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CalicoYorki10/2/13 9:39pm
Suddenly, orange circuitry rushed into the centers of Unlucky's eyes, which glowed with crystal blue and white flames. In an explosion of an aura in each of these colors, Unlucky became a much taller, humanoid cat; still armless, but with a sash and a scarf both tipped by claws. "I am no run-of-the-mill machine," Unlucky rolled from his invisible mouth, "I am the Thirteenth Cat, born from death, the most magnificent of my master's cyber phantasms!"

Blondie held out her hands, gloves crackling - she had to restrain Unlucky before he hurt someone. Digital bindings began to form, but Unlucky easily shrugged them off. Blondie rested a finger on her lower lip, then swore. "Ohhh nooooo! Unlucky died right -before- I digitized him! He doesn't have a life return to me that I can control him with!" Thinking quickly, she bravely hefted the Russian, and armed his shoulder-bound cannon. "L, listen Unlucky! Don't do anything I wouldn't do! Shit!! I mean, just, just calm down! Please calm down for Mommy?" Unlucky gave a growl that seemed to rattle reality. Ning, Skun, and Viraille all clustered for safety as the air hummed. With another snarl, Unlucky caused the lights to dim and flicker; Pepper lit up her halo as an emergency light, as the power drained from the lights.

And then, suddenly, it was over. Unlucky was back to his normal form, scratching himself behind the ear with his foot. The Russian groaned, "I am not soon to be liking that kitty."

He shut his trap with an audible click as Unlucky hissed at him.

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joeden10/3/13 7:45am
At this point the squad was on their feet weapons drawn and Ollow summoned his relic a massive hammer, a two handed hammer that had lighting dancing around it. But the fun thing with this hammer is that once it hits the ground, it makes a gravity distorting wave on the impact point making things heavier or lighter depending on the users wishes, but the lightning isn't just for show it also delivers an electric shock on impact.

Jox stood there no weapon in hand, just his hands up in defensive open position ready to use his physic powers to make the thing malfunction or slow it down to the best of his abilities.

Johansson and Shade had weapons ready for the fight guns both pulled out and aimed at Unlucky, Johansson was ready to transform into a werewolf if the fight called for it.

Frisk had his relic ready as well, his twin blades where drawn each of the blade emitted a barely visible flame as for the blades they were straight about two feet long black in color with golden letters of a long gone race of ancient beings, he two was ready to fight.

The one impressive thing about how fast they were ready was they got into ready position, they moved so fast that they literally were almost impossible to be seen moving they just moved into ready position within a split second moving at incredible speeds it was amazing and a testament to why they're the best squad in the SF however the lowered their guard when the girl got the thing under control, which she was lucky because her pet was about to truly become a pile of scrap metal.

They put away their weapons as they were sure the threat was gone, they all went to sit back down when they were sure everything was done.

Death, Death at this point was siting at the table with Dream-weaver and the rest, it would shock them all because he wasn't there then he was. He looked at the scales and smiled saying "have you figured out what they do yet or are you still fooling around on the simple device?" His voice was cold and he just watched as Dream-weaver fooled around with the device.

OOC: Dream you don't mind Death knowing what the scales are and what they do, he's not going to say anything though.

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CalicoYorki10/3/13 11:36am
OOC: In the concept I'm developing, cyber phantasms are linked to their users by a life return - a cyclical exchange of life energy, which enables an empathic connection, detection across any intra-universal distance, and importantly, a way for the master to rein in an unruly phantasm. Unlucky died the instant before he was digitized, so he doesn't have a life return - he only obeys Blondie's orders out of loyalty, or on a whim.

p.s.: Dream-Weaver, Lota-Pram -did- play some music, on the last page.

~ ~ ~

Unlucky randomly broke down into jet black energy, and arced back to the CD-player medium on Blondie's hip. She let out a long sigh of relief, slumping to sit on the floor. The Russian used this prime opportunity to take a nap. Chimney gulped, and threw some kind of life-saver like device out, where it stuck on the wall. "Thanks for the fun, I'll be off, then," she squeaked, before using a portal generated by the device.

