along something was just feeling very wrong almost as if he was being watched. That was true a couple keepers were watching him as he made his way into the alley and soon followed him in. Ollow coming to the end of the alley, saw the edge of Margate where Kojiki began, taking a step forwards, he felt a hand rest on his shoulder that pulled him back. He turned to see three keepers all with red bandanas, that had a black target around their necks one was a bear while the others were a cat and frog all wearing black shirts blue vests and blue jeans. The first one who had grabbed him said, “Oh thank goodness we found you, you know how long we’ve been looking for you. We were worried that you got hurt now if you wouldn’t mind coming with us back to Ruskol we can get you something warm to eat.” Ollow recognized the men as members of the Bloodshots and quickly bit the keeper’s hand as he yelled, “Aughh he bit me the bloody brat bit me!” A few kicks and screams and bashed up garbage can later, the group finally managed to tie and gag Ollow tossing him into a suitcase, Ollow not calming down, received a fist to the face knocking him out as tears ran down his face.


Alex and Jessica had followed Jamie from Ruskol to Margate and sat on a log a fair distance, as Alex used a pair of binoculars to watch Jamie get into a fight with Grunn and said, “Your cousin knows how to be subtle hey look tracks maybe we can find Ollow before him that’ll be fun.” Jessica nodding at his words about Jamie’s “subtleness” and followed him down towards Kojiki and surprisingly they were ahead of Jamie and ended up picking up information about seeing a kid resembling Ollow go into a nearby alley. Walking towards it they heard the sounds of a fight and screaming by the time they got to the alley there was nothing left but a bandana and a smashed garbage can. Jessica picked up the bandana and after Alex checked the ends of the alley for any signs of people, Jessica used her power to bring the bandana to life.

After a few minutes of the bandanna mouthing off, Jessica asked it what it knew of what happened here, and it was insightful, as it told them of what happened to a catboy that looked just like Ollow. Both Alex and Jessica had a grim look on their faces when they heard the details of the fight. But that changed to shock when they heard Jamie, “so the Bloodshots have my little brother and not only that they tossed him in a suitcase and punched him out?” Both Alex and Jessica gulped as they looked at Jamie who was giving off waves of anger that sent shivers down their spines as he walked off back towards Ruskol. Leaving the two of them quite shocked, and frozen stiff, before they could say anything Jamie was already gone and Jessica sighed, “Now, now he’s gone super storm trooper psychopath.”

Jamie was on the move heading back up to Ruskol passing through the allies doing his best to avoid streets full of people. With the way he was right now, he scared the crap out of everyone who was unfortunate enough to cross paths with him. He wasted no time from bursting into sprint in empty alleys; he walked in alleys with stragglers in them not want to cause headaches for them and himself. He passed into Talocan and then into Ruskol and headed up to the northern part towards the Bloodshots HQ.

Alex and Jessica headed for the telepad and quickly made their way to the Bloodshots HQ before Jamie got there. The last thing they needed was for Jamie to go walking in blindly and try to kill everything and end up taking his brother out by accident. The mental trauma he felt so far would be nothing to that sort of trauma killing the person who you’re so desperately trying to save and for them to be your little brother.


Ollow slowly woke to a splitting headache and the dark confines of the suitcase as he looked around, he saw a small hole letting in a damp light with the lovely smell of Ruskol’s garbage. He tried to get close to the hole to look through it but it was too low for him to see through in his current state. But he had a feeling he knew where he was, as he cried silently as he thought, “Noooooo! All my hard work all that walking and running and hiding and getting chucked out onto a boat, it was all for nothing, this isn’t fair I was almost there.” Snapping to attention he heard the voices of people talking nearby, he strained his ears to hear what was said, “You got the kid?” Another man said, “Yes sir, he was a bit of a handful but nothing we couldn’t handle.” The first man said with a smirk, “good toss him with the rest of the kids; I’ll contact our… partners.” The second man replied, “sure thing boss,” he then picked up the suitcase and took it down the hall of the broken building.

