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CalicoYorki12/3/13 3:25pm
Gracie and Anna had anticipated the beast's struggles to be tremendous, but even with the draining rain and Blueshift's psionic assault, the Nightmare quickly began to snap its way out of their heavy bands of locking energy. Lu Bu found himself ingloriously thrown clear of the cyborg, as she was surrounded by a heavily-charged field of energy. He groaned, disoriented not only by the throttling pressure on his neck, but by the charge of the field he'd bounced off of. Aramis and Sargon moved to defend him, as Umara went about wrestling corpses into submission for the Sadidas to bind them in hefty brambles and rock.

Meanwhile, the feline cyborg was charging up another energy attack - now that she'd summoned some kind of gauntlet to both hands. They were made of striped white and red metal, and built around many canisters of bubbling red and orange liquid. "MY HEART BURNS WITH THE HEAT OF A THOUSAND SUNS," she declared with a shrill glee, in a fashion that was raw and epic to nobody but her. "BIG LITTLE MISS CLEVER FUSION FLARE!!" She formed two atom-like fireballs in either hand, then slammed them together. The result was a blast which may or may not have hit the Nightmare.

May or may not, it was difficult to tell. It had blown a huge hole into the far wall, thrown Clover clear into Pepper's arms, knocked Lionella out cold in the empty stands above (thankfully now in safety), and kicked up huge amounts of dust. Pepper used the same method she had once used to rescue Just Violent Enough, forming two huge limbs from her shoulder blades to secure Clover. As her shirt ripped almost entirely, leaving her in a sports bra, a tattoo of sorts could be seen in the middle of her back: with the words, "PHYSICIAN, HEAL THYSELF" in bold black letters.

Pepper barked furiously at 'Little Miss Clever,' "YOU LITTLE NUTBAR!! CONTROL YOURSELF!!" Then, she slung her arms towards the Joeden Sentinel. Digital bones were shot out of her fingertips, spiralling towards its head. Heathcance had constructed a new weapon from his own body, somehow, and was firing shot after shot of magenta Stasis energy at the Sentinel's head. Meanwhile, Polly had been busy constructing drones out of stray scrap metal left by former foes. When she at last had a dozen or so constructed, she set them loose.

Each contained a binding field generator, and once they'd surrounded the Nightmare, they all projected beams up onto its body. This would help keep it from escaping, but not for long...

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joeden12/3/13 9:23pm
The Nightmare finally free strength still draining but mad nonetheless he still had five keepers left and it was time to use them he needed to end this quickly. Then he noticed it the light and that's when he moved but slowed he got out of the way just enough but not quite.

He used one of his keeper puppets power to make a ice shell around him, to negate the blast it worked enough but knocked him on the ground in front of the hole. Out of his ice pact as a white wolf with blue fur and wings flew out into the air, with dark blue fur He had a black shirt with blue writing spelling ICY. He was tall and wore black cargo pants He had semi long black and blue hair.

His halo lit and he started to create a blizzard, which slowly grew and visibility lessened and he started to form icy snow balls in his hands that he chucked like a fast ball in all directions.

The sentinel was taking a beating but still moved it's power systems failed and it took damage, but it still moved thanks to Harry who was still controlling it's actions as Naralack and Lila stood protecting him as the war raged on.

The nightmare now sick of Blueshift's painful balderdash and piffle the Nightmare sent out it's biggest puppet... Taw the fist a massive polar bear about eleven feet tall, rampaging like a bull the keeper charged at an amazing speed to make Blueshift a bloody red mess.

The Nightmare wounded got up it knew it coundn't last much longer. It screamed like a banshee and charged at a now waking up Jamie shooting out Ollow up towards Pepper who would recognize the kid even if he was eighteen years old he charged at Pepper with a sludge hammer.

