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joeden9/21/13 9:48am
Jamie looked up at Eska with an eyebrow raised, mostly surprised that someone would call him a peasant; called a peasant was insulting to him in every way which made him angry he then took a breath and said "peasant? Did you honestly just call me a peasant you spoiled brat." Jamie then took another drink to wash away this feeling of anger he had at being called a peasant the nerve of people, like really who goes around speaking like that.

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CalicoYorki9/21/13 11:48am
Eska stared blankly at Jamie. Then: "Chaka, conference." The two huddled off to one side, chattering to each other in hushed voices. Pepper shook her head in exasperation at the twins, before returning to showing Just Violent Enough the various medicinal plants and poultices she carried on her. She seemed to be some kind of apothecary.

Finally, Eska and Chaka separated. "We both want to apologize," Eska said. "We've talked, and decided that I was being rude, and that Chaka was being rude. We hope you'll forgive us, and allow us to drink our tea to the seats immediately to your left and right." This politeness elicited a quiet hum approval from Benkei, who still sipped his green tea.

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joeden9/21/13 6:41pm
"Fine, fine, fine whatever have your drinks just don't insult me again; today is already bad enough without more being added." Jamie said as he ordered another Hell's frozen over crack jack but this time the bottle and began to drink after ordering a burger and onion rings. He then put the bottle down pulling out a piece of paper and began to look over the map of the compound trying to assest the damages from the nightmare attack, and what needed to be repaired.

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CalicoYorki9/21/13 7:17pm
Chaka looked down at the paper. "12,376 lucre," she instantly assessed, before taking a looong sip of Darjeeling tea.

Eska also noted the notations. "That is an absurd amount of damage. The Nightmares are emboldened by the chaos in the natural world. My sister and I possess the wealth necessary to fund repairs and armaments. We could also pray for a benediction." She suddenly invaded Jamie's personal space to sniff at his alcohol. "Haugh," she gutturally grunted, leaning away.

Chaka and Eska held a conference over Jamie's head. "Sister," Chaka murmured, "I believe that your 'type' are the rough-hewn young men who grew up scuffling for their supper in the streets? You know, like the star of the movie 'Alleys and Avenues?' A classic movie." She nodded, returning to her tea.

Eska nodded back. "You are correct, sister. I do so fancy diamonds in the rough. And few diamonds shine like this jagged crystal." The smile she gave Jamie was rather like a dark ryuu-neko that had just set its mind to eating the pet bird.

"You amuse me," she smirked. "Youwillbemine."

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joeden9/21/13 8:59pm
Jamie had payed little mind to the conference the two were having over him, he was racking numbers in his head for the repares and what he needed for the funerals.

"Youwillbemine." At those words Jamie looked up and said "what?" In a surprised/wierded/confused/shocked voice, he put his drink down and looked at her and the smile she had gave him concern he then said "now listen sister I don't know who you are or what you want but I do not belong to you or anyone, so you can just back off okay?" At this point Jamie was now getting up to back away from the two as his food arrived. It looked soo good and all but getting away from crazy times two was a little more important.

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CalicoYorki9/21/13 9:37pm
"The Nightmares are emboldened because the spirits no longer favor Anduruna," Eska sighed, as if this was the hundredth time she'd uttered this. "In times long past, the Spirits made strong the Powers which fend off Nightmares. A pilgrimage would be made to prepare one for their challenges. Now, Andurunans pay tithes to fools in tall hats who declare themselves worthy of pardoning sins. A reckoning is coming and Anduruna may not stand through the storm."

She shrugged. "I suppose I'm just not pretty enough to be your girlfriend. Could we at least discuss what exactly has transpired while we all eat?" At some point, one of the sisters had made an order; based on the receipt ticket, it was "kopcha steaks with Ruskolan greens and berries." Strangely, three plates were offered. Behind and to the side of Jamie, Chaka had set up a large, ink-marked pelt, and was now setting hers and Eska's plates, teaset, and additional silver-wrought dishes of roasted nuts and candied berries; portions of these last dishes had been added to all three plates. Inside of engraved, hollowed animal horns, three laid out for either sister, several kinds of smoked fish were stored. In the center of it all, atop the midsection of a fruiting tree design, a silver dish with an etched soapstone-inlaid lid was opened, to reveal some kind of deeply-burning, scented coals and embers.

