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joeden4/13/14 7:06pm
Okay so yes my account name is Joeden, but the name Joeden is that of a species of characters i created and i wrote a crossover between my characters and the dream world along with the group in fan-fics i'm currently writing. Hope you enjoy. :)


Jamie was walking down the street, as quick as he could. The weather called for more than what he was wearing; his simple grey jacket and pants that attempted to keep him warm weren't enough from the average Ruskol weather. As he made his way through the street he quickly turned down an alley, which wasn't much better of wind blocker than his jacket. He quickly pulled out his little hit-list which was a small booklet of bounty posters from under his jacket, flipping through the pages he stopped. He was looking at his target: Weasel/lizard hybrid keeper that, on the poster had a list of crimes that accommodated him

A 500 lucre bounty was placed on his head, and that was enough to motivate Jamie. As he approached the bar door, readying his springer. As he put his hand on the door a strange white light enveloped him as he felt a moving sensation take hold of him. He tried to back up from the door and shake the light off of him, when it didn’t to say he was shocked was putting it mildly. The wolf had seen some freaky encounters but he had never experienced anything like this before. To Jamie’s dismay the scenery started to change before his eyes, from the dusky to clean white walls. These walls were hung with banners with volcano with a red line bisecting; behind the volcano was a background with sun on a blue sky. Jamie was stunned at the increase of temperature but did not time to marvel at this. Strong hands grabbed him and forced him to the ground in a blur of speed. All of this had taken place in span mere seconds.

As he realized what was happening, a few feet in front of him, was the Captain’s chair and he was sitting in it, looking not all that happy. Jamie was looking to his left and right, completely confused as all hell, as the Captain got up from his seat. From what Jamie was grasping, was that the soldiers looked humanoid in form. But it was seemingly impossible to tell what they where, due to the fact that they had no exposed skin. Their armor covered them from head to toe in black with red patterns marking rank or specialty in field. They had him very well restrained, as the captain a seven foot eight man slowly stepped towards him.

He looked sort of like a human; only if Jamie knew what a human was; it might be easier make sense of this. But the only visible and major difference between this man and a human was the brown spots going down the left side of his face. His armor black in color and looked battle-worn. But it still looked as if it was still new, even with the scratches, it was simple in design, meant to protect from all forms of damage.

Jamie looked up at this man and sense of fear instantly swept over him, which he found highly unusual mostly due to the fact that he faced down Nightmares and not the small ones. But the massive ones that popped up from time to time; along with jumping out of the top floor of the Sabbaton tower. But this man just utterly downright brought a new meaning to terrifying as all hell.

Before Jamie’s fear had a chance to sink in and for him to react to what was happening he felt the man’s hand grab him by the collar of his shirt. He felt the man lift him up to face him, eye to eye with such speed the soldiers only had time to let go after the man had finished picking him up. Looking straight at Jamie he said in a frustrated voice, “how the hell, did you get on my ship! Your kind hasn’t even developed flight, let alone the technology to get on board my ship without setting off any alarms!”

Jamie could only stare at the man he had no way of replying fear gripped him by the throat. The Captain was getting more frustrated by the second at this and tossed him towards the turbo lift. “Fine if you don’t want to talk we’ll force the information out of you,” with a thud hit the back wall landing with a sharp pain, Jamie could only lie on the floor groaning in pain. The man had turned around and said, “Someone get him off my bridge and get him to the brig; I want to know how this mutt got onboard my ship.”

As soon as the command had been given and Jamie had landed on the ground, a couple of soldiers grabbed him by his arms and drug him into the turbo lift, which would bring him to the brig. Jamie still gorgy from flight sickness was quickly forced to his feet; he somewhat steadily looked over his captors as he did, he saw that they were somewhat smaller than him or where they taller? His vision wasn’t all that clear, but he felt like he was being restrained by at least six heavy weight lifters on steroids.

As the lift descended in silence, with Jamie’s vision stop being fuzzy and the pain was receding he took another look at his captors, as there was a flash of light in the turbo lift. His first thoughts while blinking from the sudden light, was oh great more crock and bull as the doors had suddenly opened to at least twelve Joeden guards, who were waiting for them. Pushing him forwards out of the left, they quickly escorted him in formation to the brig; as they walked down the hall Jamie who still had watery eyes looked out a window to get barrens on where he was, and ohhh boy did he ever get his barrens.

His eyes widened as he saw the Dreamworld staring back at him, he felt a sense of dread and disappear take hold of him. The soldiers grasp had seemed to get tighter as they took him to the brig, as they reached their destination they quickly tossed him into the cell onto the cold metal floor. Then with a click of a button on the console, an energy field formed around the door frame to prevent escape. They had taken his sword and springers, placing the sword in the corner of the room and his springers on the control panel. The rest of the group walked out of the brig leaving two Joeden in the room, to guard the cells.

All Jamie could just do was to lie on the cold floor, he was completely boggled as for he had no idea as how he was even going to get back home. “Sire we’re still figuring out how he got on the ship, there’s an energy signal of a familiar origin but we’re still trying to place it,” the captain listened to the report the science officer had given him as they made their way to the brig.

“Still I want to know how he got on my ship, and why he looks like one of my most trusted commanders in the empire.” Many hours had past in silence for Jamie, until he heard footsteps making their way to his cell. Jamie had slowly sat up against the far back wall the holding cell. Which was really small, small and uncomfortable with the close metal walls and drafts it had, this truly was a place meant to be uncomfortable.

The captain walked into the brig and stood in front of the cell facing him. “I want to know exactly who you are and how you got on board my ship and why?” The man was now demanding, this time in a calmer and gentler then their earlier encounter. Jamie looked at him and gulped before replying boldly, “Do you take me for an idiot with ‘this why are you on my ship’ bullshit? You tell me why I’m on your ship; you’re the ones that brought me up here with that stupid white light.”

