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Subscribe to this thread Forum Activity created by MobileCrusader on February 19, 2014

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MobileCrusader2/19/14 8:54am
So i got curious about how many members there actually are on this forum, and found myself with some free time, so I compiled a list of users that have been logged on since the new year began.

With only that filter, we have 51 active members.

Then i subtracted the users that have less than 5 posts.

That knocks us down to 36 active members.

Users that have been online in the last two weeks:

And we are left with 28 active members.

That is much less than the 264 claimed members, and explains why times can be so slow.

On the plus side, we have had a very active two days so far this week. Lots of good discussion, especially in Characters.

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MobileCrusader2/19/14 9:00am
List of active members:

Animefan18, AriaOutlander, Bubz91, CalicoYorki, CalvinCopyright, ConnorDavidson, DanWithTheHat, DestaniaAdrianaVirithusTaylor, dyingduchman, ezioauditore97, GodofVelcro, grdeleo, Hakuzo, JackyV, Joeden, JoMei, MobileCrusader, Mom, Prometheus, RennacFaintheart, Salahir, Shadow99611, SuperTurbo4, TruthQuest, WiseOwlReader, Wulfspyder, zagura, ZycantAlpha

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Salahir2/19/14 4:45pm
I'm hyperactive and count for two :3

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MobileCrusader2/19/14 8:31pm
I have posted more than my fair share in these past few days too lol.

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ZycantAlpha2/20/14 7:40am
Well, we are interested in the progress of the costume to be fair.

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MobileCrusader2/20/14 8:40am
Right now I'm just waiting for all the supplies to arrive. I honestly could have started on the tail and the horns since I have everything I need for them, but I want before and after pictures of all the supplies.

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WiseOwlReader2/20/14 9:57am
Hm, I've been wanting to get more active on the forums as of recent. There's topics here and there I've yet to touch and would love giving input on.

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MobileCrusader2/20/14 10:16am
Post. I do it all the time, and it seems to be working out rather well.

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GodofVelcro2/20/14 4:38pm
I have noticed that as well, I sometimes sift through the members and see a ton of people who were active for only a few days. Its quite saddening really.

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Animefan182/20/14 5:09pm
I check if anything new has been posted

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MobileCrusader2/20/14 6:21pm
Ive found myself on here more than a healthy amount in the past few days... looking for those green dots.

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TruthQuest2/20/14 7:37pm
I check everything once a day right after I Vote

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MobileCrusader2/20/14 7:57pm
i check it whenever i am free... so in class all the time.

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WiseOwlReader2/20/14 7:58pm
I check the forums between classes and whenever I've got free time.

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GodofVelcro2/21/14 9:23pm
I usually go on once a day right before I go to bed. Which is normally about midnight. So I never see anyone on anyways.

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