Opening of the suitcase caused Ollow fall out and he was forced to his feet as soon as he hit the ground. He tried to run as the door was unlocked, but the grip of his captors was to strong as one said, “oh a little feisty are we?” Ollow then received a kick to the gut that sent him tumbling into the room and he began gasping for air with the gag still in his mouth as he landed on the floor as the door was slammed shut and locked. As this happened, a little girl no older then Ollow came up to him with what light that came into the room, he could tell she was a snow leopard and one that looked concerned about him but not sure what to do. She removed his gag from his mouth making it easier to breathe, as he looked up to her he saw she was wearing a white dress plain and simple but moved back. As a friendly voice came ringing in from above, like that of an older brother “you’ll have to excuse Lila there, she’s really shy and keeps to herself but she seems to have a liking for you.” Ollow looked up to see the bat keeper in his red hood and black cargo pants, as he moved towards Ollow and used his foot to cut Ollow loose. Being freed allowed Ollow to hold his gut, even though he was still gasping for air as the older bat keeper came closer looking to see if he was alright.

Ollow on the other hand was a little more of I want to stay away from you and everyone. He showed this by worming himself away from the bat all the while glaring at him, not sure if he should trust him or not. This reaction to him caught him by surprise and everyone by surprise they never seen anyone act that way to friendly Jasper. Then again they never saw someone gagged and kicked into the room, Jasper regaining his senses said, “Hey don’t worry buddy no one’s going to hurt you here your safe here.” Ollow looked the man over again and still glared his words where kind and pleasant but Ollow still had trouble believing him. Taking a look around the room he saw a few kids, the girl who un-gagged him, she was looking at him with an interest in him, on the other side bed was a raccoon and lemur both around the same age as Ollow, both mostly hiding behind the bed, on the other side of the another cat and young blue winged wolf. Hanging on the roof was another bat, but his wings seemed to having been cut off and he didn’t seem all that happy over the fact of not having wings.

But the thing that caught Ollow’s attention was the crack in the wall and the roof leading outside, seeing this made him think, ‘it’s big enough for me to squeeze through!’ Jasper said trying to help Ollow stay calm, “no one here is going to hurt you, we got a spare bed over here for you.” Jasper was hoping to calm him down enough that he could be talked to; he looked terrified upset and angry along with determination? Okay that was new when did he get determination? Jasper was then shocked along with everyone else as Ollow made a mad dash and leaping jump into the crack, trying to squeeze through the hole as jasper rolling his eyes walked over to the wall leaning up against it saying, “so how’s the progress sport?” He was smiling as Ollow was slowly squeezing through the wall, he stopped for a moment he opened his eyes to see a lizard girl of some sort, other than the smooth green skin she had; there was an adornment of piercings and a tattoo. She had short bright pink hair and wore torn jeans with skull tank top, she looked at Ollow who just popped out of the wall where she had been lazing about enjoying a cigarette and she was shocked by the sudden appearance of the young catboy.

Smiling and chuckling she said, “awwww now aren't you just a cute little thing.” She then pinched his cheek and said, “Now little wall pop kitty, time to go back.” She then pushed him back in laughing cutely as she did so; Ollow landed on his rear as Jasper bent down smiling, “so how was the outside world bring us any souvenirs?” Ollow was not amused with Jasper’s sense of humor as he bent down and said, “Relax as I said no one’s going to hurt you here. So why don’t you let me help you?” Ollow just looked at Jasper as he smiled. But Ollow tried for the hole once more causing Jasper to shake his head and sigh as Ollow fell back down, this time desperately rubbing his nose as if to get it clean as he said, “aghhhh she kissed me yuck.” As he said that the girl said, “Jasper keep him under control big J isn’t going to be happy if we lose him, and as fun as this is my shift is almost over.” Jasper sighed and said, “Fine sherry, I’m trying but he’s not being easy!”

Sherry snorted as she went back to doing whatever it was that she was doing, Jasper said, “she’s right you got to stop she’s the nicest here the others won’t be as jolly to you.” Ollow looked at him and sighed as he wrapped his arms around his legs and planted his head down and didn’t move as Jasper rolled his eyes as he moved Ollow to an open bed and let him sit as all the others started whispering about what just happened.


