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joeden12/18/13 12:15pm
Draigo moved to the bar not noticing the group that came in he sat beside the Generals he made them look small and tiny, whatever intimidating presence the Generals might have had was gone, heck any form of intimidating presence anyone had was gone when this massive Giant showed up. He sat down beside them and he began to drink from massive mug that was brought to him.

Patrick looked back to Ryoko noticing her cheeks where turning red he noticed what was going on with her and decided to see if he was right. He moved a little closer to her and whispered to her "hey i think he's eyeing you, i think he likes you." Patrick then waited to see what her reaction would be.

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CalicoYorki12/18/13 1:32pm
Ryoko chuckled, now quite tipsy. "Well, he's got *hic* tough luck. III've *hic* got Tenchi." She knocked back the last flask of sake, then leaned on the side of the booth; legs tucked up, sandals still left under the table. "Ohhh, he's just so sweet and unassuming," she slurred, "but he's such a *hic* hero!" Soon, she passed out right on the spot.

Meanwhile, as Snutterkap tucked into a thick stew of chicken, dumplings, and vegetables, Guldhr and Azdha talked in hushed tones across from her. As for Brindyhindle, she was experimenting with alchemical mixtures inside of spherical metal shells. Polly looked over her shoulder at the trio, quite interested now.

Heathcance was fit to interrogate Nadia, but suddenly, she laid a slobbery, toothy kiss on his mask. The machine paused as she giggled, trying to make out with him. Then: "Madame, I have no mouth. This is foolishness on top of prior, unnecessary foolishness. Cease and desist." However, he didn't have the heart to stop her.

Suddenly, she sprang away and out of her seat - leaving her manacles behind. Heathcance stared, aghast. "How in the Devil - !?" Nadia was now staring intently at Pepper and Clover.

The two locked eyes, in a long and hard stare. Eventually, Pepper broke the silence.


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joeden12/18/13 5:17pm
Artillery rounds rained down on the advancing Joeden soldiers who where trying to taking the city of shi'vala on shar'bala. Over the battlefield in the sky above Joeden airial units fought with the opposing forces as the battle in space was heating up as the joeden fleet opened fire on the monsterousities the sharbalians called ships which looked like giant battering rams meant to ram into a ship and savagely rip it apart.

On a massive ship sitting in the center of the battle destroying any enemy that got near or to close to it. The ship rumbled from a pot shot by the enemy's ships as a meeting of seven people had a meeting at a round computer table. "Test results are in it's not brainwashing or anything else, this is there normal brain chemistry." James listened to the first man and nodded before saying "So there's no chance of saving their species?" The rest of the group nodded and the man said "orders?" James sighed and pressed the communications ray which sent a message to every ship and ground command posts saying "order sixty-five-forty-three." The order was sent and James saw the door to the bar and entered.

Once inside he went right for the bar and ordered a drink, for the order he gave wasn't one easily given. But he had to do it.

Patrick smiled and then noticed James walk in and said "Oh hey look it's king James," and at that point timber whatever energy he had left was now gone. Victoria was the same way now that she was done eating she was falling asleep and did so as Jamie returned from putting little Jaiden in a crib that appeared in the wall next to the booth as he began to fall asleep with Victoria falling asleep on him.

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joeden12/18/13 5:17pm
(Double room fix)

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CalicoYorki12/18/13 6:08pm
Little Miss Clever was talking to herself, it seemed. "Confirm imaginary number. Confirm objectives. Confirm temporal differential. Then get yo muscular haunches over here girl!!" She looked over at a flatly staring Lady Lasso. "what uuuuuuuuuup"

Suddenly, someone kicked through the door, which reformed behind her as she passed. She had pale bronze armor, conformed in tight bands and extra plates, and her longer black hair was styled in pigtails, but overall, she looked so much like Little Miss Clever. Barring the twin gigantic, decorative saber fangs, of course. Above her right arm were mounted three saber-claws; her left hand wasn't really a hand, but a savage, crushing metal claw. She immediately began to hop from foot to foot, bobbing her head around.

Her apparent superior squealed with glee. "It's Smilodon! She's my BFFsie!!" Smilodon began shadowboxing. "Smile, you are such a -riot!-" Wagging her short bob tail of armored bands, Smilodon began to cuddle Miss Clever. "Who's a sweetie pie godless killing machine? It's Smilodon yes it is! Killing machi~~~ne!"