Eska slid the third plate of food into the dish, causing it to flare with flames of orange and blue and emerald green. "Thank you for gracing us, Spirit. You and your brethren are forever welcome amongst our clan." The flames simmered down, and as the soapstone-adorned lid was replaced, tiny vents allow lightly-scented fumes to puff out. Eska and Chaka sat with legs folded, their fingers steepled and interwoven neatly. "Bless this meal, and bless these people, and bless the valorous heroes fighting oppression, and bless the pilgrims on their voyages for knowledge and peace throughout the lands. Even should city walls and pillars in your honor crumble to dust, may the people who love and honor you, you indomitable spirits, prosper for all of time. We are worthy, we are blessed, we are thankful. You are forever welcome wherever our bloodline flows." They separated their hands, and clapped one, twice, thrice.

With this ritual at an end, they began to enjoy their meal.

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joeden9/21/13 10:07pm
Jamie sat back down said his own silent prayer, after he finished he began to slowly eat his onion rings first. Looking over to the twins, he said after they were done saying their prayer "it's not that I don't think think your not pretty its just that, *Jamie lets out a sigh that one could tell was burdened with pain.* nevermind on that, lets change the subject shall we?" Jamie finished as he picked up his burger his wedding ring visible on his finger, but the reason for wanting to change the subject was because of the pain of the memories of the attack. But the burger tased good at least and it was the best he had ever tasted in his life the juicy flavour the whole thing was beautiful a true art to be told.

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CalicoYorki9/21/13 10:37pm
For a time, the sisters silently kept to their partaking in the humble banquet. Pepper looked quite obviously famished, Benkei was able to successfully hide his hunger, and both seemed impressed by how the sisters enacted their ritual. Then, when two more plates were passed down - sat on the other side of the inked pelt from Eska and Chaka - it became apparent that the meal was not intended to just be for them. Pepper crowded in, with Just Violent Enough staying close to her side; Benkei made his hushed thanks as he sat.

The sisters ate everything by hand. They had rolled up their sleeves and removed their gloves, showing intricate designs from the lines marking their entire bodies. They would tear off however big a leaf they needed from their layering on the bottom of the plates served by the bar and grille; they would proceed to wrap berries, nuts, fish, and sometimes, pieces of the juicy, venison-like steak within, and eat this wrap slowly. As Pepper and the others followed their lead, Chaka leaned over to Eska; "Sister they have adopted our customs. It is very cute to watch." Pepper just glared flatly at her over a wrap.

Eska nodded; "Indeed, sister. They are most deeply steeped in our culture and traditions. It is a beauteous holding of hands across cultures just as father envisioned." She looked up to see Jamie eating. "That is so typically Andurunan. Thankfully this Nexus makes everything well. Tell me your story in the most engaging way possible." She gnawed the end off of a leaf wrap of nuts and fish idly.

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joeden9/21/13 11:14pm
Jamie had manners, he was civilized to some point and degree, that was viewed as acceptable in public. And he wasn't one to waste time eating the burger and onion rings where gone within a couple of minuets to say the very least. He saw how the others where eat and he thought them to be crazy; you eat when you got food you don't play with it you eat it was simple as that. When he was asked the question he blinked for a second before replying to the first remark as well "to put it simple food is meant to be eaten not played with, as for my story I prefer not to say its because of a promise and other reasons." Jamie then ordered a loaf of garlic bread another set of onion rings and a pizza before saying "but to put it simple, I grew up at the compound done years of work, joined a group then within the last few weeks everything's been going to hell in a hand basket. Really that's all I have to say, honestly." Jamie wasnt lying just giving a very basic view of his life long story is abducted by an entiy, worked as a bounty hunter, joined the guild, went to war, killed some nightmares and then what happened in the last few weeks.

OOC: I'm on my iPod not wanting to type that story out at the moment to long to do.