Jamie was out for blood, as he cut down a keeper standing in his way, as his buddy shouted, “Bob no! You, bastard!” Jamie then cut the second guy down as he moved to the Bloodshots HQ; he met little resistance as he moved closer to the site. Alex hollered to Jamie, “hey buddy we got a bit of trouble they seem to be getting ready to start sacrificing the kids or something, but they’re getting ready for something and we’ve found the kids they’re locked in a room so you can go wild we’ll get them out of here.

Jamie smiled as Alex said this and walked into a nearby building full of parts and bits, smiling he got to work. Alex looked into see Jamie making some weird device, shaking his head he left him to his work. Returning to Jessica he gave the thumbs up and they headed around the perimeter to the back. Taking a look around the corner to check for hostiles they found the all clear and moved in shadowing the wall, springers drawn as they came to the end of the building, they saw a few keepers hanging out as they waited for them to pass.


The ritual was almost compete all they needed now was to bring the kids out to receive a mark by one of Nabonidus’ minions for his experiment. As the last couple of things were set into place, a large bear keeper and a couple others went to the room were the kids were held. The bear keeper opened the door, stepping in he said in a gruff voice, “Alright lets go, we got a special someone who wants to me the lot of you and give you something special.” With couple other keepers they got everyone in the room into a line and led them towards stands by a ritual circle, just outside the building. They were lead into a pit towards the mostly metal stands, most of the kids were a little frightened from the nature of pit, Lila had grabbed onto Ollow’s hand tightly trying to be brave and trying to cheer him up, he literally looked melancholy if not worse. As Lila grabbed his hand, Ollow gave no signs of struggle to Lila’s hand holding to be honest he felt a bit better holding her hand, now only if she didn’t hold so tight. As they were sat down, they had people on the sides of the stands to keep them from running as the ritual began.

The circle with five a point star glowing red and bones rattling were more than enough to scare everyone in the stands, but the whole faceless black metal skeletal creature that came from the ground was more than enough to terrify everyone stiff. It looked around the group of terrified keepers, with its plate flat face of smooth nothingness and horns adorning the side, it said in its demonic voice as it looked each kid over, “bravery to protect others, good quality…” it said looking at Jasper who was trying to place him in front of this thing. It reared its head to the next three kids saying “strong… scared loving… pained… lost…” After going through most of the kids it looked at Lila who was holding Ollow tightly in her arms. It leered at her before saying, “lovingly protective... interesting.” Looking at Ollow it had a shocked reaction to him and instantly ripped him from Lila’s grasp despite Lila’s protests and attempts to hold onto him. It started chuckling, while holding Ollow’s torso tightly clearly Ollow had trouble breathing. This brought many gasps and signs of shock from seeing the new kid being plucked out of the stands like he was a piece of morsel on a plate. The beast laughed, “Now, now, now aren’t you the lucky find, I can see it in you, you’re… a Hellsing, the grandson of that blasted Van Hellsing” this gave everyone including the Bloodshots a look of confusion as the Nightmare said, “you Bloodshots have done amazing for sacks of meat. To get a Hellsing, one of this world’s finest nightmare hunters, it’s perfect and he’s still young enough to be molded unlike that last one which turned out to be a bloody failure, Nabonidus will be pleased with this… turn of events…” the man standing by the Nightmare smiled as he knew he had made the right choice of pursuing this kid after all.

Ollow was terrified as he heard this thing talk but couldn’t make sense of it, another Hellsing? Failed experiment? What did that all mean? Ollow’s answer was soon answered, by the explosion at the front of the pit blasting the gates to bits as an armored keeper, with a skull mask, descended from a high into the pit, standing up he looked at the Nightmare noticing Ollow he said, “Get your fucking hands off my brother!” The Nightmare reared its head to look at Jamie as Bloodshots surrounded Jamie, Ollow looked shocked as he saw this man, who he never seen before. He’d be pretty sure if he knew this person, how could he forget a man who was wearing a full suite of armor and covered in black smoke and a skull mask with a black halo over his head? Okay when did he get a halo over his head?

