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CalicoYorki12/30/13 10:10am
Smilodon was briefly stunned by the fear, but not for long. Her damaged hand quickly began to self-repair, as blasters opened up in her shoulders. The rapid fire salvo rent the ground beneath James's feet, as Smilodon seemed to melt into the dust and disappear.

Meanwhile, the black commander was faltering, but its swords continued to dance - slashing at Draigo from four directions at once. The tefali commander proceeded to unfold and secure into place a set of energized knuckle dusters on its free hand, and with Draigo in close quarters from the shield bash, it slugged him in the solar plexus. The shock wave reverberated deep into his armor, and even as the black commander was teleported out, its last strike sent an immense kinetic pulse into Draigo's guts.

The dark blue commander received each of the joeden sentinel's strikes without faltering. It suddenly rammed one of its cannon arms into it, stopping it short, and proceeded to fire off an explosive salvo at point-blank range. Maya attempted to phaselock the creature, but it broke her concentration with a spray of plasma from its tail. Polly and Heathcance were forced to attend to their machine to prevent more tefali from entering the arena, as Pepper and Clover managed to give such a walloping to the yellow commander that it was teleported away like most of its fellow commander units. Then, Pepper rushed to the aide of Guldhr and Azdha, looking them over for injuries as Brindyhindle and Snutterkap watched suspiciously.

As for the Planner Core, she glared at Dwaya. The two held an animosity for each other that could not be ignored or mitigated. Whatever was keeping them from going at each others' throats, it was doubtful that it would last for long.

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joeden12/30/13 1:21pm
Draigo managed to dodge most of the strikes and the strikes that did hit just glanced the surface of the power armor. The shock wave had little effect on him thanks to the nineteen extra organs that he got through the process of becoming a space marine and the fact that he had a gene seed from the God emperor himself that, made a real difference. Before the commander could port away he managed to land another shot to it's chest with his fist, which would hurt like hellfire.

The Joeden sentinal if it was fully working and operational by a Joeden would have been dead and destroyed. But it was a Golem and in saying so, it was a wreck and Harry was at his limits but he managed to push enough strength through to grab it's head and squeezed as hard as he could.

James managed to get his grip to keep him from falling and when when Smilodon disappeared into the dust, James was a little frustrated and remembered one of the rules of combat. If your enemy wants to hide, leave them no where's to hide. James then brought his foot up and with all his might he slammed his foot onto the ground the kinetic force alone was enough to clear all the dust from the arena. But the entire arena shook and cracked as the ground jumped up in areas large slabs of earth rose from the ground, causing havoc all over the arena a slab rose separating Pepper from From Guldhr and Azdha. It Gave Planner Core and Dwaya a challenge to stay on their feet, the breaking of the ground knocked Harry out cold, which stopped the golem as the ground beneath the two shattered. Maya would fail with her phase lock as a slab raised under her feet.

The machine preventing more Tefali coming was left unharmed as it was in a safe spot Draigo kept his balance. James then spotted Smilodon and charged at her Blades ready and he roared with another soul dampening shout, She at this point with her newly learnt fear would be terrified at this point.

OOC: For the organs Draigo has they're listed in this video at 3:09

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CalicoYorki12/30/13 1:38pm
However, Smilodon suddenly screamed. The Planner Core forcibly excised the new sensation of fear from Smilodon's brain, and as her personal guard's hand finished repairing itself, Smilodon parried James's strike. She then fired several energy blasts at close-range.

Pepper rapidly smashed through the stone separating her from her patients, and she began to patch up the injuries they had incurred. Maya spat in James's general direction, and threw a grenade into the pit where the last commander had fallen in. However, the grenade was rapidly shot out of the air, and a dull humming noise could be heard. "You have got to be joking," Maya screamed in frustration, as the droning grew louder.

"E-LE-VATE," the commander roared, as it hovered out of the pit. It proceeded to unleash a huge wave of energy blasts down on the entire arena - its own allies included. The Planner Core shrieked in fury - this one was not designed to fight in a battle with her present. She opted to warp it out before one of its shots could hit her.

