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CalicoYorki9/23/13 8:11pm
Suddenly, the box booth disappeared. Gwyn leapt out, cackling madly. "Thanks, Doc! I feel like a changed demoness!" She reached into her suit jacket, and tossed several gold bars over the bar. "IT'S A CELEBRATION!! Consider their tabs on me!! GWAH HAH HAH!!" She proceeded to kick the door open and frontflip into the beyond.

The Doctor, meanwhile, was replacing his bulky attire. "Well, no time for me to waste being bone-idle! It's time I was off to the French Revolution! Toodle pip!" It was then that the room was filled by a curious noise. It went -vwooorp! vwooorp! vwooorp!- The Doctor opened the door out of the bar and grille, and was greeted by the TARDIS. "Time and relative dimensions in space! How wonderful to see you found me safely, old girl!" He bounded clear through the non-linear space, into the open doors of the TARDIS, and into the time vortex.

Pepper sighed, yanking the top off of a bottle of fermentae with her teeth. "I'll miss that wackaloon. Ahhh, my special hornet venom and honey flavor mixture, how I missed you, baby." She proceeded to knock the bottle back, and began to chug. Just Violent Enough gazed at this display of rampant alcoholism, fascinated. Eska and Chaka still ate.

~ ~ ~

And now, for something somewhat different.

Through stone catacombs, two figures walked. One had ivory-pale skin, black hair styled up in a large bun, and pupil-less, mint green eyes. She wore plain green and yellow robes, with leather on her upper body that extended into tooled panels about her waist, and a band over her shoulder connected to a long bag. She walked with her head bowed, but seemed to feel her way out with her feet just as well. She appeared to be sixteen, or possibly seventeen.

The man accompanying her had roughened, light tan skin, messy, dark brown hair, a thin beard, and a mustache that hung two long strands. He wore a headband, and a cloak or mantle over most of his upper body. On his belt underneath were many, many pouches, and many more were on his vest and pantlegs. He also had a few blades sheathed on his person. "Toph Bei-Fong, did you bring me down here to ravish me? At least take me to the sweets shop to share a hot chocolate first, you sly woman you!" He narrowly dodged the fissure that was sent back towards him. They were beginning to pass huge jars of food, and weapons leaned up against the wall.

Toph snapped at her companion, "Shut up, Bai'he. I found something that wasn't down here on my last visit, but I couldn't feel out what exactly it was without direct contact. You're the only guy in this place who never seems to have anything to do." She cut Bai'he off as he opened his mouth. "Buying candy doesn't count when you're a conscripted mercenary." She cut him off again. "Nor does making candy for yourself." She slid her foot across the stone, and chose to head down a side passage. Bai'he shrugged and followed after.

They arrived near the end of the passage, and sunken into the wall, there was something unnatural. It bore the effigy of a demon's face. It was made of a strange metal that seemed to pulse with a heartbeat. Still, all things considered, it was..."Congratulations, Madame Blind Bandit," Bai'he snarked, "you have called me down here to investigate a -door.- Albeit a very unpleasant one..." All of a sudden, Toph clapped him on the back with such force that he flew into and through the door.

She sighed. "Do I leave him, do I follow him and finish beating him up, or do I follow him and save him?" An even deeper sigh. "Right. Save his sorry rear, then when he's safe, finish beating him up." She passed through the rippling door, expecting to end up in an evil lair, or some humming spiritual world. Rather, she felt warm wood beneath her feet, veritably quaking not with evil machinations, but with rollicking and revelry. Toph sighed once more. "This whole other-worlds thing is Aang's thing, seriously." At the mention of that name, Korra began to choke.

Fighting her food down, she looked over her shoulder to see Toph. Seventeen-year-old Toph. Korra really regretted how she'd acted at that age. And here, she could see the founder of the Metalbender Police Corps., one of the greatest earthbenders to ever live, the earthbender to tutor the previous avatar, at that same age. She was roughly Aang's age when they met, and while Aang became wiser with age, Toph became...How to say...Even more difficult.

Which she proved by standing uncomfortably close to Jamie, staring at the floor so that her bangs obscured her eyes. "Tell me why I've ended up in some swanky bar, when I should be beating some basics into punks at the fort. Better yet, tell me why there are apparently giant gorilla-goats rampaging around." Bai'he, meanwhile, had invited himself to trade some of the twins' candied berries for a couple of pieces of toffee. The twins were too absorbed in how very chewy and sweet the toffee was to register that he was having the lot of that dish's berries.