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CalicoYorki9/22/13 9:24am
Chaka leaned over. "Sister, he dismissed our customs handed down from time immemorial as trivial."

Eska nodded. "Yes, sister. That kind of ambivalence and arrogance is precisely why Anduruna is doomed. I will miss the peons in the city when they are gone."

"Will you -really- sister?"

"Of course not Chaka. I hate the commoners with a passion in general. Some such as Vi are acceptable but the rest are hopeless."



"Haugh. Haugh. Haugh."


"Fellow dreamkeepers," Eska snapped dully, "laugh at my humorous quip."

Pepper sighed. "Eska, you and your sister are hopeless in your own special way."

The twins chose to ignore this statement.

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, a lone figure wandered across an icy wasteland. She had just gone out to take a walk, honestly - but she could swear she spotted someone who belonged nowhere near the pilgrimage camp, and had gone to chase them down.

However, they moved with inhuman speed and coordination, and in no time, the pursuer was lost utterly. She could find her way almost anywhere, but the clouds obscured the stars, and there was just enough snow on this dark winter's night to make navigation impossible. She was sure that she knew this place well, but there was no way to spot anything familiar.

She had dark tan skin, and deep brown, almost black hair - tied up in a ponytail, with two soapstone bands tying a pair of lengths to frame her face. Hardly dressed for this kind of weather, her cheeks were pale and chapped, as were her lips. Frozen snowflakes were stuck to her hair, and her sky blue eyes were struggling to stay open. If she could just find a cave or something, she could rest through the night - but there was no such thing in sight. If she collapsed, it would be the end of her.

This was when she heard the keening wail behind her. "Not now! Anything but this right now!" She spun, sending a stream of water erupting out of the very snow toweards her assailant. Her attack slowed it down, but only just. It had a hunched, hulking body, and long, bandy limbs. Its form distended and distorted as it darted closer in bounding advances.

Calming her misted breathing, the fur and pelt-clad young woman raised her hands. The snow began to change its course, flying against the wind to form into a frozen shell on the assailant. This was only ever intended to be a distraction, which was proven a wise prediction: the beast's entire mass slithered out through a chink in the leg coverage, and it came so close that its huge, glowing eyes were visible.

The young woman was already making sweeping, circular motions with her hands and arms. Ribbons of vapor wound around the beast, and began to glow with light. The creature's entire body was aglow, as it stumbled and dropped its arm. Even this carried enough force to send the young woman tumbling through the air. As she fell through the snow, she could see an unspoken apology in its eyes. She whispered her forgiveness, as she fell below the surface.

Then, things became a little bit strange. She came to on a warm, wooden floor, with her head rested on a rug. Looking around the bar and grille, she became steadily more oriented. When she saw Eska and Chaka, she flatly stared in disbelief. She supposed there had to be weird, creepy twins in -every- world, or it wouldn't be difficult enough.

"I give up," Avatar Korra sighed, "where am I?"

~ ~ ~

OC: DUN DUN DUN. I claim no intellectual property of Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

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joeden9/22/13 12:48pm
Jamie found this insulting, really insulting to say the least he took a sigh before saying "you know your little "customs" as you call them are the weirdest and most whack-est thing i`ve ever seen were did you pick it up? The funny farm because from what i`ve seen of you too, you've come stright from there, honestly no manners in any form. As for calling me a peon? that's more insulting then being called a peasant. To be honest i have killed nightmares that have more manners and are a hell of a lot more respectable then you two." Jamie then took his food and the drinks he quickly ordered to a booth off to a side booth.

The nerve of some people really people like that deserve to be sent to the front lines of nightmare wars they'd be able to nag the bloody things to death or at least clean out some of the rotten parts of society it would help clear things out. Jamie was so frustrated at this he ignored korra siting down he began to eat, he had that amazing ability to eat and eat and eat and never gain a pound it was an amazing ability to have, but as he ate he still looked things over on his work sheet.

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CalicoYorki9/22/13 1:57pm
Both Eska and Chaka slowly rose. Their food was abandoned, and both stepped past the others at their pelt in unison. Pepper sighed; "Look, barkeep, whatever the twins do, put it on that demoness's tab." The mummified barkeep nodded, as Eska and Chaka stood across from Jamie.

