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joeden9/28/13 8:54pm
Jamie blinked at this point looked confused months? They only left a few minuets ago this possibly couldn't be right? "But you only left a few minuets ago shortly after you left the Orks came in and then you popped up saving me." Jamie said a bit confused maybe there was a little more to this maybe he could harness this power make it take him back in time so he could have off the nightmares maybe save his wife and kid and the rest of his family. Jamie knew what now needed to be done he needed to be done.

Jamie sat there for a second trying to remember something, something important about the ork attack but what was it? He sat there took a drink for a second trying hard to remember about the Orks something important but what? they dealt with all the spores right?

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CalicoYorki9/28/13 10:39pm
By now, Toph and Bai'he headed for the door. "It's been real, it really has," Toph groaned, "but if I don't beat the recruits into shape, the commander will have a coniption." She opened the door and stomped out, whilst Bai'he bowed out as he closed it behind himself.

Then, after a brief pause, a screaming, flaming shape was hurled into the midst of some bar stools. She had mussed, dark indigo fur, spiny black horns twisting over her head, and some kind of huge, leathery wings on her back, with tattered edges extending black quills. In through the door, she was followed by some kind of heavily-armored mutant; its body was crisscrossed with wounds, and fire danced about its hands. It gave a last chortle, before falling - it had disintegrated into black smoke before it hit the floor.

Burned, snarling piteously, the creature writhed on the floor. However, with a sudden plume of flames and foul smoke, she began to reconstitute. Her dark indigo fur was mussed, and her eyes were a glowering scarlet with sickly green slit pupils. She had feline or vulpid features, downturned ears, and small, demonic wings behind said ears; her right eye was slightly squinted, marred by three vertical scars, and bandages were wrapped around her left ears. Her long, slender, muscular tail was tipped by some manner of barbed spearhead, made of black material, and her nails were long and sharp. She wore hodgepodge black armor, including heavily plated boots with stylized skulls leading at the toes; a spiked plate on her left knee, a skull-shaped spaulder with the number '13' emblazoned upon its eerily statuesque brow, all in all, a very dark set of mismatched pieces.

Weeping black tears, the fiend tried to wipe her face off. Puccha Tail came darting out from under the table where she'd taken up refuge, and went to comfort her. However, the creature suddenly hissed and spat like a cat. "No touch. You're a goody-goody-two-shoes spirit. I'm a life-in-death entity. And I can't regenerate from puking on myself. Thanks though." Rubbing at her running black nose, she sulked underneath the outer-edge of the bar.

Eska and Chaka protectively stood by Jamie the whole time.

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joeden9/28/13 11:03pm
These two new people in the bar caught Jamie's attention, the black smoke caught his eye as the fiend lay on the bar floor and it triggered his memory. They killed some Orks In the bar, jamie then began to think as fast as he could trying to recall the number. Sixteen no seventeen no twenty, twenty! They still had twenty Orks regrowing somewhere's in the bar, he then stood up and said aloud for everyone to hear "we still have Orks to deal with we killed twenty in the bar and didn't burn the spores!" Jamie was now on his feet ready for what would come next pistol drawn and scanning the far ends of the bar for the horde.

Jamie then added in "i think there might be more then twenty, i think they reproduce with the spores I forget!"

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CalicoYorki9/28/13 11:42pm
The fiend rose up. She breathed in deeply, and turned towards a hefty cabinet. She grinned, summoning a series of winged black blades around her. "Wanna see a magic trick?" Without waiting for a response, she sent the blades stabbing, repeatedly, into the cabinet. The orcs inside screamed gutturally, their blood spraying out, before tumbling out. The fiend then breathed out several tongues of flame, roasting the dying orks into nothingness before they could even begin propagating spores.

She elegantly brushed a finger past her lips, sending the wisps of foul smoke drifting away. "The name's Viraille von Velloi. You may only call me by that full name, Viraille, or von Vellois. I can play smokey harmonica solos, cook a stew out of literally -any- leftovers, and kill a man with my thumb." Viraille spun her hand thrice, gathering dark vapors, before forming a tall, sable flask for her to sip from.