~ ~ ~

OOC: I claim no ownership of the character Toph Bei-Fong, non-profit, fan-based, et ceteras.

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joeden9/23/13 9:52pm
GIANT GROLLIA-GOATS!!! Was the first thing Jamie heard and he quickly acted by grabbing toph by the back of her shoulders and quickly forced her to the ground, missing the power axe that would have given her a splitting headache which planted itself into a wall, "are you freakin nuts?? Do you know what you just insulted??" Before Jamie could give an answer Leandros walked towards them saying "you dare insult a space marine? One of the god emperor's angels of death? You will pay heretic" "Leandros cool your steel can't you see shes blind!" Captain Titius said as he moved to stop Leandros, who quickly said "she insulted us and the emperor I cannot allow this to pass!" Jamie at this point was already up to the already infuriated space-marine saying "she's very, very sorry for the insult I promise it won't happen again lord space-marine." At this captain Titus nodded saying "see that it dosen't," he then led Leandros back over to Sidonous to finish their planing after recovering the power axe from the wall. Jamie then got Toph up saying are you sucicidal or something??? You don't ever insult a space-marine." Jamie said in a bit of quiet voice adding, "please don't start anything those guys can kill everyone in here without breaking a sweat."

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CalicoYorki9/23/13 10:56pm
Toph's look was not reassuring. Her wide, leering grin was almost bloodthirsty. "Three," she sneered. "Enhanced heartbeats. Heavy armor. If that armor's metal, then I'll - " She suddenly found a thin veneer of water coalescening over her mouth, making her voice indiscernible. She whirled on Korra, as the water turned to steam. "Waterbender. Explain." Benkei vacated his seat just in time for Toph to slam her way into the booth.

Korra sighed, resting her fingers on her temple. She couldn't begin to describe where they were in, as even she didn't know herself. "I'm guessing you're the Avatar after Twinkle-toes?" Korra stared with her mouth hanging open; was she more amazed that Toph had caught on so quickly, or that she had called her predecessor 'Twinkle-toes'? "Calm down. Aang always gets this feeling in his pulse when he doesn't know what to do, and needs someone to shove him in the right direction." She propped one leg up on the table, grinning as she wiggled her dirty toes. "It really shows when someone's got the world on their shoulders, and the world just got a little heavier." She lowered her foot, and proceeded to help herself to some smoked venison. Korra smiled, shaking her head in disbelief, and began to wolf down a couple of rolls.

Amazingly, Pepper was already blitzed. Just Violent Enough had made a game out of strategically outlining the hyena dreamkeeper's dozing body in emptied bottles. Bai'he had just finished a bowl of candied blackberries, and was providing the twins with a steady supply of treats. (The most evident upshot was that it shut them up while they ate) As for Benkei, he stood as a peaceful sentinel off to the side.

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joeden9/23/13 11:37pm
Jamie couldn't believe what he was hearing, this kid was about to pick a fight with the angels of death how nuts was she? He sighed saying "listen kid those guys over there are called the angels of death for a reason and where they come from its a pretty good reason, they're super soldiers with two hearts three lungs acid spit advanced mental capacity they have two hundred years of constant war in one book that they memorized cover to cover." Jamie said as he got his drink again, how wonderful first a demon, crazed religious loonies then space marines now this girl what next, really what next. Jamie then stood between the booth and the marines to make sure something wouldn't happen or try to prevent it in any way.

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DreamWeaver9/24/13 12:48am
The door to the bar swings open, and a human female with brown hair Walks in, based on her outfit she appears to be some form of adventurer

???: Sweet! A new tavern, maybe now I can get a decent drink!

She walks over to the bar and pours 2378 gold coins onto the counter

???: Just keep those drinks coming!

From the open door walks in a small tortoise dressed as a ninja, it slowly makes it's way over to it's master

???: And get something for Stubby as well!


OOC: Who is this new person? Find out next time on "Nexus interdimensional bar & grille"

Same bat-time, same bat-channel!

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CalicoYorki9/24/13 2:24am
Nothing which Jamie said seemed to satisfy Toph, and she still seemed to be contemplating a fight with the heavily-armored giants. This was when Bai'he nimbly sprung to his feet, and strolled over to her.