To be honest that was bold and as he said that, the captain looked at him with his one eyebrow raised. After a few moments of silence rang, he found Jamie’s words to be of an intriguing nature. Not only was he bold enough to say something like that, but he was a spitting image of his commander and friend. As he watched Jamie he decided to test, “might your name be Jamie Hellsing?” This question didn’t just catch Jamie’s attention but that of the two joedens that remained in the cell, when the name was mentioned. Jamie eyed the man, he was shocked but not as shocked as the rest would be after he said, “How the hell do you know my name?”

Jamie’s answer put a great amount of shock on the captain and the soldiers which one said quietly but loud enough for Jamie’s hearing. “Oh shit we just locked up a commander.” This turn of events was more to his liking, even though his fear of the captain was justified. Mainly because this man looked like he could take on a couple dozen nightmares twice his size, and use them as toothpicks. The soldier at his post by the console then started to say, “Should we let him out?” The Captain then raised his hand to stop the troop and said, “No I want to know where the real commander Hellsing is at this moment.” The soldier nodded and started to press buttons to find out the commander’s current position.

After a few moments of silence Jamie put his hands in his pockets he knew from his time in the shocks that this could get ugly. Especially at any moment; which it started to do as the trooper reported the commander’s location on some planet called Kavaxhan? Wherever the hell that was. The captain then looked at Jamie saying, “So you claim your name to be Jamie Hellsing, our bio-analyzers says you’re a member of the Dreamkeeper population. So would you like to elaborate how you got on this ship?” Jamie looked at this man before saying, “I have no clue how the hell I got on your ship all I know was I had this white light that brought me up here. Besides who, the hell are you?”

The Captain wrapped his mind around this answer and thought it might have been a Trickster’s little game, and it would make sense as to how this person would have gotten on his ship. He then said to the guard, at the console, “’a C.P’s work here’ let him and take planet side, no need to continue falling for a Trickster’s prank.” This caught Jamie’s attention what the hell was a C.P and what the hell was a Trickster? The Captain then turned to Jamie and said, “My name is King James the first and you are a brave little mutt.” Jamie blinked and then asked, “What the hell is a C.P or a Trickster?” James looked at him saying, “A Trickster is a cosmic prankster which is what C.P stands for and is the reason why you’re on my ship. We’ll have you sent home in no time,” James then signaled to let Jamie out of the cell.

Before Jamie could be let out, the ship jumped and shuddered as something sent a shockwave through the ship. As a red alert came thru and a loud female voice came through saying “Orc boarding all hands battle stations.” The message repeated as both Jamie and James got to their feet; the shield was down and Jamie, who was still maimed by the sudden jump. He stood up checking for any broken bones, thankfully there were none. He walked out still feeling wobbly as James stood up, he looked around and saw trooper that was by the console impaled by a steel beam that came out of the roof. The other Trooper was getting to his feet as he was told to go help deal with the boarding parties.

James quickly picked up the gun from the impaled trooper and opened the side of gun pressed a few buttons closing the device’s panel. He threw the gun to Jamie saying, “there now it shouldn’t blow up the second you try to use it.” Jamie held the gun with a look of concern was on his face; couldn’t blame him blowing up, wasn’t that high on the best or funnest of things to hear. But he held the weapon as James led the way. Jamie grabbed his sword and went down the hall, going down the hall they heard the sounds of gunfire and screaming Orcs it was simple to tell it was Orcs by the sound of, “RHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGG!!!”

That was simple enough to know a fight was coming, as the two made their way around a corner. They saw energy bolts from the guns of Joedens, flying from the side of the crossing corridor as Orcs soon appeared screaming their heads off, as it was being blown apart or another Orc body part. As the Orcs appeared, James charged at an amazing speed into their frontline, and started to hack them apart. The Joeden soldiers kept shooting, not worrying about hitting James at all, due to the energy bolts were just bouncing off of him. Even the Orc’s axes that managed to hit him, just bounced off of him and he didn’t seem to notice any of it at all, he was just slaughtering Orc after Orc. Jamie stood there and watched for a moment before he heard screaming behind him, “RHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGG!!!!!” Quickly turning around he noticed another group of Orcs was charging at him and boy were they ugly fucks! They looked like they were green men with a pig like face; shark like teeth and their armor looked like leather with scrap metal.

Jamie aimed his gun and hoping to all havens the gun didn’t blow up, and it was his lucky, day the energy bolts fired and hit the Orcs and they started to drop. But the Orcs just kept coming, and they weren’t all going down with just a single shot, Jamie needed to take cover as an axe came to close for comfort. He moved to the wall using the steel girder as cover while he took shots at them, but they were still getting closer. When they were finally on top of him, he was out of rounds and as the clip started to recharge, he didn’t have the time to waste, so he dropped the gun. He quickly pulled his sword from his back and swung, cutting down the first two Orcs before backing up. He saw an Orc pick up his gun and pulled the trigger blowing his hands off along with a part of his face. Jamie’s mouth was a gaping at the sight thinking that could’ve been me?

The Orcs kept coming and Jamie burst into shadows as one of the Orc’s landed a shot with his axe, but only hitting smoke. Confused it stood there as Jamie reformed behind him cutting him down then gliding at top speeds towards the rest of the Orcs. He was cutting each and every one of them down, one after the other; it looked like the grim reaper moving at least at eighty miles an hour having a blast at the French revolution.

James was on a killing spree already having stomped his foot down on the head of a ten foot orc berserker. After a few minutes of killing Orcs, the squad that was standing guard at the corridor came forwards to greet the King with a salute just as he was looking at Jamie. Who pulled his blade from the skull of an Orc the shroud of shadowy smoke that was still cloaking Jamie, which had disappeared as his halo faded. James looked at him and asked, “So your race has an extra ability then.” Jamie who was sheathing his sword looked at him and said “you mean my power? Yea every Dreamkeeper has a power.”