The man standing beside him stepped forwards into the light and was easily seen as a white dragon as he snarled, “drop this nut-job!” The Nightmare looked to him and said, “Hold the kid I’ll handle this one, your ragtags are no match for him.” The Bloodshots heard this as the Nightmare handed Ollow to the dragon, who kept a good grip on him. One keeper surrounding Jamie, feeling insulted by the Nightmare said, “What do you mean we are no match for him? He’s just one guy!” After that was said all the keepers opened fire on him only for Jamie to burst into smoke as the bullets took out two of their own and injured two more. Jamie reformed behind the loudmouthed keeper and putting his sword through his back pulling it out he sped along the shadows that glided him into the second of the remaining four and planted his blade into his side. Pulling out he decapitated his friend in a single goal and avoided two more bullets, all while sliding on his back to the last to sticking one and uppercut the second with his foot all while standing back up and pulling his sword and planting the blade into the keeper on the ground.

This left the two keepers still by the stands in silent shock along with all the kids and the dragon as the Nightmare said, “As I said, you are no match for him he is the failed experiment I mentioned, that there is project 001-X an attempt of mine as a super-soldier he has received special treatments to increase strength speed and agility, along with tenacity he would have been a success if not for his strong mind and willpower he would have been the perfect one to cripple Anduruna’s defenses and opened an easy victory for us.” The dragon was gawking at what he heard and said, “A super soldier!” That clearly brought fear to the remaining Bloodshots, the kids even though still terrified were happy to see this person, most likely come to rescue them. Lila who was trying her best to get to Ollow was stopped by Jasper and even she was surprised with who showed up she was still trying to bulldoze her way to Ollow.

Adjusting his stance Jamie’s ear twitched as he heard, “Jamie you handle big and ugly me and Jessica got the kids!” The Nightmare roaring with Joy as he saw Jessica, “ha a third Hellsing, this clearly is a lucky day!” The thing then charged for Jamie swinging its claws saying, “First I’ll break you then rebuild you… it should work better this time around now that I can actually work on you in person!” Jamie Dodged the first strike by charging inwards slashing at its legs to no prevail only to be whacked by the tail the beast freed from its hiding spot. Jamie was sent flying past the stands in to boards, only for him to get back up shaking a bit. Jamie then charged back at the Nightmare making a jumping assault.

Alex’s Halo lit a bright gold and he sped on in snatching Ollow from the Dragon, while saying, “Yoink” and with a single cutting motion the last two keepers fell from his katana. He placed Ollow in the stands, while saying “please keep your hands and knees in the stands when they are in motion.” This brought some weird faces to everyone in the stands but it changed when the stands started moving and shouting, “aghhhh I quit I’m sick of those bloody Nightmares showing up, I’m outta here!” Both Jamie and the Nightmare stopped their fight and looked to the side as the stands past by with the children giving the Nightmare the finger. The dragon was shocked by this to say the least, his friends and everything he had worked for slipping from him, no he wasn’t going to let it all go, he’ll kill this bloody rabbit if it’s the last thing he did. Alex turned to face him and said, “So you going to try to stop them? If so you’re going to have to go through me.” Snarling with anger the Dragon’s halo lit and his arms became single tipped blades as they clashed with Alex’s katana.

The Nightmare roared as it dropped its claws on Jamie, who burst into smoke and reformed above the Nightmare landing on its head bringing his blade down and clashed it on the thing’s head, while whacking it over and over trying to kill it. But with no prevail, as the Nightmare smashed its fist into Jamie sending him flying and crashing into the dragon fighting Alex. Alex and his speed had managed to move before dragon toppled to the force of Jamie being thrown into him which gave the opportunity for Alex to plant his blade into the dragon’s skull and help Jamie up. Both looking at the Nightmare, Alex said, “So any weaknesses? Or are we going to have to find or invent one?” Jamie looking at the thing huffed, “the latter.” Huffing Alex said, “Let’s start then,” smiling Jamie charged in followed by Alex’s speed slashing at its legs and torso with no avail as Jamie came in kicking and slashing. As he kicked the thing it laughed bringing its claws down trying to slash at Jamie while flinging its tail wildly trying to catch Alex as he ran. As Jamie fought he started to notice that this thing was made of some sort of metal. Jumping back he yelled, “Alex! I got a plan for this,” Alex coming up to Jamie listened as Jamie whispered, while moving back and out of the way of the Nightmare’s attacks “the device I made is still up there we’re going to ram the bloody thing into this thing’s bloody metal carapace.” Alex nodded as he made a run for the thing at the top of the pit.


