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joeden9/25/13 9:37pm
Jamie felt Puccha grab his neck and he went hurk, but it wasnt that tight and when she went to his head he sighed, and began eating and hoping this new new girl didn't piss off the marines there that would be a world of fun.

The marine Chimmey walked up to was captain Titus he looked to her, taking in her appearance before deciding it wouldn't be harmful to tell her what she wanted to know. Hoping to pick up a little something and said "the chapters provide them to the recruits that survive the tryouts and the training, the implanting of the gene seed and the infusing of the armor to the body. The tech priests are the ones that make the armour for us; I take it you come from a world of scavengers?" Titus waited for her response as Leandros and Sidonous eyed her not sure what to make her out to really be.

Jamie seeing as how well things where going and not let's make a big red mess, he looked to korra and said "the name's Jamie, nice to meet you. Not sure whose on my head but who might you be?" Jamie said as he began to watch and hoped Puccha who he already knew the name because he tried to think of her name for a split second. But he sat there hoping things would stay clean in all respects and manners.

Ooc: sorry if the armour part is wrong I'm not completely sure on how they get it but I know that most of it Is fused with flesh and bone.

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CalicoYorki9/25/13 10:11pm
Chimney nodded, finishing her notes and placing the console back on her hip. "Aye! My people hid deep in the seas, during a time when we were persecuted. Our enemies got theirs, though - their pollution caused the polar ice caps to lose more than half of their volume, and eventually, the rapid climate change caused storms that flooded most of the lands! They attempted to make an exodus, all of our enemies on their ships, but they were sunk.

"So, my people buried the poor saps in proper undersea plots, and began to put their ruins to use! Wanna see my multitool?" Her eyes suddenly lit up with circuitry, as she summoned some kind of huge wrench with a hammer and a pair of prying prongs at one end. "My electromagnetic wrench has enough torque to TEAR A HOLE IN -TIIIIIME!!-" She screamed with glee as a maniacal whirring and flashing started up within the wrench head, before suddenly becoming distracted by her order on the bar. "YAY! IT'S-A TIME TA GET CRACKIN'!!" Chimney did a tuck and roll over to the bar, before springing to her feet.

Resting the first clam against her right gauntlet's palm, she pressed it against her fingers with her thumb. The gauntlet hissed with steam, neatly popping the shell open. She proceeded to make such a display of sucking the creature out of its shell that it does not bear description.

Meanwhile, Puccha Tail shimmied her way down to lean across Jamie's chest, gazing straight up at him. She slowly, deliberately brought the apple to her lips, then took an almighty munch out of it. She looked over to Korra as she contemplatively chewed. Korra began to blink repeatedly, as if hit by a wave of dizziness. "Um," Korra vocalized, "I think she just...Sent some of her memories my way. It looks like she's a spirit or deity where she comes from. She...Pulled a lot - Wow. - a -lot- of pranks, and the sun and moon deities confiscated eight of her nine tails in punishment. She came here to take a break from the one-hundred tasks she has to do to get her tails back." She glared at Puccha flatly. "Don't do your mind tricks without permission, okay?" Puccha gulped her mouthful of apple down, and nodded rapidly.

Sliding away from Jamie, while playfully brushing close to him, Puccha returned to her seat to continue eating her apple. She was surely the most deliberate apple-eater Jamie had ever seen.

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DreamWeaver9/25/13 10:56pm
Dream-Weaver thinks about what the girl said. Being bound to the bar? That can't be, no reality would be so cruel, but yet even when he leaves, he always stumbles back, as if he were drawn to it like a magnet

DW: T-tied to the bar? N-no, I wouldn't say that, this place is just where I originally came from. Yeah

Dream-Weaver is unsure of himself

DW: I spend most of my time traveling reality, jumping from universe to universe, gaining knowledge and insight into eternity, I don't really have a "home" in any set place, reality is my home, this place is just...

Dream-Weaver stops and turns toward Eva

DW: So What about you? What's your story?


OOC: Yeah, he doesn't really like the bar all that much, given what he's gone through because of this place (for more details see previous forum, I'm not going to explain them here), and he also doesn't want to think about the fact that he's stuck here.

