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Subscribe to this thread Hey there, CoSinus here ^-^ created by CoSinus on April 15, 2014

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CoSinus4/15/14 10:51am
After figuring out how that forum actually works at all,
I thought of setting my profile up, finding a welcome message in it about the salutations. Thanks for pointing me on that, MobileCrusader :)

So Im here, think i dont have to write much, but Ill leave that to you :

maybe explains a bit of myself, for further questions : ask me, Im here :D
some infos hide at my profile, click me ! :)

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Prometheus4/15/14 11:00am
Hey, there! Welcome to the DK Forums! Good to have a new member around! Please enjoy your stay here! ^^

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MobileCrusader4/15/14 11:05am
Glad to see you have stuck around! I recommend dropping in Thursdays at 9 pm est for the live chat. Its lots of fun!

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CoSinus4/15/14 11:22am
Hehe, think Id have lots of fun in the chat, but Im far far away, stuck at CET time, you know ? :D
Here would be +6 hours if I remember right, so 3o in the morning ... maybe should mess up with my chef for free fridays xD

thanks for the welcome greetings btw ^^

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MobileCrusader4/15/14 11:28am
Wow. I understand if you don't make it. If you ever have any questions for Dave, just drop me a message and I'll be sure to ask him and get back to you.

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CoSinus4/15/14 11:35am
Thanks for that, maybe Ill drop in on it later ^^

By the way, is my english serious ? xD
Didnt use it that hard ever before :D

Im not quite sure where to post a character sheet of my first dreamkeeper, similar to myself ... canon? ^^
Into the "Character Cafe" or directly into the "Making Dreamkeepers!" -thread, can i possibly do anything wrong ? :)

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MobileCrusader4/15/14 11:38am
Your English is impeccable. You are doing fine.

As for making Dreamkeepers, I'd postvto the making characters thread first, take some input from others, and move from there.

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CoSinus4/15/14 11:41am

thx for the compliment ^^

So Ill move it there, not complete yet but I really need some input, especially for the power ~.~

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MobileCrusader4/15/14 1:35pm
I'll review it when you post.

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ZycantAlpha4/15/14 3:28pm
Hope you enjoy being part of the community!

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