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joeden12/20/13 11:44pm
Jamie got confused, and it was all over his face, Feixhing? Where the hell was that and said "sorry where? I've been living in in Andunana my whole life and traveled all over the place never seen or heard of that place before." It was true in all manners his job took him all over the place and never once seen a place called Feixhing before.

As the new girl walked in Alex looked and then thought little of it, as he looked back over to the guild members he was glad to see everyone was rested and had regained their strength thanks to To Fred back at the compound he was able to make sure everyone was able to regenerate their energy faster then the normal person.

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CalicoYorki12/21/13 8:09pm
Lu Bu snorted at mention of Anduruna. "Small wonder you haven't heard of our land," he chuckled. "Feixhing is a sizable nation northwest of your home. We deal with a Nightmare invasion every day. Anduruna is dealing with a Nightmare -occupation.- We've long given up sending messengers - their steeds are sent running back home in a frenzy, the heads of their masters strung to the saddle. Walls can keep enemies out, but if just one gets in, they quickly turn into a prison." He then paused in order to slurp down a thin meat and vegetable soup.

The pinkhaired girl was about to leave, but Nadia spun her around and walked her back in. "You must be looking for something," the sparklemouse giggled. The girl stared, saying nothing. "Oh ho ho! Some-one-, then?" She turned her gaze down, her voluminous pink hair rippling despite the lack of wind. "You lost him? You poor, poor girl. But then again, all good things must end, so that new and bountiful things may begin! I am 78% sure that I learned that from a book. If it wasn't from that it was a video game." The girl glanced up to Nadia, tilting her head. "Oh yes! If I were you, and I'm not saying I couldn't be, if I'd searched an entire Universe and not found the answer, I'd look within." One hand, then the other over her heart, the girl furrowed her eyebrows. "Don't stand there looking adorable! Go meet some people in the Nexus! And remember: you come from a Universe where nothing is lost. With something as precious as a wonderful guy," she winked, "I doubt they'd scrap something so cherished. They probably recycled him." She then sprang away to start a tickle fight with Clover.

The odd girl stared after the much more odd sparklemouse for a while. When she decided that she wasn't going to just figure anything out standing around and looking adorable, she decided to approach Alex. She looked at him long and hard, and then offered her hand for a shake. "Nebula," she murmured.

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joeden12/23/13 11:31am
Jamie looked confused at this, to be honest the city wasn't being occupied it was under seige. "Sorry but the city isn't being occupied it's under seige, ever since my group destroyed the underground and toppled the biggest crimelords in the city it's been under attack by nightmare after nightmare. As for your messangers; did you send them through the northern passes of the dune sea? If so they never made it to the city they've most likely been eaten alive by the cannibals that inhabit the area and sends the victems heads back on their steeds.

Alex looked at the girl who walked up to him, and when she held out her hand and he heard her name thanks to his good hearing. He shook it saying "Alex nice to meet you, Nebula?" Alex at this point had already figured out that just about anything could walk through that door and wasn't willing to play let's see how strong this or that was, he mainly figured it would be much healthier not to do so.

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CalicoYorki12/24/13 8:43am
As Lu Bu carried on eating, Aramis glared at him, before turning her gaze to Jamie. "Unfortunately, the Nightmare leadership practices great subtlety in Anduruna. The occupation has been taking place for a very, very long time." She returned to her noodles and vegetables, employing Umara's help to eat.

Nadia gave a thumbs up to Nebula, before sneaking through a suspect door. The pinkhaired girl turned her attention back to Alex. She asked in that quiet, quiet voice, "What kind of place is this?" Meanwhile, the rest of the Nexus Bar & Grille were carrying on as usual. However, Lionella Lasso had seen herself out, as had Viraille von Velloi.

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joeden12/24/13 10:15am
Jamie looked even more confused at this and said "okay well i guess our defenition of subtlety is different because burning buildings and Nightmares rampaging through the streets dosen't seem like subtlety to me." This was true after the whole incident with the Joeden's and the Orcs, with the Crimelord war, the Nightmares where going all out on Anduruna.

Alex looked around the bar for a second before, saying "Not sure what this place really is but all i know is it's a bar that's not burning or infested with Nightmares that's the best answer i can give." True this was all Alex could give as an anweser outside was burning in flames and Nightmares attacked the city.

