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CalicoYorki10/1/13 8:34am
On a world somewhere in a rather odd corner of reality, far beneath the surface, there lie a bleak, dusky world of slate gray dirt and grass the color of motor oil. Noxious purple smog, lit from within by a pale light, floated in great chasms bridged by rows of grating; it seemed to radiate from towering smokestacks and exhaust pipes. Monolithic black gears were gouged into the ground, slowly turning with a jitter to them.

The sound of metal striking metal rang out through this world. Atop a gigantic platform of chipped stone supporting rusted, bolted plates, a towering woman of muscular build, yet generous curves - standing at around 13'4'' - worked a piece of glowering black metal, atop a dark gray anvil lit from within by a violet aura. The woman had dark, dark skin, with an olive tone, vermillion hair styled similarly to a scorpion tail, and blank white eyes; twisting up from her brow were two short, onyx-black horns. Crimson tattoos tracked along her body, congregating to completely cover her hands, and adorning her left breast with a small heart. She wore a headband with a geometric design; a skimpy leather top, a necklace of fangs and claws; hakama with similar prints; and a long, thorny belt. Around her wrists and ankles were flame-like spheres of vermillion fur, whilst her hands and feet terminated in wicked claws the same color as her horns.

She easily hefted her simply titanic hammer of onyx, with its ruby-red crystal head and adornments, lifting it above her head with one hand for every blow to her work. She held the work-in-progress sword by its bone-shaped black grip with one hand, carefully; it was much smaller than her, made for someone around the size of a human. Indeed, behind her stood an odd machine - built up around a wire-like black skeleton with silvery-bronze armor, marked in intricate magenta designs. His eyes featured dark maroon sclera with light purple irises or pupils, and with his legs an even distance apart, and his arms folded behind his back, he was a picture of almost military refinement. Periodically, the fiendish giantess would breathe a plume of flames beneath the anvil, in order to maintain the heat for her work.

Not long before completing the sword, the craftswoman sprinkled some kind of garnet-colored dust into the works. When the sword was completed, it featured a bone-shaped, crimson-tinged black handle; an eye of garnet centered in the crossguard; and a crimson-black blade that curved outward before sweeping in to a tapering tip, pulsing with veins of inner purple light. Leaving the platform, the giantess carefully knelt to hand the sword to the robot. Yet as she rose, the two spotted a door in the wall of a smokestack that had not been there before. Looking at each other, the two went to investigate.

This was how Hephaesta, the Night-Treading Smith, and Heathcance, the Fell Engine, came across the Interdimensional Nexus Bar and Grille. Heathcance immediately scanned the area. "Hmmm," he hummed in his almost aristocratic British accent, "we seem to have stumbled into the midst of a great many potent individuals. I say we'd best tread lightly, honorable smithy." He moved over to investigate the now-drowsing Lota-Pram.

Meanwhile, Hephaesta loomed over beside the door, looking...Distressed? She never spoke.

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DreamWeaver10/1/13 1:26pm
Dream-Weaver walks through the door to the bar and sits down at an empty table.

Dream-Weaver summons his SCALES OF BALANCE and stares at them

DW: The hell am I suppose to do with this?

The SCALES OF BALANCE are an odd site to behold, they appear as normal (albeit golden) balance scales used from times past, with a yin/yang in the center of each one, but instead of 2 pans for weighing, there are 6

DW: Seriously! What does this do?


OOC: Shortly after I came up with the idea for the SCALES OF BALANCE, I came up with an idea of what they do, how they do it, and what they will ultimately lead to

Now I just need to figure out how to get to there

P.S I can't figure out if the SCALES OF BALANCE should be plural or not, the scales themselves (the pans) are greater than 1, but the thing itself is a single thing

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CalicoYorki10/1/13 2:25pm
Lota-Pram suddenly jolted awake, nearly braining herself on Heathcance's metal dome. "I detect playtime possibilities." She scampered over to Dream-Weaver on all fours, and peeked up onto the table. Good God was she a short little thing.

"What kind of toy is that mister?" Her thick tail flicked to and fro in interest.

Benkei discreetly let himself out of the Bar and Grille, and Hetty crept her way into a storage room that had conveniently appeared. Meanwhile, two twisted sisters were on their way to the Interdimensional Bar and Grille, and they hadn't a clue.

