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joeden10/8/13 6:25pm
The man saw this and knew what she was doing the squad also had an awareness of the supernatural so they felt nothing, the man smiled as he heard her say one of his old foe's and he said "which foe? Lucifer? Cthulhu? Dregus'vas? Mra'kisva?" The man went through a small list of the names of demons and Dark Gods (along with the Devil) that he had beaten and it was along list of slain victims. "As for my name i`m known as king James the first."

All rights to Cthulhu Belongs to H.P. Lovecraft.

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CalicoYorki10/9/13 7:04pm
"A king. Interesting." As she finished her cup, she made a telepathic urging to a passing waiter to fetch her more roasted barley tea. "As for my contact, he was General Jaffar, of the Bloodsoaked 2,017th Legion of the Fell King Grenes. You spared his men, as while their general was being forced to fight for a cause which had immaterial and missing meaning, he wished for his men to be allowed to flee, to rebuild their homeland - blasted by a war without hope of victory."

She rubbed at the bridge of her nose. "I sent out a question," she continued, "and that question was: 'Is this man honorable?' Thousands of millions of once-smote voices cried out, 'Of course he is!', but Jaffar declared your honor loudest." Leaving it at that, she began to hum a song which sounded suspiciously like Beethoven's Ode to Joy; in a thrumming, controlled vibration of her throat, she captured the piece perfectly.

In the meantime, Eska and Chaka let themselves out. Shantae had fallen asleep on Rottytops' shoulder, and Rottytops was polishing off the last of her half-genie friend's sundae. Pepper was guzzling down a hollowed-out gourd filled with sake.

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joeden10/9/13 7:56pm
"Ahhh yes that one Once his armies left there was nothing standing in the way of completely taking the asokkadin empire. But you should have seen his face when he learnt his planet was already taken by our empire, he agreed to be in the empire and had full say over his planet after being elected by his people for being the Governor of the planet." James said as he ate but he still found this girl interesting he hadn't seen someone like her but he smiled remembering a priceless look on Jaffar's face. "But the most priceless look is when we first met he saw me charge through his front lines destroying a tank and artilery cannon with my bare hands; his people wasn't meant for fighting and they didn't like it."

James said then finishing another slice of pizza before saying "might i enquirer on what you are? You give off a feeling of a demon but I can see you're clearly not a demon."

OOC: you chose the enemy i choose the back story on him fair.

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CalicoYorki10/9/13 8:46pm
That seemed to be a perfectly wrong question.

The song died in Gracie's throat. "I am the last of the rhoethe," she sighed. "Well, the last of the rhoethe who gives a damn as to our culture. The rest have diffused and intermingled until I'm all that's left to preserve our mythology, our artwork, and all of our literature. It's a thankless job, but I would always opt for that over a life partner who would force me to abandon my people's legacy. But I'm asexual and grey aromantic, so make of that declaration what you will." She murmured her thanks to the waitress as her cup of barley tea was handed to her.

And then, all of a sudden, the door was thrown open. Beyond, the sounds of rollicking music and fanfare could be heard, before a towering woman of curvaceous proportions stumbled through in a drunken stupor. She kicked the door shut behind her, fizzing, colorful bottles of booze clutched three to a hand. She had messy indigo hair, tied by polka dotted bows into bundled pigtails framing her jaw, and twisted black horns arching up from above her temples, before curling at a one-eighty and almost meeting above her brow. Her eyes had cobalt blue sclera and indigo wysteria pupils, whilst her skin was duo-chromatic; black on the left, white on the right. Sweeping markings of inverted hue surrounded either narrow eye, she bore stylized skulls on her cheeks, and while a toothy grin was painted around the right side of her mouth, around the left side was depicted a fanged frown. She also had a heart painted on her left breast, and a star painted on her right.

She wore striped dark indigo and black tights on her legs, held up by armored briefs and belt, curly-toed boots, spiked knee guards, and most noticeably, a button-up, lavender-pinstriped white shirt with splatters of various hues, only done up near the center of her torso. Gracitea scowled over her chilled cup of tea, grumbling, "Good grief, Halfaxa. You are an utterly droll - Oh my." Her eyes flew open, as Halfaxa turned to give her a curious smile with her indigo-painted lips. "Your...Your abs," Gracie squeaked. She had -just- said she was asexual, and here she was - Oh God that horrible woman was giving a fangfaced grin.

Halfaxa took a chug of one bottle, splashing some from other bottles on her shirt. "Well, you know how I do swing in every odd direction, girlie," she drawled. "But it'd feel wrong if it were you. Lookin's free, though." Languidly sprawling across most of the seats in a booth, Halfaxa downed some more drink. "Nothin' like knockin' back the wicked elixir in good company." She was quite apparently half-blitzed.