Ollow moved to sit back down beside Lila who was still asleep as Victoria had been Cradling Jaiden to sleep. James was now at the bar and heard what Jamie said saying, "so you know how to keep the party alive after we leave do ya?" He finished with a chuckle on his voice. Before adding in "I can see about sending in some reinforcements when i can but i can't promise anything soon."

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CalicoYorki12/24/13 10:49am
Nebula tilted her head to the side slightly. "Bar?" The meaning of that word was completely lost on her; that much was evident in her quizzical gaze.

Pepper had returned to Clover, in order to snatch a vial of some sickly green vapors out of her hands and toss it into a portal of Token's making. Ryoko was still in a drunken slumber, lying comfortably alongside her bug-loving new friend. The four adventurers were discussing matters over drink and food, whilst Brindyhindle had built a friendship between her group and Polly. Overall, things seemed to be going well.

However, this was only if one chose to ignore the re-masked Little Miss Clever's new long distance call. "Tefali fleets 12,013 through 12,147, converge on designated location," she hissed frenetically, not bothering to lower her voice. "Deploy sabotage drones. Prepare to appropriate resources."

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joeden12/24/13 7:39pm
Alex saw this confusion and understood that she didn't understand what a bar was and was now trying to figure out a way to explain what a bar was which he did. "Well to put it in better words this is a place where one can get drinks from, from water to pop and stuff i think you might be to young for." This was true and he didn't know how old she was so he didn't want to have to explain what booze was, to a little kid if she was even a kid.

James herd little miss Clever and was ready for whatever was to come through those doors next, as what did come through was a Robot/vehicle thing with a little gnomish midget. With white hair goggles on her head and a wrench repairing the thing while Grease and oil smeared on her face, with one bang on the thing's head it worked and she had a little dance in her mechanic's blue overhauls and white shirt she didn't stop this dance until she heard James shout "Tonka!" At her. She turned and spluttered out "o-o-oh king James i wasn't expecting you here where are we anyways?"

She was now more curious about her surroundings then a few moments ago and before James could say anything she yelled out "Bar Ahoy drinks! Drinks! Drinks!" And with that she was on her way to the bar the machine she used to move was fat had a plasma cannon in its chest a buzz saw on one hand and a Gatling gun for the other with a verity of change ups. It had rocket launchers in the shoulders and was grey in color it looked like a five foot stomping mechanical juggernaut.

James rubbed his temple before focusing on the door again for what was to come, even though Tonka and her machine would very easily draw the attention of everything in the bar Draigo wasn't sure if she was serious or just a walking circus.

OOC sorry Just had to bring her in been wanting to for a while.

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CalicoYorki12/26/13 5:52pm
Suddenly, Smilodon grabbed James by the arm. She seemed to be straining to say something. Then, slowed down as far as she could, she said: "Help-my-master-the-Planner-Core-is-controlling-her-you-must-help-her-I-can't-speak-for-long - " She suddenly threw her head back, and stumbled away - looking dazed and angry.

At just the right moment, the Bouncer threw Little Miss Clever, her drones, and Smilodon out into the arena. They were followed by Pepper, Clover, Token, Polly, Heathcance, the four adventurers, Brindyhindle and her group. Little Miss Clever gave an odd keening noise, then broke down into laughter. "It took me a long time to suppress the human girl fully," she cackled, "but now, oooohhh but now, I've got full control! What once was a tool, now implements the body's power! I was once used by humans to plot a course to conquer the stars - how fitting that I now pull the strings behind this one's body!

Pepper snarled, halo lighting up. "What gives you the right?" This obviously agitated the Planner Core to no end. The others shifted uncomfortably - they all had seen the girl inside of that suit, her beaten face, her weak emotional state...This creature was something different. The Planner Core walked with a confident swagger, as if she owned the Arena she now trod within. All but a few struggled to hide their dismay. Yet this made Pepper chuckle. "For shame," she snapped, "not a poker player among you. You're making the sparky little kitten bold." This indeed was making the Planner Core shift with excitement.

