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Subscribe to this thread The Killing Room created by Roan on December 29, 2013

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Roan12/29/13 5:17pm
Well, I've been away at school for a long time now, working to be a 911 Tech. I am off my hiatus until January 6th, and then I am back to my studies until June, but I shall try to get on as much as possible to keep things in line.

Anyways, back to the main point of this thread.

I have come up with an idea of where a few OCS are locked up in a pure white room, without knowing where they had come from. All they can remember is who they were, and who the people in this room are. A scientists subjects six unwitting volunteers to torturous experiments. There can be more than six, but the others work behind the glass, under the scientists that directs this experiment.

I know this isn't very much, but it is a start, and I slightly want to continue with this, if possible.

Your forum is normal:

Your number is the number you are in the room, which will be explain once we begin.

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joeden12/29/13 6:05pm
Name Jamie Hellsing
Age 26
Gender male
Halo blackish golden

Power shadowtelica: best way to explain this is simple; when his power is activated a robe of shadows covers him. Giving the appearance of the grim reaper, the power allows him to spread shadows in a circular radius of eight feet. Within these shadows Jamie can burst into shadow and move anywhere within the field of shadow and reappear but it takes a good 10 seconds for him to use this ability, and it is costing and will tire him out real fast and leaves his vision in a blur for about 2-3 seconds. However when he is in the field of shadows he can glide on it like as if he was skating; he can also make the shadows flow off his blades to give it a more terrifying look but does nothing, itís just there for looks but it causes him to tire out faster, the longest he can use his power is for 3-4 minueits and can be used twice a day. If he uses it more than twice per day it will start to tear him apart first through exhaustion then it will start to cut his flesh and then break his bones.

Personality heís somewhat hard to warm up to at first unless he wants to make friends and even then its still rocky. He's lost everything and is afraid to gain things . People usually see him as crazy and psychotic at first but when you do get to know him, youíll find him to be completely complex and compacting. the age of 9, Jamie lost his parents and his brother, shortly after going to their cottage in Kittim. His family was killed by a group thugs working for a Crimelord; that Jamieís father had been trying to bring down and was doing a good job of; through the government legal progress. The thugs almost killed Jamie, but Jamie managed to escape them only leaving him with a scare under his eye, only thanks to Jamieís cousin and her partner, who jumped in and started to kill them off. As Jamie ran away; they later found him hiding under a tree crying; after she got him out they brought him to the compound. He had only met his cousin once and that was when he was really young so he has no clue to who his cousin is; his state of mind put him in shock. But when he had gotten out of his shock, he called his mentor an ugly old farttart and quickly received a fist of love that sent him through a wall, nearly killing him. He has received many fists of love over the years, thanks to his big mouth. Jamie then spent years training as a bounty hunter. Jamie then officially joined the guild which was where he was being raised, he pulled in his fair pay, mostly doing small jobs, and Jamie had also gotten a history of being, a bit of a reckless force of nature seeing as how he would do things to the point of stupid and straight forward never giving up his morals when people say you canít do it itís impossible to say it simple he was beyond stubborn. He was on a job a few years later, to do something very simple until everything went wrong and he was ambushed by a crimelordís goons dressed as shocks. The Crimelord who was interested in wiping out the guild, had his goons take Jamie to a building outside of the city were they tried to interrogate him at firstÖ but it didn't work so well and controlling him was very hard. They lost three interrogators, so they chained him down to a table and began torturing him. Jamie was poisoned, burned, cut, bruised and beaten for a week. He was later rescued by the rest of the guild and before leaving the building, Jamie blew it sky high, before going back to the compound for treatment. He has to take meds to remove the chemicals in his body that the guild Doctor made with his power. About a few years later Jamie had found himself in a middle of a war that took place in the southern parts of the city it was a gruesome battle that left him with scares; the battle was that of the guild and the crimelord that tried to wipe out the guild along with corrupt shocks.

Appearance He's the wolf in but with brighter redish fur and longer black hair the artist didn't get that part right there. but that's Jamie

Number 1 (why not)

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ZycantAlpha12/30/13 12:15am
Name: Hubert Tanton

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Halo color: Yellow, red outline

Power: Manifestation of shields/barriers/force fields

Personality: Shy, quiet, intelligent, unsure of self, frequently cowardly and afraid to fight, willing to try and protect friends, prone to brief bursts of anger, to which he will quickly apologize.

Appearance: Mouse (pig ears). Yellow fur, with red spot just above the bridge of the nose, short (4 ft, 6 in.)

Background: Student attempting to go into a form of engineering, normal introvert who has two extroverted parents. Determined his power through chance and a string of perfect coincidences ultimately leading to his survival of a small Nightmare attack.

Number: 6

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Roan1/1/14 10:46am
Good enough for me.
Any other people?

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