Then, suddenly, the door opened, and mist rolled in. A figure quietly floated in, and politely shut the door behind herself with telekinesis. She almost resembled a dreamkeeper, with her crimson halo the color of blood - although, its shimmering, iridescent aura was odd. She also had a very odd physiognomy - her fur was coal black or gray, and she wore a little scarlet dress with two flaps to the front and back hung by her sash, as well as what appeared to be black tights from the nape of her neck to the tips of her toes beneath. Across the surface of this suit, lines lit in a rainbow of hues darted and disappeared constantly. Her eyes and messy hair in its ponytail were the color of polished copper, while her eyelashes were tinged in that over-arcing rainbow glimmer. Hovering with toes pointed straight down, akin to a ballet dancer, she held her hands at her sides with her fingers loosely fanned out.

Without moving her mouth, she spoke in a soft, calm voice. "My designation is 'Aria,'" she murmured. "This seems to be the interior of an anomaly which piqued my master's interest." Floating over to the bartender - now a robot-pirate-werewolf - she scrutinized him closely.

Meanwhile, Boyyo hopped up onto Lota-Pram's lap at her beckoning. "Scan the interloper," she whispered.

The robotic assistant set to his task.

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DreamWeaver10/3/13 6:01pm
As the music began to play, Different began to unconsciously extend and retract it's turrets, creating the sound of a violin, perfectly in tune with the music, seeming to calm down

Eventually the music stops, but Different is still happy, even when Boyyo and Lota-Pram turn their attention somewhere else

Dream-Weaver decides to pull out the SCALES OF BALANCE again, so he can study them even further

"Have you figured out what they do yet or are you still fooling around on the simple device?"

Dream-Weaver turns to the newcomer

DW: Kinda, I know WHAT it does, but I have no idea why it was given to me

Dream-Weaver places the weights on the scales again, and again, they show slight favor towards chaos

DW: I think something will happen if I can just get them to balance

Dream-Weaver tries to mildly push down on the pan higher pan, thinking he can cheat and get achieve balance

The scales respond by tipping even farther towards Chaos

DW: Damn it!


OOC: @CalicoYorki: I can't keep track of everything happening, you and joeden have so many things happening I just started skimming the text, I have no idea what's really happening right now

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joeden10/3/13 9:32pm
The blades of grass danced in the wind as the sky was a clear blue all was peaceful the beautiful city of Ral'cha stood shining in the distance. A simple bee like insect buzzed towards a flower to collect the nectar as the ground rumbled and the treads of a tank rolled over the flower, the bee flew away into the air as the tank turned out to be a Joeden demo class v-1 tank. that was apart of a battalion of tanks, which simply came to a stop in view of the city; there was a seven foot eight man on top of the first tank in heavy black knight like battle worn armor, with light skin and brown spots down his left side of his face.

This man looked at the city before yelling "FIRE!!!" And the tanks began to fire on the city causing mass destruction to the walls surrounding the city as the artillery from the city's walls started to fire and the troops mobilized to the walls to protect the city. Bringing up the wards to ward off airstrikes and the tank rounds, as the artillery rounds flew it hit the tank next to the man leaving it a smoldering husk of its former glory, of a mass gun on the front, the traditional body with two battle cannons on the sides of the tank. It was now a burning husk as another artillery round flew to the man to just backhanded it with the back of his fist exploding on impact but not harming the man at all.

A few moments later the wall blew apart from within bringing the whole thing down the barrier fell and the man yelled "THEY DID IT CHARGE!!!" The man then charged, from the tank as troop carriers flew by and the tanks tried to keep up with the man's speed as he drew his blades and the battle began.

After several hours the city fell from the onslaught and the planet was now in Joeden control the man saw a weird door and approached it in curiosity he looked at it then stepped through it and into the nexus bar and grill. He knew of this place and it's properties to it and he walked up to the bartender and ordered a barrel of dwarf ale to be exact the Alebeards ale one of the finest in the world however he didn't notice the troops next to him and began to drink the barrel.