~ ~ ~

The setting was a grassy, rocky planet, lit from above by a band of two-dozen small moons, and a boundless sea of stars. Some kind of tiny creatures crooned a low song, as motes of green and blue and teal light drifted by lightly. These motes began clustered at the tips of tall grass, before gently separating, and floating away. It was truly serene.

Then, some kind of rumble drew close, from somewhere distant. With a roar of engines, through the tall jewelgrass came barreling twin motorcycle-like ships - led by horseshoe-shaped, studded crimson bonnets of a kind - their seats had been improved with protective pods, and extra stabilizers. As they raced past, one ship slightly ahead and lower to the ground, they sent motes of light scattering en masse. The shining, airborne seeds flew in wild trails behind the craft, before they began to both do steep, drifting turns with their noses tipped far down. The pilot pods hissed open, and the sisters Ning and Skun emerged.

Both sisters were fairly fiendish, with silvery skin, dark hair, no apparent nose, and unblinking, blank circles for eyes; both also levitated unsettlingly, about a foot off of the ground. Ning had her hair cut very close to her scalp, a muscular build, and a red, teardrop-shaped marking on her forehead. She wore a mostly black bodysuit with studded crimson sections on the chest, gauntlets, and boots, and small demonic wings; as well as tall stiletto heels on the boots. Skun was slightly more curvaceous and a bit less toned, and had sharp tearline-like markings below her eyes, extending halfway down her cheek. She wore a one piece bathing-suit affair, similar to her sister's suit, with a skirt of studded crimson armor panels, and knee-height heeled boots; her black hair was styled in a pair of large pigtails, and she was just slightly less threatening-looking than Ning. However, both possessed a menace which rolled off of them in waves.

They shared a quick high five, and admired their resting craft before twin shafts of light ported them away. This planet had an incredibly resilient environment, and only the sisters' people knew of its coordinates; its position in the solar system meant it was hidden by most readings, and it had a strange quality of reflecting no light. As they looked at each other, Ning and Skun's grins widened.

"You lost, you know," Ning smirked.

"No I didn't; I handled way better than you," Skun chirped.

"You've lost, admit it!"

"No I haven't."

"Yes, you have."

"I just haven't!"

"You just - " Ning broke down into cackles. "Gaaah. I love you, sis."

"Ditto." Skun hugged her sister tight.

This was when they felt an odd sense of foreboding. Set into a nearby boulder of great size, there was a circular portal. Approaching, the two looked it over. Ning put herself in front protectively, and brushed her fingertips over the stone surface. In an instant, the portal flashed into brilliant light, drawing the sisters through -

- And into the Bar and Grille. Pepper automatically perked up.

These looked like her kind of girls...

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DreamWeaver10/1/13 3:30pm
"What kind of toy is that mister?"

Dream-Weaver turns to see a small cat/alien thing looking at him

DW: This isn't a toy, it's an artifact created by the omnipotent forces that govern reality

Dream-Weaver looks at the SCALES OF BALANCE even harder, before turning back to the girl

DW: I'm trying to figure out what it does

Dream-Weaver pokes it, but nothing happens

Different turns to look at the girl as well, not saying anything at the moment


OOC: If I don't have Different do things, even if it's just sitting there and watching, I'll eventually forget about it

P.S Obviously the SCALES OF BALANCE are meant to balance things, but what exactly is something for later, and by later, I mean probably never, I don't actually know yet

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CalicoYorki10/1/13 3:54pm
"Gravity, Electromagnetism, Heat, Friction, Weak Atomic Force, Strong Atomic Force? Or maybe six dimensions accounted for in string theory? In order to see a string as detailed in string theory, you'd need to expand an atom to cosmic size, by the way!" Lota-Pram gave a cute little catsmile. "I was a dance major, but I minored in astrophysics and dimensional mechanics!"

Whilst Skun knelt down beside a groggily awakening Viraille von Velloi, Ning approached Pepper. "'Sup?" Pepper bobbed her head in recognition. "Got enough room at this table for another bad girl?" Scooting over, Pepper allowed the fiendish-looking alien to enter. "Where exactly is this place?" Pepper began to regale Ning with everything she knew of the Bar and Grille. Meanwhile, Just Violent Enough whirred back to life.

