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Dreamkeepers Forums - DK live chat not working?

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Subscribe to this thread DK live chat not working? created by grdeleo on February 6, 2014

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BryanDimmsdale6/25/15 9:25pm
Should we replace the old Live Chat with the new one now? I think the chatwing is better compared to the IRC which has many problems, even I can't join even with sufficient network and connection.

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Kirito6/25/15 9:29pm
I do like chatwing, although we'd need to get some links updated on the site. I am personally fine with both, however.

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MobileCrusader7/6/15 10:41am
Chatwing has some annoying features... Namely the fact that the cookies seem to always add strike through to my text, and the small chat screen size.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/6/15 11:39am
I think there's a button to expand the chat.

The only perk I can think of is spamming the chat with embedded links from Youtube... which still, I wouldn't be able to do for reasons. :c

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