James was now a little more interested in this, a whole race which has super powers, it wasn’t common, and it was still too valuable a resource to pass up on. “That’s quite interesting there, now if you wouldn’t mind we need to secure the bridge, while purging the Orcs from the ship.” James then looked down the corridor which was an armory, no wonder the Orcs where so interested in it, James looked to the Squad, that was guarding it. Thankfully it was Havoc squad; good fortune, smiling James then said, “Get Jamie here a suit of armor and a gun, the guns are already programmed not to blow up on him.”

The squad members looked confused at this, but then nodded and one squad member turned to Jamie told him to follow him into the armory. Grabbing a bracelet out of the armory, he then tossed it to Jamie after closing the panel on the device. Jamie held the device in his hands, looking it over it was at least five inches long and was silver in color it had two panels one was a silver panel small and the other was a control panel the screen was blue Jamie decided to snap it on his arm and looked at it before he could ask what the device did, it activated.

The bracelet set loose a swarm of silver dust, which then surrounded his body and formed into Joeden battle Armor. It was coal black in colour two inches thick and looked smooth with a chest plate and leg plates, along with arm plates to protect the body. It had been made for the joints to bend and move but was still protected very well. Jamie was surprised at this; he looked over the armor and adjusted it accordingly; pulling out a skull mask from the armor he put it on. One of the squad members was eyeing Jamie and said, “He looks just like my brother, how is that possible?” His voice was a little tense seeing as how this person looked just like his brother. “Relax Ollow he’s a Dreamkeeper from the planet below, he’s not your brother, and now he’s wearing a skull mask” James said to calm Ollow’s nerves. This was a little sensitive for him due to the fact that he knew his brother was elsewhere and this person was a living replica of what his brother was, but it wasn’t him. This was easily an aggravating and uneasy thing for him, due to the relationship they had.

“Right let’s get a move on then; Havoc squad I want you on the frontlines not guarding this, call in for a relief and head to the frontlines.” James said as he turned to Jamie and said, “You’re with me and might I ask why, are you wearing a skull mask?” Jamie looked towards him and said. “Old habit from my days in the shocks troops, some old habits are harder to break then others,” James nodded not perusing the matter further. He then started down the hall; Jamie following behind James as they made their way, down the corridors. There were more sounds of gunfire and screaming Orcs, along the way towards the bridge.

The two made their way through the corridors and random Orcs that had been running loosely around the ship. They eventually came to the bridge, the door was blasted open, and as they looked into the room they saw an Orc plant its crude battleaxe into a Dwarf’s back. It then let out a victory shout, turned around and saw James and Jamie, it then shouted, “more enemies!” it and the three others shouted and charged for both James and Jamie. James charged with his two blades cutting the first Orc’s legs off with his right blade, and with a back spin he killed a second Orc with his left blade, all while decapitating the legless Orc. Jamie aimed and fired his gun, bringing down an Orc that got to close; dropping his gun, he took his blade with both hands and plunged it into the second Orc’s head, as it charged. Falling to the ground, Jamie took his blade out of the Orc’s head and swung the blood off of his blade, as he walked up to James who was using the Ship’s control panel.

Jamie had only noticed this was a different bridge, only after he had taken a look around. It was clear that this wasn’t the bridge he was on before, looking to James he asked, “Is this a different bridge?” James said in reply “yes we had you teleported to this ship when you got into the turbo lift, security measures can’t have a prisoner walking through the flagship…” James then got a grim look as he said, “Prepare for impact!” Jamie looked completely terrified, as James said this. But Jamie grabbed onto something solid yelling “WHAT!!!!” James replied over the intercom “all hands prepare for a crash landing onto the Dreamworld!”

“Maybe he was kidnapped by Aliens?” Ollow said as he walked up the streets of Ruskol with Patrick and Alex. Ollow, being a sixteen year old cat with grey fur and darker grey strips running along his face and onto his body right to his tail he also hand black hair that came down, but wasn’t all that long. He was in a dark blue jacket with his red scarf and green sweater; he had dark blue cargo pants and bright red trainers on. Alex was a grey rabbit, about six feet tall wearing a grey jacket, with a black shirt and pants. He had short black hair looked at Ollow as if he was crazy, while the ringtail lemur in the back, Patrick was giggling under his breath. He had short blue hair and a duster coat black pants and his red shirt his goggles hanging around his neck as Alex replied “Aliens? You do know there’s no such thing as

Before Alex could even finish his sentence, there was a loud thundering boom as a massive Joeden imperial curser, came thundering in over the city. The curser looked like that of a submarine with the long round body with a bridge sitting on the top at the back end. There were three massive blades spreading out from the ship on each side equaling to a total of six mass blades coming out near the bridge at the back end of the ship. The ship was painted black with red and easily had thousands of turrets, lining the top and bottom of the ship. Mainly to deal with enemy fighters, it was also accompanied by a total of three hundred, battle omega plasma cannons on each side of the ship. The ship carried the initials J.W.S Neptune. The ship had easily a crew of three million with the ability to carry millions of troops. Which was now burning and raging through the skies over Anduruna this sight caught the eyes and ears of the entire city.

As it passed it shook the city and the Sabbaton tower, the beast of a ship, passed over the heads of the group and crashed into the city’s wall sundering it to mere rubble. The three of them ran to the wall, which had been relatively close to the wall. As they got there, they saw that the Shocks where already surrounding the base of the ship keeping onlookers, who weren’t running from the thing back. At the base of the ship, where the rubble made contact with the ship there was a large hole that was completely pitch black. In the common shock set up, they had three lines of defense in front of the ship. Keeping their distance from the thing and had troops at barriers to keep the public back. Alex Patrick and Ollow looked at the thing standing at the barrier, Ollow bringing out the comment “and you said that there were no such things as aliens. Now didn’t you?”

Ollow had a smirk on his face as for what happened next, would leave everyone speechless a five foot tall elf in full armor and helmet came out of the ship running as he did a nice big axe planted itself into the back of the Elf’s skull who then fell to his knees, the axe crude in make was easily seen by everyone. Before the Elf fell, a green hand grabbed the axe and with its foot, dislodged the thing, and planting the elf into the rubble with its boot. The Orc looked around at the crowd then let out a massive “RRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!”

