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Subscribe to this thread Forum Activity created by MobileCrusader on February 19, 2014

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GodofVelcro2/21/14 9:23pm
I usually go on once a day right before I go to bed. Which is normally about midnight. So I never see anyone on anyways.

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MobileCrusader2/21/14 9:29pm
Im always on.

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DanWithTheHat2/23/14 9:34pm
When we moved over to this new forum in early 2013, a lot of the people who were active on the old forum stopped regularly posting (including our mods) so its been a slow start so far to DK forum 2.0.

It looks like the number of people who regularly post has been growing though which is a good sign. 2014 is looking to be much more active year on here. ^_^

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MobileCrusader2/23/14 9:47pm
I accidentally saw the old forum i think, because the forum link on the Live Chat still directs there. I took a bit of a look around.

i hope 2014 is a very active year, since ill be here for it.

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MobileCrusader2/23/14 10:01pm
just looked again, and the google bot seems to be the only active user lol.

i have to say, this forum looks much better.

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DanWithTheHat2/23/14 10:43pm
Yeah, As soon as this forum went up, the old forum was supposed to be just there for reference until forums-free decides to take it down. Dave should've already changed the all of the links to the forum on the site so they all point to here by now but I guess he missed link the chat page. Oops!

This forum is a lot better not just in looks but also stability. Forums-free's servers crashed every so often or would have days where it would not post your response to the post until you resubmitted it 3-4 times. It was really annoying. It did offer emoticons and colored text though. That would be nice to see here eventually.

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MobileCrusader2/23/14 11:27pm
This is one of the nicest forums I've ever posted on.

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Salahir2/24/14 6:34am
It's calm, no aggressive argueing or trolls. Maybe needs some more talkative members, but I like small forums much more than these overcrowded giants with thousands of members and hundreds of aggressive people.

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MobileCrusader2/24/14 6:36am
I'm with you on that, Salahir.

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MobileCrusader2/24/14 2:34pm
there were 5 users on today at the same time. must be a record.

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TruthQuest2/24/14 2:39pm
Nope, the title holder for all DK forum goers on at once on THIS forum is the #42. Happened back when Volume 3 came out.

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MobileCrusader2/24/14 2:49pm
i was just being funny. poking fun at the fact there are almost no people on at any given time.

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wildcard5/13/14 7:27am
The comics great and all but there's not really enough content to keep a message board going.

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CoSinus5/13/14 10:42am
What really is missing in here is a Shoutbox ! :D

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Salahir5/13/14 5:05pm
I don't wonder why nobody is online when I am. Just time zone business :D But a shout box? Mh, this stuff's filled half of it with different words for 'Hi, how's it goin'.

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