Suddenly, their fuschia halos materialized. "We were not talking to you, wretch," they said in a low, murderous monotone. From within Eska's robes, glowing purple chains - four in total - slithered out. Glowing pink tendrils extended out of Chaka's sleeves, becoming a huge, serrated blade, and a morningstar. "One who has not made the pilgrimage should not get above himself." The bottles, the mugs, everything quaked; dust was shaken out of the rafters. Both twins gained glowing eyes, purple for Eska, pink for Chaka. The two loomed closer.

Then, they found Korra placing herself between them. "From what I've seen, you're a couple of bratty spiritual supremacists who use their faith to hide away from the material world." She planted her feet, and drew her hands in. Air swirled in little vertices around her, and fiery sparks danced about her hands. "I really hate people who say they -know- the spirits." Suddenly, pure water was drawn out a few of the seemingly endless drink bottles. "I'm a few years past my conflict with my world's spirits, but you two seem like you're in-tune. Why don't you ask -your- spirits what they think about me?" Eska and Chaka both looked at each other. They then closed their eyes.

Their armaments disappeared. Their halos dimmed, and faded. They knelt and bowed deeply. "We apologize, Avatar Korra," both droned. "We did not realize your eminence." The slightly older Korra seemed very perturbed by this display.

The Avatar rolled her eyes, ending the elemental display and returning the water to the bottles of booze. "Please, just get up," she said, undoing her furlined jacket. "I don't like people to lower themselves to me." Eska and Chaka rose, and returned to their meal.

Korra turned to Jamie. "Please, don't rile them up. If they're anything like my twin cousins, it's best to just play along, and not prod at them. Plus, it's not worth anyone's time to fight with psychos who think the spirits want them to brawl in bars. If I've learned anything as the Avatar, it's that you're gonna run into more fights that -aren't- worth fighting than those that -are.-"

She proceeded to scan a menu on a table. Picking it up, she stroked her chin, and looked for something to try..."Barkeep!" She held the menu up. "Two of everything on here!" The mummy barkeep nodded, and shuffled off to his tasks.

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joeden9/22/13 5:55pm
Jamie saw this attack coming, getting up from his seat he put his hand into his pocket ready to take out his gift pistol but when Korra stepped in he let go of the pistol and sat back down beginning to eat saying before "I really don't care what people think anyone who calls a person a peasant or a peon gets no respect from me." Jamie then began eating his Hawaiian pizza still accessing the damages done. Still a little out of nerve about the twins oh how he hated those two loonies they really needed a an attitude adjustment, really people still trying to access the damage he had started to wonder about the bar, but mostly about the things he saw.

This avatar korra what was she he'd never seen anyone that looked like her or that Doctor, to come to think of it they sort of looked like the Joedens only without the spots. But what were they really? This is what ran through Jamie's head as he sat at the booth eating and working.

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CalicoYorki9/23/13 5:12am
While she waited for her food to be prepared, Korra sat in a booth behind Jamie. Her cheeks and lips were still raw from the blizzard, but this didn't seem to bother her. Her eyes were blue like a cloudless sky, and obviously knew more than her age suggested. She appeared to be twenty-three, but clearly, being 'the Avatar' had led her to become startlingly mature and aware. Plus, anyone who could put Eska and Chaka in their place without an all-out brawl had to have seen some life-changing experiences.

She was idly spinning a napkin on a little air current, moving her hand in slow, gentle circles, when a figure sat down across from her. Benkei nodded to her, as Korra allowed the napkin to gently float down and fold into place. "You are an admirable young woman," he said in his rumbling, sage voice. "Many would meet the force of those twins with greater force, and cause great damage to the surroundings in subduing them. It takes a brave person to meet violence with peace, to quell anger without one's own rage interfering. Where I come from, there are people twice your age who could bear to learn a lesson from how you just defused that situation." He inclined his head, as Korra's weather-beaten face blushed. "Forgive me. I should have expected you to be an individual who is uncomfortable with unexpected praise. Please, tell me about where you come from." Legs folded in the booth's spacious seat, Benkei attentively gazed at Korra with his dark, sunken eyes.

