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joeden1/4/14 4:36pm
When Graice said that I merely hope that he lives until a day which he sees peace, Jamie smiled and chuckled. "You've only seen what he's done you don't know what he longs for do you?" This was true her saying that meant she really didn't know about Joedens all Joedens had one wish to die fighting on the battlefield. Jamie then said "well seeing as i`m going to be a while i assume you'll be here for a while yet?" Jamie was trying to be nice he really didn't want to piss her off but he always wanted to meet the person who could beat the crap out of James.

Journal Day 1: I found myself in these mountains Frozen, I don't know who i am the village told me found me in the snow unconscious the headband i got from the hidden leaf but don't know where it is. So, so cold hard to think do things...

Journal Day 15: I am adapting to the cold some of my memory is coming back but i stay in the village as for it is being attacked by bandits with Genien level ninja, they all seem to be easy to fight, no proper training or anything really. But they are to much for the villagers to handle I won't let harm these people.

Journal Day 136: The village is thankful for all that I've done holding off the bandits that come everyday and everything else I've done. Most of my memory is back but the numbers don't seem to dwindle they seem to keep coming.

Journal Day 365: It's been a year since I've became the village's defender, we built a series of wrecked buildings in front of the village to act as a wind barrier but mostly as cover for the hunter's to give them cover when going and coming back from hunting trips. But mostly as urban warfare tactics on the bandits making it easy for me to pick them off and protect the Village. They say build a wall but with the attacks it would be impossible to do so even as we would build it they would just burn it, while we worked on it this is faster and better. When I first started off defending the village I only knew four Jutsus, Fireball, shadow clone, water walking, wall climbing. Now i know more; I've learnt some and a few I've developed Fire Geyser, and Material meld are the ones I've developed I mastered the water element and learnt hidden mist along with water death senbons, and fury wave.

Journal Day 729: Two years, two years here and it finally seems to be ending the attacks on the village are dwindling, their numbers are almost no more and I can see the leader coming now. Once i`m sure he's good and gone the village will stopped being attacked, and I can go home. But i need to admit something to make myself feel better if not to anyone else at least here; I thought of leaving the village going home leaving the village to the mercy I feel horrid for this but i stayed thinking of what my friends would think of me. I know Naruto wouldn't be all that happy and Guy and Lee would beat me senseless for backing out of the promise I made to these people and i don't want to think of what the others would do.

The writer shut the book getting up grabbing the Kunai knives and shuriken stars, he pulled up his hood and walked outside, in front of the approaching leader Katanna drawn. He looked the lone defender over as he approached saying "so you're the one whose been stopping me for two years. If i wasn't busy with my mountain campaign I'd have dealt with you sooner." This bandit leader had at least five guys with him.

He noticed the front of the village saying "so that's how you did it, you got an urban fighting zone making numbers worthless and with the idiots i sent making them completely useless." This bandit leader was big he stood eight feet tall and was large he carried a steel bat and was ugly as hell but smart.

"So what's your name? Brave defender" he added in mockingly at the man who was six feet tall lean and wore snow camo jacket with hood and boots with thick Camo pants. His hood was up and all that could be seen was his scarf and goggles, he replied, "Jamie," Shortly after the five guards attacked Jamie made quick work they where nothing special. They did manage to get a couple cuts in which stung and the biting cold didn't help much either. But he took em down And after pulling out a few Kunai he charged the leader after few mins of fighting the beast of a man was trapped in the urban ruins, he was impaled with senbons and wires along with a log or two preventing him from moving. Jamie came out of a wall and lopped his head off he was bleeding in pain and sore all over this was a tough fight, but the village was safe now and that's all he cared about.

He walked through the bar doors, not noticing it at first but the first thing he noticed in the bar was it was warm and he looked around. Deciding to deal with the scenes later he moved inwards like a zombie, leaving snow falling off his jacket and boots, till he got to a table. He grabbed the chair shakily as he sat down in pain trying to pull out a med pouch, he was bleeding down the right side of his head. He pulled off his jacket and hood revealing him to have pale white skin and buck teeth with dark blond hair in an overgrown brush cut but covered in blood and a leaf headband his sweater at his arms where damp with blood and he looked like passing out.