Now, she resumed staring at Dwaya. Token suddenly popped up from the rubble. "Now, I'd -love- to know why you two haven't started killing each other," he mused, dusting himself off. Then, he began to think. He rapidly realized the answer. "So, they teach -some- people temporal mechanics, somewhere in Reality," he chirped. "You two are still in a paradox cool down. If one of you were to fire a bullet, make an attack, or even say a word to the other, the interaction might be enough to destroy both of you." He then opened a portal beneath a stunned Dwaya and Smile. "We can't have that," he decided, sending both of them back into the Bar and Grille.

Now, it was just Smilodon and the Planner Core to defeat.

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joeden12/30/13 10:24pm
The shot headed for Harry was blocked by Draigo who happened to be standing in front of him at the time. Draigo saw this turn of event and liked the outcome he charged with all his might at planner core and was determined to finish her for good.

James on the other hand was determined to teach Smilodon fear again as the strikes hit him, they had no effect on him they hit but didn't do anything. James gave a cold laugh as it had opened a window to grab her neck, which he did and he squeezed so tightly around her neck the life was slipping from her and thanks to the holocaust ability her soul slowly started to burn to ash. He said to her, looking her in the eye with eyes that would drive fear into anything and yet so cold at the same time, "Projectiles don't work on me sweetie." And as an overkill he slammed her on the ground with great force and brought his foot up over her head to reshape the Arena again.

At this point the doors to the bar opened again and the familiar paladin walked into the bar, even though he was wearing a full face helmet he looked tired as all hell even as he walked up to the bar and sat by the generals. He ordered a drink before slouching over the table, "Never again am i ever going to go a full twelve boss run in the course of two and a half hours damm Garrosh." Megaclaw said in an annoyed tired as hell voice.

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CalicoYorki12/31/13 12:14am
The Planner Core hissed, and teleported Smilodon away. "I will be back, you know," she screamed indignantly, teleporting out just before Draigo bulldozed her location. The group set about collecting their number, and returning to the bar and grille. Maya promptly ordered a great amount of food to set about devouring.

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joeden12/31/13 12:45am
James stopped his strike and was upset he hated it when they got away it was always a pain especially with the Tefali they learnt as it went along and would only make things harder. He grabbed Harry with one arm and brought him in and set him at a booth in a I'm just getting you out of the way, way. He then sat at a table as he pulled out a sheet and wrote a name down there where numbers at the top of the sheet, sixty-five forty-three. Anyone should walked by would see this sheet quite easily.

Draigo was at the bar again and ordered a Drink and meal, saying "another glorious win for the god emperor." He wasn't quiet on saying this either and would draw attention easily. Jamie ignored thos and looked at the rest of the guild, everyone was pretty much asleep and Arro was now hanging upside down by his feet from a metal bar that had appeared with climbing pegs for the wingless bat.

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CalicoYorki1/1/14 11:07am
Maya stopped eating, interrupted by a burp. She quirked an eyebrow at Draigo's thundering boast. "We only killed their drones," she snapped. "The Planner Core's got about a million -billion- more of them from her ages of construction. And now, she isn't limited by the conflict between her circuitry and her humanity, thanks to a certain androgynous little furry." Flaring her nostrils at Token, Maya went back to eating. Anyone who looked closely at her would notice the tapestry of cerulean tattoos on the left side of her body - exposed by a lack of a sleeve on that side, a vent in her clothes on that hip, and slightly less apparent on the side of her head.

Token didn't even look at her. He was busy making sure that Dwaya Zeelig had no lasting damage from the separation with the planner core. Maya had managed to heal the worst of the damage, but Dwaya still had what seemed would be a permanent black eye, and several small scars on her cheeks. However, freedom was more than consolation for this minor disfigurement. The moment Token declared her healthy, Dwaya sprang up and walked over to Smile. Said machine was quite a bit more damaged externally by her own separation, but a fortunate side-effect was that her vocal systems had been damaged in such a way that now her words were slow enough for, say, a human to perceive.

Nadia had apparently found reserves of booze, and was reclining in a drunken stupor. Meanwhile, Ryoko was just now beginning to groggily awaken. She quickly decomposed the lingering alcohol in her system, and streeetched with a yawn. "That was a wonderful nap," she declared, stretching and wiggling her toes. Nebula stared at her curiously, before sitting down next to Jamie. She didn't have a particular reason for sitting down next to Jamie. He just seemed like an alright guy. However, when she noticed James's writing, she leaned over to look at him with those bright, bright eyes.