The twenty-odd tefali drones were also shifting, but Smilodon alone was very still. Token looked upon her, and an idea visibly began to form. The others were preparing to fight, but suddenly, a fiery crack opened in the air behind her. It seethed with molten energy that dribbled out of existence, before suddenly, several beings emerged. Each were tefali with pigtails, but with varied accoutrements. One was vermillion and gold, accompanied by a gigantic, bipedal cybernetic beast; another was dark blue, and outfitted with massive guns of all sorts. Still another was black and silver, four huge blades hovering behind it. The last among them was golden and ocher, with wings trailing energy strings down to shadowy puppets.

Pepper transformed into a lanky, thorny limb beast, and snorted. "Nobody moves alone," she shouted, as the tefali began to get into formation. "You have each other's backs! Don't argue, don't fight amongst yourselves, or you are dead! Some of you've seen what that little nutbar did to that Nightmare - now, the humanity that kept us alive is buried!" Clover joined her as she charged in, but Token hung back.

Pepper immediately slugged a tefali, and the spikes on her limbs tore open its arm. However, even as its circuits sparked, it retained enough strength to attempt to grab Pepper and throttle her. Clover had already been caught, and was losing consciousness in the tefali's grip. However, suddenly, two daggers pierced through the sides of its chest - narrowly missing Clover, but still forcing the tefali to release her.

Tel'la's eyes glowered, as she swung another pair of daggers repeatedly. Her blows were swift and savage, and with each cruel impact, she did increasing damage to the tefali. By the time she finished it off by spinning her kris daggers once, twice, and plunging them into its eyes, it had lost both arms. Meanwhile, just as Pepper was beginning to lose her grapple with her opponent, an arrow struck in the tefali's neck. This arrow surged with forest green energy, and as it coursed across Pepper's fur, she found her foe's strength being sapped into her. Another arrow flew past Pepper, into the tefali's knee. As it fell, Pepper succeeded in overpowering it, and proceeded to puncture its skull and rip its head apart. She blew a kiss to Handel, who made a show of 'catching' it, before firing an arrow of rejuvenating energy to get Clover back on her feet.

Two more tefali sprang towards Pepper, but found cannon fire blowing them back. Brindyhindle loaded another shot, as Pepper threw the dazed tefali clear back. Snutterkap turned her blades into jagged tendrils, seizing the targets and smashing them together. Still, they struggled. Polly and Heathcance set about constructing machines to help in the fight, as Raul sent chained blasts of fire and lightning into the snared tefali.

Shockingly, the two still had enough strength to struggle out of their bindings. They were sparking furiously, and were lurching towards the preoccupied Polly and Heathcance. Then, suddenly, a pillar of shadows surged up between them. Xui Lang appeared, and beheaded both machines. They clawed for their heads, but he rained a flurry of blows on them that decimated both heads and bodies.

Meanwhile, another tefali lunged towards Polly. She threw a grenade at it, which exploded with scouring plasma. The tefali gave a frightening, child-like scream, but this did not stop Heathcance from conjuring an energy hammer to clobber it thoroughly. After some additional walloping, the Frayborg used a jet of flame to send the tefali into Guldhr's waiting clutches. The ogre murmured an apology, and proceeded to rip the tefali in two down the middle. Amazingly, the two halves still clamored to kill their foes, but Azdha blew them away with solar flames. He did the same to another tefali, but it merely retreated to repair itself - causing Azdha to curse in an old orcish dialect.

Now, the battle was properly on.

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joeden12/27/13 1:23pm
James walked into the arena and charged towards the nearest Telfali, slashing his blades and disarming the thing literally. He slammed his foot on the thing's knee bring it's head down to meet James' knee as it bashed the thing's head in he then brought his sword down beheading the thing. As it fell he planted his foot inside the thing's chest before charging for the next Tefali which held him back with it's blades.

Draigo walked into the room and at that instant he started to use his Psychic Powers starting with Hammerhand. Which Focusing the raging power of his mind, Draigo augmented his already prodigious might. Even unarmed, he can crush flesh and bone -- given his deamon blade there is little limit to what he can slay. After doing this he also charged up.