Before the Orc could charge a figure appeared behind it and stuck a black katana into its back. The Orc fell to its knees, as the figure broke its leg with a kick and as it was on the ground the figure came to the side of the thing bashing the Orc’s skull in with the stock of his gun. The commander of the Shocks saw the figure and said loud enough that the nearby shocks heard, “it’s the Cavalry.” This Spread through the ranks, mostly causing a great amount of shock amongst the shocks. Alex, Ollow and Patrick, was dumb folded and as Jamie turned to face the shocks and silence fell, as he said, “I’d get ready if I were you there’s a lot more of these green bastards coming and all they want to do is kill everything.” he was right the ground was Rumbling as the sounds of hundreds of RRRRRHHHHAAAAGGG’s filled the air. As the ground rumbled the Shocks got ready, as Jamie moved out of the shocks line of fire.

Some gulping as the ground shook; they opened fire as the Orcs appeared out of the ship most not falling to the springers first rounds, some not until the seventh or ninth round went in them. However when the horde began to get larger a shadow appeared over the orcs, the Shocks where able to hold them back but barely. Alex, Ollow and Patrick joined the Fight. There was a sudden crashing boom that hit the centre of the orcs lines. Most of the Orcs stopped to look at the sudden bang in front of them; most of the Orcs were still coming out of the woodworks but stopped as the dust cloud rose. After a second of silence, a pair of blades started to cut Orcs down as king James emerged from cloud in a ragging battle cry forcing the Orcs back.

Jamie smiled his gun ready and he began shooting at whatever Orc he saw that wasn’t dead; three explosions came from the ship opening three massive holes at the base which Orcs came charging out of. But thanks to the Shocks, they only met the Shocks defensive perimeter around the ship and reinforcements were starting to show up, mainly thanks to the show at the first hole. But as a precaution all civilians were evacuated or being evacuated. “Jamie, get down that line and meet up with Havoc squad! I need you to help them get a com centre set up to call for reinforcements to stop the Orcs if we don’t hurry the entire planet will drown in Orcs.” James said as he kept the Orcs in the ship.

Jamie nodded as explosions from higher up on the ship, and Joeden soldiers started to descend from the upper levels planting rounds into charging Orcs. Jamie made his way to the shock commander and said “sir you need to redeploy reinforcements down the line! The Orcs down there will break through your men and plunge into the city and countless masses will die. Also don’t call in an artillery strike on that ship! You’ll run out of ammunition before you even breech that hull! You’ll need to save it for when the Orcs numbers push us back, there are people in armor that don’t look like big green rampaging retards they’re allies!” The commander nodded speaking into the radio, “get troops to the larger holes the first one is secured! Have the guns pointed at the ship but do not fire, I repeat do not fire until ordered! To all troops you’ll see troops, that aren’t big and green coming out of the ship, don’t shoot them they’re on our side, if you see a big green screaming retard, open fire!”

Sure enough Joeden soldiers started emerging from other areas of the ship shooting down Orcs and received cover fire from shocks, however the numbers of the Orcs. Increased and managed to push into the lines killing shocks left and right, as more reinforcements showed up. In some spots, the Orcs started breaking through, only to be pushed back in. Jamie ran towards Alex who was cutting down some Orcs. Jamie started yelling, “go to the compound and get back up; Ollow! Patrick! You’re with me, let’s go meet up with Havoc squad! I got the centre Ollow you got the left and Pat! You take the right and everything else,” the three were confused but Patrick smiled. Halo coming alive as bugs of all sorts flew out of his clothing, eating their way down the line of Orcs, towards Havoc squad who just had to be on the other side of the growing battlefield. Jamie wasn’t one to flinch at the sight of blood or death and violence. Least not since he was a kid, he ran down the line killing Orc after Orc. Ollow was using two axes that he took from a couple of Orcs that he killed; he was more concerned with stopping this invasion. The three of them made their way down the line towards Havoc squad, managing to make it to the other end of the battlefield.

Thankfully having made contact with three members of the squad, who were holding the Orcs back. They welcomed the three as they came up to offer support. “We’re to tell you that you need to set up a communications centre up, and we’re here to help!” Jamie yelled over the blazing guns and sounds of the battle that raged on. “Good, help us hold the line, Jax and shade almost have it set up we just need you to hold the line.” Before Johnson could finish what he was saying a twelve foot Orc came out of the ship and began ravaging the Shock troopers lines of defense, and tore just about everything to shreds. This allowed the Orcs to pass through the gap in the lines and into the city. Running like ravaging monsters, they headed for the nearest mass of civilians but most ran into reinforcements heading for the frontlines.

However others got through the front and ran into a crowed of now panicking Dreamkeepers, the Orcs where slaughtering everyone they caught. But before too much damage could be done a small group of Dreamkeepers had came out of the blue halos lit, and boy o boy did they lay a thumping on the Orcs. The first one was a hamster, mouse, rabbit hybrid; with his hands glowing electrically, he began to barbeque at least five Orcs at once, allowing a large group to escape. Another was a cheetah and all he said was “Sha’zamm” and he sped like a bullet through six or seven Orcs knocking them into the air. The Orcs were not sure what hit them there, as a wall of fire rose as a coyote Dreamkeeper skated across the battlefield, separating the Orcs from civilians who where now making a getaway. The Orcs regrouping from this assault found thousands of needles flying into the horde, as a porcupine Dreamkeepers showed up to join the fight.

This sort of a thing happened all over the place as members of the guild started showing up, to stop the Orcs that got through the frontlines. Which were now growing more constant, the number of Orcs, coming out of the ship just increased. “This is Shade Havoc squad ID 17743B29, we require immediate reinforcements planet Dreamworld massive Orc invasion scale level Apocalypse nine, I repeat Apocalypse nine!” Shade yelled into the device, as a response came through. “Affirmative, troops inbound ETA two minuets standby for reinforcements,” the message was heard by the group, as they fought; two members of the squad launched Johnson yelling, “Werewolf fastball incoming!”