The stands carrying everyone moved towards the entrance of yard as Jessica stood on the mobile stands. Most of everyone was excited by the sight as for a few were a little uneasy mostly Jasper as he said, “Who are you people?” Jessica looked back at him and replied, “We’re part of an organization called the guild and we just saved you mostly, who’s that?” Jessica was pointing at the lizard girl standing in front of the gates, Jasper looked and sighed, “That would be Sherry, my older insane sister, she’s the reason most of us are still alive and the reason we’re all here in the first place.” Jessica sighed great just great as the stands came to a stop and the lizard girl, looked at them and said, “Insane am I Jasper? Now that’s not a nice thing to say to the person who saved you.” Jessica looking at Sherry asked, “You going to stand in our way?” Sherry laughed and said, “Stand in your way? Not in your way no but this place is their home, and you’re not leaving here with them!” Jessica sighing said, “There is a Nightmare in that pit back there most of everyone here is dead, what kind of home is this?” Sherry eyeing Jessica had no response it was pretty evident, that Jamie had come in here earlier with that bloody four wheeled fork and spoon chugging bomb buggy.

Ollow was displeased to say the least, with all of this. With every event that had transpired all he wanted was to be gone and away from here. But he couldn’t run not when this Lila girl was hugging him with a passion, which she had been doing to him ever since he was tossed back into the stands as if she had just been reunited with the one thing she cared about the most. But this changed as they pulled up to the gates and Lila had strained to get a look at the two women about ready to go at each other, this gave Ollow the chance to slip in under the stands and make his run out, without a single person seeing him.


Alex had reached the top of the pit and saw the buggy, aiming it right he got ready to remove a break keeping the thing stationary. Looking down he saw Jamie take a few nasty hits, but finally managed to hold the Nightmare steady. The nightmare pressing his advantage on Jamie tried to break his spirit, “guess your friend decided to run, now didn’t he? Don’t worry I won’t kill you you’re too valuable alive even if I have to rebuild you your still to valuable a resource to lose.” Jamie smiled as he burst into smoke and reappeared a good distance from the Nightmare still smiling but huffing from using his power. The Nightmare laughed, “Trying to run now are you? Ha! You can’t run from me! I’ll catch you no matter where you run to!” Before it could move the buggy fell on top of the thing and instantly became a fireball, as Alex came down smiling, “got him!” Jamie looking at the flaming wreck said, “No, no we didn’t” Alex about to protest gawked as the Nightmare walked out of the wreck, but his gawk turned to a smile as he saw the cracks all over the thing burst into pieces and become a piece of rubble.

As the two of them walked up to the rubble Jamie picked up a little naked pink thing. Alex looked at it and said, “What the fuck is that?” Before Jamie could reply it said, “I am Nergalack the great! Now let me down and give up! For you are no match for me and my superior mind!!” it’s voice was high pitched and silly to be honest and Jamie sighing tossed it on the ground and stabbed its oversized head saying, “large head big brain little body, this thing was a great think tank probably built that suit to hide what it was so everyone wouldn’t laugh and take it seriously.” Alex looked at it and said, “If it’s a great think tank then how the hell did we kill it so easily?” Jamie heading up the pit replied with a shrug, “don’t know, it probably just got to cocky or it’s still out there, and this was just a part of its overall plan. Then all we did was just either give it data on our fighting abilities or set it back a week or two. But who knows trying to outthink a think tank isn’t any easy an thing to do or do on the spot, let’s go, I’m sick of this place.”