OOC: All rights to the Naruto part belongs to
NARUTO NARUTO 1999 by Masashi Kishimoto/SHUEISHA Inc.
2002 by Masashi Kishimoto, Masatoshi Kusakabe/SHUEISHA Inc.
2003 by Masashi Kishimoto, Masatoshi Kusakabe/SHUEISHA Inc.
NARUTO Calender & Vol.1 Limited Box Edition NARUTO 1999 by Masashi Kishimoto/SHUEISHA Inc.
All rights reserved.
Naruto Chapter Book NARUTO 1999 by Masashi Kishimoto. All rights reserved.
NARUTO; NARUTO Collector, Shonen Jump's NARUTO 1999 by Masashi Kishimoto/SHUEISHA Inc.
NARUTO: The Official Fanbook NARUTO [HIDENHYO-NO SHO] 2002 by Masashi Kishimoto/SHUEISHA Inc.
NARUTO The Movie Ani-Manga 2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO NMP 2004
NARUTO Movie 1 Naruto The Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow 2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO NMP 2004
NARUTO Movie 2 Naruto The Movie - Legend of the Stone of Gelel 2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO NMP 2005
NARUTO Movie 3 Naruto The Movie - Guardian of the Crescent Moon Kingdom 2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO NMP 2006
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN (Animation) 2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO / 2007 SHIPPUDEN All Rights Reserved.

The character mentioned is me/ the character version of me in my head at least But all rights to his gear and ablilities go to what i wrote above this and this is being used in no profit fanfic.

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CalicoYorki1/6/14 10:30am
As soon as she saw the young man, Gracie approached him. She looked him over, and then looked over to Maya. The Siren sighed heavily, and put down a half-stripped leg of ham. "You're lucky I'm so damn nice," she snapped, standing by the shinobi. Gently touching her fingertips together, Maya then spread a rippling mesh of energy over his wounds. "Amazing, the punishment some people can take," she grumbled; soon, however, she had removed the worst of his injuries.

Walking over to Joeden-Jamie, Sheriff rumbled, "Son, can you tell me where in tarnation I am, and where I can get sumpthin' to drink?" His guns still smelled of heavy firing, and Sheriff himself just plain smelled. Off where Maya had left him, Zachariah was trying to get some kind of device to tell him where he was. Suddenly, he found Polly walking up to him, and looking the device over. "Ye'll be hard-pressed to get any kinda meaninful readin's," she said. "But I like yer enterprisin' use a' scrap."

Zachariah blushed, looking away. "Th, thank you very much, ma'am." He was sweating profusely again. Polly snorted in a vain attempt to not laugh, then clapped Zachariah on the shoulder in a friendly gesture. Zachariah smiled just a bit, as Polly walked away.

Meanwhile, Pepper walked up to Dreamkeeper-Jamie, and looked him over. "Hey, kid," she said in that slightly scratchy voice, "you okay from that fight?"

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joeden1/6/14 3:34pm
Jamie reached for his med pouch shaking with heavy breathing trying to open it, at least until Maya started healing him. As she did he sat there staring blankly ahead as the pain stopped, he was thankful for her help, but didn't have the strength to say anything at the moment. His heavy breathing ceased as his wounds where being healed and his shaking stopped.

The Joeden universe Jamie could smell the fire from the Sheriff's guns and as he asked his question he turned around to look at him thinking, 'well someone's been busy.' He smiled saying "yea, this place it's, hold on let me think... The best way to describe it is Nexus bar and Grill, you can buy drinks at the bar over there *points to bar with thumb. over he shoulder.* And the other thing you should know is keep your guard up you'll never know what'll come through those doors from what i've heard from stories that came out of here, we've had giant man eating bugs pesty robots Ork's and God knows what else." This wasn't a lie most of WTF came through that door and it was likely something else that would be very nasty might come through those doors.

The dreamkeeper Jamie looked at Pepper as he got the last of the bandages on saying, "yea i`m fine, just didn't think i'd have to kick my owne ass? Not something that happens all the time," Ollow who was finished looked at Pepper and looked a little shocked. Looking at her he said "have we met before you seem familiar like i met you before or something?" Ollow remembered coming to the bar years and years ago, but as for what happened he didn't quite remember all of it only that he had the best meal of his life here. Other then that he didn't remember much else, or that he really wanted to remember much else.

