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Subscribe to this thread Bobby created by Mikhail on November 30, 2013

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Kymastrider3/15/15 1:46pm
actually your right, its not the same girl.

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TruthQuest2/19/17 12:16am
I was rereading the Prelude and the Character Bio's when a thought occurred to me, Prelude Bobby has been trying for years to balance his aims to get away from the orphanage with being a good role model for the kids. As of the graphic novels, Mace may be the only kid to latch onto any of Bobby's wisdom and moral code, but it's hard to tell, anyone else see what I'm taking about?

If I'm right, then he only made one mistake, not choosing between being there, and moving on. I could be wrong, but if he spent more time at the orphanage, the kids might have been better off later on.

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