As Viraille fully roused herself, she glowered and huffed at Skun. Skun grinned. "Mind if I sit next to you, cutie?" Viraille grumbled, and repositioned for Skun to sit next to her. She was a bit surprised when her cuttlebuddy allowed Skun to pet him, but it was fine, she supposed.

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DreamWeaver10/1/13 4:18pm
DW: Looks like you know your stuff, but I'm actually referring to the METAPHYSICAL forces of reality

Dream-Weaver stares at the scales

DW: Maybe if I-

Dream-Weaver holds out his hands and summons his weapons, the HAMMER OF JUSTICE and the CHAOS SCYTHE, then transforms all of their power and form into small weights

Dream-Weaver places the weights on it, opposite of each other, and it unbalances, showing slight favor towards Chaos

DW: I think I figured out what this thing does, but then there should only be 4 pans, what are the other 2 for?

Dream-Weaver breaks his thought and looks at the girl

DW: I'm sorry, I was ignoring you wasn't I?


OOC: I have absolutely no idea what I am doing!

P.S Since when is heat a force?

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CalicoYorki10/1/13 5:56pm
OOC: I was being -extreeemely- loose with fitting things into the six weights.

P.S.: Ning and Skun are not mine. I wish I was theirs, though. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

~ ~ ~

Lota-Pram gave a clap-clap-clap of delight. "Don't worry! But do worry about the balances favoring chaos!" Suddenly, her tall, technology-bound ear twitched. Heathcance was scanning Lota-Pram, making her squirm and giggle.

"My word," the machine hummed, "this girl's body is rife with genetic and cybernetic alterations...Let alone that absurd cubic cranium, half of that tiny body is crammed full of technology!" As soon as he finished scanning and began to process the results, Lota-Pram began to cop a feel on Heathcance's chassis. He stuttered, small dots lighting up in a blush, as Lota-Pram figured out how to expose the rods of his power core.

She squealed with glee. "This is some of the cleanest energy I ever did see! And this design is so super-efficient!" She slammed the hatch on Heathcance's chest back shut, causing it to bolt itself more securely. "Tell me more tell me more tell mew mrrrrwww!" Devolving into mewls and purrs, Lota-Pram dragged Heathcance with her to sit across from Dream-Weaver. Finding that she was not satisfied with her seat, she opened up a number of holographic consoles to do some tinkering. Using her knowledge of extradimensional engineering, she generated a new imaginary number, creating a cushy chair of lavender gel contained in a transparent membrane, supported by a hovering white frame. "Scooch scooch scooch," she mumbled, getting herself situated; she appeared to be a pre-teenager, particularly petite.

As the door opened again, a whirring shape drifted in. It was built with white fittings about a bubblegum pink and neon green balloon. It had a whale-like tail and pectoral limbs installed with hovering nodules, a bird-like head on a long neck with a yellow, slit-pupil, catlike eye, and sophisticate sensors packed into a small space. Extending its forelimbs and rotating the midsections downward, it extended tendril limbs with synthetic muscles; cameras and sensors designed to detect on various spectra; and delicately-tuned grasping implements. It had four small, carefully-adjustable thrusters, slowly, assuredly propelling it towards a titillated Lota-Pram.

Speechless at the sight of a probe that she had designed and sent to the stars years ago, she gleefully accepted a hovering disc, and began to download its information while comfortably holding council with Heathcance and Dream-Weaver.

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joeden10/1/13 8:34pm
Jamie at this point was getting bored, he had also remembered that he had some Joeden technology back at the compound that needed repairs to be done and his armor was repaired pressing a button on his arm his armor burst into dust once more and disappeared leaving him in his regular clothing again he pulled out a small paper and handed it to Ollow saying "I got some things that needs repair and almost everyone that was taught by your crews is dead or to injured and we're not sure when the nightmares will return."

Ollow listened as Jamie told him what happened and took the paper and looked it over saying "we'll have a repair team sneak into your world and repair the damages when we get the chance it's not the best, but we're fighting wars on at least thirteen different fronts." Ollow Took another drink before saying to Jamie who was somewhat slouched now one hand on his drink the other hand on the bar counter with the twins standing protectively over him. "How many did they get?" Jamie's pained look game him the answer; to, to many, Ollow just gulped as he took another drink before saying "we'll see what we can do as soon as we can."