Holocaust, which normally in Grey knights; Units of Grey Knights Terminators are able to make use of the Holocaust psychic power as a whole. A group of Grey Knights can harness their collective psychic powers to manifest this ability as long as the entire group remains focused on its manifestation. If successful, a Grey Knight Terminator can incinerate opponents at close range using this power. It is a manifestation of the hate the Grey Knights feel for the daemonic, and is completely capable of burning a daemon's physical body to ash. This power is especially terrifying because whatever is destroyed by the Holocaust power dies in the Warp as well, its spirit extinguished like a candle. It can burn the souls of mortals to nothing and can banish daemons as if they were but a bad dream. This power is a lesser version of the extraordinary final burst of psychic power used by the Emperor of Mankind Himself to snuff out the soul of Horus in the Warp at the end of the Horus Heresy during the final battle on Horus' Battle Barge, the Vengeful Spirit.

He then used his last two abilities, Might of Titan - Summoning up the power of the Chapter’s ancestors and calling on the sacred genetic heritage of the Emperor Himself which all Battle-Brothers possess, the Grey Knight Librarian is able to harden muscles and boost the strength of those allies in close proximity to him, this of course affected everyone fighting the Tefali.

And he used Mind Blades - The Grey Knight imbues the blades and other melee weapons of his allies with unerring accuracy and the ability to seek out even the smallest of chinks in their foes’ armour, helping his friends land devastating blows to quickly despatch their enemies. After doing all this he let out a battle cry that shook will of people's souls, Draigo smashed his shield off of a Tefali which sent it flying and slashed his sword down and through another one killing it and burning it's soul to ashes.

As this was happening a blue winged wolf flew into the air Halo lighting up as a blizzard started cooling the arena down as snow picked up he started forming up hard as hell snowballs and chucking them down at the Tafali, waiting for the snow to build up for him to be able to actually use his full ability. James who was being held back felt these boosts from Draigo and cut through the blade's of the Tefali and killed it burning it's soul to ashes.

OOC: Yea Draigo is overpowered but i trimmed him down on not using all of what he can do which is on this page at the bottom. but all rights for Draigo goes to Warhammer40k/gamesworkshop he is in use as a nonprofit fan based use and not intended as a profit making way.

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CalicoYorki12/27/13 1:49pm
Three tefali pressed their hands up and together, sending lightning surging towards the flying wolf dreamkeeper above. Pepper was busy hacking into one again and again, as it continually got back up until it was finally rendered to pieces. Clover strategically sent plumes of plasma towards the tefali, but she was quickly forced to retreat. The others managed to hold the tefali drones at bay, but soon, the red general with its beast companion entered the fray.

Guldhr attempted to stop it, but it swung its hands up and into his face, sending his huge form flying into the stands. Azdha roared, and sent lightning surging into the tefali commander's body. It absorbed the electricity, however, and as panels opened up on its limbs, it shocked him into unconsciousness. It prepared to finish him off, but a savage lashing from Snutterkap's whip-blades followed by a smokey cannon shot care of Brindyhindle's hand cannon sent it stumbling away.

It took Raul, Handel, Tel'la, and Xui Lang together just to keep the bipedal beast at bay - and with a sudden kick, it sent Raul rolling away, unconscious. More tefali were converging on Polly and Heathcance, and they could not abandon their work to defend themselves. The tefali whispered in their keening voices, lightning dancing amongst their forms. The Foggernaut and her Frayborg certainly looked doomed, but it was not to be.

The tefali halted, stunned, as an energy field of shimmering, transparent blue light suddenly trapped their comrade. A young woman with pale skin, short blue hair cut in a chic style, and an almost near-futuristic fashion sense rushed in, firing off shots from a heavy energy pistol with two barrels contained in an armored shell. The shots punctured its body from its chest up to its temple, flashing in the phaselocked rift. Its entire body suddenly jerked uncontrollably, dissolving into pale pinkish-orange energy. The young woman paused, and contemplated the stunned tefali.

She promptly belched, and scattered them by shooting off another's ear. "Nice tech," she said to Polly, who was still working. "The name's Maya. I've got your six." She stood watch, her pistol ready to fire again, as the battle raged on.

~ ~ ~

OOC: Maya and Borderlands 2 are the property of 2K games, I in no way claim ownership of their intellectual property. This is a non-profit, fan-based roleplay, please support the official release.

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joeden12/27/13 10:18pm
The wolf looked at this and Said "awwww crap!" He then tried to fly but a sharp pain hit him from the exhaustion and fact he was still recovering from the whole being temporally dead, from the Nightmare the shock hit him and he fell like a rock falling unconscious with what was left of his might he moved the snow to form a bed of snow which he fell into blacking out.