Everyone’s attention turned to the pit as they heard the explosion and then saw Jamie walking out of the pit followed by Alex. Jessica smiled saying, “them showing up here can only mean the Nightmare and the remaining Bloodshots are dead, so you want to change your position?” Sherry was displeased with this turn of events and said, “The only thing that’s changed is me finding everyone a new home. You people just had to come in a ruin everything didn’t you?” “Ruin everything? No your people did that, when they went after my brother and started working with Nightmares. We were just the end result of a lot poor choices, as for a home you can come to the guild we will give you a nice home safe and secure food clothing an education and everything you need to be able to build a life.” This was a shock to Sherry and the kids as the words left Jamie’s mouth, Jessica smiled and said, “He’s right you know so do you want to fight the three of us or join us? You’ll have a home for everyone like you wanted.” Sherry sighed, thinking about all that was said and said, “Fine, I’ll join you people if anything to bug my little brother.” This got Jasper to sigh as Jamie said, “Speaking of little brothers where’s mine?” he was now looking through the stands that was no longer alive, everyone was also looking around for the catboy that was in the stands not all that long ago. Lila looking worriedly for her little kitty, frantically said, “I had him in my arms all that long ago, he was right here.” Jamie rubbing her head said, “No worries I can find him he can’t have gotten far.” Looking through the stands from where Ollow was standing he started tracking his brother once again.


Ollow stumbled his way into dark dead-end alley and shaking with every step he slumped down at the back end of the alley. Moving to a fetal passion, he began looking up to the now darken sky as he did, he began to cry he wasn’t supposed to be here he was suppose to be in Kojiki. Where it was warmer and not having seen that horror show of a Nightmare, talking about experimenting on him and his brother? What the hell did that thing mean? His brother was dead; he died before he was even born, and to top things off he was alone again in the cold like always. Then there was that other man, who was he? And why did he say that I was his brother? Shivering he didn’t notice the keeper skulking into the alley with nothing but anger in his eyes and bottle in hand, he went towards Ollow as he did he took a swig from his bottle and growled, “you bloody little shit is your fault we never have any problems from anything before, and now everyone iz dead…hic!” Ollow looked up only to see a rat in light brown vest and a plain white tee-shirt and blue jeans. Before Ollow could react to this the rat grabbed him by the throat and hoisted him to the back wall.

Ollow grabbed the rat’s arm coughing as he held him; all he could do was watch as the rat smashed the bottle off the wall and laughed. Ollow struggled and kicked as best he could with no success and to top it all off his vision was blurring as he saw another figure coming up behind the rat holding a katana? Ollow started to fade to black from the lack of air, as the second figure drew closer Ollow thought is this the end?

Still laughing the rat brought the broken bottle back and said, “Revenge is a bitch kid.” As he went to stick Ollow with the bottle, he felt a hand grab his arm preventing him from sticking Ollow, grumbling he turned to see Jamie standing there full uniform and mask. Nothing but anger filled his eyes as he looked at the rat who in fear dropped Ollow, as he hit the ground Ollow began coughing, while Jamie started to hand out punches like it was Christmas. The rat did his best to dodge the hits but as he took each hit, he felt something crack from the pressure points in his arms and chest he started to cough blood as he fell forwards. He then met Jamie’s knee, which smashed into his face and sent him backwards, laying on his back looking up at the night sky he thought is this the end? He saw Jamie standing over him looking up at him as Jamie stuck his katana into him, the rat coughed as he felt the hand of death take him closing his eyes still looking to the night sky.

Jamie looking down at this pitiful thug sighed as he put his katana away and turned to see his little brother looking at him fearfully as he hugged the corner of the alley. Jamie took a step closer as Ollow cried, “stay away from me! I don’t want to die!” Jamie stopping shocked and hurt that he thought that he was going to hurt him, “O-Ollow I’m not going to hurt you, you’re my brother…” Jamie chocked this out, kneeling down he took off his mask, to show his face to Ollow. Ollow slowly and tearfully looked and up saw the red wolf; he was shocked to see this as he looked at him with a mixture of fear and not knowing what to think anymore. Trembling Ollow brought his locket out, slowly opening it to see the picture of the same wolf only a lot younger with less scars. Tearfully he looked back up to Jamie and then lunged into a hug and sobbed as he realized he wasn’t an illusion and was real. Jamie’s shock to Ollow’s instant reaction turned into a smile, as he hugged his brother. Jamie held him tight while patting his back to calm him down, but he started tearing up as he held his brother. This was probably the happiest moment Jamie’s ever been, the last time he was almost this happy was when he found out about Jessica.