Pepper and Clover were playing chess with a dusty old board and cracked pieces. The four adventurers were having a hearty meal; Polly and Heathcance were now chatting openly with Brindyhindle, who sat atop the booth's table; Snutterkap was watching over Azdha and Guldhr as they took a brief rest, whilst she sharpened her blades. As for Mia, she had almost fully recovered, and was able to walk on her own with only a slight limp. The bar had temporarily returned to peace.

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joeden1/1/14 4:20pm
The fields of Barragore raged with gunfire and artillery rounds, as the Barragorians Fought advancing Joeden soldiers, who were pushing through the last of the capital's defenses. But the Joedens where still taking a pounding from what was left of the artillery and the central fort which was stopping advancing tanks ripping troops to shreds. The battle was hell and the Joedens loved it.

A commando squad making it's way to the fort, took cover in a crater as an artillery round blew a nearby advancing tank apart. "Where the hell is commander Jamie? He should be here on the front lines!" Another yelled "forget about him let's bring that fort down we're near the back door lets move!" The squad of seven guys got up and made their way to a back door, which kicked open and Jamie walked out, he looked just like the one in the bar. But he was carrying a bottle and said "that's done whew, that was fun!"

He finished by laughing and tossing the bottle over his head hitting the fort, he walked away clapping his hands clean, the squad leader said "how the hell; oh holy crap! Run!" They managed to get away from the fort as it blew and came down on itself, as Jamie walked for the bar door as the squad's leader came walking up from behind him, yelling about his incompetence as a commander.

As Jamie walked into the bar as an artillery round hit the squad leader sending the helmet into the bar, over the second Jamie's head and bouncing off the back of Lu Bu's head. And landing next to him, the head rolling of the helmet for all to see the severed head which looked as if it was about to start yelling again.

But the one thing that would grab everyone's attention, was two Jamies in the room both looking alike. The only difference between the two was the fact that one was in full battle armor with no helmet, wearing a black jacket that had long sleeves and went down near his ankles, with his katana on his back. The first person he noticed was James and he said to him.

"We've almost retaken Barragore sir, and what's left of their army is making a last stand. As we speak" James nodded and replied "good ans commander Joffery you've dealt with him?" Jamie nodded saying "Yes if he's still alive after the battle, he'll be sent to the northern frosts off the fraz'kabar system."

James smiled "Good and I take he didn't seem all that agreeable with his Demotion to private?" Jamie sighed saying "Like all warit'tari are, no he wasn't pleased with the news." This Jamie then walked to the bar ordering a drink.

The Jamie who was finishing a drink, the Dreamkeeper Jamie's ear twitched as he heard his own voice, and looked up to see the other Jamie. Who he heard about from the Joedens but never actually seen or met and was now starring in silence at him. Ollow was rubbing his eyes seeing double of Jamie this even surprised Alex who was just at a loss for words at this event starring trying to figure out if it was real or just an illusion.

James then looked at Nebula who was looking at his sheet and he said "can i help you with something?" His tone wasn't rude it was sort of polite on the terms of things he was keeping an eye on Draigo making sure he didn't follow on the inquisition's policy of Grey knights.

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CalicoYorki1/2/14 11:34am
Lu Bu snarled, and rose to his feet. Halo activating, his Power sent ethereal embers into the air. Sargon barely held him back, even as Pepper and Clover pointed between the two Jamies. At that moment, the four adventurers paid for their meals, and left. The group of orckind left as well, but no one doubted that those eight would find their way back.

Nebula gazed at James, then quietly asked him, "Do you ever count the children? The children who die in every war you fight in. I know that war is necessary for keeping the peace, in some Universes...I truly understand, but...Never mind..." She trailed away, and returned to her seat fully.

Then, abruptly, the door opened. The young woman who entered was of a familiar race, and indeed, several of those present were sure of just who she was. Her ram-like horns had grown in size, her hair had grown longer, and she had developed a more robust figure. She now wore loose cloth bandages wrapped around her feet rather than shoes; a black and maroon bodice; gossamer pink cloth around either bicep; and robes around her lower body down to the shins, colored black, but dusted with a powder of many colors. She also had added ear and eyebrow piercings, and more gold and ruby necklaces to go with her Eye of Horus amulet.

Gracie smiled, looking around with a gaze of fond remembrance. "It really has been years," she murmured, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear. "Many faces which I recall, and many which I do not. I often reflected on this place during meditation." Her smile brightened, as she ordered some tea, and sat in roughly the middle of the room to watch the people all around.