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CalicoYorki10/4/13 2:36pm
OOC: Dreamweaver,

I figured, so I made mention on this page. Sorry if I came off as rude.

: (

~ ~ ~

Ning and Skun made themselves scarce, and Hetty scampered out the door - several nabbed goods in tow. Pepper had taken up snuggling both Clover and Just Violent Enough, effectively pinned by the two. Viraille had decided to light into a platter of hotdogs; Blondie and the Russian, meanwhile, were both talking of clandestine matters over a couple of steaks and fries.

Meanwhile, Boyyo had given Lota-Pram -another- result she didn't like at all. She looked to Dream-Weaver. "Boyyo told me that this place resides in effectively nowhere," she grumbled. "Now, he told me that 'Aria' woman doesn't exist." She was very incensed by this. Heathcance signalled to Hephaesta, and they sneaked out whilst Lota-Pram fussed over such an oblique result. To put her mind at ease, she decided to do some more dimensional engineering.

~ ~ ~

In the dark, foggy night of Sequin Land, a light tanskinned young woman had gone on a walk to clear her head after a nightmare. She was dressed in a skimpy top and billowing pants, both in wine red fabric; slip-on black shoes; and various pieces of golden jewelry. Her long, violet hair was done up in a ponytail, and her ears tapered up to elven points. She had a certain weaving motion to her walk, as though she spent most of her time dancing.

Then, she came upon a large, engraved stone disc in the ground. Set in the center was some kind of well, deep and dark and ominous. Shantae was too curious to simply leave this be, and crept up to investigate. She tried to see in, but couldn't make anything out.

Little did she know that a malicious undead crept up behind her, with plans to do some spooking. She had true green skin, glowering red eyes, and messy, forest green hair. She wore a lavender purple tank top, tattered shorts, and skull-shaped earrings. Snickering quietly as she went, Rottytops crypt up behind Shantae with a ghoulish trick in mind. She closed in, and -



"GWAHAHAH - Huh!!?"

As Shantae fell into the well, Rottytops grabbed at her ankles in a bid to save her - she really should have known better than depend on Shantae to not fall into an ominous pit or get into trouble in some way. Rottytops made a Herculean effort to stay rooted; however, her rotten posture failed her, and she was tugged into the shadowy depths. The two fell in grave silence...

...Before tumbling through the door of the Bar and Grille, both rolling across the floor and knocking themselves out cold on the bar.

~ ~ ~

OOC: Shantae and Rottytops are property of WayForward, I do not own them, et ceteras.

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Habato10/4/13 3:56pm
With a yawn and a stretch of her wings, Eva sat up from her position by the wall. She must have used more energy than she had thought- it usually took much more to get her to sleep. Looking around, she realized things had only gotten crazier- if less violent- with a couple people having left and many new people scattered throughout.

Spotting Dream-Weaver, Eva was about to get up and go talk to him, but then noticed the little boy by his side. He was certainly not a little boy, that much she could tell. She felt oddly repelled from him- not frightened or disgusted just...a feeling that it would be in her best interest to stay away. Vaguely, he reminded her of someone else, but Eva couldn't quite put her finger on /who/. Curiosity piqued and feeling a bit reckless, she decided to go over anyway. Besides, the scales that Dream-Weaver had looked interesting and important, and one simply /can't/ ignore an important object without finding out what it was.

Eva came up to Dream-Weaver on his other side, away from the boy- who was on the side the scales currently favored. She studied the unbalanced scales and their weights with a tip of her head. They were off-balanced, even though the weights /looked/ the same. As she looked, the girl felt the power radiating from them, and realized the weights must not represent the objects themselves in actuality- but elements of reality. Her curiosity about the scales- and Dream-Weaver- only grew.