Jessica Sherry Alex and Jasper helped the last of the kids out from under the wall and into the dune sea Jessica started leading the way to Compound. Lila was at the back of the group and was watching the wall as Alex came up to her and said, “So you coming or having second thoughts? Or are you worried about Jamie’s little brother?” Lila looked up at him and nodded before looking back at the tunnel, Alex put a hand on her shoulder and said, “If I know my friend, he’s going to get his brother and no force in hell is going to stop him.” Lila looked back to him and stared at him, Alex smiled at her and said, “come on let’s catch up to everyone else they’ll catch up soon enough.” Lila wanting to stay and wait decided against it and grabbed the hand that Alex offered and walked with him back to the group that was making their way towards the Compound. As they went, Lila kept turning her head to see if they were coming even as she held Alex’s hand the whole time.

Just leaving the hole at the wall, Jamie walked towards the compound carrying his now sleeping brother on his back. As Jamie moved, he began feeling a little drossy under the cover of night as his brother snoozed away on his back. Continuing his track through the sands, he saw the group ahead of him he was relieved when saw who it was, once he got closer. Picking up speed in his walk he closed in on them, as he walked he thought wow I move fast.

Alex looked back to see Jamie, as he was carrying Lila, who was too tired to walk, and this was also the case for most of the kids. Leaving it up to Jessica Sherry Alex and Jasper to keep the kids awake and moving, while carrying who they could. When Jamie got there he helped with motivating the remaining walking kids to keep moving forwards. After fifteen minutes of sluggish walking they showed up at the entrance of the compound and found the entrance open spilling the light into the dune sea and out onto the sand beneath their feet. Waiting for them was Taw and a few others all with hot soup which was a welcoming scent among the kids had mercilessly found the energy to run for soup, Lila was also awake and running for soup. Ollow even with his cuts and bruises was awake and down getting a bowl of soup before running back to Jamie keeping as close as possible to his brother as one of the keepers who was with Taw, was trying to bandage up Ollow who was either trying to eat his soup or giving him the evil eye. Sighing he gave the bandages to Jamie to let him finish bandaging him up. Taw taking a few steps forwards smiling as he did a headcount said, “Good work, good work you didn’t just find the kid you found a ton and stopped the Bloodshots I assume?” Jamie finishing up with bandaging Ollow despite his subtle protests, looked to Taw and replied, “took care of a Nightmare as well.” This caught the attention of Taw and the other keepers who were waiting with him, Taw then nodded and said, “I’ll want to hear about it in the morning, once everyone has had time to sleep.”

Jamie nodded as he looked to Ollow, who looked at him and was evident he wasn’t able to move anymore his spout of energy disappeared with the soup as it seemed. Picking him up, he carried him on his back and went inside saying, “we’ll get you a room and a bed of your own.” Ollow’s eyes went wide as he gripped onto Jamie he was terrified to be left alone again and just when he found his brother. Jamie smiling knew that the whole room to his own was too soon, and after what he went through. Jamie took him to his room and dumped him on his bed, which resulted in a bouncing kitty, who was all too happy to feel a soft bed. Jamie smiled and went into his washroom after getting changed coming out in a light shirt and pajama bottoms he helped Ollow get his sweater and scarf off revealing him to have no shirt, Jamie sighing got him one of his old Savenford shirts and put it on him. Jamie started to push Ollow over to the other side of his bed to slight protests from Ollow as Jamie said, “move over, or I’ll sleep on top of you.” Ollow yipped as he moved over voluntarily as Jamie lay down next to Ollow the both of them started to fall asleep. Ollow looked at his brother and moved closer to him grabbing onto his arm, just glad he was real and not be alone anymore. The both of them slept well that night to wake to the bustling morning in the compound and the protests of some of the unconvinced, “that Jamie’s not changed and shouldn’t be allowed to be near Ollow or any of the kids.” Keepers which found their protests falling on death ears while scaring Ollow away from them and closer to Jamie. This really was quite the interesting morning indeed.

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