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joeden12/18/13 9:46pm
James was smart enough to make sure Draigo didn't here "Who's a sweetie pie godless killing machine?" Otherwise they would be accused of being heretics and executed by Draigo, Dragio however was enjoying the fresh air and fine foods and drinks hell was a nasty place and little things like this is a nice breather.

Patrick's millipede decided to say hello to a sleeping Ryoko and tickled her in her face with its antennas and gave a little kiss on the nose, while Alex quickly went over and removed the millipede.

Jamie was leaning to the wall one hand around Victoria and the other hanging in the crib as Jaiden held his fingers with his tiny hands. He was having trouble sleeping but was happy and he smiled at Ollow's face apparently his girlfriend Lila left him a gift.

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CalicoYorki12/18/13 10:13pm
Ryoko's eyes rolled open for a moment, but since she didn't see the millipede, she quickly went back to sleep. She soon rolled over, and snuggled close to Patrick. Gracie had chosen to leave the bar, as Polly struck up a conversation with Brindyhindle regarding her cannon's design. Nadia was sharing an exasperated Pepper's lap with Clover on a convenient couch, and the others were mostly being peaceful. However, Little Miss Clever was giving another long-distance chat...

"Oh? You perfected the devices? Sweet, bring them here for a demonstration!" In moments, tall, muscular copycats (hee hee hoo hoo haa haa) with ponytails, twenty of them, led in a group of rich-looking human-like creatures. "Hello hello hello-hello-hello," Miss Clever trilled, "you are going to be testing my new software-to-wetware technology!" She was obviously excit -

"No." A particularly overweight man scoffed at her.

"But - "

"Absolutely not, you - hnnnnnngggghlrrrllrlrllll!!" Clever's eyes had flashed, and lightning arced from her fingertips. In seconds, the man was powdery ash on the floor.

"NO ONE INTERRUPTS ME," she shrieked, shattering a few glasses, "LEAST OF ALL YOU MEATY SCUM!! I WILL TEACH YOU WRETCHES TO RESPECT A SUPERIOR BEING!!" The beings scattered, but were rapidly captured by Clever's soldiers. With casual cruelty, they all began throttling and electrocuting the beings into ashes. One almost got out the door, but was killed in one kick by Smilodon. More lightning from Clever rendered the corpse to ashes.

Now, Clever sat on the floor, her legs splayed out. She was sniffling. Before anyone could speak, she started to outright bawl on the floor, made somehow more soul-wrenching by her expressionless face.

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joeden12/19/13 11:02am
The shrieking easily awoke everyone who was asleep at this point Jaiden had began to cry as Victoria quickly got him and was now trying to calm the little guy down. But what got the most attention was when Clever started to kill people and bawl on the floor. James was up from his seat and looking at Clever saying "Superior being? Superior beings don't throw a temper-tantrum And kill a bunch of people, you puny little bratty crybaby." James was sure he had seen her before, but he wasn't sure however the look he had was stern.

Draigo didn't care the things she killed weren't human and right was a time for him to eat and enjoy the peace before going back into hell. Well as much of the peace as it was possible. Patrick was still asleep as was most the guild going back to sleep Jamie got up to the bar to get a glass of water as Victoria rocked Jaiden back to sleep. Ollow Had also gotten up to grab a drink as Lila fell back to sleep; Ollow not noticing her present on his face.

The millipede went up Patricks pant leg and made it's way up to Patrick's neck which where it stayed. Alex had given up and went to the bar with Jamie and ordered a drink as well.

OOC: this is the millipede only differnce between that and Patrick's though is his is about two feet longer.

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CalicoYorki12/19/13 11:14am
Little Miss Clever was now curled up on the floor, still sobbing and crackling lightly with electricity. Smilodon had knelt down, and was patting her master gently. Now with all of their affairs in order, Raul and Tel'la had joined Handel and Xue Lang for their second course.