"Hi Dream-Weaver." She finally said, gaining his attention since he had turned to speak to the boy. She greeted the robot as well when it turned to look at her. "Hi Different. What is this you have? What are the weights in the scales?"
OOC: Christ, you guys move fast. Can't leave for a day w/o getting 3 pages behind. X3 I skimmed and i can't keep track of all these characters man....
since it's important and can't think of a good way to put it in that's not egotistic/attention-grabby(Which is so not Eva)-
A. Eva's the Ghost of Life, oxymoron I know, but basically her 'obsession' in DP-ghost terms would be life. She's a ghostly personification for Life itself(As i see it), is the easiest way to put it. And yes, she would respond to being called 'Life'. Just like her brothers would respond to Time and Space(More reluctantly so, in the latter's case). And now i'm rambling about this topic, tell me if any of this is stupid/confusing. (Also there's a lot of crossover stuff with who Death reminds her of and also i'm mad i missed my chance to have her notice the bloody TARDIS so yeah continuity errors to come)
and B. @ Dream-Weaver- you've basically got Life and Death on either side of you and the SCALES OF BALANCE holding Chaos and Order in front of you and- I'm sorry but I just had to do the parallels, my muse made me do it. I can't just leave the powers of reality alone to others anymore. It's too much fun to mess with. If it's okay, I basically said the scales were oriented in that the chaos was on the same side of DW as Death, and Order on the same side as Eva. ^^; and christ this ooc is too long...

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DreamWeaver10/4/13 4:20pm
"Boyyo told me that this place resides in effectively nowhere" Lota-Pram grumbled "Now, he told me that 'Aria' woman doesn't exist."

Dream-Weaver looks up from the SCALES OF BALANCE in order to speak

DW: This place isn't really nowhere, I've been nowhere before, and this place is definitely somewhere, using the loosest possible sense of the word

Dream-Weaver looks to Aria, then back to Lota-Pram

DW: And "doesn't exist" it a term a lot of people just throw around without thinking about it. Non-existence is an absolute, discreet state, but existence is a continuum with varying states

"Hi Dream-Weaver." Eva said "Hi Different. What is this you have? What are the weights in the scales?"

Dream-Weaver turns to Eva

DW: Hey there Eva, see you're finally awake

Different: Hello

DW: These are just some scales I got, the weights represent aspects of my self, I'm trying to figure out how to balance them

Suddenly, the powers of Eva and the boy manifest, and 2 additional weights appear on the SCALES OF BALANCE, the scales then readjust themselves, rotating so that the 2 new weights align with Eva and the boy, and now show slight favor towards Chaos (pointed towards Dream-Weaver), and slightly more favor towards Life

DW: Well that's new


OOC: @CalicoYorki: You didn't come across as rude (I was actually afraid that I sounded rude when I typed it), I was just saying

P.S I was planning to bring in the life/death aspect of the scales at a later time (meaning I probably wouldn't have gotten around to it until the NEXT Dreamkeeper forum) but now is good to

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CalicoYorki10/4/13 5:32pm
Lota-Pram pursed her lips. "Boyyo was referring to nowhere because when he tried to pinpoint our location in the Universe, he only got back imaginary numbers. Same story for that woman. She's got a ten-count energy read out, and -nothing- else. It's like her existence is limited to just what we can see, and the sheer energy rolling off of that image - which leads me to believe that if a place outside of reality as we know it can't be picked up, then an -individual- whose existence arose outside of reality as we know it wouldn't either. So, if we're talking in terms of vitals or history, they are not on terms I am familiar with." She then screamed with delight - her bowl of rainbow sherbet had arrived.

Meanwhile, Pepper had maneuvered her way out from between Clover and Just Violent Enough; leaving them to hug it out. She walked over to Rottytops. "You alive?" She nudged Rotty's nose with the toe of her boot - and almost got her toes snapped off. Rising up, Rotty groaned, arms extended forwards. She then raised her arms up, and scratched at her rank hair. Shantae, too, arose, rubbing at her aching head.

