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Subscribe to this thread Suggestions created by Hakuzo on February 8, 2013

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Hakuzo2/8/13 1:59pm
Could someone make it possible that we can also use the Dice Roller on the Spamdurnia section of the forum? I'm sure there could be plenty of uses for it there as well.

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ReedRGale2/9/13 1:03pm
Personally, I suggest a suggestions section. It makes separate suggestions more clear for everyone to read and understand. And while I'm here, I suggest the ability to make separate paragraphs. It makes everything easier to read, especially in RP.

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Ice4smaster2/10/13 1:45am
I have some technical suggestions. Could be possible enable Link and Image codes as well edit own posts? Image and Link ( or maybe video enbed ) would be nice in the Look at this forum section if not globbaly every part of the forums.

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Hakuzo2/10/13 6:01pm
also, could someone add in a 'stay logged in each visit' button so that when we visit the site it automatically logs us in?

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Hakuzo2/10/13 6:06pm
Also, since the Edit button doesn't seem to be working.... There is no indication in a thread that a post is new or not. There is nothing to distinguish old or new posts.

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IvyKirax2/14/13 8:56pm
Can a section/subforum be made for Art and Creative content relating to DK be put in with a way to embed view images/videos on the forum?

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Oseirus2/15/13 2:21pm
I'm sure a lot of my suggestions are already in works, but I'll toss them out there anyway. If anything is already implemented and I'm just too dumb to find them, feel free to enlighten me. I'll avoid repeating anything said previously.

-Text formatting. Pretty self explanatory.
-Post quoting. See previous.
-The ability to browse or search for Dreamkeeper profiles, like a listing of 'keepers that can be accessed without having to dig through each individual profile.
-This is nitpicky, but the left side navigation menu could afford to be a little bigger.
-Able to view your own profile as others would see it. Preview mode, if you will.

'bout all I can come up with for the moment. Obviously these are just suggestions, and if anything is in works or already implemented then fantastic. Said and done though I already like these forums infinitely better than the old ones, even with the kinks and bugs to iron out.

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Thegunner182/16/13 5:41pm
It'd be awesome if you could add a sort of 'spoiler' thing which can cover text and save people from having the plot spoiled for them :P I'm sure you all know what I mean. :)

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DanWithTheHat2/17/13 9:18am
I agree with gunner, a spoiler cover system would be nice have in addition to quoting. Putting warnings around spoilery discussion only does so much. Its really easy right now to stumble across plot that people may have yet to read (with volume 3 just released and all).

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IvyKirax2/17/13 6:28pm
Possibility to delete unwanted private messages from your inbox? :/

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Khyron4/22/13 12:30pm
There's a hundred suggestions I could make, but none about the plot/characters/art. That's all fine. The GN is only in volume three out of... I could swear I read somewhere about 15 or more volumes? I forget. But there's plenty of time for all to be revealed.

What I'd make suggestions on would be things like the website, the forums, etc. This stems not from the fact that I dislike them, but the fact that as a professional web developer I have this built-in habit of always trying to look at sites and think to myself how I'd think they could be changed.

But I don't want to make suggestions there. Because every minute that's spent improving other things is a minute not spent on the next GN, and I am SO HOPELESSLY ADDICTED to the GN that I can't help but wait here counting the minutes and seconds until the next volume is out. I think I need professional assistance.

Thank god Prelude is around to give me a weekly dose of awesome to keep me sane.

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Gloves4/22/13 1:48pm
Ivy, there's a delete button already in the inbox.

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Shadow996114/22/13 2:02pm
Actually, I want to follow up that delete thing. I tend to use the pm system lot, and the page has to refresh every time you delete a message. Perhaps a checklist or 'delete all' option would work for conserving space?

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DanWithTheHat1/17/15 9:29pm
Today, the code master for this website has implemented a bunch of suggestions from people on the forum.

Here is a list of what was added:

1. New Fanart/Fanfiction section. We now have a dedicated thread for DK fan art and fan fiction called the DK Art Gallery. Post your art and stories there.

2. We now have the ability to sticky threads. It should be easier to the mod team to post rules and important announcements to you guys now.

3. You can now mark "read all" on individual sections instead of just the whole forum. Just hit the button on the bottom of the section.

4. Section headers are now added for all sections. It should be easier to tell what thread is what now.

5. Rules are updated with the new mods. Now you have links there to contact us!

If you have any more suggestions, let us know! I see some people had suggestions here from two years ago that may or may not have been looked at but I'll add them to the list as well... Also, if you see any bugs with the forum post change, post them here:

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Kirito1/18/15 7:31am
What I really would like to see it the ability to change the format of the text, like italics. It allows us to add emphasis, especially for the roleplay section.

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