Snutterkap had fallen asleep in her group's booth, as Azdha and Guldhr talked over some rank meat and cabbage stew. As for Brindyhindle, she had now gotten into a very engaged discussion with Polly over their pasts. "Aye," Polly affirmed a question, "e'er since I were a lass, I spent me days earnin' calluses an' perfectin' me creations. Like Heathcance." The frayborg nodded in agreement. Brindyhindle nodded in approval, smiling as she tinkered with her hand cannon's firing mechanism.

Lady Lasso was watching Little Miss Clever's servants cautiously, as they all huddled in an otherwise unoccupied corner of the establishment. Pepper meanwhile huffed, as Nadia sprang off of her to go grab something to eat. Token proceeded to take a seat next to her, watching her curiously. The Generals had ordered a sizable meal, and were eating semi-quietly.

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joeden12/19/13 4:56pm
Alex noticed Token sit down next to Pepper and remembered before the events started up, and was planing on learning who this Token person was. He sat down at the table where Token was and said "yea I was wanting to ask you who you worked for before the whole charade happened and the fighting started." Jamie was at the bar as Ollow walked up saying "hey Jamie what's up?"

Jamie smiled and chuckled as he noticed the little evil triangle beard that was on his chin, Ollow looked confused as Jamie put his hand on the back of his head and turned it to the mirror. Ollow then said out in a disappointed voice "agh not again" Jamie then ruffled his hair as Ollow went to get cleaned up.

James Just looked at Clever with disgust, he couldn't stand people like her thinking they were superior to others and through temper tantrums when things didn't go their way. He then looked on the floor at the dust and walked back to the bar where he noticed Jamie and gave him a pat on the back saying "I thought you where dead?" Jamie laughed saying not really i'm to tough to kill."

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CalicoYorki12/19/13 5:24pm
Little Miss Clever slowly rose up. "Smile, get me a cloth," she grumbled, "I cried so hard I started bleeding again." Smile was right back with a cloth in a hurry, heeling beside her. Then, Clever's helm began to hiss with steam along its seams, and open up.

Beneath, Little Miss Clever appeared to be a human girl of Asian descent, of all things; with straight, jawlength black hair. However, something had horrifically wounded her - she had blackened little cuts, and a permanent black eye; within the bruising was a cybernetic orb, with circuits leading to two concentric rings. Her lower lip appeared to have been busted wide open at some point, and burn scars extend down the entire left side of her face - the one opposite the cybernetic eye. Some of her wounds had begun to ooze with something which one could call blood, using very loose terms. It was a dark brownish-red, and ran thick like oil.

Clever tried to ignore the stares and looks of revulsion she got, as she cleaned her face off. Pepper deposited Clover on top of an indignant Token, and walked over to the cautious girl. The hyena dreamkeeper convinced her to hand over the cloth, then rinsed it off with liquid from a vial off of her belt. She added another liquid to the cloth, and began to gently clean the girl's face - all while Smilodon stared up at her. "It wasn't okay, what you did," she said quietly, "you know that, right, baby girl?"

"Mm-hmm," Little Miss Clever whispered, "I...I did a bad thing...The suit, it isn't perfect...The A.I. is activated when I get really angry...And it...It..." Oily tears started to well up her eyes. "I'm...I'm a bad person...I'm a monster..." Pepper hushed her, and continued wiping the girl's face off with the medicated rag.

Now, Token looked back to Alex. "I work for no one," he murmured, "although I periodically work with groups whom have the interests of dreamkeeperkind in mind." In a suspect way, he reached into the pockets of Clover's hakama.

The horned red panda dreamkeeper giggled, stretching her body in her sleep. "Token, you perv~"

"Shut up." He finally fished out a tall paper bag, and offered it to Alex. "May I interest you in a sugar powdered jelly treat?"

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joeden12/19/13 9:17pm
Alex smiled at the thing with Token and Clover as he pulled out the paper bag, "ahh so you're pretty much a drift and thanks." Alex then grabbed one of the treats and leaned back into his chair, "so you drift around helping people hmm. Similar to what my group does but without the drifting aspect," Alex was telling the truth the guild was an orphan edge that taught kids how to use their powers and was hidden from the government as well as a safe house for known power users. They also did jobs like placements in jobs and other things. Mainly done by the higher ups in the guild which where dealing with nightmares bounty hunting and disrupting the Crime syndicates and other things.