Maya walked up to James, and lightly nudged him. "Hey. Who's the horned one that just walked in? She looks like she knows you."

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joeden1/3/14 1:45pm
James listened to what Nebula had said and replied as Maya walked up, "we try to avoid civilians, killing those who cannot fight back is murder. The only time civilians are targeted is when they make this list then it's the end for their species..." This is what the order he gave was order sixty-five forty-three the compete and total extermination of an entire species nothing could escape this order once given.

"We usually protect civilians even if they are the enemy or not, but not with this order." The list he was holding had at least four hundred names of species on it, and he wasn't happy to put most of those names on it. When Maya Asked him about Gracie James looked at her noticing her change but remembered her and said "Yea i met her once she was in the bar before, but she was much younger when she was in here not so long a..."

James cut himself short swinging his blade Catching Draigo's blade as he swung at a nearest person James was correct on his concerns of Draigo, he was going to follow the inquisition's policy of Grey knights. When the blades met, it wasn't a simple strike that met, it had a feel of power that everyone would feel on the inside. Giving everyone a nice big shock Every member of the guild who was asleep woke but Jaiden managed to sleep through this. They all looked at the two titans that where about to rip each other apart; "leave now Draigo and do not return to this bar again if you're going to follow the inquisition orders."

James said as he stared down Draigo who looked at him with fury replying "not going to happen i`ll Follow the emperors orders to the end!" He finished with a push and a strike which James blocked and managed to force Draigo into the Arena yelling "THEN I`M GOING TO FORCE YOU TO LEAVE AFTER I`VE BEATEN YOU TO A BLOODY PULP!" Once in the arena they began to fight anyone who followed would see this was a fight way out of their league.

Each swing of James' blades met with equal force of Draigo's return assault, Draigo manged to knock James off his feet and as he was about to impale him with his blade he rolled out of the way knocking Draigo off his feet in return and went to impale him with his two blades. Draigo blocked this with his shield and kicked James back and got up charging at him. James regaining his balance returned the favor of a charge and they met and started swinging blades wildly making complex attacks to throw each other off. Anyone who saw this would find themselves watching unable to find a way to join the fight between the two titans duking it out in the arena at full force.

Victoria walked up to the first Jamie the one that wasn't a dreamkeeper not noticing her husband a few feet away she said as she shook his shoulder "Honey what's going on?" She was still tired and not fully aware of him. This Jamie looked at her and said "I'm not your Honey you crazy nut now back off." He finished with his finger on her forehead and pushed her back and the Dreamkeeper Jamie planted his fist into this Jamie Sending him into a table as he looked at him saying "don't you dare touch my wife again!" Victoria was getting furious as the Jamie did that to her, and she was about throttle him for it when the second Jamie punched the first one and a look of wut? Was all over her face at this turn of events.

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CalicoYorki1/3/14 9:23pm

Suddenly, fireworks of pure agony exploded across Draigo's vision. He felt his blood boiling, his skin stretching taught, and his organs shivering inside of him. To anyone outside, they would have seen ghosts gnawing on his body.

Gracie sighed. "You are not in the domain of your Emperor. However, I can tell him that you failed to kill a childish machine with too many toys for you to handle. Boy, my Mystical Eyes of Prognostication are a bitch, aren't they? You would be the disgrace of your people. Now, I know that you laugh in the face of death...But the death of your pride? Could you really handle that? Of course, under your unique circumstances, if you leave the bar now, I could work out an agreement. I am a fantastic negotiator. Some people back home call me the 'Referee' - I'm the only person so honest as to judge every competition fairly! Oh, and if you had succeeded in striking that deity in there? I would have sealed your soul into the Fell Mainframe. It processes every conceivable hell, and turns your soul into fuel as it tortures it out of existence. There would no longer be Draigo. And eventually, everyone would forget about you, and your 'heroic' legacy. So, why don't we work out a way to preserve your admittedly badass name, you fatuous bully? Of course, if you big, burly men want to keep slapping your bodies against each other until one or the other dies, far be it from me to turn down such a show. I love seeing two men taking turns pitching and receiving."

Good God this one's chatty. And dirty.

