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Subscribe to this thread Vanth created by MobileCrusader on April 11, 2014

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Prometheus3/12/16 1:50pm

Hey, you're on to something there. I just thought those were decorative. Considering she's hanging around a not-so-heartwarming bunch, she has to have stuff like that when taking care of herself.

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Javelin3/17/16 9:16pm

Cool :)

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xodathe4bdn18/5/16 2:51pm
Hey from what we saw of vanths mom in the prelude vanths on her way to be a very hot woman
Dads reptilian traits will make her more refined

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finlo10/3/16 2:24pm
vanth really wanted in her life was to fly since she was young... *sighs* that's how did vanth join the neon knives?

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Prometheus10/3/16 10:31pm
Chances are, something dramatic happened during her childhood to push her to associate with thugs. That dark/air ryuu-neko hanging out with her in that one panel of V3 is named Harmony. That should be an indicator that things went south really early in Vanth's life.

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EngineerPearl011/19/16 12:07am
xodathe4bdn1 posted something in the Namah thread that I would like to tie into this one.

"... what im saying is that from what ive seen from the comics a newborn dreamkeepers appearance is almost a foreshadowing of their future self
"Namah has very little contact with her parents but she is not completely isolated from them
Being an attention whore- tinsel is loud , bratty and bitchy and was not afraid to exposing these characteristics infront of namah so she became influenced by this and gave her some similarities in appearance as well as personality.
"for the viscount he had so little participation in her life there is little or no similarities in their personality and thus their appearance
"But Namahs isolation nurtured not only a volatile nature but also a deeply inquisitive mind as well
"Her more agile and dexterous body made namahs life of 'sneak and destroy' far easier and form what we've seen in comics her power is also linked to personality as it can be both destructive and adaptable
"A dreamkeepers appearance at birth to me is like a foretelling of what their personality is to become like and this in turn influences their power
"In conclusion as with peolple ,a dreamkeepers adolescence is often the foundation of the type of person you'll be in life"

What does this mean for Namah? Does this mean that in general she is someone who holds much potential and desire (true tbh) but is held back (also true)? What personality traits would be represented in her body, and what does that mean for her power? Is it going to be a "letting lose" or a "restricting" power? Can it potentially be both?

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AFox11/19/16 11:10am

I haven't really been following the conversation much, but how does your new post tie into Vanth?

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EngineerPearl011/20/16 5:28pm
If it is true that the look of a character is a prediction of how they grow, there are some nature/vs neurture questions that come into play. Look probably refers to nature, but who you are is dependant on experiences.

Vanth was born with wings, but not very big ones. Also without hands. So the question is about what her nature and nurture are and how that fits with her power.

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AFox11/21/16 5:08pm

Hmmm, that is an interesting point, until I read that it actually never occured to me that this'd be the case with Dreamkeepers, which is surprising since their appearances already reflect who their an analogue of.

I have no idea what might be a fitting power for Vanth based on this...what do you think of this and her nature?

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EngineerPearl011/27/16 9:09pm
I just realized she's got a lot of BIG with not much use. She can't fly in her enviornment, but she's got big wings. She's got a big mouth, but who listens? She's got big feet, but again, its not like she's doing much with them. She's also got that facial pattern, but there probably isn't anything special it can do beyond make her look good.

Maybe she'll have the power of illusions - the ability to make things obvious and apparent but that can't really physically do anything

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AFox11/29/16 10:43am

That's a pretty good idea, and it's not like I or anyone else here has better ideas. Nice thinking :)

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xodathe4bdn112/6/16 11:07am
Not to be be crude but I'd like to add that if she is going to be like her mom in appearance she will also have big bazongas and the boy she likes doesn't notice her

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AFox12/6/16 4:49pm

Holy crap...and in this case, Bast really won't know what he's missing.
He's like Mace, only a dick, in that sense. And with Vanth in Namah's position.

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