As Johnson flew he transformed into a werewolf nearly twice his original size and took down the twelve foot Orc in one go. He began to rip through the others Orcs tearing them to shreds after turning the twelve foot Orc into an unrecognizable hump of meat. Just as Johnson ran for another Orc an arcane blast hit the battlefield from up high as lots of bolt shots, came raining down on the battlefield. As what was left of Joeden forces in the ship, had came grappling down from the upper most level of the ship. The person who sent the arcane blast jumped from the ship, as she was falling, she was shooting bolts of lightning from her hands.

Her landing sent out an arcane pulse clearing ten feet of Orc. She then summoned her staff, and started using it to kill Orc after Orc; As for James he was being pushed back. Mostly by exhaustion and the cuts he had received from the Orcs, he was the strongest person in the universe but even so, an army of melee savages was still more than enough to kill him. As he jumped back from the front, the Shock commander looked at him as his troops started firing at the Orcs climbing over the piles of dead bodies. James said “what’s that old saying about flies?” The commander looked at him and said “enough black flies can take down a Knossus?” James huffed getting ready to jump back into the fray saying “meh something like that.”

As the battle went on, there were three crackling booms over Anduruna as three imperial classed warships appeared over the city. Shortly followed by imperial transports, that started to ferry troops and tanks down from the ships to the battlefield. As this went on, the Orcs were still growing in numbers started to set fire to the buildings of the city. Still cutting down both Joeden and Shock troopers left and Right as the last of the troops got clear of the ship, most of them having been cut down. The fight went on, the frontlines being pushed horribly back as more and more Orcs came out of the ship; their numbers only kept growing and pushing the frontlines until it finally broke.

Jamie falling back with Havoc Squad, and the mage from before was already with Havoc squad. After having cut a path through the Orcs Along the line it was reduced to nothing more than Chaos. The shocks had started to retreat as they were more of a police force that only dealt with civilians then a real horror show like the Orcs. Which was something the Joedens, have dealt with many times, along with dealing with other nasty things. The Joeden troops had bought the time for the Shocks to retreat as Patrick helped with his army of insects still ravaging the hordes of Orcs to no end with great results.

At the sabbaton tower everyone was watching from the windows; well everyone who wasn’t working like crazy trying to figure what was happening or working overdrive to attempt stop this madness. The Viscount was on the phone with the Shock Generals and leaders; as things were, putting it blankly, blowing up. As buzzing sounds surrounded the tower that the Joeden transports made, as they were passing by the tower, while heading towards the battlefield.

Many people were in shock as they watched what was happening to her home, some were concerned for the lives of everyone in the current warzone others worried about the costs from the damages. On the other hand the show of transports headed for battlefield brought some amazement, to some as to what the transports were. The dark Dreamkeepers in the building who were starring at this, felt shocked and angry, along with other things as they saw what was happening, but they were concerned with how this might have some affect Nabonidus’ plans.

The transports, started clearing advancing Orcs, and landed at the rear of frontlines delivering the tanks and troops. The freshly delivered troops, started to make their way to the battlefield passing retreating shocks. Most of which were injured scared and beaten, Joeden troops that were falling back, stopped as reinforcements came in. As for the Orcs they did not care even as they were dying; they still took down a troop for every ten or so Orcs that fell.

Even with the Orcs rapidly dying numbers, it barely had any meaning as they were still pouring out of the ship. As the Joeden tanks advanced through the ruined streets and over Orcs caught underneath the tanks, gunfire battered the streets killing Orcs left and right. To make things worse, the Joeden tanks and troops had to deal with falling explosives, from the buildings interiors. As the Orcs chucked them out of the windows and then jumped out onto the battlefield; one Building’s wall exploded as a ten foot hulking Orc came through flipping one of the Advancing tanks.

Jamie was falling back with the Joedens which pushed the frontlines back, and were now moving deeper into the city. The reinforcements arrived and held their places, keeping the Orcs contained. Jamie saw and shot an Orc ready to launch a hand held bomb, it then blew on the Orcs instead of the Joeden forces. Jamie, saw multiple opportunities to push forwards, but the Joedens weren’t pushing forwards. Jamie pointed out the advances that could be made, while asking one of the Havoc squad members as to why they were not advancing, only to get a reply of, “you’ll see soon enough.” Ollow and Patrick showed up carrying wounded troopers, as they made their way behind the frontlines.

James took an axe to the arm, as groaned in pain, he kicked an Orc off of him, pulling the axe out he tossed it, and killed a ten, ft Orc with a headshot. He still kept swinging at the onslaught, stopping the advancing Orcish horde for a while. But it proved to be too much of a hindrance, and he had started falling back with the Shocks, who were retreating and still fighting. As the Orcs continued pouring out from the ship; James’ breathing had become huffs, as he cut down the Orcs. He was becoming much slower, due to the cuts and the blood blinding him in one eye. The cuts on his sides stung and the slashes on his cheeks were bleeding, but he was still holding on as he fell back. James still falling back, he was still trying to keep the Shocks from being slaughtered. Thankfully it wasn’t needed that much longer, as reinforcements showed up firing keeping the Orcs back.

As the last batches of the reinforcements showed up on the battlefield, the body count was climbing extremely high. The streets were littered with the bodies of Orcs Dreamkeepers and Joeden troops, who fell in fight. The Orcs continued to run into the lines of Joeden gun and tank fire, most falling but still charging in as a freak blizzard engulfed the Orcs that came charging in. The blizzard held the Orcs back as the troops continued to open fire, while the Orcs screaming for blood, were trying to push forwards. One of the Joeden battleships, over the city was now positioning itself over the crashed cruiser.