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joeden1/3/14 11:04pm
James was sent flying back into a wall by Draigo's shield; this was an achievement by all means anyone who knew of James' history would be shocked. But when Gracie did her little Trick draigo noticed it, but the pain he ignored he looked at Gracie and said while walking over to her "you dare insult me deamon scum you honestly think you're threats are meaningful to me? I walked into Nurgle's Garden and burnt it to the ground I turned tzeentch's impossible city into impossible rubble."

Before he could finish James had the time needed to cast a spell to teleport him out of the bar and put a seal to keep him out. James who was now walking to the bar he said " you foolish twerp, you know how close you came to death that wasn't a person you threatened that was the closest thing anyone in his reality could be to becoming their God emperor. If i didn't banish him he could have killed you before you could make you're threats real. Four gods of chaos fear him for good reason. He lives in Hell waiting for the day when humanity needs him most and anything you told his people wouldn't work because they'd kill you before you said anything." James looked exhausted tired and sore he was even bleeding this was the most beaten up he's been since before he was king.

When he walked into the bar he saw that both Jamies where beating the crap out of each other and the first thing on his mind was i don't have time for this shit. "Both of you separate and stop beating the shit out of each other i don't care, just stop." When both heard James they stopped and backed off they knew to well not to mess with him. But both where shocked to see him in this state, but didn't go sympathizing with him. Dreamkeeper Jamie went to deal with Victoria and The other one went to get a drink.

OOC: Yeah Draigo is a pain not bringing him back he's one of the more prudent space marines. But overall what did you think of him?

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CalicoYorki1/3/14 11:56pm
Suddenly, Gracie knocked all of the wind out of James with a psionic pulse. She proceeded to throw up him to the ceiling, and froze everyone else and every thing in place.

"You shut your mouth about how powerful you think you are," she snarled. "I have seen the beginning of all things and the end of Universes. I have fought through the innumerable hordes of countless hellscapes to save lost souls. I have walked through Universes whose laws of physics were dictated by psychopathic god-minds. If I ever see Draigo assault another based on his kind's genocidal xenophobia, I won't just burn his soul in the Fell Mainframe. I will personally bring a Reckoning onto that goddamned Empire. And believe me - I would hardly consider it a one-woman war on some perversion of humanity. -It would be pest control.-" She proceeded to slam James down onto the floor so hard that the floorboards cracked and seethed, before glowing and repairing themselves.

"If you think that you are excused, either, then I suggest you walk out now, you fatuous egotist," she sneered. "You have the blood of innocents on your hands, whether you like it or not. I didn't threaten Draigo for you - it was to save the patrons in this bar who don't know what you might become. I've seen other iterations of your life, in other Universes. They call you the All-Consuming Storm, the Galaxy Slaughterer, the Ultimate Genocider in some. I don't quite like it when people like you get above yourselves. Anyone can be a killer, or a warrior. But right now, I think you need a healer." She nodded to Maya, who cautiously moved to heal James.

Meanwhile, Gracie moved back to her seat, and circled her fingertip around the rim of her teacup. It had gone cold, and she was using a psychic impulse to re-heat it.

~ ~ ~

OOC: Draigo was just another over-powered guy with little appreciable characterization. I hope that's just how he is in the series you based him off of.

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joeden1/4/14 1:17am
James felt this assault and when the wind got knocked out of him he was beaten to a pulp, he listened to what she was yelling at him, what she called him. But mostly he didn't care what people called him. As he lay on the floor, he spat some blood before saying "those versions of me you've seen are not me, if you've seen my reality you would know I've saved countless trillions from the orcs and the Drow. If you say you know me as well as you do you'd know the one thing that I've longed for, for the last ten million years. " James then got up he was bruised bloody and beaten but still strong enough to move he left the bar bound to never to return.

The non-dream keeper jamie was now sitting across from Gracie he said "well I've always wanted to meet the person who could beat him up, but I'm just curious what happened In that arena? I've never seen him hurt like that before?" This Jamie said lazing back into the chair he had some interest in this person. But what made him more curious was why she was making him out to be a horrid monster all the way around. "By the way the name's Jamie, Jamie Hellsing," he finished in a warm smile and nice voice.

Ollow held an ice back to Jamie's right eye as he got bandages ready for use on him, Victoria looked at him stern and said "so what the hell was happening before you fought yourself?" Jamie said "king James was fighting that rude man then she, pointing at Graice beat the snot out of him for some reason. But dam my head hurts."

