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Habato9/27/13 7:17pm
Eva yelped in pain, pulling her plants back from the battle. /Eating/ her plants, those rotten- not to mention that crazy woman had caught them in her alcohol-fueled attack as well. "Fungi- why do I always forget about fungi?" She muttered to herself, standing. She wasn't even going to try the brain stem; they'd probably eat that too, the savages. Even with her gentle nature, Eva was quickly taking a large dislike to these creatures.

Her floral powers were out then. But her brain quickly sparked an idea as she watched the panda's burning power. Flying into the air, right above the middle of the orks's force, she dodged projectiles and kept the positions of allies in her mind. She wanted this done; she din't want to hurt someone by accident. At the right moment, she stopped and closed her wings.

Eva dropped like a stone into the fray- to be replaced with a dragon alike to those in medieval fairy tales. The size of a small jet and a wingspan twice that, it was covered in heavy viridian scales with claws the size of men. Ghostly black flames flowed down her spine and a thin, deadly plate at the end of her tail sliced a good dozen orks down with a single flick. Her flaring viridescent gaze zeroed-in on the apparent leader of the orks, and she let out a thundering roar, causing the walls to shake. Swiping a pile of orks out of her way, she advanced upon him. Eva was done with holding back.

OOC: As Eva said- Fungi, why does it always have to be fungi?! gahh, i almost wanted to bargain my case with her powers' effectiveness but.....oh well. Let's bring out the heavy artillery then.
Also, the vines weren't toxic, their coloration was. they were neon green, aka 'toxic green'.

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DreamWeaver9/27/13 7:30pm
Dream-Weaver looked around the battlefield, realizing that he might actually need to get involved

DW: Different! Focus fire on the smaller ones, I'll take the big ones

Different: Affirmative

Different begins to pick off the smaller orks one by one, while Dream-Weaver enters into a deep focus, summoning the HAMMER OF JUSTICE, a large metal hammer, with a shape similar to that of a judges gavel, in his right hand. The hammer gives off a strong aura, it's mere presence increases the order of the surrounding area

DW: Court is now in session!

Dream-Weaver runs up to one of the larger, angrier orks, and hits it so hard that it's head collapses in on itself

DW: I forgot just how strong this thing was!

Dream-Weaver begins to swing the hammer around, taking out as many orks as he can


OOC: It may seem like overkill, but the HAMMER OF JUSTICE, as a weapon of law, deals +4 Damage to chaotic creatures

But that hit was also a natural 20, so not all of them will be instant kills

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joeden9/27/13 7:38pm
Jamie payed no mind to this he simply kept firing his helmet was on keeping him safe from the fire as the ork in front of him lit a blaze and bathed him in flame he walked out unharmed, firing away at each Ork as they fell. However the two girls didn't notice the tankbusta boy coming in behind them, Jamie quickly ran in and delivered a smashing blow with his shoulder, taking the ork to the ground he quickly put the gun on the Ork's forehead and opened fire killing it. He turned around saying in a voice with a radio on the end saying "keep your guard up, this is a warzo-" however before he could say anything an axe of a laughing stompaboy landing in Jamie's shoulder causing him great pain "ahhhhh damit you bloody idiot!!" Jamie hollered as he took the axe out and put a couple of rounds into the stompa boy, before falling backwards.

The orks didn't flinch at the dragon they only yelled and started to attack a few Ziggs blowing up as it landed on the dragon not cause any damage but enough to hurt. The rest where stompa boyz attacking in number, to stupid to use common sense.

The space marines where in a battle trance yelling out "For the emperor!" Die you Xenos filth!" "For the emperor of all mankind!" Most of this talk came from Leandros but Titus saw Jamie get injured and noted this was not the place to fight the Orks escpecally seeing as how with the jet sized dragon they'd bring in one of their own war titans and that would bring an end to this fight in there favor. He needed a way out and a door appeared. he quickly opened it holding the power source and yelled "Ork is this what your looking for?" Titus hollered as he held the power source up for the Orks to see before running out the door almost all the Orks followed with grimskull in lead. A few orks remained behind to fight as the rest left.

OOC: Left a few for anyone still wanting to kill Orks other then that the rest are gone Boss grimskull would have killed everyone in this sort of a fight and a titan would be really bad to fight also Orks don't care how many they loose as long as they win. Also nicely done i liked that part with the fungi. :)

Don't worry about instant kills, Grimskull is the only one that would be near impossible to kill.