Opening the main bay door, a large metal object fell from the ship, as it made contact with the cruiser, it plunged deep into the hull and activated. As the device went off the ship imploded into a small black orb in the centre taking everything in the ship with it; the orb that was all that was left let out a gusting force that sent a burst of wind out before disappearing. The wind forced the blizzard away and sent the flying Dreamkeeper flying into the city and landing him in a dumpster, and to say the least he was not happy.

“The summoners are dead, the summoners are dead! Do not let a single Orc through!” the message rang through the ear pieces in the helmets of the soldiers, who began to advance through the city and going through homes with whatever Shocks that were still left around for the fight. As the soldiers moved through the buildings most were quick and in some cases they found civilians still alive, who were immediately evacuated from the buildings and past the frontlines as they cleaned up the last of the Orcs. The Orcs realizing their situation had some interesting reactions; some went berserk and plunged for the frontlines. But the majority started to argue and began killing each other; some even tried to escape but were gunned down.

Once the fighting had been ceased, things got interesting; the shocks were now surrounding the guild members. Who had shown up to help with the fight as a commanding officer was reading charges for crimes of power use on previous occasions to a bunch of Joeden troopers standing in his way. Which was the only thing keeping the Shocks from arresting them, that and he was arguing back with good points saying, “They showed up to help in this fight and they saved millions of lives. So you’re going to arrest them?” The Shock commander said in reply trying to hold his ground but that wasn’t working all so well, looking up to the Joeden he said, “They have our thanks for that, but they have used their powers in a destructive way, in past occasions which is illegal. And they are responsible for starting private war in the southern parts of the city taking out six crime-lords and three and half squads of Shocks.” The Joeden then said, “Well then you should be thanking them even more for doing your job for you,” this pissed the commander off even more. As the members of the Guild, were snickering while eyeing the Shocks, while ready to handle whatever they decided to toss at them. James saw this saying “captain if they try to arrest them shoot to kill. As for you lot, if you need a ride we’ll give you one.”

James then turned his attention to the media who was coming onto the scene, as the Shocks brought up a transport carrying the Viscount who got out too see the scene as it formed. Walking up to James he said in a strong voice, “we thank you for the help you gave us *angering voice* but why did you bring this war to our world, to our city?” James knew his concerns, as he saw in the crowed of people who were angry with this and scared. He replied, “We didn’t bring this war here, the Orcs; those big green things were already on their way here, if we weren’t here this entire planet would be burning and dead.”

This got a shock out of most but many stood their anger not believing this, as the Viscount said “you have our thanks for that. What about the damages that are already done to the city? Are you just going to leave it like so? And how do we know you’re not going to attack us and conquer us the second we turn our back?” James knew this was going to be the case with what was happening, and he knew how to handle this. Looking down at the Viscount he said “most of your army is exhausted, wounded and or dead; we have technology you’ve never seen before and over a few thousand troops on the ground with three war ships in the air. If we were going to conquer your people we would have done so as soon as we finished with the Orcs. To put it simple this planet has no value to us other than keeping it out of the hands of the Orcs, a planet this size would have caused us headaches for years. We could have just blown the planet up but that would be against everything we stand for.”

Hearing this, brought on new reactions to everyone, their world and lives, were so easily extinguished to these people. But the fact that they didn’t kind of brought a new meaning of morality of a sort. An alien race, who would sacrifice the lives of their own people, to protect a people they knew nothing about, was wow. The Viscount coughing a bit said, “Well what about the Guild terrorists over there you’re helping terrorists to escape!” James still starring at the Viscount said, “The last time I checked terrorists don’t risk their own lives to save the people they are supposed to hate.” The Viscount was about to retort back until he saw Jamie and said over to him, “Cavalry if you are still loyal to this city then come and help convince this man here to let us take those terrorists into custody.”

The Viscount was in shock and so was the shocks and media at Jamie’s response, he had just given the Viscount the finger. James was just laughing at this along with a fair number of troops and some of the guild members even though they were trying to keep it hidden. The Viscount was displeased with this answer he got to say the least. James looked at him and said, “well you got your answer there they will be leaving, as for repairs once we are done with repairs. We will be leaving, also I would recommend not trying stealing our technology; we will kill anyone trying to take any of it.” The Viscount gulped and said in reply, “very well we will respect your desire to keep your technology in your hands. We will keep out of your way as you do the repairs needed,” James nodded as Joeden repair crews and soldiers started cleaning up Orc and Joeden troop bodies. They placed the bodies of fallen Shock troopers and civilians in Rows were they could be easily gotten.

Ollow sat on an adjacent roof top, he watched the whole turn of events. He was sure that this Jamie was a perfect carbon copy of his brother and he had to admit it was downright amusing to see him give the city leader the finger. Getting up he headed towards a nearby transport; getting in he sat at the far back of end of the transport and put his helmet on sleep mode making it so he wouldn’t be bothered by the light or any unneeded sounds.

At this time the members of the guild got onto the same transport, carrying a few body bags. Most were amazed by the whole sight of this device a few were distraught at the loss of their friends, but most of all they took to the sight of the ship. Leaving the sleeping soldier alone, a pilot and Jamie walked in to the Cockpit and began to give directions to the Compound. With a light shake the ship was off towards the Compound, the Dreamkeeper Ollow, sat beside the sleeping Ollow who woke when he felt the take off, only to hear his own voice ask him how the ship worked. Blinking he thought, why am I asking myself something like that? He then took a look over to see himself starring back at him; eyes must be playing tricks on me. Taking off his helmet he rubbed his eyes only to still see himself starring at him but only shocked; the chatter had also died as everyone was now looking at the two Ollows on the transport.