"So. Eighteen, seventeen more mushroom mongrels?" Srrrrrp. "I hate fungus. It kills me swamps. I mean, how am I supposed to get a date when I have a Biblical plague of foot fungus?"

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joeden9/29/13 7:12am
However the screams fell silent and the blood disappeared along with the screams making everything to quiet. Then a massive burst of psychic vomit went flying at Viraille hitting her and knocking her off her chair with mass force as the Orks came charging out of a far dark part of the bar. Followed by a weirdbo boy, the seven foot gun toting, axe-swinging fungus men charged in full armor with axes above their heads, about 19 of em not including the weirdbo boy.

Jamie hollered "lead then outside or they'll just regrow in here; Can't start a fire in here we risk the chance of igniting the beer!"

Just then the door opened and more people came through they stood around three being the smallest person and seven being the tallest of the group of four the others where six feet and five foot nine. They wore Joeden battle armor of black with Joeden design their insignia on their shoulders read SF. Havoc squad they walked in and saw the Orks and realized what ones they were right off the bat and started to chuck them out the back door into the arena at amazing speed and strength the smallest one was using his psychic powers to pick em up and chuck them out when the Orks where all in the arena the troops followed in guns blazing cutting them downed mainly focusing on the weirdbo boy so it wouldn't summon anymore Orks.

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CalicoYorki9/29/13 8:02am
With a furious screech, Viraille swooped out after, followed closely by Eska and Chaka; Lota-Pram paused her cartoons to bound out, weapon in hand; and suddenly, Benkei decided to join in as well.

Immediately upon entering the arena, Viraille von Velloi flew high in the air, and charged up a large amount of some cold, evil light. The beam she sent sweeping across the orks left crippling burnt and frostbitten wounds. She ended by focusing her assault on the weird boy in charge of the group, screaming furiously.

Eska and Chaka both had their Power active, and were making good use of it. Eska had summoned a small army of armored canine humanoids, and Chaka had filled a wide are of ground with swords pierced into the dirt for them to wield. The twins now largely just stood by and watched with an eerie expression on either face.

Meanwhile, with her arc-edge lit, Lota-Pram was dashing straight through the midst of the orks in blinding bursts of acceleration, slashing at them as she went. When a trio of orks set out to put an end to her, Lota-Pram made three short, precise slashes towards them; that sent three snapping, sizzling blades of lavender energy flying into the orcs, before scorching them from the inside-out. From inside of her cybernetic eye, a soft male voice calmly coached Lota-Pram. [Carefully advance...Whoa, back back back. One of them is flanking you, 7-o'-clock. Nice snap-reaction...]

As for Benkei, he had just slashed through an ork's jugular and chest with one clean stroke of his bisento. Planting it in the ground, he drew a pair of katana to face the orks which now set upon. He murmured a mantra to calm his mind, and fought back. He never once gave up an inch of ground as the orks beset him.

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joeden9/29/13 8:36am
The squad kept firing away as the others joined in the Orks fell one at another One headed back for the bar, but was shot down by Jamie who was in his battle armor now. He stood back trying not to move as much making sure none reentered the bar but the raging war fungus made it's way in, but they orks just fell as they where cut down. At this point the Orks where dead and a new line of spores flew overhead ready to start regrowing their fallen army again. "lets not forget the spores this time someone want to burn them before they come back again" Jamie said as the last ork fell."

OOC: Yea orks are tough to purge imagine how hard it would be to purge 300,000 from a planet with the spore factor coming in. Blame warhammer for making em so tough to stop.

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CalicoYorki9/29/13 8:58am
Sending sparks of evil light through the air, Viraille von Velloi gleefully scorched them. "Like little tiny multitudes all burning and freezing and dying. I love it," she wistfully declared. She proceeded to conjure a black hand mirror with wings and a tail not unlike her own, so as to view her reflection. She kept this mirror on hand as she headed back to the bar. The others soon followed suit.

As soon as they got in, they found that Viraille had accosted the waiter. "Listen to me," she snapped, "I got killed and got better and I'm -hungry!- Whip me up a Disemboweling Forest platter and make it snappy!" She smacked the waiter on the keister as he whisked on past. She then took to an unoccupied seat, huffing.