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CalicoYorki10/1/13 9:25pm
And then, enter Blondie and the Russian.

Specifically, the Russian slung Blondie through the door by the arm - as gunfire peppered in - and slammed the door behind him. The Russian had short, messy, auburn red hair, a thin mustache and beard, and a significant portion of his body converted into a cyborg format. His eyes were a yellow-green, the left being noticeably darker than the other.

As for Blondie, she wore a bomber jacket, a t-shirt with Native American print and tassels along the hem, blue worker's jeans, and calf-height leather boots. She wore headphones with cat ears, and yin and yang symbols on the sides; a cord of light connected it to a CD player and hip-bag, adorned with a ring of twelve gems around a single black gem; red, crimson, blue, cyan, true green, jade green, yellow, brown, gray, white, purple, orange, indigo. Her fingerless gloves sparked as she tucked one strand of her blonde pixie cut behind her ear.

For a moment, Blondie and the Russian panted as the gunsmoke cleared. They looked at the bar and grille, looked at each other, then looked around some more. Then, the Russian suddenly declared, "Russian is still not making with the understanding of why you thought '13 Kitties in the Cradle' was good cyber phantasm name." Blondie punched his arm, causing his armor to hiss with hydraulics.

"I told'cha," Blondie sneered in a thick Brooklyn accent, "I made a phantasm outta my dozen kittens and the momma cat who got hurt in the fire, see? Don't be a wise-ass." Then, suddenly, a jet of black energy zipped and arced out of the central gem on her CD player. It was some kind of bipedal black cat, knee-high to its summoner, with tapering, cylindrical legs and no arms. It had similar headphones to Blondie, and a metal disc on its forehead with two parallel wings jutting up and to the left, and down and to the right; the disc itself was emblazoned a stylish '13.' It even had a witty bitty CD player on its teensy weensy hip, what a cute little -

It suddenly pounced, kicking the Russian in the groin. He went to his knees, holding his crotch with a groan. Blondie busted out laughing. "Right in da -ballz!- Nice, Unlucky!" The Unlucky Thirteenth Kitty went kicking its way across the bar, still with that deadpan look in its eyes.

Lota-Pram tucked her legs into her extra-squishy and comfortable seat, smiling at Unlucky.

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DreamWeaver10/1/13 11:39pm
Dream-Weaver de-summons the SCALES OF BALANCE just as Different peers over his shoulder and beeps

DW: GAH! I forgot you were there, you're really quiet sometimes

Different: Sorry

DW: There is nothing to apologize for, you just startled me is all

Different looks over to Lota-Pram and Heathcance

DW: Do you want to meet the new people

Different hides behind Dream-Weaver

DW: It gets like this around other machines, except other turrets, not really sure why

Different peers over, looking at them with its single red eye

DW: it might have something to do with HER


OOC: I'm just winging it at this point

P.S: While I like this forum just fine, I miss being able to italicize words for emphasis

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CalicoYorki10/2/13 6:11am
Suddenly, Lota-Pram's floating probe hovered overhead, and peered curiously at the turret. It extended an arm, and shyly waved. Pram the neteki giggled; "I designed Ponyidi to have the mind of a neteki in their first or second round of the planet," she chirped. "By the way, we neteki live on our homeworld's 27 moons, and love dance and art and oocha-oocha thumpin' music!" She broke down giggling at herself, then. Meanwhile, Ponyidi the probe extended a holographic handshake - a depiction of the neteki mooncities, and of the neteki themselves - to Different, hoping in a childlike way to be accepted.

Meanwhile, Unlucky had come to atop beside the joedens. It obviously contemplated the thought of a new round of kicks, but instead, it calmed down. Randomly, it began to nuzzle itself against Ollow's leg, loudly purring to the old soldier. Blondie saw this, and grinned, and said to the Russian, "Lookit what a good kitty Unlucky is bein'! You oughta be more like those guys, Russ; then, he'll be nice to ya!" The Russian was curled up on his side, still holding his crotch for pain. "Dude, don't be a sissy," Blondie sighed. Holding her hand over her CD player and hip pack, she summoned another cat.