As one of the robot-pirate-werewolf scallywag waiters handed Shantae a menu, she blearily looked through it. Her eyes flew open when she saw the desert special. Menu held high, she screamed, "I NEED A BAJILLIONAIRE SUNDAE!!" Immediately, she spun over to a table in glee. Rottytops followed, as did a bewildered Pepper.

With speedy and excellent service, the scallywag-yer-robotail waiter delivered a mountain of ice cream and toppings and all the sauces and all the bosses to the table. The flavors read like a dessert treasure detail: strawberry cheesecake; peanut butter molé; banana's foster; dark chocolate; tres leches; and orange sunset.

As the two younger girls tucked in, Pepper watched, amused. "Huh," she grinned, "a Bajillionaire that actually shares."

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joeden10/5/13 7:57am
Death smiled at the girl it was the most unsettling thing to have mainly because of Death smiles upon you. Before saying "you surprised me life... Killing Orks? I thought you hated making me work?" Death's voice was cold as usual but had the slightest hint of surprise in his voice.

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CalicoYorki10/5/13 10:44am
It was a misty morning in Norvondire. A certain apothecary was opening for the day, and the family's eldest daughter - the youthful 22-year-old Chikala Aspin - was making her rounds. She gave the garden its first watering and fertilizing, swept the floor clean, and made sure that everything was fully stock. All of this was done with Chikala's characteristic enthusiasm.

An emerald-green chipmunk with a forearm-length, bushed-up tail and upright ears similar to that of a wild hare, Chikala had a golden-tan underbelly, eartips, and fingers, and white stripes down her back to her tail, along with leaf-shaped spots all along her shoulders, thighs, and back. She also had much smaller markings on her face, resembling freckles, endearing buckteeth, and golden-tan eyes. Her hips and waist are were bit wide, but otherwise, she was very petite. She wore a true green cap with a pale green, almost white puffball just behind the crown, and flaps decorated with flowers; tend to be switched-up periodically. The rest of Chikala's clothing consisted of a formfitting vest underneath a medium-weight jacket, and knee-length jeans shorts.

Placing the last packet of powdered roots in their proper shelf, Chikala went to head through the back door into the garden. She loved to sit on the back doorstep in the early morning, listen to the insects and other little creatures singing, take in the earthy, misty smells that were strongest in that brief, magical time. She had made it right through the door when she realized that something - no, several things were amiss.

She was in a - bar? With all manner of people inside, only a few of which seemed to be dreamkeepers? And a canine barkeep with shimmering attachments to his body, and the clothes of a swashbuckling scoundrel? Chikala immediately drifted to the bar, leaning up against it to peer at the bartender.

Her buckteeth made her smile all the more endearing. She beamed, "This is so cool!" Bounding away, she gazed fascinated up at Lota-Pram's probe. The absurd feline alien smiled at her, and generated another imaginary number from her dimensional interface. In place of the chair once occupied by Heathcance, a similar chair to Lota-Pram's appeared. Chikala gasped. "That's -amazing!- Coooool," she chirped, hopping into the seat with a bob of its hovering motor.

Lota-Pram giggled. "Oh, it gets better!" She hit a button, and sighed with relaxed comfort. Chikala also enjoyed the massage setting. "Are you a dreamkeeper, like that hyena-lady?" Pepper had ordered a cup of hot coffee, and was enjoying that. At Chikala's soothed nodding, Lota-Pram nibbled on a clawtip in thought...

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joeden10/6/13 6:18pm
The man at this point was starting on his second barrel of ale, as Jamie got up and bid both the twins farewell, and walked to the bar door. Death looked at Jamie as he walked, and gave a smile knowing it was almost his time to be reaped and his end drew near. That was a fact, as Jamie left the bar the shadow of death loomed over him obvious to those who looked at him but not to him.

Ollow saw this and raised a glass but did nothing to stop him as he left the door he just continued to drink and relax from the stress of his last mission.