"Toph," he said quietly, "in the time you'll have injured a single one of those warriors, they'll have killed or mortally wounded an unacceptable number of people in here. I know you don't think very highly of my methods, but this is most definitely a fight best avoided." He suddenly grinned, and reached into his cloak-mantle. From behind his lower back, he drew a couple of telescoping, dark gray kali sticks of a kind. "If you insist, though, I'd happily oblige your hankering for a fight. I love our sparring matches, after all." He stepped back, grinning, as Toph rose with her own leering smile.

Widening her stance, Toph held her arms out loosely with the backs of her hands presented. She approached in sweeping steps which allowed her to almost sneak in under Bai'he's guard. Almost being the operative word - spinning his kali sticks, he leaped up atop a table to escape Toph's lightning-quick blows. His darting, agile movements rocked the table slightly, as he moved his hands in tight, rapid circles while striking blow after blow down on Toph. The blind earthbender nearly took Bai'he's legs out from under him, before he backflipped into a kick off of the wall.

This brought him to a crouch directly in front of Toph. His twin sweeping strikes were blocked by her short, controlled kicks. Blocking several jabs with his kali sticks using the same circular hand motions, Bai'he did a series of cartwheels to escape. For a while, the two appraised each other...

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joeden9/24/13 12:17pm
At this point Jamie just shook his head grabbed his food from the wrecked booth thankfully it was untouched, Jamie looked at korra with his things in hand and said "would it be okay if i sit here? My seat is kinda wrecked." Jamie finish hoping not to be hit by the couple of brawlers.

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CalicoYorki9/24/13 12:49pm
Korra smiled. "Of course!" She scooted her own tray of food over to make room for Jamie, and continued eating.

Meanwhile, Toph's and Bai'he's sparring had locked them in fierce contest. Toph definitely had Bai'he on the ropes, forcing him to repeatedly dodge or deflect the jabs she sent for his face. It was all he could do to match her kick for kick, to prevent her from knocking him off balance.

Given just whom he was tangling with, it was inevitable that sooner or later, Bai'he would make one slip. Toph landed a low, jarring kick to his calf, upsetting the fighter's balance. A number of quick jabs to his ribs caused Bai'he to drop to the floor, kali sticks clattering from his hands. Holding his chest, he wheezed quietly.

Toph grinned, giving a victory whoop. "That's what you get for your snark!"

Bai'he decided to chill out on the floor for a while.

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joeden9/24/13 8:33pm
Jamie sat down setting his food down and on a clear place he set down the map which now had drawings and sketches of defenses and repairs along with costs and words like H.R.P.G.C.T and others like M.T which was the most on the sheet but other things like D.T and F.T followed it was very, very well detailed to say the least about the sheet. Jamie left it sitting and started to eat his pizza, enjoying some of the smaller comforts in life as it is and really should be.

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CalicoYorki9/25/13 6:08am
Suddenly, the door opened and closed in quick succession.

It seemed that no one had entered, at first, until something came padding out. It was a slender, goldenfurred fox, marked in black on its flanks and paws, with attentive eyes - bearing black sclera and glowing aquamarine irises. Around the neck was a golden band, with a large, light teal bow securing a mirror with a delicately engraved sun motif. Wherever its dainty paws treaded, glowing aquamarine flowers and shoots sprouted; as it passed, they scattered, and faded into glimmering motes of light.

Benkei and Korra alertly watched the fox, as it padded over towards the heavily-breathing Bai'he; lowering its head, the fox breathed into his side. A slight glow of aquamarine rippled across his body, and suddenly, he seemed relieved of his pain. Toph hummed; "Whatever the deal is with the four-legged one, it looks like it healed Bai'he." Bai'he nodded, rising up in confusion. The fox circled him once, twice, then padded off after running its body gently along him.

Strangely, whenever anyone wondered on a name for this fox, a name appeared in their mind: "Puccha Tail." It also seemed evident now that Puccha was female, for some reason. Sitting back on her haunches beside Jamie, she licked the top of her front paw.

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joeden9/25/13 7:40am
Jamie payed no attention to the fox he just sat and ate his food once, was done his pizza he moved the plate to place it on a pile of dirty dishes. From korra's food, he then went for his garlic bread and his paper, which he started jotting things down on again muttering about where to move this and that and how to do this and that. He also muttered a bit about the costs shaking his right leg up and down in a small pattern to relief stress, with little effect he just began to jot things down still working on one thing or another.