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CalicoYorki1/8/14 8:28am
Pepper looked over at Ollow, and smiled. "Ohh, I remember you. You were a -cute- little kid. And you've grown into quite a handsome young man." She winked, making anyone nearby feel extraordinarily uncomfortable. Token merely shook his head, sighing.

Sheriff nodded to the Joeden-Jamie. "Thank you kindly, son," he grunted. "I'll have yer back if any of these bar-crashers rear their ugly heads." He quickly headed over to the bar to get something to drink. There, he was joined by Zachariah, reluctantly.

Meanwhile, Nebula suddenly sat down across from Shinobi-Jamie. Gracie looked at her curiously, as the strange goddess leaned on her hands to stare at the young man across from her.

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joeden1/8/14 4:21pm
Ollow still having his shyness was red under his fur he backed up a bit and said "y-yea well I'm;" at this moment Lila was awake and had been holding Jaiden and saw and heard Pepper she handed Jaiden to Victoria, Ollow was a little scared of his girlfriend at the moment. She then looked at Pepper tapping her on the shoulder with her finger, things as is was already uncomfortable, but Lila's appearance brought the word uncomfortable to a whole new meaning. Victoria said "well i`m going to go sit down at the table where it's comfortable," Jamie nodded adding in "I'll join you." Ollow however was trapped, as Victoria tapped on Pepper's shoulder to get her attention.

The Joeden-Jamie started drinking his drink, nodding at the sheriff as he went back to the bar Jamie was more inclined to have his drink before going back to commanding the battlefield. It was a nasty place and as long as the Orcs didn't show up the battle should be wrapped up soon but a small drink never hurt anyone.

The Shinobi Jamie pretty much healed stood up to stretch to see if he was actually healed or not once he was done moving his arms and legs side to side. He looked back to Maya and said, thankfully it was translated by the bar from Japanese to English. "Thank you for healing my wounds i owe you one for that... But where am I? I never built a bar in the urban ruins to fight off the maundering bandits." Jamie was looking around to see the bar as it was and he definitely knew he did not build this bar that was for sure, and the face he had was that of confusion.

Megaclaw looked at Tonka who was screwing something into place on the robot who had what looked like a paint can/bucket head and with seven square teeth, four on the bottom three on the top. One white eye larger then the other, he wasn't sure what to make of it, really. At least until the thing started saying "NOM! NOM! NOM! NOM! NOM!"

And started eating the bar table itself, as Tonka went "EEEEKKK!! Stop that this instaaaannnnnnnt!" The last bit came out as a shock as she hit the Robotic battle-suit/robot-like creation with her wrench and got charged with electricity and was sent flying towards the Shinobi Jamie's chair when she hit the chair Jamie held it so the force wouldn't topple the chair and get hurt. As for the robot it was still going Nom, Nom, but the move forward command was working and the thing went through the bar table and through the wall into the Arena.

Megaclaw looking confused, said "well that's quite the apatite, that thing has." As he starred at the thing in the Arena. Tonka then got up saying "Okay the gloves are coming off! No more misses nice Gnome!" And she ran into the Arena through the Hole in the wall Yelling "get back here right now Tanka!!!" Joeden-Jamie was at the table with Gracie and the rest watching as a loud boom came from the Arena. Joeden-Jamie said, "don't worry she's still alive," and to prove this she came flying out of the Arena and landed on the table covered in black smoke. She coughed out a ring of smoke as Tanka's head landed on her, she picked it up and sighed saying "dammit Tanka not again... Oh well back to the drawing board." She finished the last part with a sigh going back to the bar as Joeden-Jamie payed at least ten million more then what was needed to repair the damage.

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CalicoYorki1/9/14 7:44am
Pepper looked over to Lila. "I apologize," she murmured, "I didn't realize he was taken." She proceeded to look back and forth between the two, and smiled. "What a cute couple."

Gracie watched the Gnome and robot's antics with a small smile on her face. She then looked over to Shinobi-Jamie. "This bar is disjointed from the general tracts of reality," Gracie explained, using her powers to etch a diagram. "Imagine reality is a huge inn, or some manner of sizable structure. Uncountable rooms and sections. We are tucked away in one of the adjunct facilities: indeed part of the overall layout, but not necessarily connected in the most direct of ways." She swept her floating diagram away, and smiled at Shinobi-Jamie.