Korra and a few others stared at her, exasperated. Pepper was keeping an eye on Just Violent Enough as the dizzy ghoul girl finished reconstituting. Lota-Pram returned to her cartoons, having paused them to fight the orks. Eska and Chaka still remained close to Jamie.

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joeden9/29/13 2:05pm
Jamie sat down at the table he took a quick look at his armor noticing it had just finished repairing itself, good stuff Joeden technology. As he looked over his armor one of the Havoc squad members recognized him from the flagship, he walked up to him saying "I thought i recognized you from devastator during the orc and drow'n attack. Saw you running with the king towards the bridge to regain control of the ship while we held back the main flood of attackers." Jamie quickly remembered them he'd seen them talk with their king on the ship and take orders from him, "yea i remember seeing you, i take it you've been doing good?" Jamie said still taking a Drink as the soldier sat down at the bar across from Jamie and the twins.

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CalicoYorki9/29/13 4:15pm
Eska and Chaka grabbed Jamie's arms protectively. They both gave a very quiet hum of agitation at the joedens.

Korra rose, stretching; what remained of her tray was handed over to the joedens. "I need to get back to the camp, and I don't want to see what the fiend girl ordered." As Viraille von Velloi hissed and spat at her, as Korra put her coat back on and exited. This was fortunate, as an unseemly aroma suddenly invaded the room.

The waiter, wearing a paper mask, set Viraille's platter down with his mummy-hands. On top was some kind of huge log of entrails and caul fat; many tacos of tripe; blood sausage; and some kind of thick pudding of jet black chocolate. Viraille set the plate down in front of her, with special props to hold it between her outstretched leg, and tucked a large cloth into her collar. She then began to growl and yowl and attack her food, apparently starved. It was this behavior that drew attention to a small detail - the profile of her ribs, against part of her chain mail...

And as the nexus is a place of eternal coming and going, a new young thing pounced in. She was a ginger-tan mouse dreamkeeper, save for assymetrical turquoise designs on her torso, and hairless, skinny black hands and feet. She wore a skimpy, tooled leather vest, a plaid mantle over her left shoulder, a gold cord around her neck, and mottled tan, brown, and green breeches. Over her shoulder, she carried three massive, bulging sacks of some kind of items of value.

Spotting Pepper with her dark orbs, the mouse dreamkeeper flounced over, and spoke in some kind of odd, charming accent. "Hello, lovely lady of fine tastes!" It took some time for Pepper to realize that she was the one being spoken to. The mouse took out a silver chalice, encrusted with sapphires and diamonds. "Lovely, yes? For charming lady such as yourself, 65,000 lucre." Pepper stared flatly. "Work with Hetty! Hetty is nice gal! She does good things for community! She rescues little ryuu-nekos from trees!"

Huffing, seeing she was going nowhere, Hetty looked elsewhere to make a sale.

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joeden9/29/13 7:03pm
The soldier backed off from the twins and removed his helmet and it, left Jamie with the look of seeing a ghost the soldier looked just like his cousin Ollow, every inch of his face looked like his cousin with the strips of his fur to his hair was the same as well. "Might I ask your name?" Jamie as in a surprised voice and the soldier turned around and said "Ollow Hellsing." At this point Jamie now looked like he'd really seen a ghost because he saw Ollow get impaled by a Nightmare's blade through his chest, then hoisted into the air and chucked off the blade like a rag-doll.

Ollow looked over and said "everything alright?" Jamie shook the look off his face and rubbed his eyes realizing he wasn't his dead cousin no matter how much he looked or sounded like him. "Yea i`m fine, its just you look a lot like my cousin it was a bit surprising" Jamie chuckled a bit at the end of that taking his drink. Still feeling a little embarrassed on how the twins his'd him he stayed quiet at this, for the fact he didn't want to deal with the twins angry at him after they saved him.

OOC: Yea fun there right?

Best way to describe the char is with this pic on his fur pattern

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CalicoYorki9/30/13 6:39pm
Suddenly, a silver revolver with ivory accoutrements was set down before Ollow. Both twins looked like they had half a mind to kill Hetty where she stood. The mouse dreamkeeper grinned at Ollow, about to make a sales pitch, when she saw Eska and Chaka. Her tail stuck straight out in terror. "Ahhh...Beautiful, kind, powerful, pleasantly-scented twins Eska and Chaka. Please do not make with the smashing of Hetty's head-parts into itty bits." She left the revolver for Ollow and scampered off, goods in tow.