Korra folded her hands on the table, and gazed down at them for a long time. It took her quite some time to speak. "I come from a world that's on the brink of great developments, at any given time," she finally replied. "Specifically, I come from a place and people called the Southern Water Tribe. Many people in the world I come from are able to use martial arts as a medium to direct the elements; not control, like I used to think, but guide them. I was really hotheaded, and not suited to the tasks of the Avatar when I first faced my greatest challenges. I suppose I wouldn't be the woman I am today without the hardships I faced and the mistakes I made, but when I reflect on myself back then..." She chuckled, shaking her head. "Seriously, it would have gone -so- much more smoothly if I knew -half- of what I know now. But we don't know everything in the beginning - and now, I can be a person who can be depended on in peace, rather than just reliable to bust some heads in a fight.

"I guess I should explain what being the Avatar even means," Korra realized. "Well, the Southern and Northern Water Tribes raise waterbenders; the Earth Kingdom houses earthbenders; the Fire Nation is home to firebenders; and the Air Nomads are airbenders. The Avatar is born into each land in cycles, when they're most needed. Avatar Aang was an Air Nomad before me, and before him, Avatar Roku was born into the Fire Nation. The Avatar alone can master all four elements, and is the living link between the material world and the spiritual world. I'm glad that it's a position that translates well, or I would have had to fight those twins, and that would have gotten -very- ugly." She looked up at Benkei, wordlessly looking for a response.

Benkei gave a heavy sigh, and nodded. "Those twin 'dreamkeepers' are something I would not look forward to fighting," the warrior-monk nodded. "They were willing to kill for a perceived disrespect of their beliefs, and called down an entity of rage so strong as to stir the very fiber of this curious place. It is fortunate that you seem prepared to abate a fight readily."

Korra sighed, smiling wryly. "Yeah," she mused, "that's another skill I could have used when I was young." It was then that her towering arrangement of food was delivered by two mummy waiters. Set down on the table, Benkei could hardly see her over the top of it. "Excellent," Korra grinned. "I was about to head for home from a spiritual pilgrimage on the next day, when I ended up here. This is a great way to end a fast!"

Now, it was time for Benkei to be amazed at how rapidly Korra could eat.

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joeden9/23/13 10:42am
Just then the front door of the bar burst open and the ground began to shake as three ultramarines came bursting through in a hurry the floor beneath them rumbled as they hurried into the bar the sounds of "WAAAAAAGGHHH!!!!" Followed in behind them but before the first Ork could follow the door shut, disappearing keeping the Orks out. The three men looked around the bar noticing the various beings in the bar, Leandros took a step forwards ready to kill all that wasn't human, but Titus quickly stopped him saying "hold your steel these people are not part of our world they our not our enemies unless they attack." "But captain the adeptus astartes states that all exeno filth must be purged." "True but i`ve been here before the laws of phyisics hold little to no meaning here and killing people dosen't mean they will stay dead here." Leandros was frustrated by this but kept quiet as they moved to the bar, "we can resupply and heal our wounds, we can buy absolutely anything in this place the emperor has blessed us with finding this place we can rest up and give the orcs a full fury no time passes outside those doors as long as we're in here." Sidonus nodded with his reply "such a place can only be the work of the emperor to allow us this relief so we may better kill our enemies." The three made their way to the bar the ground beneath them thundering as they made their way to the bar they ordered ammo and a few refreshing drinks along with a thunder hammer, jumppack and began to plan how to deal with the ork scum outside.

Jamie looked up and saw this turn of events and looked at the three men and thinking 'oh great there goes the neighborhood, thundering giants just great." Jamie then looked back to his work and holding his drink still from the rumbling ground as the giants walked.

OOC: All rights go to warhammer and gamesworkshop for their great characters (except leandros he's still theirs by all rights but hes not a great character hes just a pinched up ass) and is in use as fan fic and not for any profit just for fun in fan fic and are used only in non-profit fan-based function.

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