Somehow, Gracitea wrestled back her composure from the jaws of humiliation. "King James, I present to you Halfaxa, the Two-Faced Warlord, Baron and Protector of Coecchia...And my only living relative of any sort." Sipping her tea, she hid behind her free hand, trying not to look at Halfaxa. "She's...My godmother. She helped a large number of my people escape oppression, by claiming them all as her slaves, then declaring them free. I owe her, but...Well, she's a bit..." Nothing more need to be said, as Halfaxa's belch rattled some dust out of the rafters. "Uuuugh."

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joeden10/11/13 10:21pm
James looked at Halfaxa and she looked drunker then a dwarf at a all you can drink beer festival and she was a warlord? Honestly? Usually most warlords had more dignity and pride, then to walk like that in public. James turned to look at Gracitea and said "She's the protector of Coecchia and it hasn't been conquered yet? She must be a good commander under all that drunk or your enemies are really, really stupid, I mean no disrespect." James Honestly didn't he just couldn't understand how she was a commander of anything. But he knew looks can always be deceiving, but this was just pushing it a tad.

The bar doors opened again and small kid, a dreamkeeper slipped in a small kid about four feet tall about nine years in age a cat that looked a lot like Ollow who was sitting at the bar the only difference in the two was one was a soldier and the other was a nine year old dreamkeeper. But the kid had the same name Ollow and he slipped into an empty booth and a waiter came by delivering a milkshake, While the kid went to pay for it the waiter said it was already paid for along with anything else he wanted when Ollow asked he was told that the other Ollow had paid for it saying he knew who he was and said not to worry about it.

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CalicoYorki10/12/13 8:16am
Gracie nodded to James. "Well, hapless as she can be, Halfaxa is an effective ruler. It certainly helps that she outstrips the strength of four oxen, and wields a club that has to be weighed in tonnage." As Shantae and Rottytops departed, Gracie savored her tea a bit more.

Meanwhile, out from under a table, Puccha Tail peeked out - perhaps wondering what she had missed while napping...Pepper took notice of the fox spirit, but paid her little mind.

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, somewhere not so different, a different foxy deity altogether was preparing a meal for herself and her wife. It had taken her a few odd centuries to get the hang of it, after winning the Holy Grail War of the Moon Core, but an eternity with her love afforded Cas-ko all the time she needed to perfect her cooking.

The kitsune had fair features, strawberry red hair, and golden eyes. Her fox's ears and tail were always perked up with excitement, covered in gold fur. Today, she wore one of her favorite outfits - a striped white-and-pink jacket, half-zipped over a wine red bikini top; jeans shorts; and knee-height boots. Every facet of her form seemed to shine with vim and vigor, as she carried the food out to the living room with a bounce in her step. She was set to have lunch with Master, but something...Something was off.

Something was not right, just out of the corner of Cas-ko's eye. As she turned to look, she realized that a door in the corner had materialized at some point. This could hardly mean anything good. Preparing a curse in her left hand, with her right, Cas-ko cautiously opened the door. She could not have anticipated what she'd find.

A rollicking bar and grille filled with bizarre patrons.

Cas-ko sighed; "Well, isn't this odd?"

~ ~ ~

OOC: By the way, since I do not own Cas-ko, the Fate Series, or the Tsukihime Project, I would like to celebrate over a decade of Tsukihime with the Festival Event OPening Movie.

Don't question, just watch. <3

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DreamWeaver10/12/13 6:58pm
Dream-Weaver stares at the SCALES OF BALANCE while trying to figure out what the last 2 spots could be for when his pocket watch begins to beep

DW: Really? Right now?

Dream-Weaver pulls out his watch and looks at it, before putting away the SCALES OF BALANCE and getting up

DW: Sorry guys! But I gotta get going

Dream-Weaver walks out the door, and the sound of a train can be heard in the distance


OOC: Thought I'd just leave for a while, since I'm not really posting at the moment

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joeden10/13/13 7:32pm
Now this was starting to get interesting James thought as he looked back to Gracie, this warlord sounded like she might have half of or if not more then half of his strength if she's as strong as Gracie said but to be honest this was truly interesting not many could posses that sort of strength.

James was right seeing as how if you were to compare Joedens to humans they average in at fifteen times the strength. King James on the other hand is a special exception he has been referred to as the strongest man in the universe averaging in at ten times the strength of a Joeden, seeing the terms of difference in the drunken warlord's strength and his was interesting to him.

Just then the bar doors opened and a dix foot tall man in templar like armor and a great big two handed axe walked in and made his way to the bar.

OOC: all rights go to blizzard for the world he came from but it's my character but blizzard owns him. best way to see him is here.

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CalicoYorki10/14/13 6:04am
"Hoh. Hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh."

Cas-ko was quite visibly displeased with how she had been ignored. "So, a beautiful, intelligent, powerful spirit lady enters, and everyone merely carries on their business? I must have strayed into an extradimensional pocket where there are laws of physics, but no laws of -etiquette!-" With a quiet 'hmph!', Cas-ko nonetheless politely ordered a cup of green tea and some dango.