James was now cutting his fifth Tefali down with ease, these drones aren't really a challenge even without Draigo's boosts that he gave out and was very effective for the most part. But James wanted a challenge and so he yelled out, "COME ON ISN'T THERE A DAM ONE OF YOU WORTH A REAL FIGHT HERE?? OR AM I JUST GOING TO HAVE TO CUT THROUGH ALL YOUR WEAK SORRY EXCESSES FOR TECHNOLOGY!?!?!" This he hoped would draw the strongest one(s) to him so he'd have a real fight as he ripped the head off another Tefali.

Draigo saw little miss Clever and said "Emperor protects!" He then charged for Little miss Clever or the Planner core, killing and burning the souls of the Tefali to ashe that got in his way. He then charged up to her Raising his sword ready to cut her in half and burn her soul to ashes with no remorse in his eyes or any sign of caring about her in any manner.

The bipedal beast Soon met the newly reformed sentinel that had the rocks in it and some chairs and a table all formed up to make a full body for the thing, give it a strong bash in to the head and the thing start to play rock'em sock'em with it. As Harry controlled the thing from a far The newly formed sentinel would prove a challenge for the beast but it was no where's near full strength as Alex hoisted the wolf up and started to carry him to safety. As Harry said " I got you're backs let this piece of wreck take the beating!" The sentinel was delivering blow after blow which was more annoying then damaging.

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CalicoYorki12/28/13 6:42am
The Planner Core expertly dodged Draigo's attack, then repelled him away with an explosion of lightning and sound. Smilodon tried to fight her sway, but gave in - bull rushing James, swinging her titanium compound claws.

Suddenly, however, both Smilodon and the Planner Core accidentally passed through two shimmering blue membranes. By Token's side appeared the girl within the Planner Core, Dwaya Zeelig, as well as a different Smilodon. "I split their humanity from the malice of those machines," he called out, visibly and audibly heaving with ragged breath. His Power could bridge the gap between what existed and what was desired to be, basically - but doing something like splitting an existence exhausted him.

As Token fell to his knees, Dwaya Zeelig rose up, shaking her head. As a tefali approached, she swiftly drew her side arm from a sub space pocket. Her shots all hit true, burning the tefali with an agonizing blaze. Suddenly, Smile lunged, and with one almighty strike she sent her foe flying with its head and torso ripped open. Pepper grinned in approval of Token's shenanigans, as she got back-to-back with Clover in order to fend off three of the last Tefali.

A portal began to seethe open, depositing ten more tefali. However, suddenly, a hazy white light began to sew it closed. The Planner Core seethed, enraged as more troops were prevented from warping in. Polly and Heathcance had prepared their machine, and then, Heathcance set down drones in the ground alongside it. In his battles beforehand, he had left similar drones surreptitiously. Now, all of these drones linked together by a rail system. After constructing cybots to protect the warp interceptor, Heathcance went grinding away on top of the rails to assist in battle.

Polly and Maya nodded to each other, and approached the ten tefali reinforcements. Brindyhindle and Snutterkap joined them, once sure that Guldhr and Azdha were safe. Polly immediately lobbed another grenade, before swinging her heavily-gloved arms. Super-hot vapors surged around her, and even as the grenade exploded to stagger the tefali, her magical attack stripped away many of their protective layers. Brindyhindle fired off a salvo of explosive shots, as Snutterkap swung her whip-blades in a frenetic dance. Maya trapped another tefali in a phase lock, before taking out some kind of spiked, black and red gun. The short-range shots were a rapid fire plague of acid, which quickly melted the tefali even as it began to dissolve into energy. Maya belched once again, as the phaselock field drifted away to trap another tefali.

Once Heathcance arrived to help the group fighting the bipedal beast, he projected a protective field of Stasis energy over the group fighting it. As the tefali controlling the beast rushed him, Heathcance conjured an energy hammer to begin walloping it. He could see it eyeballing the group fighting its companion, and he proceeded to project energy hammers pummeling the ground. Everywhere they struck, earthen barricades rose up; both preventing the tefali commander from getting closer, and forming more protection amongst them.