Meanwhile, Viraille had finished her distressing food platter, and was reclining. She then noticed that a wet tentacle was groping at her leg. Looking down, the she saw the intelligent little cuttlefish from before, whining with a glubbing inflection as it attempted to get at her scraps. Viraille got a soft look in her eyes. "Look at you...A wretched little thing that got left behind by the pretty folk..." She winced. "Kinda like someone else I know..." The cuttlefish squeaked as Viraille lifted it up, before she began to hand-feed it scraps.

~ ~ ~

OOC: By the way I love your avatar Joeden.

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joeden9/30/13 7:53pm
Ollow saw the resolver and was confused why this mouse girl was showing him a antique piece of garbage literally the thing was a springer-class weapon it would barely penetrate Joeden armor if not just put a scratch on it. Ollow picked it up walked over to the girl and tossed it saying to her "you forgot your antique." He then walked back to his seat and ordered a drink as the rest of his squad where already eating, well the ones that came with him which was Johansson, Shade, Frisk and Jox who were already eating a meal they just finished their assignment and had some down time in the bar, that was made report about from tryion's squad two million years ago after they fell on Sha'llramala and the log was recovered of their final moments.

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CalicoYorki9/30/13 10:27pm
By now, Chimney's head was hammering. She whined, trying to rub her head in vain. Then, she found two muscular arms hefting her up. Pepper smiled down at her.

"I need an adult," Chimney whispered.

"I am an adult," Pepper whispered back.

Carrying Chimney over to the booth where Just Violent Enough rested, the female hyena dreamkeeper set her up against the wall with a cushion behind her head. Then, she took out a flask of some kind of tea, which smelled softly of blackberries and cherries. Resting Chimney's head back, Pepper helped her take a long drink. "They say in some parts," she murmured, "that one cup of good, proper tea is equivalent to several hours of restful sleep. Andurunans have gotten a lot of things wrong, but old-fashioned tea is not one." Once Chimney was done, she nodded off with a little smile on her face.

Meanwhile, Lota-Pram had paused her cartoons again. Reclining on her side, head propped up on one arm, she did leg-lifts with a bored look on her face. "I want to play a game with somebody," she whined lowly. Flipping up onto her feet, she tapped on her HoloCube, causing it to bring up a video game. However, while her cartoons from the Mooncities picked up, it seemed that she couldn't get onto her game's main server. Her mouth contorted in displeasure, tears welled up in her eyes, and -

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH!!" Lota-Pram began to throw a tantrum on her back. "I, I, I WANT TO PLAY, GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES!!" Boyyo released jets of steam, and heeled beside Lota-Pram; trying to comfort her.

von Velloi had fallen asleep snuggling her new cycloptic cuttlefish buddy.

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joeden10/1/13 7:13am
Jox for a little guy was already on his third bottle of rum when the screaming came; not wanting to deal with this problem he put his hand on his head and put the mental suggestion into to lota's mind that she was very tired. The mental suggestion was sent right into her brain and through her nervous system she would soon feel extremely tired from the psychic attack.

The doors of the bar opened once more and a dreadful feeling flew through the bar, a kid in brown rags walked into the bar he stood at four foot four, his shirt and pants where ragged brown he wore no shoes and had short black hair with cold blue eyes and he walked meekly which was the second most terrify thing about this kid. Those who feared death felt a great amount of fear when they looked upon this kid and would try to avoid him, the kid walked up to the bar sitting down he ordered a pizza and a soda.

The person next to him was Frisk, he looked over and smiled saying "hello death, you having a good day?" The kid looked over to him with a blank look as his pizza arrived his cold eyes fell on Frisk before saying "yes Joeden i am having a good day so far." His voice was colder then a frost storm blizzard in the coldest winter on the frost panet Iceshiver, he then began to eat his pizza.

OOC: Thanks calico I had it sitting in my folder for a long time and decided to use it.

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