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Habato9/25/13 6:19pm
The girl looked confused for a moment until a look of realization came to her. "Oh, so it's a bit like a ghost's lair? Are you tied to this place then?" She asked with a smile. "Buhbuh says Sol and I used to have lairs, but they were locked away for some reason...I forgot to say, my name is Wild Flower, but most people call me Eva." Eva's eyes glowed an ethereal green, sclera and all encased in the solid light for a second or two, as if her form recognized the use of her own name. The moment passed, but still her eyes glowed ever so slightly with her skin as she continued. "So is this your lai- I mean," She paused reconsidering her words. "Is this place your home, then?"

f-four pages.....T_T you guys work fast. i...what even happened while i was gone???? O.o
Sorry for the wait, btw! ^^;

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CalicoYorki9/25/13 6:41pm
Soon, with their meal finished and their things packed up, Eska and Chaka rose to leave.

As they passed Jamie, Eska reached down the front of her cloak, and retrieved a blank sheet of paper with a few lines on it. In the 'background' was the light image of a tree, and seven stars. "This is a blank check," she droned, handing it to Jamie. "Fill in however much lucre you will need to repair damages. My sister and I live in northern Ruskol. We will make a prayer for your group's recovery." This bizarrely generous gesture by their standards finished, Eska and Chaka used their Power(s) to heft their things, and carry them out of the door and into a night blizzard.

Meanwhile, Puccha Tail seemed to smile up at Jamie with her eyes. She padded underneath the table, leaving nothing but softly glowing, withering, dissolving flowers and sprouts withal. Suddenly, an aquamarine radiance and a bloom of some kind of aura shone from underneath the table. Korra looked under the table, but ducked away; a young woman with a pleasing figure, her golden-white hair tied back in a ponytail, clamored up. Her jeweled eyes, fox's ears and tail, as well as swirling black markings along her limbs betrayed her nature. She wore naught but long, ochre-hued strips of cloth, wrapped around her torso and limbs just enough to preserve her decency.

So light and graceful as to not disturb one single thing atop the table as she crawled over, Puccha took a seat beside of Jamie, smiling at him. Adjusting in her seat, she looked at the dreamkeeper from various angles. Never once did she say a word.

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joeden9/25/13 7:12pm
Jamie looked surprised by the check and nodded giving a thanks he set the check down on the table and began to think he had at least ten billion lurce in the guild's vault and the repairs alone was forty-five million in materials. Jamie also had thirty grand on the funeral costs, so he filled the check for thirty grand for the funerals. Jamie took some notice to the light under the table but before he could check it, he saw the girl merge beside him and at this point he was a little more confused from this and he said "hello," as the girl looked him over this was interesting to say the least.

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CalicoYorki9/25/13 8:53pm
Puccha suddenly turned to the tray, and lowered her profile. She 'snuck' an apple of some kind off of Korra's tray - in spite of being in plain view - then curled up beside Jamie. Looking up at him, she took a loud bite out of her treat.

Then, all of a sudden, the door flew open with a splash of sea water. It carried with it a conch, a couple of starfish, some kind of cuttlefish with a single cycloptic eye, and a hunk of some kind of robot's head. Puccha wrapped her arms around Jamie's neck for protection (still taking another munch of apple), as a figure in some kind of futuristic version of an antique diving suit strode in. They politely shut the door behind them, as their suit depressurized with a cloud of steam, obscuring them from view.

When the steam cloud faded, there stood a girl with golden eyes, a ruddy, smiling face, and white hair in a short moptop of dreadlocks (each as thick as a child's fist, and bound just before the ends with crimson bands). She wears a skintight, striped black and crimson bodysuit, beneath a shortsleeve black coat with umber orange lining and fittings, and waterproof working jeans, as well as armor plated gauntlets and boots; on the backs of her gauntlets, and around her circuitry-covered belt, were circles aglow with humming energy. Some kind of mechanical apparatus was rested on her upper back and shoulders, and an armor plate with inset goggles was strapped across her brow.

She pitched a half-undone pouch of dubloons onto the bar. "Clams, oysters, beer, thanks!" As if magnetized, she clomped over to the nearest space marine. "Chimney's the name, salvage is my game! Who makes your armor?" Her eyes roved over the marine's armor, disregarding the man underneath. "Technology like this is a treasure! Instruments of war, brilliance in design...My people would call this, 'art!'" Taking some kind of typing console off her hip - drawn out on a metal cord - and began to record.

Still draping herself over Jamie, Puccha munched away at her apple as she watched. Then, she nearly clamored atop his shoulders to get a better view of the inborne cuttlefish as it squirm-walked towards the door - gibbering with indignation.

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