Meanwhile, Lota-Pram had just finished quizzing Chikala on the nature of dreamkeepers, and was going over the results. Chikala was wandering towards the six-foot-tall armored fellow, finding his armor to be the knees of the bee. Just Violent Enough had been staring at James for a while, and was drawing closer with her unsure, unsteady steps. Pepper was watching her closely, whilst scratching the tip of Clover's horn.

Gracitea looked up as Just Violent Enough drew closer. "Hmm?" The ghoul girl looked closer at James, swaying slightly on her unsteady feet. Out of her respirator, she heavily sighed a small cloud of purple and magenta fumes. She rasped quietly, and then...

"Are you King James...? Kff, kff...King James...King James scared a lot of races...They went to war, made alliances in fear...Kff! Kff! The UnLife Project came about...Because of how much they feared you..."

With a whirr, her face distorted in anger and despair. "All my life...All this pain...Everyone I had to kill...Was because of you...Because they wanted to make an army...That could defeat you..."

Then, with a heaving cough, Just Violent Enough went to her knees. Pepper was immediately by her side, leaning her back and elevating her so that she could breathe better.

Cas-ko hummed in thought. "How interesting."

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joeden10/14/13 8:34am
James looked at the girl and paid little mind to her before saying, while scratching his chin. "Unlife project, sounds familiar but then again there has been plenty of projects to fight the empire like entity or battle bots projects. But still I simply don't care about you or this project you came out of it's none of my concern." James then ordered a bottle of sake and when it arrived he began drinking. Of course she was mad being brought back from the dead to fight against the empire, the one that earned its fame by conquering an entire galaxy in five minuets flat. Not a fun thing to fight again.

OOC: If anyone is curious on how they did that, they did it by turning 99% of the galactic empire's army into there own. Mainly because it was 99% robot and was hacked and converted.

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CalicoYorki10/14/13 6:20pm
"The UnLife Project," Cas-ko grinned, "an initiative to use necromancy and technology to create ghouls which would repair and improve themselves. And that little girlie is born from two well-preserved ghouls. She's stuck between life and death, her cells screaming for it to stop. But it will never stop. The UnLife project changed the game of warfare, and there's no way that such a genie can be put back into its bottle." She proceeded to siiip her tea cheekily.

At that moment, a scuzzy, prepubescent girl bounded in. Wiry and tanskinned, with a mop of rust-colored hair coiled around her head. She was dirty and rank, and had a starey-eyed, vacantly grinning look about her. Jaunting about the room on her bare feet, she meandered towards the armored fellow. Leaning up against him, she smiled blankly while trying to see his face.

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joeden10/14/13 9:52pm
"M" Mature langue nothing that bad just wanted to warn.

James listened to What cas-ko said and it dinged on him, now he remembered and smiled saying "ahhhhhhh now i remember the project. Your kind was a pain in the ass; just to imform you it appears your six hundred to seven hundred years in my past, your kind was tough to kill but we did it and wiped out the entire project along with most of the race(s) that created your kind." James taking a drink then said "Your kind was a pain in the ass. But you know the saying, we Joedens bitch slapped the devil and now we got werewolves; then again i fucking killed Lucifer twice to teach him a lesson."

James finish with a bit of a light chuckle in his calm voice, truth was Joedens could kill anything and everything that wasn't God and it was true, the universe had seen proof of it when they sent most demons into oblivion instead of back into hell.

OOC: Fix up small mistake.

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joeden10/14/13 9:52pm
(double room fix.)

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CalicoYorki10/15/13 7:00am
As though startled, the grime-covered girl backed away. She tilted her head at James's question, holding her arms out to the side. She proceeded to erupt into an elaborate display of whistles, clicks, and pantomime. It all had to mean something, but to everyone present, it was complete and utter nonsense.

Halfaxa had been taking a nap, having drained all of her booze, when she suddenly awoke. A new arrival evoked a bloodthirsty grin from her - he had a plated shell, like an almost full-body version of an armadillo's shell; stout limbs; a conical snout not unlike the legend of Pinocchio; and two long ears sweeping over his thorny carapace. The rodent smacked his tail on the floor in rage, as Halfaxa rose to meet him.

"WHO BE THIS FRESH PIMP RYDAH I SEE BEFORE ME," she bellowed, "BUT A BITCHIN' SICKNASTY AVENGER TRYIN' TA GET ALL UP IN MA WARLORD GRILL!!? CHECK YOURSELF!!" This did not stop the rodent from slamming his tail on the floor again, and propelling his spiked and studded form towards Halfaxa. However, she easily caught him by one of the longer protrusions, and hurled him across the bar and into some empty tables.

Gracie drank her roasted barley tree and tried to ignore this shambolic display.

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joeden10/15/13 5:36pm
The paladin looked over to the girl and said "can i help you with something?" Before he ordered 5 dishes of pandaren treasure noodles placing four in his bag slot he got one ready eat one and ordered a fifth placing that in his bag. He then went to remove his helmet before stopping to look at this girl again.

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