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Subscribe to this thread Nexus Interdimentional Bar & Grille Reboot- IC created by Habato on September 14, 2013

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Hakuzo11/28/15 11:39am
Tony shakes her hand. "I used to make things like that but one of my own bombs was used against me. Now I protect the word from other treats."

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joeden11/28/15 3:41pm
"treats? Why would you protect people from candy? Unless you became a dentist or something... As for the bomb someone hack your systems or some one turn traitor?"

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Hakuzo11/29/15 1:21pm
"It was one of our new smartbombs we sold got to the wrong side and I was the target. The shratnel is lodged around my heart and this device keeps it from killing me. Most of it was removed but some could not be safely removed."

Ooc: that was a typo ><... My phone autocorrected threat to treat.

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joeden11/30/15 9:36pm
"Well that the price of being an arms merchant and as a designer always do the parent routine with your inventions so they'l obey you no matter what hands they're in. Also i don't understand how fighting candy is supposed to work out after what you told me." Tonka said as she took a passing drink.

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Hakuzo12/2/15 5:44pm
It's been some time and the person he was supposed to meet with hasn't shown up yet. Something seemed off to Tony. "Business aside, what is the name of this bar? I think I may be at the wrong place."

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joeden12/3/15 11:20pm
"Nexus interdimensional bar and grill is what the sign said, when I came here." Tonka said as she took a drink.

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Hakuzo12/4/15 2:32pm
"Bah, this isn't the right place at all." Tony goes on and tries to leave through the front door but emerges from the woman's bathroom instead.

After several attempts he sits back down. "Looks like I'm stuck here."

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joeden12/4/15 3:46pm
Tonka laughed and said, "this place doesn't let people leave if it doesn't want it to apparently hahaha."

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Hakuzo12/5/15 6:25pm
"The fate of the world depends on my latest research." Tony shakes his head. " I need to get home."

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joeden12/5/15 11:43pm
"Don't sweat it every report we've ever had about this place is that, when you do leave, you leave a couple seconds after you entered maybe the exact same time. Meaning you can spend a year here and leave without a second passing from when you entered."

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Hakuzo12/6/15 12:54pm
"I feel like I got pulled into some kind of video game. Is there going to be someone popping up saying I have an epic quest to fulfil just to leave?"
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joeden1/5/16 9:06pm
(sorry on the Delay. Also not sure how to properly respond to this, so here I go.)

Tonka looked at Tony and had a blank expression then a smile and said, "Uhhh yes it is and you need to defuse... *pulls out a anti Matter bomb* Defuse this Anti matter bomb before it goes boom!" This would show her how smart he was. She smiled and pulled out some tools, while she sat and watched Tony for his move, there was no boom danger or quest but this seemed fun.

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Hakuzo1/9/16 2:59pm
"Is this some kind of joke? The this 'bomb' doesn't even have a detonator core. I've made bombs stronger than this when I was a teenager."

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joeden1/9/16 3:07pm
Tonka Snorted, "it dose it's just phased out of this reality to make defusing the thing harder it pops back into our reality to go boom." Tonka then took a drink and smiled.

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Hakuzo1/10/16 3:30am
Tonyvlooks the device over, studying the device yet sending this gnome is lying about something.

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