DW: That's a lie! I can leave anytime I want!

Sure you can

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joeden9/26/13 9:51am
Jamie felt Puccha get off of him he took a quick look at this trickster, was the most deliberate apple-eater he had ever seen but the second he heard Trickster he got slumped look on his face he didn't really like Tricksters the last one he had to deal with sent him into space on board a Joeden warship in another universe that was under siege by Orcs in mass number to say the least it wasn't fun but the gift he got was. "Well that answers who she is but i don't believe you've given your name?" Jamie was still in no hurry to get back home to the mess that awaited him he needed time away and starting up a few talks would be good to do.

Titus, Leandros and Sidonous stood there with a blank look with Sidonous saying, "that one's completely off her rockers." Titus nodded in agreement while Leandros simply said i believe we have spent enough time in this nut bar." "Just about ready to leave Leandros we still have a couple things to finish up first." Titus said as he began reloading his bolter.

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CalicoYorki9/26/13 11:01am
Korra nodded to Jamie. "I'm Korra, from the Southern Water Tribe. Although, well, I guess that's kind of hard to place, from here..." She scratched her head, shrugged, then went back to eating.

Waking up, Pepper found herself surrounded by a boundary of bottles. Glancing up to Just Violent Enough, exasperated, she found the ghoul-girl wandering listlessly towards the space marines. She seemed to shamble, and Pepper rose with a clatter to make sure nothing went down.

Just Violent Enough wheezed, holding her head. "...Kff, kff..." She swayed a bit, staring at the space marines with glazed-over eyes.

Meanwhile, Puccha Tail watched Just Violent Enough while perched atop the back of the booth seat. Legs bent inward, resting on one hand as she ate her closer to the core, she stared intently at the paleskinned, beige-haired girl.

Benkei, too, seemed ready to intervene if anything transpired.

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joeden9/26/13 6:35pm
"Interesting I'm from the Margate district in Anudurana, but i`ve been moving around from place to place and am now at a ruined bunker." Jamie didn't mind saying this because she couldn't go to his universe, he closed his eyes for a second then he heard a noise and his eyes bolted open to hear.

"SPACE MARINE!!!" was the sound of furious a ork as the door opened, the sound came from a massive Ork war boss as it walked through the doors "you have something of mine space marine I want it, Space Marine. WAAAAGHHH!!!!!" Just after that the ground of the bar shook as more then a couple dozen Orks came running through towards the space marines and then a few splitting off towards everyone else most yelling stuff like "WAAAGH!" And "more humons, more humons to kill!" And "hahahaha kill em all boyz!!! Kill em all!" The horde headed from Chimmey Dream weaver Jamie and Korra and Toph along with everyone else. Jamie quickly jumped up pulling out his pistol shooting a laser bolt at each ork that came. But they had mass number on their side and where coming fast.

Titus, Leandros and Sidonous took immediate action opening fire with a melta gun while Titus charged forwards with his thunder hammer and Leandros was using the vengeance launcher to thin their numbers as the hordes came charging through. Thankfully the ultra marines where able to hold the tide steady and prevent any dangerous numbers from getting past them.

OOC: I`ll change this if its to much a problem for anyone.

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DreamWeaver9/26/13 7:03pm
Dream-Weaver notices the orks barging into the bar, he paid them no mind until one of them ran towards him with the intent of attacking

Dream-Weaver holds out his palm towards the ork

DW: I'm flattered, but I'm not interested right now, perhaps next time

A repulsive force emanates from his palm, throwing the ork to the other side of the bar, mostly unharmed


The female adventurer is drunk and doesn't notice the ork until it's too late, but her pet Ninja Tortoise jumps into it's feet, tripping the ork and snapping its neck as it falls to the ground, but unfortunately it falls on top of him, knocking him out cold

???: NO! Stubby!

The female adventurer loots the body of the dead ork, than picks up the unconscious body of her beloved pet and runs out the door, she only has 60 hours to revive him lest he lose all his levels


OOC:I was actually going to have the new character leave soon anyway, since no one was interacting with her, and this gave me an excuse...

