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Subscribe to this thread User 261 created by MobileCrusader on February 4, 2014

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MobileCrusader2/4/14 3:21pm
Hello, Im Mobile... the name is a long story.

I ended up here in an odd sort of ways, looking for some sort of support email regarding the shop. Decided there was no harm in sticking around here for a bit anyways. I will most likely be on my phone whenever I check in, so it will be intermittent unless I find an active community here.

As stated before, I was on the shop trying to buy the novels because i finally have some money to blow and absolutely love the art, so i want to help support the cause.

Im rather open to any questions anyone may have, regarding me or my interests.

If you wanna play something on PSN I am MobileCrusader, and on Steam I am Sugisaki-kun or Justin_Coplin... I cant quite recall what you have to search.

Edit: Just thought about past forum experiences...

I posted on /a/ from 2008-2010, but left during the great pony butthurt. I posted on lots of other forums from 2010-2012, little ones that were niche for tv shows like Code Lyoko. I also posted on ponychan for a time, but left there in 2011.

I made a reddit account in 2012 and only very rarely use it now. Mostly smaller community subs.

Ive been integral in a few of the forums, mostly posting daily discussion threads and one moderation position.

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DanWithTheHat2/5/14 10:05pm
Welcome! DreamKeepers is definitely well worth the cost of owning the hardcopies. Were you able to find their support email? It should be

This forum's is fairly small but we do have some interesting discussions that pop up. Just beware of the wild speculation that may occur. ^_^

We also have a chat in the DK IRC every Thursday night at 9PM Eastern time where Dave comes on and answers any questions we may have. Feel free to jump in any week.

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MobileCrusader2/6/14 6:48am
I've fully intended on buying them since I read the first book. I was gifted it in a Reddit exchange and loved it.

Thanks for the support email, I'll definitely check into this issue quickly. I am more or less free at that time so I'll probably hop on tonight. I did see the irc earlier and was a bit confused it wasn't running but I understand now.

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grdeleo2/6/14 7:07pm

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MobileCrusader2/6/14 11:33pm
Thank you kindly.

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MobileCrusader3/1/14 10:32pm
How come I'm the last new user to introduce myself? There are 5 newer users that need to speak up.

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GodofVelcro3/4/14 4:57pm
Come on peoples, get with the program.

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MobileCrusader3/4/14 9:39pm
Seriously. I'd ask questions all day, get to know people.

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