As Tonka returned to the bar, she found herself next to Zachariah. He gazed down at her, cutting an intimidating figure, but soon began to speak in his soft voice. "Excuse me, ma'am," he attempted, "but I possess something of an education in robotics. After we finish our drinks, could I lend you my assistance in building a better machine?" Zachariah chose to ignore the grunt of amusement that Sheriff made into his beer.

Meanwhile, something wicked drew near...

~ ~ ~

~Land of Light and Rain - or what is left of it~

In a doomed thread of history, destined to trail into its own demise, the future which awaited this iteration of events was far from the mind of one individual.

Rose Lalonde, fully given to the Grimdark. Average of height, slender and fit, her silhouette might seem perfectly normal. However, closer inspection would reveal something so very different. Rose's skin was dusky gray, her short, neatly-cut, snowy white hair fixed in place by a pink band. She wore a short sleeve black dress with the cartoonish effigy of her eldritch masters depicted in a pale hue on the chest, over a garment with long, pink sleeves, as well as pink shoes and sash.

Though no wind blew in this tomb, deep in the bowels of her ruined world, the ebony edges of Rose's dress stirred erratically about her ankles. Using one of the dreadful Thorns of Oglogoth - her trusted needlewands and implements of destruction - Rose wrote on a piece of parchment, tiny tongues of black flame dancing at the tip as she went. Once she was finished, Rose elegantly sorted it together with other documents, and tucked it into an intricate satchel which she had knitted out of lavender and indigo yarn. Through occult magic and her infamous sundering of the Game's rules, Rose had fashioned this satchel into an easy-to-access Sylladex.

Now, it was time to depart. With an upward gesture of one Thorn, Rose was teleported to the surface. The mountains of her world were burned and scarred, gouged by her magic. Huge rifts in the seas were draining into the mysterious core of the planet. Up above, the clouds which once poured with iridescent showers. She remembered when Jaspers had attempted to detail her role in saving the world of this game. Yet the others were dead, and they were always destined to bring salvation together, or not at all. Jaspers had supported her in everything she'd done, like the wonderful, perfect cat he was. Thus, there had been no doubt that she would bring him with her.

Not long ago, a door had been uncovered. The whisperings of the dark ones told her that through it, she would be safe - yet they could not see exactly how. Around the wooden door, mysteriously buried deep in a mountainside, Rose's army of vassals gazed up at her. She had been their entire reason for living, and without her, what was there left for them?

This despair gnawed at them, all up until they all were tucked away into Rose's Syllasatchel. She was never one to not repay loyalty. Besides; she would require their services to conquer new vistas. Rose sent dark majyyks arcing into the door, flinging it open so that she could pass through safely.

Naturally, the Bar and Grille frustrated her intensely. She masterfully avoided injury care of her needlewands as she indulged herself in a 2x Facepalm Combo. Meanwhile, the whispers of the horrorterrors began to fade away, eroding into quiet. Rose froze in place, stunned.

It felt like years since she had been blessed with the merciful quiet in her mind.

~ ~ ~

OOC: Rose Lalonde and Homestuck are property of Andrew Hussie, all rights reserved.

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joeden1/9/14 2:47pm
Tonka downing a bottle of whiskey looked at Zachariah and smiled saying "ohh so you know mechanics? And that was a robot it was more of a battlesuit military or heavy built Robots or any that would be close to or on the frontlines are illegal to have. But as for your offer? What you know anomolitic? dark matter robotics? Anti-matter?" Tonka then went on with all these complex methods of engineering and robotic battle suits. As she talked, she had a squeak in her voice she was happy to talk about engineering to anyone that had the same interest even if Zachariah couldn't under stand what she was talking about as her voice was quick with excitement, Zachariah would be wondering what he got himself into.

She quickly stopped grabbing Tanka's head saying "this here is Tanka found him when I was twelve he's what's left of the old empire, he's actually a living machine with a real soul! Been with me for years and i still don't understand how they made him. Which is weird because all the other tech of the old empire *Scratches head while opening the thing replacing a fried bit.* I understand how to repair him but the old ones really knew how to make a piece of art. And as long as he's just the head that can't do anything but talk without a command he's allowed." She had a bright big smile on her face at this piece of work.