This was absolutely necessary, as Xue Lang caught the beast's leg with one arm, proceeding to bring it to the ground. He bounded up on top of it, drew his mace, and began bashing its approximate face repeatedly. Tel'la sprinted past its two flailing legs in order to leap up and join Lang, stabbing repeatedly into the beast's lower body. Meanwhile, Handel took the opportunity to fire an arrow of energy which boosted the sentinel's speed.

To the Planner Core's aide came the black and the yellow commanders - the black commander orbited by blades sharpened to a width of microns, the yellow surrounded by wispy black puppets. With surprising speed and strength, they began attacking Draigo. Meanwhile, the Planner Core seemed to be calculating...

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joeden12/28/13 6:16pm
The blast sent Draigo back but didn't lift him off his feet or send him far his feet drug the dirt in a line showing where he was standing. Before he could charge at the now separated Planner core he received an attack from two commanders, which he was able to block with his shield, the attacks just bounced off of the shield. He swung at the black commander while shield smacking the yellow commander across the arena. Draigo's sword strike was strong enough to cut through most of the commander's defense and slowly peeling the last of it away thanks to the boosts from his psychic powers.

The malicious Smilodon was now in James' sight and he smiled saying "you best be worth the fight!" He then let out a staggering battle Roar that brought fear to everyone staggering the malicious Smilodon, this roar would also affect all the Tefali and everyone else giving them a shuddering fear and despair as it would feel as if death's cold embrace was upon them. The only person that was not affected by this was Draigo, which was how do you scare a person who lives in hell, giving hell to the four Chaos gods. James then brought his blades in for a swinging barrage that could cut through diamonds.

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CalicoYorki12/28/13 11:36pm
However, Smilodon was unknown to fear. She had been created for one purpose: to kill all foes of the Planner Core. Her gauntlet-mounted blades clashed with James's blades at the optimal point to catch both, and the earth splintered beneath them for the impact. Smilodon proceeded to thrust her crushing claw for James's gut, as the Planner Core shrieked with laughter.

Meanwhile, the yellow commander began to crack and crumble. It suddenly became a shadowy puppet, which promptly dissolved. One of its three surviving puppets became the yellow commander, linked to the other puppets by its strings. It proceeded to retreat, before spinning towards Pepper and Clover. Its puppets were flung bodily towards them, clawing at them with spiked legs.

As for the black commander, it dodged just enough of each blow to not fall. Suddenly, it fully ducked beneath a sword strike - although its armor was cracked, and one arm twisted until it was useless - and sent its floating swords piercing towards Draigo from above, below, to the left, and to the right. The four blades were made of a carbon-titanium alloy that would be perfected several ages into humanity's space faring history, and each one created a brief trailing vacuum as it scythed through the air.

The red commander was locked in mortal combat with Heathcance. The two had simply begun to slug it out with each other, as Heathcance chuckled. "Now -this- is the way to fight!!" He suddenly stomped down with a shock wave which stunned the commander, before ramming both fists into its gut. He unleashed a terrific blaze of magenta flames, yet as the commander fell burning, it was teleported away. This infuriated the Planner Core - repairing the commander units was always a laborious task. Still, however, the heavily-armed blue commander stood by her, unmoving.

While the red commander had disappeared, its beast had not. In fact, the lack of its master's presence had sent the beast into a frenzy. Four spearing tendrils erupted from its back as it bellowed, and they began to attempt to skewer its foes. As Tel'la carried a still unconscious Raul to safety, Handel expertly shot away a tendril attempting to strike her. Xue Lang suffered a direct blow to his shoulder, but with a bloodthirsty grin and a scarlet glow to his eyes, he yanked on the tendril with such force that the beast fell. It attempted to retract its tendril, but Lang smashed its tip into the ground with his morning star mace - anchoring the beast in place.

Now, Maya was able to phaselock the beast. It took immense concentration to stun it, but she did manage to put an entire clip of acidic shots into its hide before the phaselock was broken. Sweat beading on her brow, she reloaded her rifle, and set to work healing Raul. Te'la scrutinized the oddly-dressed young woman, but stood watch with Handel as Maya used her healing abilities on their leader. "If he does not awaken," the fey woman nonetheless hissed, "you will die." Handel made a hurried apology to Maya, but the Siren blew the threat off whilst channeling more power. Soon, Raul arose, and he was incensed.