Draigo was now looking around the bar and noticed the little girl all beaten up and bruised, he then got up and walked over to the kid and said in his deep voice "Little girl who did this to you? If it is one of these exenos scum let me know so that i may exact justice upon them and teach them not to lay their hands upon a human."

James was now eyeing Draigo he alone is more a fight then anyone in this bar and maybe even to him and he didn't like the way things where looking so far. Ollow then came out of the washroom ordering a glass of water and sighing still tired as Jamie gave him a pat on the back to cheer up which did and the two began to talk.

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CalicoYorki12/19/13 9:34pm
With Pepper's care, the worst of the infection had been cleansed from Clever's face-wounds. Once Pepper had gently applied a thin ointment, Clever looked up to Draigo. "My sisters and I fought in a war to end wars. The Other One, the Rebel, the Catastrophe Imminent, however...She had more blood on her hands than any person in the Universe in that day, but she did it for the sakes of peace, health, and sanity.

"Only one survived. I fell through time, my armor ruined, barely protected from the temporal radiation. My name used to be Dwaya Zeelig. I hope I can get it back someday." She was surprised to find a couple of jelly snacks offered to her - one strawberry, one grape, one in Clover's hand, one in Token's hand. She smiled shyly, and took them - making sure to enjoy them as she ate. Smilodon was uneasy with all of these people, but nothing made her happier than seeing a smile on her master's face.

She looked up at Draigo, and a quiet sound like several phone calls being dialed emerged from within her helmet.

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joeden12/19/13 10:55pm
Draigo looked listened and when the event where over he heard James say "this bar is a place in between dimensions Draigo everyone here is from one reality or another." Draigo looked at James and said "no wonder humans here are able to stand you exenos filth." Draigo then went to the bar for more drink James ignoring him looked to the group saying "don't retaliate against him, his universe has one law and its. There is only war, that and he's a super human killing machine, just ignore his attitude please." James finished his voice had the hints of bothering as if something was bugging him and he sort of looked it in a way.

Alex sat at his chair watching knowing that big massive Grey knight is not someone you want to fight. Jamie looked at Lu bu and said "so who are you?" His curiousity on him growing as he saw the Generals not knowing who they were.

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CalicoYorki12/20/13 10:38am
Lu Bu snapped his beak rapidly, as he drank down some wine. "I normally don't deign to the queries of strangers," he rumbled, "but you are a proven warrior. My comrades and I are dreamkeepers from the land of Feixhing, where we lead the armies of Her Imperial Radiance." The other generals bobbed their heads, eating various kinds of food.

Nadia had perched atop the couch where Alex, Token, and Clover sat, eating some kind of bizarre food wrap. As she ate, she stared intently at the door. "Sumpfin's comin'," she mumbled through a bite of food...

~ ~ ~

In a strange, young little Universe, everything was still being sorted out. Shining discs and baubles formed galaxies and stars, whilst at the center of it all was a spherical city of many layers. In countless rooms, pairs of ghostly girls and animal-like boys danced in sequence. Ghostly wraiths in suits and top hats carried candles as they walked in a procession past a graveyard. On the edge of this graveyard was a girl, just turning to walk away. As her tears fell, they floated into the Universe as small jeweled baubles.

Nebula was a porcelain whiteskinned girl, with cerulean eyes that had golden pupils, large yellow cheek markings and a wild, fluffy afro of pink hair trailing sakura petals. On the side, above her ear, was a swirled silver and dark indigo butterfly hair dec. She wore a white dress with dark teal ruffles around the hem and an upside-down black and yellow crown design on the front, a lemon chiffon scarf, and fuzzy white boots. As she walked, stars and galaxies wheeled past above. Nebula was alone now, her partner taken from her.

Some would call his death a tragedy of the highest caliber. Others would tell Nebula to find solace in the heroic intentions he had in going to his own demise. To Nebula herself, it was just so very, very sad. She continued to cry as she walked, before stopping. This didn't belong here, now did it? It was a door. Plain and wooden, with a bronze knob. Circling the free-standing door frame, Nebula simply could not figure out how to go about dealing with this. Her curiosity finally won out: she opened the door, and stepped through.

Oh. Goodness. This was not what she had expected at all. The Nexus Bar and Grille greeted Nebula's surprised eyes.

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