Lila smiled evilly and walked up to Ollow, who was now trying to explain himself, she still smiled and got Ollow in the one place behind his ear that got him at her mercy. She smiled; she always loved doing this even when they were kids, still smiling she said "come on like you're going to hit on another girl? you're to shy and up tight i'm lucky to have gotten you to go out with me once!" She said jokingly as she let him go and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Ollow was red under his fur as she walked to a booth after ordering Ollow's favorite foods and a bottle of champagne Ollow followed not wanting to get teased anymore as they headed for a far end booth.

The Shinobi-Jamie blinked at this it made a little sense to him and he said, "so this is a bubble between realities in all their existence is what you're saying?" To be honest this was confusing but it made sense seeing as how most of the characters here weren't human, or had some sort of weird pieces of technology that he'd never seen before.

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CalicoYorki1/10/14 8:19am
Pepper smiled at the two young lovers, before a moderate weight sprang onto her back. She sighed, hand on her hip, as Clover clamored around a bit to get a look at Ollow and Lila. "Yeah, that's Ollow grown up," Pepper said, shifting a bit as her red-marked lemur-like sister continued to stare. "Clover, you're being rude." Her sister suddenly disembarked, and ran on all fours over to Token. Pepper pinched the bridge of her muzzle, shaking her head.

Zachariah nodded, once Tonka had finished speaking. "I am familiar with the technologies you have described," he said in his rasping voice, "yet I have found that we do not understand enough about dark matter's behavior to use it reliably, in our world. Additionally, whilst anti matter can provide enormous amounts of power, its usage is akin to a caged animal - its control relies solely on safe containment. A single breach of the power cell would create a disaster. Pandora does not have the magic which some in this bar apparently possess, thus we are likely incapable of applying such concepts." He gently sat down, ordering a cup of coffee. "I have heard stories of something akin to this soul contained in an automaton. I believe you will find that foreign materials to the original construct may be prone to causing rejection of repairs. A solution may lie in replicating the original design as closely as at all possible." He fell silent, then.

Gracie twirled a lock of her hair, lips pursed in thought at Jamie's question. "This place is a Nexus - nearly all Universes in Reality could potentially connect here. It is not, however, bound by the same rules as those Universes. I am incapable of explaining it better. I apologize." She quietly sipped her tea, then.

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joeden1/10/14 11:03am
Tonka nodded saying "true but, this is irreplaceable technology here, there's nothing like Tanka in the universe. I know i looked, but it's not the whole not compatible thing, because just getting the head attached to do some thing simple like walk is no problem. Getting him to work the coffee machine in the suit is where the main problem is but nothing a little bit of Gnomish engineering can't fix."

This was true in all manners, and Tonka loved working on this sort of a problem, but she wasn't going to pass up the chance to have some fun with someone who seemed to be as smart as her or smarter. With a wicked smile she pulled out a cube activating it saying "want to play a game? It's called who can assemble the one X-CP Radio, first one done wins interested?" She then pulled the parts for the radios out into piles, she smiled this was something she hadn't put together before, so this should be fun.

Shinobi-Jamie nodded, as the door opened to frosted air and the next thing that came out of Jamie's mouth was "HUUUURRKK!" As he was sent flying into the arena by a punch, from a bandit that came in. He was five feet not as big as the other bandit but resembled him, he was slimmer and wearing a winter camouflage jacket and snow pants he had the snow mask covering his face. He had anger in eyes saying "I'll get that bastard, you guys make sure no one interferes!"

The others with him nodded, about five of them as leader went into the arena the rest followed standing guard by the door inside the arena. The lackeys were a workout but just trash but more then enough to give anyone entering a couple cuts and bruises and cuts but nothing more then a work out.

Jamie managed to get up and dodge a couple Kunai knives and block a couple hand to hand kicks and punches. He jumped back and started to use his fireball jutsu, but the bandit did the same and the balls of fire collided and Jamie then had to dodge Kunai with paper bombs on them. The Bandit was able to keep him off his guard and to make things worse the Bandit just had to have a freaking oversized spiked club with him, great just great.

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CalicoYorki1/10/14 11:13am
Pepper and Clover looked at each other, and ran out to help Shinobi-Jamie. The others decided that those two wackaloons were really all that was needed.