From the cyan gem, she summoned another bipedal cat, but with cyan colors, and the number '5' emblazoned on its head-disc. It also had arms, both holding small staves with semi-rings holding crystal spheres within. Scampering over to the Russian, it began to cast a soothing healing spell on him. Pepper, Ning, and the others watched this display curiously, whilst Skun had a one-sided chat of sorts with Viraille.

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joeden10/2/13 7:38am
The entertainment arrived it seemed, Ollow and the rest of his group along with Jamie watched this little robotic cat as it kicked the guy between the legs and they all had a look of ow on their faces when the cat did it's kicks around the room the squad's first thought was to punt the kitty. But when it started to purr against Ollow's leg that thought disappeared as Johansson said while chuckling "seems you get all the cats don't you Ollow? I think she likes you" the squad was chuckling under their breaths as Ollow was a little red under his fur, he said "Johansson you do remember you seem to have a way with women to what was her name again? You know the one from Chara'vass five." At this point the squad was now laughing as Johansson had that horrid thought in his head.

"Ollow I thought I said we were never going to talk about that again" Johansson said in more of an embarrassed voice for what Ollow was talking about was a twelve foot slubba beast that drug Johansson off to it's nest and try to care for him as it's mate. When the group had caught up to the two they found the beast trying to hump him while Johansson was desperately trying to get away, of course there was jokes when they found him but they ended up putting the thing down.

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DreamWeaver10/2/13 9:34am
Different looks intently at the holographic projection, a bunch of cities and neteki's, Different peers a little bit more over Dream-Weaver's shoulder, feeling a little more comfortable, but still uncertain

DW: You know, this little guy like music too, maybe if you play something it'll be more open

Different's eye shifts, now looking at the neteki girl, waiting to see what she will do


OOC: It's really hard to write for Different, since for some reason I decided to only use lines that are in the games

I'm trying to decide if I should stop doing this

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CalicoYorki10/2/13 8:35pm
"AS IF I NEED AN EXCUSE!! Boyyo pump up the Earth jams!"

Suddenly, Unlucky flickered out of existence. It reappeared on the table, scratching one foot behind the back of the other leg. It looked straight at Ollow. "You know," Unlucky said in his deep, rolling baritone, "it's an embarrassing thing, for a handsome cat such as myself to be misidentified as female."

Meanwhile, Ning and Pepper were casually having an arm wrestling competition. Both biceps bulging to the limit, they still seemed relaxed and having fun. Then, Pepper's eyes flew wide open. "I lost track of Clover." She sent Ning flying heads over heels over the top. "CLOVER WHERE THE F#@% ARE YOU!!?" A veiled table suddenly rattled violently. Pepper bounded over and whipped the cloth off the tabletop.

Underneath, Clover was chewing on, then spitting out little candied leaves, like chewing gum. "Be at peace, mah sistah," Clover drawled, "we are all in a higher place. Most high." Spitting the last leaf out, Clover curled up on her side and went to sleep; sucking her thumb. Pepper sighed, picking her little sister up carefully.

"I can't leave you alone for a minute," she smiled down at the finally peaceful dreamkeeper. "I guess I never could." She scooted into the booth with Clover rested leaning beside her. "Sorry, Ning; we cool?"

Ning dizzily rose. "Yeah, we're cool." Meanwhile, Skun ran a devilish-looking brush through the fur on the back of Viraille's neck.

"Feels nice," Viraille yawned. As she drowsed, she mumbled something that distinctly sounded like:

"You would taste delicious...-yaaawn-"

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joeden10/2/13 9:09pm
Ollow looked at the cat for a second before saying while pointing at Johansson "he's the one that called you a female not me." Johansson said "yea sorry about that, talking scrap metal," truth be told Joedens had little care nor like for robots they found them useless unless doing something like assembly or do a job that a person cant and only when it is in control of a person.

The one thing that made the Joedens famous and Ollow knew because he was there at the time, he literately watched as they conquered an entire galaxy in five minuets flat. The galaxy's army was almost a hundred percent robot and the Joedens hacked and took control of the entire army and got the other empire to surrender it was the quickest and easiest wars to win. And it scared the living hell out of every living intelligent being in the universe, for a feat like that had never been seen before.

However Ollow said "sorry about them they think robots are useless unless in a factory or chemical hazard clean up zone. Really it's nothing personal," Ollow then took another drink, finishing it and ordering a new one.

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