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Subscribe to this thread David Lillie's Q & A Journals created by Prometheus on March 2, 2014

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Prometheus3/2/14 5:15pm
Just a head's up, Dave has posted up journals on his art accounts inviting users to ask him anything (excluding anything that breathes on the DK Plot Vault). He'll answer any questions that are asked in one week's time, so fire away! :)

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GodofVelcro3/3/14 11:10pm
*prepares to sit down for the next 9 hours and think of questions*

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Salahir3/4/14 8:43am
> Dave said: Don't abuse your powers
> Some asking dozens of questions

Dave, what have you done? Work for 3 days is actually R.I.P. answering questions instead :P

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Kobalt953/4/14 3:15pm

> Dave said: No Plot Vault questions...
> People start asking Plot Vault questions. XD

I don't know what I should ask him, but I will think hard about it since he only needs a few.

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Korangar3/5/14 4:46am
I don't know how Dave can answer all of that questions in a few days.

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Salahir3/5/14 6:11am
Simple answer: He cannot. Some are pretty detailed, many are plot vault, there are a lots of them at all. But I dun think he doesn't expected that ;)

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MobileCrusader3/5/14 1:31pm
I know how this is gonna go:

"Plot vault plot vault plot vault"

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Prometheus3/5/14 7:47pm
One thing's for sure, he's definitely gonna heal his art-induced social isolation after this! He's gonna be good on that for a few years! XD

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