P.S That particular ork is now dead, sorry about that

P.P.S The Ninja Tortoise will probably be okay, she just needs to raise about 5000 gold in 60 hours and then not spend it on beer and he'll be fine...

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Habato9/26/13 8:32pm
Eva admittedly was moved more by the sudden invasion of yelling orks than Dream-Weaver was. AS they blundered in, she shifted into a defensive position, her wings spread wide, her form leaving the ground by a few inches, and her eyes glowing green once again.

When Dream-Weaver so casually ... dealt with one of the orks, she flinched, looking not squeamish, but upset. "Did you have to kill-" She stopped, sighing as she remembered her earlier conversation. Life was life, but these beings had no respect for others' existence, they couldn't be given mercy. "I suppose you would have had to anyway. You are strong..."

She counted the living beings in the bar besides the orks, worry stabbing deeper with each life. Then her face set in a determined calm. They had told her not to get into dangerous situations; well, this wasn't /her/ fault. But Buhbuh will still be really mad. Especially if she doesn't call them right away...But the Council would be interrupted- and they could /not/ have that.

As another of the things came charging their way, Eva let out an animalistic growl, form flipping fluidly to the features of a giant ivory polar bear, and batting the creature away with three stout swipes of the massive, razor-sharp claws. After Eva tossed the ork away, she shifted again to her previous form, moving back with a flap of her wings. She glanced at Dream-Weaver, who seemed calm and uninterested in the chaos erupting in the bar. "Are you going to fight?"
OOC: a fight- all right i suppose. :3 Let's me mess with her powers and whatnot i guess. cool.

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DreamWeaver9/27/13 3:23pm
Dream-Weaver looks at Eva

DW: Kill? I didn't kill him, I don't like killing if I can avoid it

Dream-Weaver notices the ork get back up and rush back towards him, only to be thrown back against the wall again

DW: Looks like I can't avoid it

Dream-Weaver summons his power, claps his hands together, and throws them out towards the orks

Suddenly, all the orks in the bar are lifted into the air, thrashing around but unable to harm anyone, and are thrown into the arena out the back door

Dream-Weaver casually walks towards the arena

DW: You coming or what?


OOC: You appear to have misinterpreted my words, the ork that died was the one who charged towards the unknown human female, the one Dream-Weaver repelled landed "mostly unharmed"

P.S If anyone else wants to fight they'll have to take it outside, where fights are supposed to be *glares at the robotic bouncer for failing to do it's job*

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CalicoYorki9/27/13 3:54pm
Immediately, Just Violent Enough conjured her rifle, and bounded out of the back door. She proceeded to ram the butt of the stock straight through an ork's front teeth. When it stumbled, stunned, she rammed the muzzle into its jugular, and opened fire. An ork smashed its weapon into her knee, twisting it out of place. Just Violent Enough wheezed, and put a shot right through the ork's eye. She managed to fend the rest off as her leg slowly squelched and popped back into its correct alignment.

Pepper, Korra, Chimney, Toph, and Bai'he followed close behind. Pepper's maroon halo with its magenta outline lit up, as pure alcoholic vapors jetted from her mouth and nostrils. Having evaporated all of the alcohol out of her system, she took a vial of some kind out of a belt pouch. Ripping the cork out and knocking the vial back, she proceeded to undergo a gruesome transformation. Her arm muscles bulged, her hands became huge and clawed, her torso became less feminine and more like a lean beast of prey.

When an ork lunged for Pepper, she stopped it on a blindingly fast jab. She spun, and sent it flying towards its comrades. Chimney twisted ork limbs with her wrench, before tossing them high in the air. There, she would use a bolt gun to send high-speed fasteners shooting through their bodies. That was when an orc knocked her on the back of her head, sending her to the ground. The ork was ready for a kill blow -

- But a mighty jut of stone drilled up between its legs from behind. Toph grinned, before levering the stone jut back to send the roaring ork flying overhead. She managed to block a strike with a stone barrier, but the shrapnel struck her elbow with a sickening crunch. She hissed in pain, and the ork closed in. Suddenly, a knifehand to the temple stunned it for a moment. Bai'he fended the ork off with a flurry of dagger-stabs to its face and chest, allowing Korra to send a boulder that squashed the ork against a far wall.