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DreamWeaver9/27/13 8:02pm
Dream-Weaver takes out the last of the larger orks, de-summoning the HAMMER OF JUSTICE and making his way over to Different

DW: Disengage "sentry mode"

Different: Sentry mode, deactivated

Different puts away its guns, as Dream-Weaver picks it up and places it on his back

DW: There's 6 left, you guys do what you want with them, I'm getting bored

Dream-Weaver walks out of the arena and then collapses, using the HAMMER OF JUSTICE took a lot of energy


OOC: Does anyone know if there is a way to either bold and/or italicize words in the new forum? It seems weird putting "HAMMER OF JUSTICE" in all caps instead of bold text

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Habato9/27/13 8:52pm
Eva growled, shaking off the ork like the insects they were, dealing with them promptly. That's what they were like too- insects, but worse. She didn't dare try to bite these things- she had learned her lesson on fungus with the plants. Still, with every swing of her had, dozens of orks fell, and space was ope for more. The space only grew as they charged out of the door, only stragglers remaining. Eva cleared those attempting to attack her, but she could feel it in her core; her breathing was getting a little too fast, and it was becoming work to move too fast- she couldn't hold a form this big for much longer. Soon, Dream-Weaver had nicely dealt with all but six of them, Eva sliced two that were coming at her with a weary wave of her tail, and shifted back, which left her smaller form in mid-air. She glided out of the arena and followed Dream-Weaver's example, collapsing by a wall. Her skin was pale and her cheeks green with her blood, eyes no longer glowing, but dim and dull with tiredness, as was her aura. "I guess this's why Buhbuh doesn't like me t' fight..." She muttered sleepily, her eyes half closed as she slid sideways and flopped into a rough sleeping position.

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CalicoYorki9/27/13 9:03pm
One ork tried to pick Dream-Weaver off, but certainly did not see Pepper coming. Leaping up, she swung both clasped hands in a wide arc. The ork's face was smashed in, sending it tumbling back. Pepper grinned like a mad animal. "C'mon, you scum. -I wanna hear you squeal like a slaughtered animal!-" The bulging muscles of her enhanced arms powered blows into the ork's torso and head, before she raised both hands up. The sheer force of her double hammer-fist twisted the ork's limbs, as Pepper roared in victory.

Suddenly, the mane on the back of her neck bristled. She ducked, avoiding a swing from an ork. Spinning rapidly on her side in mid air, she oriented herself upright in the midst of a gigantic right hook. The ork's face was covered in blood, as Pepper slugged him again, and again, and again, higher and higher into the air. Suddenly grabbing his temples, she smashed her skull into the ork's. Licking her own blood as it streamed from her forehead, she put two more jabs into the ork's face. She then daintily took out a cloth so as to wipe the blood and lymph off of her knuckles. Whistling merrily, she looked out upon the gore, and saw that it was good.

Two orks were conspiring to jump Jamie, when a glowing tendril wrapped around either's midsection - one purple, one pink. They were hoisted into the air, smashed together once, twice, and hurled into the far walls. Who should it be but the creepytastic twins, now dressed in fur parkas with bellsleeves, long skirts decorated with geometric tribal designs, and formfitting boots.

"No one hurts my boy toys."

"No one hurts my sister's boy toys."

From her hand, Chaka summoned four glowing pink boomerangs. Meanwhile, Eska summoned a pair of huge beasts - somewhere between pigs, dogs, and lions, and made of intricate purple line designs. Chaka threw her boomerangs, and they proceeded to circle the one ork while hacking into him.

Eska smiled eerily as her 'pets' ripped into the other ork.

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joeden9/27/13 9:22pm
At this point all the Orks were dead and as the last two fell a thin line of green spores had started to float up above Everyone's heads. Jamie managing to lift himself up off the ground a bit used his right arm to support him and his other to clench the bleeding wound. He quickly shouted "quickly! Burn the spores, burn the spores before they regrow their army!" Jamie then fell on his back in pain, his armor stopped most of the strike's force to prevent a fatal wound, but it still stung like hell.

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CalicoYorki9/27/13 9:31pm
Pepper looked over to Clover expectantly. Clover was whiffing at a vial of glowing cyan vapors. Pepper snarled, and spanked her. Hard. Clover inhaled the entire vial. Everything went dead silent. Clover's eyes dilated, as she began to grin psychotically.

She suddenly became a screaming whooping fire rocket, shooting up into the air and giving off firewheels and sparks and an entire fireworks display. The spores were scalded down to the atomic level. The air was a little difficult to breathe in, because of the sheer amounts of oxygen burned out. Thankfully, Clover floated down on a pillow of warm air, humming the tune to 'Because I Was High.'

