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Subscribe to this thread Shadows over Andurana created by joeden on October 2, 2013

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joeden10/2/13 4:13pm
(work in process)

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ZycantAlpha10/2/13 5:02pm
Wait, are the characters like resistance fighters? I'm not entirely sure I understand what the setting is here.

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joeden10/2/13 5:07pm
It's pretty much so nightmares are coming and pretty much nightmares are starting to pop up so mostly yea, i`ll need to add a bit more just a little bit busy atm but i`ll fix this up sorry for the confusion.

Fix it up some.

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CalicoYorki10/3/13 2:05pm
I'm working with him on this.

Sadly, he didn't feel like letting me finish hewing out the finer details.

I hereby declare this RP...Not yet, open.

I'm sorry for this confusion.

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