Both of which said, “What the bloody hell.” This only brought more shock as people’s mouths formed perfect O’s as they both sounded the same in every way. The Ollow in the Joeden armor said first, “Different species double look a likes are bound to happen when you have nearly infinite genetics combination bound to see this happen once or twice.” Ollow hoped this would work, it was true but damn this was rare maybe once in a billion chances of this coming together maybe even greater. The Dreamkeeper Ollow, looked at him and tried to wrap his head around and to try to get sense maybe this person had another name then him and said, “Alright then, what’s your name?” The Ollow in Joeden armor said, “Ollow Hellsing.” He hoped this would show that he wasn’t the same person, but silence was the only response he had received; the only sounds were that of the moving transport closing in on the Compound. Smacking his face he said, “I guess we have the same name then? And let me guess you also have an older brother that’s also a red wolf named Jamie Hellsing?”

The other Ollow just nodded as the Joeden Ollow, sighed, “Fine, fine, fine, this is probably the work of someone up there doing all this for shits and giggles.” The Armored Ollow said, “I can’t get drunk enough for this sort of crud I’m heading up front.” He was about to head up to the cockpit, but the transport landed, as Jamie walked in back saying, “Alright we’re here now let’s…” He then noticed the two Ollows saying, “what in the bloody hell is going on???” Jamie was shocked to say the least as the Joeden Ollow then said, “Just let it be, it’s pretty confusing but he’s your brother I’m not.” He then put his helmet on as the back dropped to let everyone out.

The pilot came from the front saying, “I just got orders we’re staying put here so the king wants to talk with you, before we leave planet side.” Jamie nodded and took a step outside with the last of the guild leaving the transport. The armored Ollow saying, “Then I’m getting some fresh air.” Ollow stepping outside, saw something in the distance, he then used his helmet’s visors to take a closer look; he saw a horde of monsters heading this way and shouted. “Radio backup pilot, we got incoming monsters and whole lot of them!” This got the attention of the guild and most looked horrified as Jamie yelled, “Nightmares! Into the compound now! Move it, move it; move it!” Everyone had no trouble, making a mad dash for the compound. The pilot was already radioing for help as Jamie and the Joeden Ollow decided to take a closer look, before agreeing to head to the compound. The pilot then Jumped out a side door of the cockpit, holding a rifle and Joined the two as something blew up the transports.

Once everyone was inside, the blast doors shut and members of the guild were taking up defensive positions in side rooms. The members got their springers out from the armory and took positions, pointing there springers at the door from out of the roof’s protected side rooms. At the back end of the entrance hall, the wall opened up to reveal some form of artillery cannon. Others took cover at out cropped beams as the pilot Jamie and Ollow did so as well. At the same time, pointing their guns at the blast doors.

Onboard the warship, headhunter which was sitting above the City; red lights were flashing as troops raced onto transports. As a seven foot tall female Cattrine commander shouted, “Move it ladies, we should have left five minutes ago!” She looked as the last of the troops got on their transports; she then got onto a transport as the side door shut. The transport lifted off the ground and followed the other eleven transports carrying troops and headed towards the dune sea with great speed. The transports were followed by six gunships and fourteen Joeden hornet fighter ships. As the Ships made their way the Transports started to fall back with the gun ships, as the hornets flew to the front to protect the transports as a large batch of flying hostiles met the hornets and their bolt shots.

The Transports and guns ships made a sharp turn and went around the hostiles leaving the Hornets to deal with the flying Nightmares. Over at the Compound, the blast doors had been breached, with the bodies of Nightmares and sandmen, littered through the hall as for the guild’s brilliant planning, not having lost anyone to whom had now fallen back to the second lines of defense. The side rooms had also been cleared, along with the now destroyed howitzer room.

The defenses on the inner level consisted of a line pillars, to slow incoming mass attackers down. With narrow staircases, just in front of the pillars, behind the pillars was a mass room that consisted of an open training space. The far end of the room was a fort front lined with springers and other defenses. A loud shriek came from deeper in the room, as a long torso Nightmare with two scythe-like claw hands dropped for the Joeden Ollow as he managed to dodge the initial strike of the blade and aimed his gun at the thing’s horned head. Pressing the trigger of the gun it let loose a volley of bolts which sung with a pew, pew; pew. Jamie was on the other end of the room handling a big fisted Nightmare, cutting it with his katana and shooting at it. While the rest of the guild handled other Nightmares of various sizes and looks.

Most guild members were already behind the fort wall, while others fought the Nightmares hand to hand. A small group of Dreamkeepers fought alongside the Joeden pilot, as they fought against a six foot tall, block head Nightmare. It had a gruesome roared as it swung a large mace, that nearly hit a Wessel kid and Mink. They managed to dodge another attack from the bloody thing, as the Mink got to her feet, she lit her halo and formed an abundance of little green orbs of elegant light in her hands, and then sent them towards the Nightmare.

The lights started burrowing into the Nightmare and began to absorb its life force and once each orb reached a proper amount of life force. It then began to bulge and explode inside of the Nightmare. Which, causing the Nightmare pain forced it to charge headfirst at the Mink, only to meet the Joeden pilot’s fist. The hit was so hard, that the Nightmare was killed by the impact of the fist and the contact of the floor. As it died a few more Nightmares, showed up to take its place, and began fighting the group.

At the entrance of the Compound, there was still a massive amount of Nightmares. Most of which were waiting to enter the Compound, when needed as well as making sure that there wouldn’t be any outside interference. Along to make sure that any late comers, were treated to a warm welcome or anyone trying to escape was dealt with. This would be the case, if not for the twelve plasma bombs volleyed into the army from the gunships showing up. This then followed a total of thirty thousand or so rounds of energy bolts, flying into the Nightmares and Sandmen, tearing almost all to shreds. The lucky and quick Nightmares ran for cover in the bunker, as the Transports started to land and deposit troops. The Cattrine commander stopped in front of the Compound’s entrance, still a fair distance away, as a thick skulled Nightmare, which with its clawed hands, and sharp blackened teeth. That had horns adorned to its head above its blazing eyes, revealed itself saying in its booming deep gnarled voice, “Come on in little toy soldier, I will feast upon your fear and terror!”