Pepper sighed, lowering a largely-regenerated Just Violent Enough. As her arms and bones returned to normal, she was forced to spit a stream of organic base matter out. It rapidly evaporated as she deactivated her Power. She nodded to the group in general. "Yes, my sister preeetty much drove me to drinking. Thankfully, I can use my Power to detox myself. Alcohol does not count as counseling, but it helps."

Eska and Chaka were standing nearby Jamie protectively. Silently. Eerily...

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joeden9/27/13 9:48pm
Jamie could see why her sister would drive her to drinking but at least the Orks where gone and not coming back, he slowly got up wobbly holding his gun he pressed the buttons and the armour burst into silver dust then disappeared along with the gun, leaving him in his jeans shirt an coat with the wound still in his chest he made his way back to the bar saying "now that, that's over I feel like a drink and some bandages." His voice was weak as he said this blood dripping down him as he walked.

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CalicoYorki9/27/13 10:38pm
Chaka suddenly appeared to stop Jamie. She took out some kind of salve, and spread it over the wound on Jamie's chest. It stung a bit and chilled his nose as he inhaled it, but it began to stop the blood flow, and the pain began to cool and ebb away. "Don't open your wound, this salve takes days to make," she droned.

She and Eska proceeded to stand protectively on either side of Jamie. Bai'he leaned over to Toph. "Are you seeing the guy getting smothered by twins?" He suddenly froze, and hoped that Toph wouldn't call him ou -

"No, I'm not seeing -anything- right now. I can't recall -ever- having -seen- something. Please, tell the -blind girl- what you're -seeing.-"

"I'm sorry. Please don't shame me."

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DreamWeaver9/27/13 11:19pm
Dream-Weaver lies on the ground, seemingly in some form of deep meditation, his wounds begin to heal and his body refills with energy, it's almost as if he's draining power from the Nexus itself

Suddenly all his built up energy begins to fade, and his wounds reopen, but not as bad as they were before

Dream-Weaver wakes up

DW: Thats strange, why can't I gather my power?

???: That would be because you are out of place

Suddenly, a humanoid being, half black and half white divided down the middle with a yin/yang circle on it's chest, and a comedy/tragedy mask also divided down the middle, materializes in front of him

DW: Equinox? Is that you? you look different

Equinox: Yes, when reality moved, all the forces decided to update their look, do you like it?

DW: I'm pretty sure you copied the design of a batman villain, and added a mask

Equinox: Look, coming up with new designs is hard. Now do you want to know why you cannot summon your power or not?

DW: Yes, I would like to know

Equinox: It is because you are out of place. When reality rebooted, you did not reboot with it, since you technically exist in the same state as Paradox

DW: And?

Equinox: And because of this you cannot draw power from the new reality, since you are not a part of it

DW: How do I fix this?

Equinox: Simple, you just need to leave reality, and then enter again

DW: Why do I get the feeling that this won't be easy?

Equinox: Because it will not. Since you are not a part of the new reality, once you leave, it will reject you, getting back in will be difficult

DW: How difficult?

Equinox: Beyond impossibly difficult

DW: *sigh* I guess I should get going then

As Dream-Weaver prepares to leave, Equinox turns to him

Equinox: You cannot take the robot with you, it will have to remain at the border when you get there

DW: Yeah, yeah, I know

Dream-Weaver manages to get up and limps out the door, as Equinox dematerializes into the Aether


OOC: If none of this makes sense, it because you weren't here for the previous forum, so I'll recap:

Dream-Weaver did stuff, he eventually met a being known as Paradox that controls all of reality and obtain some of its power, shenanigans happened

Because DW gets his power from Paradox, when reality (the forum) moved, he moved with it in existing space, but remained stationary in non-space, so he can only use a part of his power (which is why the HAMMER Of JUSTICE used so much energy)

And equinox is a guy he met once that maintains the balance between existance and oblivion

Recap over.

P.S the character Equinox is loosely based on a batman villain of the same name, at least in terms of design and name, so I just decided to make them look then same now, only my Equinox has a mask because that way I can claim it as my own character

Also I changed it's personality and now it doesn't use contractions, no idea why I did this, but I'll probably forget about this at some point and it'll use a contraction and everything will be ruined

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CalicoYorki9/28/13 12:23am
"You light my soul up,
Renew me with each day.
You give me a purpose,
Shine light on my way.

"I can justify it,
One way or another.
My sister from far away
In need of her brother...

"A woman once asked me,
'How far to heaven?'
I couldn't answer,
But I've learned more since then..."