Now, having put half of the tefali reinforcements to the scrap heap, Brindyhindle, and Snutterkap moved to protect Guldhr and Azdha. As for Polly and Heathcance, they prepared to battle the shimmering red beast. It still had plenty of get-up-and-go, now having finally ripped free the tendril pinned by Xue Lang's mace. As it opened a huge set of jaws, even an experimental lob of a flashing grenade by Polly into the grinding blades that maw contained was for naught; the explosion only made the beast that much angrier. Heathcance constructed his blunderbuss, and stepped back continually as the beast plunged its tendrils for him. The frayborg at last stepped onto a rail, and zipped away.

Strafing as he went, Heathcance stopped beside a glowing junction. He summoned a cybot, and as he circled the beast along the rails, it found its strength sapped by the cybot. This was easily remedied, however: a swift kick obliterated cybot and juncture, causing all rails connected to it to deactivate and immediately begin deteriorating. There was still another surviving cybot, however - bronze like its master, with magenta markings and a glowing purple eye, as well as two guns for arms. As the beast charged to smash Heathcance, on a crash course with him, the cybot captured Heathcance in an energy beam and drew him to safety. Many more rails were disabled by that destroyed juncture.

Maya suddenly finished a huddle with Raul and company. She dashed out, ignoring Polly's angry cries of warning, and began firing off caustic shots from her rifle to draw the beast's attention. It immediately spun, and speared all of its tendrils towards her. Another phaselock trapped it, and that was all the group needed. Raul sent a storm of electrified ice shards which slowly pierced the weakened outer armor of the beast, as Handel fired off arrow after arrow which exploded with smoky dark green energy. Tel'la conjured a poisonous purple barbed shuriken, throwing it so that it wheeled right into the beast's frozen maw. Meanwhile, Xue Lang was firing off shadowy crossbow bolts, and Polly was launching explosive chunks of molten mud to hamper the beast.

When the phaselock faded, Maya now at a safe distance, the beast staggered. It gave a last roar, and even as Maya ducked and rolled beside Heathcance to assist in the barrier raising, it proceeded to explode with such force that dust was kicked up across the arena. This distracted the nearby tefali just enough for Pepper to launch out her tongue - altered with a barbed bone tip, ready to lacerate the drones' heads. Two were injured, enough that a concentrated blast of plasma from Clover could fell them. The last three attempted to perform the same lightning attack they'd used on the flying wolf dreamkeeper, but it was instead sucked into one of Token's portals. The portal reopened as a sphere in the tefali's midst, and their own shocking attack fried their circuits completely.

This left the Planner Core, Smilodon, and the three remaining commanders. The Planner Core was absolutely furious, and sparks were continually arcing across her form.

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joeden12/29/13 10:23am
The Sentinel golem charged at the blue commander knocking it back and proceeded with it's onslaught of rapid blows trying to destroy the commander. The golem was improved though it had parts of the fallen Tefali to replace the chairs and table that had supported its mass; the blows from the Sentinel's blows where a lot more fierce then before.

James was surprised by the turn of events and this surprise turned into a smile it was rare to find someone who could stand up to his blows and he replied "Finally a fight that doesn't die within the first few strikes! Lets see if you can handle all my strength i`m going to stop holding back now." At this he tossed one of his blades in the air and with his free hand he stop the hand going for his gut through his armor which was able to mostly stop the strike. with his blade that was still in her grasp he pushed down with all his might and cut through her hand.

This would hurt on many levels because not only was she missing a bit of her hand, but apart of her soul was burnt to ashes this would install fear into her even if it wasn't before. The whole burning one's soul to ashes would leave her feeling cold inside and the thought of loosing one's soul into oblivion, James then gave a thunderous kick sending her backwards, catching his sword he then charged after her the ground shaking as he charged. He looked like a thundering monster as he charged through the dust storm.

The attacks by the black commander met Draigo's power armor and dug in but stopped by the density of the armor. The technology from several ages into humanity's space faring history, but Draigo was from the Grim dark future of the forty-first century, where there is only war. Stomping his foot to the ground kicked up enough force to send the Commander back and he charged disarming the commander's one twisted arm burning apart of his soul to ash, and continued with his assault by smashing his face in with his shield.

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