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Subscribe to this thread Dominus vobiscum created by Salahir on February 2, 2014

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Salahir2/2/14 12:55am
Or 'The Lord with you' :D Sorry, my first post was not an introduction to myself but a latin examination of Vi's name. What a start, a strivish latin freakout more fitting to Lilith, eh? :P

You can call me Sal and I found out about Dreamkeepers through my art rambles at dA. I'm a hobby artist from Germany. And I thought: Why not look around at the forum and the other fans of Dreamkeepers :) So hello to you all.

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GodofVelcro2/2/14 10:49pm
Greetings, hope you have some fun here! And just curious, what part of Germany?

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Salahir2/3/14 6:44am
The state Niedersachsen, so more the northern part of Germany. It is very tricky with the time zones, always missing Dave's live chat on Thursday. It's 5 am here then and time to go up and work.

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DanWithTheHat2/3/14 8:49pm
Welcome to the forums! It's really cool that Dreamkeepers has fans all over the world. Its too bad you can't make it to the chats though but I don't blame ya. 5 am is not a good time for an internet chat. I'm usually barely awake (if at all) at that time. XD

If you do have any questions for Dave, you can go onto the chat room at anytime and give your questions to the bot on there. Usually, someone posts the chat transcripts if anything interesting popped up. He's also pretty good at answering questions by email as well.

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Salahir2/4/14 6:05am
Kay, thanks :D Yeah, 5 am is a pretty bad time. I sometimes have to get up at this time for work.
Sounds a bit like I'm the first German Dreamkeeper fan here? o_O

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