A song rang out across the city, from a safe place somewhere within the limits.

The scene was the neteki mooncity of Startree. Specifically, on a truly massive bridge, with gigantic lamp posts running down the center of its intricate designs of jewel flora remains; topped by ornamented, tapering pyramid roofs atop them, dangling lanterns from each corner. Strung between them were brightly-colored banners, displaying the various emblems of the clans. Through the foggy expanses floated jewel flora of all shapes, sizes, and aura coloration, all united by their peaceful quiet.

It was foolhardy to travel alone, to say the least. Startree was long heralded throughout the galaxy as a place where not only non-comformist neteki, but even offworlders could come to make themselves known in arts, music, literature, and political or social activism. Here was a place where the outstanding and the outcasts could find a voice. However, secretive, malicious types had long sought to stifle those voices for good. The silencers were growing bold, and no one whose voice held any power dared to walk the street without their clan.

Save for one. She was a native neteki, a petite, alien feline, with the typical crimson skin and semi-boxy head armor, but her left eye was covered by a cybernetic lens, and her cheek marks had been restructured into little lavender skulls. Her jumpsuit was striped in vermillion and lavender, while her neck-ruff and pom poms started of in the former hue and terminated in the latter. Her armorcloth bands formed into sort of hakama about her broad, rounded, clawed feet, secured by armored bikini briefs. She was brazen to walk the streets alone, and as a quiet whirring drew closer to her, she seemed fit to pay for it.

Out of the mists below, a shape rocketed up. Levitating down, it was revealed as a silvery white drone with a cycloptic red eye on its round lump of a head, and transparent black armor on its chest and shoulders revealing shifting red lights within. Its blocky, tapering legs were lit up from the tips and opposite sides with thrusters; more thrusters were positioned on its back; and its long, segmented arms were lined with bladed tines. Its prey summoned some kind of long, long hilt, with an ornate crossguard - a hexagonal center was the focal point for sharply-interweaving metal lengths, one of which extended down into a semicircular handguard. Gripping with both hands in a perfect stance - feet wide apart, positioned with her left foot forward and her right foot back, the bladeless sword held in front of her shoulder.

As the silencer assessed the neteki, the space in between the upper ends of her weapon's crossguard formed a spark of lavender energy. Long arcs leaped out, zipping across the bridge surface and along the side of the nearby lamppost. The spark crackled upward, into a long and elegantly curved blade of pure energy. She bounced from foot to foot, as the drone began to hover up for a charge.

Indeed, it attacked, sending the hovering segments of one arm lashing out. The neteki hopped up and forward, and began to swiftly run along the machine's arm. Its other arm lunged for her, but she suddenly accelerated in a short burst to get past. Swinging her blade, she beheaded the machine in one clean stroke. Tucking and rolling past as her energy blade dissipated, the machine fumed behind her, and collapsed.

Suddenly, an army of whirring little drones began to emerge from the fog. Cursing in her regional dialect, the neteki searched for an escape. This was when the harried creature discovered a door in a lamppost which was not there before. Barreling through, she shut the door behind her.

~ ~ ~

In the Bar and Grille, the neteki was now gazing up at Korra. Quite a short little thing, the brightly-colored alien was only 3'9''. She appraised Korra, and nodded.

"Name's Lota-Pram." Reaching around herself, the neteki retrieved her backpack of sorts. As she set it down, three legs flipped out, and it grew a semi-conical head with a large orange eye; its pupil was almost octopoid, and the sclera shimmered with circuitry.

Lota-Pram commanded, "Boyyo, please tell me where this room is." The drone responded in a calm, asexual voice, ~Yes, ma'am.~ There was a pause, as Boyyo bowed its head. ~Ma'am, I have assessed our spacial coordinates. We are nowhere.~ Lota-Pram scowled. "Clarify." ~I am only registering imaginary numbers when I attempt to determine coordinates. I posit that we are in an extra-dimensional cavity which anomalously opened into our vicinity.~ Boyyo made a motion like a heeling dog, all legs bent in and head bowed.

Sighing, the neteki held her hand over a circle of slowly pulsing lavender and light orange lines on Boyyo's back. The inner circles descended, and opened into some kind of cavity. Out levitated some kind of holographic-looking card into Lota-Pram's grasp. Strolling up to the bar, she scanned her card in a convenient device. "I would like a poypo berry drink with an extra-bendy straw, thank you~" She proceeded to walk over and sit beside Chimney.

