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CalicoYorki1/17/14 10:41pm
Rose elegantly curtsied. "My name is Rose Lalonde," she said in her smooth voice, like a spring stream. "I found such a quest for revenge to be most distasteful." She suddenly turned, hearing a commotion in the bar proper. "Hm. It would appear that another has arrived."

Indeed, in the bar, a tall woman with dark skin had been forcefully thrown into a table through the door. Her voluminous, raven black hair sprang up about her head, and steely gray visor-shades covered her eyes. She wore a black, red, and magenta bodysuit, over her powerful build.

Mia was first to move to help the woman up, and check her for injuries. The two watched each other, until the new arrival decided to speak. "My name is Garnet," she murmured in a voice like satin. "I'm sorry about the table." However, the wooden shards were already reforming into their appropriate shape.

The feline blademaster smiled. "I doubt anyone will mind," she drawled. "Please, come in. Entering the Nexus can make you sick." She led Garnet over to a table, and ordered some water for them both.

~ ~ ~

OOC: Garnet and Steven Universe are property of Rebecca Sugar and CN/Cartoon Network, all rights reserved, please support this fantastic series and keep it on the air, because it is a very healthy series that teaches values to children of all ages.

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joeden1/17/14 11:25pm
Jessaic ran down the ship's halls as her brother followed, booth while fighting over imperial troopers who chased them down with an army of battle droids. As the two ran a door appeared which they ran through, and ended up in the bar, just as the doors closed a sixth dominator came through his red light saber slashed at Rehel who blocked it with his light saber, forcing the Sith back and he lopped off an arm as Jessaic whacked him with her auto cannon, forcing him out the door and started shooting him with her her auto canon.

"Damn your bright idea of following that sith brother, nearly got us killed!" Rehel taken aback at this said "you're the one who kicked the door open and fired a mortar volly into a room full of storm troopers!" Jessaic grumbled at this but looked at the bar confused, as so did Rehel. Just where were they? This made little sense to the both of them, as they looked around.

The Shinobi Jamie nodded saying "after what he was planning to do I'd say so yea..." He was cut off by the noise in the bar, he went into see the new girl and the Jedi in a black robe with the republic trooper in full orange republic gear this looked like it would be fun. Mainly because the Jedi had two lightsabers both deadly orange in saber color and the trooper had an auto cannon that looked like it could let out a hurting.

OOC: Rehel and Jessaic are both from swtor and are property of Lucasarts, and all respective owners. The name Rehel belongs to the Angel Rehel who is in one of the choirs of Angels who guards one of heavens gates I think. But that is his name and is a really good a holy angel and I thank him for letting me use his name for a light side Jedi knight.

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Hakuzo11/9/15 1:24am
(Ooc: I used to RP here on the old forum. But I see it died again.)

Tony Stark strolls into the bar and orders a scotch. He sips at the burning liquid waiting to meet up with someone from the justice league (not superman)

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Aman371211/11/15 6:13pm
((Dude, this RP really needs some attention :D))

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joeden11/11/15 10:35pm
Jessica and Rehel noticed the strange new guy that came in and ignored him as they moved to the bar to order drinks and catch their breaths. Death also came into the room now looking like lady death. (Marvel franchise death) Death then sat down at the bar and ordered a strange poisonous contraction to drink.

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Hakuzo11/11/15 11:48pm
Tony takes notice of Jessica. He grabs up his scotch and approaches her, his Arc reactor glowing under his shirt. "Hey there, I'm new in town and wondering if you know where exactly this place is?"

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Javelin11/12/15 9:54pm
((has this RP still welcoming for new characters))

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Hakuzo11/13/15 1:34am
Ooc: this is a drop in drop out RP. Anyone or anything can happen.

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joeden11/13/15 9:52am
Jessica looked over at Tony and raised an eyebrow and said, "Not sure I'm surprised this exists inside an imperial base." Jessica had her hand ready to go for her pistol if this man was an imperial agent, even though he didn't look like an imperial agent.

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Hakuzo11/14/15 1:28am
"Imperial? You mean that measurement system they use in Britain?" Tony asks while giving an odd look.

Ooc: fixed my sleep deprived post.

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joeden11/18/15 9:50pm
Jessica raised an eyebrow and said, "no I mean imperial base as in a base in a base belonging to the galactic empire." Rehel looked at Tony and saw a simple minded fool and chose to go back to his drink, ready to step in if needed.

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Hakuzo11/19/15 8:52pm
"Never heard of any of those." Tony downs the rest of his drink. "I thank you for your time." Tony gives a slight bow and goes off to a corner table.

"Jarvis, fill me in." After a few minutes there was no awnser. "Jarvis?"

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joeden11/22/15 10:56pm
Before Tony realized what was going on the gnome tonka ripped the front of his shirt to get a better look at his arch reactor in his chest inspecting it with a strange device on her eye saying, "Ohhh this is interesting I've never seen primitive technology so inventive amazing I'd like to meet the person who created this, it's primitive yet advanced at the same time!"

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Hakuzo11/24/15 5:07pm
Tony looks down at the little(?) Gnome. "I made it myself. It's the only thing keeping me alive."

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joeden11/25/15 9:50pm
"Oooohhh interesting, I got to get me one of those for tanka! She then pulled out a strange handheld device that scanned Tony's arch reactor. Jumping down onto the table tonka smiled stand around 3ft if not just under and said in her cheery gnomish voice, "by the way I'm Tonka grand engineer of the Joeden empire... It's my job to make things that goes boom and other things hehehe" she then extended her hand to shake.

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