OOC: he's the same in war hammer the only difference between him and what he is in warhammer is he would have attacked everyone the second he walked into the bar. The number one rule in his world is there is only war. And everyone refers to anyone not human as Exenos meaning fear the alien hate the alien kill the alien. The whole warhammer universe is basically able to sustain an never ending war effort.

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CalicoYorki1/4/14 8:39am
Gracie sipped her tea calmly. "I gave Draigo an out, he did not take it, and James teleported him away," she explained. "I gave James an out, he did take it. Their problem is that they are magnets for violent forces; that is not to say that -your- James is not a good man, but he has an amount of blood on his hands which is almost inconceivable. I have seen other versions of his life, played out in other Universes - those names were not earned for kindness. I merely hope that he lives until a day which he sees peace." She paused before taking a sip of tea, and smiled. Some interesting characters were approaching.

~ ~ ~

On one of the many badlands of Pandora, a pair of individuals walked along the sand and cracked dirt whilst bickering. One was a short, burly man, with rippling muscles besides his huge gut, and relatively small legs to hold his burgeoning torso up. He had greasy, combed-back black hair, a thick mustache which grew down to frame the sides of his chin, and his eyes were obscured by dusky orange shades. This swarthy fellow wore a ratty t-shirt and blue jeans, harnesses and belts and bandoliers of guns and ammo, and heavy boots. He suddenly snapped, "Zachariah, how soon we gonna get there?"

Zachariah was a fair skinned young man with shoulder-length, unkempt black hair and a much more powerful physique than even his companion. He wore blue shades of his own, cracked as they were, and heavy gray dungarees over a ragged black t-shirt, as well as army boots. He also wore a tool belt over his further tool-laden dungarees, as well as a heavy rucksack or two filled with clanking pieces of mechanical junk, and it was a small wonder that he could walk as easily as he did. However, he was still absolutely pouring with sweat. "I estimate that we will reach the camp in roughly six minutes, Sheriff," he said in a quiet, measured voice. Sheriff grunted, and spat into the sand. As the loogie sizzled in the searing sand, Zachariah's dislike of this man intensified.

Soon enough, Zachariah's estimates were proven true. In a fairly sizable rift, accessible by rickety staircases all around, was a makeshift bandit camp. Slung together out of convenient materials - a crashed ship here, some old old busted crates to patch up a wall there - it seemed to be quiet. That was until a random psycho came careening out of an alley, and looked up to see them. It took a deep breath, and started screaming about evil banana overlords. As other bandits emerged to see what the hell was going on, the psycho picked up a piece of timber studded in one side with nails, and threw it with a spin towards Zachariah.

Zachariah stunned the bandits by smashing the wood, bending the nails out of place, and then leaping all the way down. He immediately grabbed the psycho around the head as soon as he landed, and flung it across the camp into the far ravine wall. Sheriff grunted, and began trundling down the steps whilst firing two submachine guns into a group of bandits. He proceeded to spring down to nimbly land ass-first on top of a stunted little mutant psycho, roaring, "DON'T DISCOUNT ME, PUNKS!!" Once he had managed to get back up, a number of bullets having ricocheted off of his shield, Sheriff resumed unloading his guns on the bandits.

Meanwhile, Zachariah had drawn some very strange tools, upon collecting more junk to add to what was in his rucksack. Whilst most of the bandits focused on Sheriff, Zachariah finished his little invention by slapping a submachine gun into the mix. With all of the connections finished, he proceeded to slug a bandit creeping up on him. More bandits found themselves shot with bursts of electrified rounds, and the attack caused a psycho to go loping towards the little turret to knock it out. However, Sheriff put the psycho down with a cluster of shots to the back of the head.

In very little time, the entire camp was cleaned out and looted. Sheriff and Zachariah were getting ready to leave, when they noted a conspicuous door which seemed to lead to nowhere. Both looked at one another, daring the other to go first. Finally, Zachariah heaved a sigh, and turned the doorknob. He and Sheriff both found themselves quite abruptly flung into the Interdimensional Nexus Bar and Grille.

Both stood up, Sheriff groaning about the pain of the fall, Zachariah inspecting the situation. He suddenly found Maya approaching rapidly, and before he could retreat, she gave him a hug which could crush bones. She seemed to not mind his presently foul countenance, and ushered him in to talk. Sheriff grumbled about the treatment, and set about cleaning his guns.

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