Chimney rubbed her head, too dazed by the knock she'd taken from the ork to comment on Lota-Pram's technology. As her drink snappily arrived, the neteki sipped on it while looking about the room. Boyyo crouched under the table at her feet.

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joeden9/28/13 4:03pm
Jamie felt a hell of a lot better after the salve had started to take effect on him, he wasn't feeling so weak; dammed Orks where made for close quarter combat shouldn't have gotten to freaking close to the dam things.

Jamie noticed the twins be protective it was nice and all but he really didn't need it he's been through worse then a light wound like this... Well if it was on the left side yea but the right was right by the heart and it still hurt but he wasn't going to argue at the moment.

He just moved to the bar towards a seat and sat down ordering a drink to calm down a bit and hoping help him remember something. He then turned to the Twins saying, "thanks for the save back there."

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CalicoYorki9/28/13 5:50pm
Eska nodded. "You have become important to me. You were in my thoughts in the months since we left. I am happy we met again." Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey shenanigans strike again.

Meanwhile, Lota-Pram had positioned some kind of hovering, top-like device before her, as she set a dog dish of water before Boyyo. "Drink the tasty water!" Boyyo knelt down, and drank the dish down. Immediately, it plumped up to the point that its legs sprang out from beneath it. Boyyo sighed. ~I detest this feature.~ Lota-Pram laid back with her head on Boyyo, getting comfortable as the floating device projected a holographic cube upwards.

Lota-Pram sipped her fizzy fruit drink with its bendyriffic straw, watching cartoons.

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DreamWeaver9/28/13 7:21pm
Dream-Weaver steps out of the portal, and found himself at The Border, a place at the edge of infinity, the only thing that divides reality with Oblivion

Peering into Oblivion, Dream-Weaver sees nothing, as nothing exists beyond infinity

DW: Let's get this over with

Dream-Weaver places Different on the ground and orders it to wait for him, as he makes his way to the edge, Equinox appears

Equinox: Before you leave, you should know. The only way to get back is to exist

DW: But won't I stop existing once I leave?

Equinox: Yes, that is why it is beyond impossible

Dream-Weaver looks passed the edge, takes a deep breath, and walks through

*Dream-Weaver no longer exists*


Dream-Weaver sees nothing, Dream-Weave hears nothing, Dream-Weaver experiences nothing

An emotionless voice doesn't speak to Dream-Weaver

???: I see you have returned

DW: Void? Is that you?

A formless non-being doesn't appear in front of Dream-Weaver

Void: Yes it is Void, why are you here

DW: I was told to leave and reenter reality, so I can bind myself to it

Void: That's right existence was rebooted wasn't it

DW: Yeah, can you tell me how to get back?

Void: I cannot tell you that

DW: Why not?

Void: Because you do not exist and therefore cannot return

DW: But I do exist

Void: If you existed you would be returned immediately

Dream-Weaver tries to think of a way to prove that he exists

DW: But if I don't exist, then how can I perceive you?

Void: How do you know that you perceive me. All that you perceive is caused by your mind, and the mind will often deceive you, you cannot trust it

DW: In order for my mind to deceive me, there must be a "me" for it to deceive, for if there was no "me" than I couldn't be deceived, therefore I must exist

*Dream-Weaver now exists*


Dream-Weaver suddenly appears leaving Oblivion, at the exact instant he entered

Equinox: I see that you made it

DW: Yeah, remind me to never do that again

Equinox: I have something to give you

DW: You do?

Equinox: By conquering Oblivion, you have earned the right to use this

Equinox summons a pair of balancing scales

DW: What is it?

Equinox: These are the SCALES OF BALANCE, they are my gift to you

Dream-Weaver takes the scales and they disappear into his being

DW: What do they do?

Equinox: That is for you to figure out

Dream-Weaver thinks about calling Equinox out on this, but decides against it, since the more he tries to get a straight answer, the more vague Equinox will be, he's kind of a jerk like that

DW: I guess I should be going then

Dream-Weaver picks up Different and makes his way deeper into reality

Equinox: You should visit more often

DW: How about no?


OOC: I know it looks long, but it really isn't, it's just that the way I type these out make them look longer than they really are

P.S You may have noticed that Void doesn't use question marks when it asks questions, this is intentional

P.P.S There actually is another way to get into Oblivion, and that's from the bar itself, but since there isn't a set border, the line that divides them isn't well defined, as such, entering from there is not advised, as you will likely find yourself stuck somewhere in between

P.P.P.S Remember: What happens in Oblivion, stays in Oblivion...

Mostly because what happens in Oblivion doesn't actually happen, so it can't leave

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