As soon as she entered the arena, grabbing the two guards to throw them in with her, Pepper activated her Power. With a medley of sickening squelching and crunching noises, her arms extended as the bones and muscles within strengthened. Her hands formed into tough, sturdy paws, as her feet bent into a full digitigrade form. From her growing shoulders sprang two hook-tipped limbs, and her tail gained three long spikes. Transformation completed, she sprang onto the bandit menacing Jamie, jaws snapping and extra limbs striking cruelly.

Meanwhile, Clover had deliberately gotten herself cornered by three bandits, and had a cheeky smile on her face. They attempted to wail on her, but as her halo glowed into life, she got up again, and again, and again. Their blows rained down upon her, but all she got was a busted lip. Finally, the three paused, and Clover lashed out with her foot. Grabbing one by her hand-like foot, she swung him around to knock the other two over. Then, her Power began to kick into high gear.

The temperature around Clover skyrocketed, as a flare of pure heat and plasma shot up into the air at her position. Several tendrils of superheated matter surged out, attempting to consume the three fallen bandits.

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joeden1/10/14 11:45am
Clover's attack on the bandits worked on all of them, but one of the three that were to be consumed, he managed to get up breathing heavy, he let out a wave fury like jutsu at her, sending out a gush of water that hit her with enough force to push her back but it wasn't deadly at all. These guys were wimps, in all rights.

Pepper who was now biting and dug into the Bandit but the only problem was, that he turned to snow. The real one appeared behind Jamie whacking him with his club, which Jamie was able to avoid most of the blow with his sword but was still sent flying into the ground. With a thud Jamie hit the ground as the bandit was about to drop down on him, Jamie quickly used wave fury knocking the Bandit of his mark and causing him to crash into the ground.

Both of them getting up Jamie used Shadow clones, as the Bandit used snow clones both groups clashing until all but one of each was still standing, and they backed off from each other. Both of them huffing and Jamie realized who he was fighting the other bandit's brother oh great a vendetta run.

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CalicoYorki1/12/14 5:23am
Almost as soon as the waves came into contact with Clover's fiery aura, they began to turn to steam. The dreamkeeper girl went cartwheeling out, then, and hurled herself at the third of the bandits she was fighting against.

Meanwhile, Pepper prowled around both Shinobi-Jamie and the bandit he was fighting. Periodically, she would lunge, snapping at the bandit, before dashing past again.

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joeden1/12/14 2:18pm
The third bandit just barely managed to jump out of the way, huffing he threw three Kunai knives at Clover. He then charged at her with full speed ready to attack, he wasn't bound to follow his comrades so easily as he drew another kunai holding it ready to strike.

Pepper's attack missed the bandit who jumped off of his assault on Jamie, who Pepper caught Jamie with the first strike and cause Jamie to groan in pain and holler out "Watch who you're attacking! You caught me!" The bandit then used the Hidden mist Jutsu turning all the water into a heavy mist blanketing the arena Allowing the bandit to get a few more strikes in on Jamie, who managed to block most of them but still took at beating from this.

Pepper and Clover however, would find themselves in a thick layer of mist limiting their vision as so for Jamie and the one doing the Jutsu, along with the third bandit, could see perfectly fine.

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CalicoYorki1/15/14 10:25am
Pepper shouted to Clover, "Give us a sunny day!" Clover whooped in response, and suddenly sent a spire of heat and plasma skyward. The heat peeled the mist away, revealing the bandits and Jamie. Pepper went bounding towards the third bandit, springing towards him with her jaws snapping and limbs slashing.

Meanwhile, a certain Seer emerged into the Arena, watching the battle with disapproval. Raising one of a different set of needlewands, Rose flicked her wrist towards the bandit accosting Jamie. A winding stream of majyyk forces surged from the tip, arching and twisting until it suddenly speared towards the bandit's chest.

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joeden1/15/14 6:37pm
The third bandit, was blinded by Clover's little light show, and was reeling in the pain of then mauled causing his end.

The bandit was the last one standing, even as he had a winding stream of majyyk forces, went through his chest, he coughed up blood and was bleeding to death. Jamie didn't let his pain continue and ended it, swiftly and quickly as possible to do.

Jamie then took his sword, out of the body and stepped back, lightly huffing from the fight and the pain, he didn't like the whole you killed my brother now i'm going to kill you, fights. "Thanks for the help... And the cut," Jamie then looked around to see who was the one who put the Majyyk thing in the bandit's chest.

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