Korra was making full use of the four elements. She sent fissures through the earth, upsetting the orks' footing, before using fire and airbending to dispatch them. Pulling water out of the atmosphere, she periodically sent startlingly accurate spears of ice down into the enemy. She suddenly threw her hand up, stunning an ork behind her with a gust of air. With a roundhouse kick, she sent the ork flying away in flames.

By this time, the orks had dogpiled on top of Just Violent Enough. Pepper snarled, snapping her opponent's neck, before padding over towards the mass of orks. Then, some kind of glittering black and purple fumes hissed out amongst the orks. They all went limp, and fell off like dead bugs - their eyes, mouths, and noses streaming with blood. Just Violent Enough lay limp, her body fairly mangled, but steadily healing. She'd obviously be out of the rest of the fight, though.

Pepper hefted the girl across her shoulders, ignoring the noxious, metallic fumes clinging to Just Violent Enough's body. Her shoulder blades sprouted four bony limbs with spurts of blood, securing the ghoul in place, before Pepper dove back into the fight.

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DreamWeaver9/27/13 4:10pm
Dream-Weaver entered into the battlefield and placed Different on the ground

DW: Engage "sentry mode"

Different: Sentry mode activated...
Target acquired

Different let's loose a barrage of bullets, shooting at the orks as they charges towards them

DW: Good job!

Different beeps in happiness

Dream-Weaver proceeds to stand around and provide witty banter, since Different has it covered


OOC: By the way, Different has been reprogrammed to only attack what it's told to attack, in this case the orks, but you should probably still watch out for stray bullets

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joeden9/27/13 5:14pm
Boss Grimskull got up and turned the flying boulder into rubble and dust with his right hand alone, seeing his troops fall as he got up, he let out a defeathen scream "WAAAAAAAAGGH!!! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM I`M BOSS GRIMSKULL!!! YOU CAN'T JUST TOSS ME LIKE TRASH!!! THIS ENTIRE BAR IS MINE THIS WHOLE PLANET IS MINE WAAAAGHHH!!!" He was furious to say the least then looked to a few werdbo boyz and nodded they were dressed like junkyard shamans and when they raised their hands a massive amount of lightning struck the ground when the dust cleared their was a massive horde at least a hundred or so stompa boyz, at least three dreadnoughts a few ziggs and tankbusta boyz they all let out a thundering "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" Which shook the ground, when they charged the ground really shook but the orks only meet an explosion of a space marine falling/charging with his jet pack into the pack of orks killing a few, he then took down a dreadnought and a few more while the other marines charged the center and right flanks while Titus handled the left. Anyone who watched this would understand if they had tried to pick a fight with them they would have died.

Jamie was the last one out with reason he pressed a button on what looked like a watch, which was really Joeden technology a swarm of silver dust surronded his body and when it dissapeared he was wearing Joeden battle Armour, it was coal black in colour two inches thick and looked a lot like a suit of Armour a knight from midevel england would wear only with out the shoulder blades it was plates on all body part with gaps for the joints to bend and move but where still protected. He had a rifle in hand and ran through the door shooting laser shots out taking the orks down one after another, man did he love his gifts.

OOC: sorry it would be way to long to describe what each unit looks like so here's all of em, but they're all not here on the feild even the space marines would fall to that sort of a number. Also these space marines are all super soldiers among the space marines, well at least Titus is, if you've played space marine you know what he's capable of.

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Habato9/27/13 5:33pm
Eva worriedly watched everyone chase after the orks, speeding in after. As she noticed the groups fighting, she realized fighting hands-on with her powers would only make her get in the way of everyone- she really didn't want to get shot by Different...

With a deep breath to steady herself, she sat on the ground behind the others, putting her hands to the ground. After a moment, vines sprouted, covering her forearms and her aura began to shine green, noticeable even in the light. Sporadically around the arena, vines and plants sprouted from the ground, catching up the enemies, swallowing those unfortunate souls who were too slow to get out of the grip of the vegetation in tree-sized, toxic green vines and giant, amaranthine flower buds. Those who weren't swallowed were still berated by the vines grabbing their appendages, armor, and weapons, slowing them down at the very least. Eva looked up through her raven hair, her eyes glowing even more brightly, as the vines slowly crept up her arms while she created easier targets for the others.