The Commander rubbed her temple with her free hand before shouting back at the Nightmare, “taste my fear and terror? You do know that those are what we call emotions, and you cannot eat emotions!” The Nightmare already pissed, was infuriated, as a second Nightmare said, “she’s right you know you no eat emotions.” This Just got the Nightmare to roar in anger as the commander smiled looking back to her troops who were now in formation. She then said to them, “Let’s kill em all!” This got a cheer as she pulled out her weapon, which a long chain with a blade on the ends. She then gave a battle shout as she charged for the Nightmares followed by the troops.

The Nightmare furious let out a battle cry of its own and charged for the Commander, while foolishly inspiring the rest of the Nightmares into a charge out of cover. Once all the Nightmares had made it outside the bunker, Joeden troops stopped and took aim still a good distance from the Nightmares and opened fire. This followed with the gunships, opening fire as well, tearing the Nightmares to shreds.

The first Nightmare, the one who led the charge was still going for the commander, who was in her ninja like battle armor, walked up towards the thing and burst into a cloud of smoke. Reappearing above the Nightmare, who had struck at the cloud; tossing one of the blades into the back of its neck she smiled. Using the chain to pull herself on top of the thing, she then used the chain to form a loose around its neck and with the second blade. She slashed at its back while the thing tried to swipe her from its back only she teleported to the ground with the chain around the neck chocking the thing as she forced it off its feet. After the Beast hit the ground the commander was already in the air above the thing tossing the free blade into the creature’s skull and landed atop it. She then with one swift move removed both the blade and head from the beast, and began walking to the now nearly empty entrance of the Compound.

Down in the Compound the fighting had intensified as a needle-pointed thread Nightmare had killed at least three guild members. This was now pushing for its fourth member, who was having trouble keeping her shields up and from breaking. The stress of that the Nightmare was using was too great, it had tossed the bodies of the keepers, which were now puppets attacking other keepers and keeping them from helping her out.

Another Nightmare was forcing a pair of twin keepers into a corner with its hammer-like hands. The rest of the guild was having their own battles, as sounds of rapid gunfire and explosions were coming from upstairs. As the keeper’s shields broke, she was sent flying back as she fell; the Nightmare approached the ferret girl, who was trying to crawl back. As it brought its needles up to taunt her, as a ten foot polar bear, fell on the thing. Driving a claymore into the bloody thing’s skull, as three lights came out from the thing and began rushing into the three stitched bodies locked into combat with other keepers. The three fell into a coughing and shivering pile, as the keepers they were fighting got them back to a safe spot behind the wall. Just as the hammer fisted Nightmare was about to mince meat the twins, the Joeden pilot held its fists at bay with great strength. While both Ollows, smashed its back and leg hit with heavy hitting sludge hammers.

As the last of the huge Nightmares were taken care of, a Cattrine commander jumped out from the staircase using her chain blades, to cut up at least six sandmen and three smaller Nightmares in a single go. As she finished her attack joeden troops came in shooting the last of the Nightmares taking great caution to not hit any of the guild members, most of whom were kids trying to run or get injured friends out of the way.

After five to ten minutes of fighting; along with the loss of half a dozen troops the Nightmares and their sandmen were vanquished. All that was left to do was to clean the corpses, heal the wounded and count the dead.

Jamie was sitting on a box in a corner of the room, applying bandages to the cuts he received to his left cheek. Ollow was also applying bandages to his arm, while the Joeden Ollow watched him do so, the Ollow bandaging his arm looked up to see this and said, “what are you looking at?” he said with a chuckle, “sorry it’s just weird seeing myself applying bandages when I’m watching.”

Ollow said in reply, “yea well you’re not me and I’m not you,” Ollow then got up and walked towards his brother as the Cattrine commander walked up to the armored Ollow saying, “do I even want to know what?” The armored Ollow just turned and said, “Long story.” After that he got into a conversation of what happened. As the bodies were being cleaned up and the medics brought with the relief force came through lending aid to whoever needed it.

As the mess was being cleaned up a man in armor came down the staircase and looked around the place. A solider came up to him and said, “sire, we’ve nearly cleaned up the mess and have already distributed the medical treatment for the injured.” “Good collect the bodies of these creatures I want them studied I want to know what these monsters are and if they’ll be any threat to us,” “yes sir.” The trooper then went giving the orders as James walked down the hall, looking for whoever was in charge of the place.

James quickly found who he was looking for, a ten foot polar bear Dreamkeeper, covered in bandages and scares. He looked down at James and said, “I assume you are the one who are in charge of these soldiers?” James looked up to the keeper and said, “that is right and assume that this is you’re group of ragtags?” The keeper grunted but nodded and looked at this man, who said, “I hope we don’t ever have to meet again. Once all medical treatment is given along with the new defense system is installed and your group is able to use it, we’re gone.” The polar bear looked shocked at this along with the nearby troops as James said, “it’s a gift, under circumstances you don’t play around with it only use it to protect this place, do not share this with anyone and do not attempt to replicate it in any manner understood?” The polar bear nodded saying, “but why?”

James smiled and said, “These things that were killed here, these monsters found you most likely due to the big strange flying ship in the sky and now they know. I’m not about let a bunch of kids get ripped to shreds by something we might have led here. That and the wolf kid in the armor remind me of an old friend and I feel somewhat compelled not to let him get slaughtered by these things.” James then turned and walked back towards the staircase giving the order to install the tech and shouted back, “we’ll know if you break the circumstances, by the way the armor and guns are yours Jamie just make sure no one else uses it or it’ll blow up.” This got a few shocks from the keepers around Jamie as everyone else looked a little puzzled.

Six hours later things were back to normal, or as normal was with the city fully repaired the streets cleaned and life slowly getting back to normal. As for the guild they suffered a great lose as their wall of remembrance had gained seventeen new names during the events. But they had also gained a new advantage with their new defense system. Future days were looking brighter and for the next time the Nightmares popped their ugly heads they were in for one hell of a surprise.

The Joedens studies on the Nightmares proved no sufficient threat to them and left them be. While heading for the frontlines to deal with the Orc and Drowikia plague.

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