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CalicoYorki10/7/13 7:25pm
In the lands of Coecchia, there was an area of plains that was unlike those on any other nearby world. The loamy soil was alabaster white, marbled with crimson streaks, and grew all manner of low-lying plants. In this place, no creatures made any great deal of noise. From the misty, foggy mornings to the nights - lit up for half of the year by the aurora which danced across the skies across that world - no creature made noise louder than a murmur.

Within overgrown mounds of earth, crypts were built with great size and beauty. Each one typically featured an open-air platform for funerary rites, an outer sanctum for prayers and an inner sanctum for storing bodies. In the largest crypt, the last living, sentient being for miles had filled most of the space with shelves for her book collection. But other than tomes, she stored scrolls, stone tablets, and artifacts of cultural eminence. The tiny girl, with her scaly maroon skin, short, messy black hair, and banded horns twisting out and down - the left snapped at midway - had made herself steward of her people's literature, art, and other cultural attributes.

Gracitea wore a fuschia headband, a black turtleneck sweater, an ankle-length grayish-crimson skirt, and a golden necklace hanging a medallion in the shape of a runic eye, with a deep crimson ruby or garnet in the center. Walking through her dusty, musty home, Gracie sipped on her barley tea while heading out to enjoy the sunrise. However, as she approached the passage outside, she found a wooden door. Deciding that an errant ghost was merely playing an illusory prank, she opened the door and elegantly strode through -

- Into the middle of the bar and grille. Staring blankly at all of these people, she disdainfully sipped her tea. "Yes," she murmured, "I stay secluded in a tomb with just my books because I simply -love- unexpected company." With a sigh of "Oh, bother," Gracie retreated to the darkest corner she could find to sip her tea in peace.

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joeden10/8/13 12:27pm
"Your an interesting one." The man said as he now sat across from Gracitea While eating a pizza at this point, the squad hadn't noticed him even as he had saluted to Jamie as he left the bar. The rest of the squad did to, the man moved to the booth Gracitea was in. He moved quick and quiet for a man of his stature was massive with his armor.

Other then the fact of his size he had an appearance that would/has scared the living hell out of most demons, he was truly terrifying man to behold, well on the battlefield at least. But he sat there studying this Gracitea, which he wasn't sure what to make of her he couldn't tell if she was a demon or not it looked weird but not the weirdest he's seen though.

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CalicoYorki10/8/13 4:23pm
Taking another sip of her roasted barley tea, Gracie appraised the man. Out of the corner of her eye, she had watched the young man depart, tailed closely by the shadow of death. She had seen her fair share of the imminently deceased, but rarely had death made such a show of marking someone as so evidently doomed. Poor sap was probably going to die torn apart by machine gun fire, or gored on the tusks of ravenous beasts. Sadly, this was none of Gracie's concern; although she did hope that the young man felt no more pain than he had to.

That left the armored man before her. He seemed trustworthy enough to talk to, but Gracie wanted to take no chances. Thus, she felt it necessary to get a second opinion. Anyone without awareness of the supernatural would feel a chill, and goose pimples upon the back of their neck at the invocation which Gracitea was making; other than the ethereal scarlet glow about Gracie's eyes, one would think it to be a random sensation. If this man was spiritually aware, he would see a stream of glimmering, eldritch motes of light, and rust-red vapors with purple and green scintillations, being exhaled from the floorboards. It formed into the upper-half of a skull, with three eyes, and a limbless torso that seemed bound by cloth wrappings which trailed away into nothingness. Lowering itself, the wraith rasped quietly into Gracie's discerning ear. Its verdict on the armored man delivered, the specter dissipated.

Gracie set her half-drained tea on the table, and folded her fingers in front of herself. "As a past foe of yours has attested," she said in her soft, scratchy voice, "you are someone whom I can trust enough to talk to." Then, silence. For a few minutes, there was an awkward, throttling silence. Then: "What may I call you?" Gracitea seemed unused to face-to-face conversation. In truth, she either communicated over the internet - with an electronic tablet, the only high-tech thing she owned - or just read and contemplated in silence. Idle chit-chat was not her thing.

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