"Undergrowth would be pleased with my progress." She smiled to herself, thriving in the familiar power she felt flowing through the various flora. She was only warming up. "He always did love teaching me these powers."

ooc: okay shoot i did read that wrong. T_T and...oh yeah i'm supposed to control the bouncer- sorry i dropped the ball on that one!! ^^;;; forgot, won't happen again, promise! -crosses heart- ^^; guess i've been more out of practice in keeping up w evrything than i thought....
ALSO, Disclaimer: I don't own Undergrowth, whom I'm referencing here, he's a character from Danny Phantom and rightfully belongs to Butch Hartman/Nickelodeon. Should be obvious what she is w that reference. X3

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joeden9/27/13 5:49pm
However Eva's plan soon backfired Orks=fungus the planets and toxins were inhaled and eaten, as they were being eaten the sounds of gore-test sounds of munching and chewing bring audio visual food to a whole new meaning. The Orks that ate them became stronger and bigger and a hell of a lot more aggressive. The new powered up Orks screamed and ran towards everyone with the intent to brutally kill everyone.

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CalicoYorki9/27/13 5:57pm
Suddenly, a maniacal cackling rose up.

Pepper gave the deepest of siiiiiiiighs. "Everyone, if you're suddenly singed...I'll fix you up. Except for the orks. The orks can burn." She jumped to the side, as a wheel of flames went tumbling past. It bounced all over the arena, hitting as many orks at it missed and nearly torching a space marine, before exploding with shimmering sparks overhead. There, some kind of dreamkeeper, her searing white halo with its fiery orange-red aura lit up, was doing a rapid roll as she fell.

Followed by sparks and fireflowers, she fell with a yodel of, "AI~YI~YI~YI~YI~~~!" Hitting the dirt, she gave off several tiny flare-ups as she sprang up. She appeared to be some kind of red panda, with white markings wherever dark crimson would normally be, and spikey, shoulder-length white hair; wickedly curved and sharp, striped scarlet and red horns above her eyes; a white face with red lips, and fire-shaped markings encircling her eyes; and speaking of her eyes, they were red-orange with several glowing, concentric red circles within. She wore some kind of futuristic kimono, with lightweight, spiked white and gold armor. "MWEE~HEEHEEHEE~! I AM STONED OUT OF
MY MIND RIGHT NOW!! Krff, krrrfffff krff krff!!" She coughed up some kind of glowing magenta fumes then, followed by a whoop of joy.

Pepper glared in disapproval. "I -told you- to stop crackin' vials open before goin' out in public! Yer a damn embarrassment when you're high!!"

The other dreamkeeper struck a pose on one leg. "You are oppressin' me, my sister!! Besides, how ain't -you- an embarrassment when you knock back yo elixirs and go cavortin'!?"

"I -control- my alcoholism! Remember when you did -three- vials at one time, then went streaking right down Kojiki!? I found you passed out in a gutter, -your ass in the air!-"

"That was a statement! The government of Anduruna be oppressin' my faith! I should be free to practice - "

"-You grew up practicing Sacrare just like me! The only difference is that YOU use it to justify your drug addiction by spinnin' some tale 'bout how the Spirits are telling you to get high as a kite!-"

"-THE SPIRITS TALK TO ME!! THEY TELL ME TO SING AND DANCE!! LALALALALA~~~" The striped dreamkeeper began to spin around low, atop her hands, throwing her legs around her.

That was when the stomp boyz came closer. The horned dreamkeeper picked up in a spinning handstand, legs stretched all the way out, as she began to spark and scream with flames again. Pepper's fingertips bled, then protruded huge, spiralled spikes of bone. With a unified cry of "WE AIN'T TALKIN' TO YOU!!", the two 'keepers sent their attacks into the midst of the stomp boyz.

Korra looked at Pepper expectantly. She muttered quietly:

"...This is Clover. My baby sister."

Clover was crouched, dozing off.

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