As Jamie woke up he said in a loud panic'd voice "holy shit it's freaking cold! Who left the freaking AC On???" Jamie noticed the sandman like Nightmare as he stood up, and he was furious his Halo lit up and a neon black shadowy Halo appeared. The ground was covered in shadow as Jamie drew his blade He looked at the Nightmare still charging.

Saying in a calm scary angry voice "my child, my wife, my family, my home and my friends... You will pay for everything, you've taken from me." Jamie then glided through the shadows and swung his blade at the Sandman who also had a blade made of bone.

It hissed and swung wildly at Jamie who dodged and parried the strikes still angry at the thing not noticing the rest of the scene. Death had a nice seat as he watched this Nightmare and Jamie would die, if the beast didn't do the deed he would and he smiled sipping his wine at this.

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CalicoYorki12/5/13 1:16am
Then, Death felt someone sit beside him.

She was small, with coal gray skin, slit eyes, and long white hair which glowed like the moonlight. She wore luminous white robes, and a tall cap at least half the rest of her body's height. The area around her gained a kiss of frost to every surface. "Whomever dies, dies. Death and impermanence, we walk beyond the mortal realms. This too, shall pass. In his own time, the dreamkeeper known as Jamie Hellsing shall perish. If you interfere, do not think I won't stop you. We are not above the laws of nature. One touch of death where it was not meant to be, and we have doomed everyone to a cascade of living hell. One life saved, a thousand lost - we must watch and count the cost." Impermanence turned towards Death. "Termination got the same idea you have now. I killed Termination. Many, many times. I'm still killing him." Suddenly, from somewhere far, far away, the sounds of agonized roars could be heard. To those unawares, it would sound to be coming from within Impermanence...

Pepper grinned at Ollow. "You look tired, baby boy. Have a seat." She suddenly spewed most of her extra body mass out, forming a stream of transparent, blood red liquid. This mass propelled Ollow across the arena, and began to stick him to the ground. Then, all of a sudden, Viraille swept down in front of Taw with a scream that curdled blood and set bones on edge. She swept up a cyclone of ominous winds, binding Taw in place. With that out of the way, Blueshift sent a psionic pulse towards Harry, intending to knock him out cold. Meanwhile, the Sadida were making good headway on binding the stray corpses.

Then, with the Nightmare bereft of all the corpses to impede a kill, Little Miss Clever decided to try a surefire method to win in a fight against the odds: play dirty. From the Sandman's blindspot, behind his head, she began to charge up a huge blast of fiery energy. "HUMMINA HUMMINA HUMMINA," she chanted frenetically.

Throwing both of her hands forward, Little Miss Clever sent a focused beam towards the Nightmare's head.


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joeden12/5/13 12:47pm
Death looked at Impermanence and sighed saying "I know what you did to Termination who do you think reaps him? This person you're trying to prevent me from killing, normally I would wait for his natural time but he suppose to die at least three times before now, but something has changed his fate and i`m getting sick of it, what's saving him, I don't know, he should have died before he even before he entered the bar."

Death then took a sip of wine as he watched the fight as it went on, "please kill me? Have fun I`m the only one who is able to pull the trigger on that, besides if you even could that would mean no one would ever die again now would that be a good idea?"

Ollow who was stuck on the ground looked at pepper, his blue eyes gone a replaced by a cold empty black that covered the entirety of his eyes. looking at this was creepy like looking into the eyes of a dead body, as he tried to break free. Taw wasn't as easy to subdue the winds where strong but not strong enough to bind him he jumped for Viraille to give her a nice big bear hug.

The psionic pulse did most of it's job, it knocked Harry off his feet but not knocking him out because he was still a puppet at this point. He was off his feet but not for long as he got up he sent the sentinel after Lu bu and the other Generals Throwing easy to dodge but devastating punches. But it was obvious the thing even though just a golem wouldn't last much longer power or not.

The keeper in the air making it snow landed in front of the beam placing and ice sheild that shattered on impact but stopped the beam. The keeper then took flight and swooped for the cat making it snow harder as there was now two feet of snow on the ground.

Jamie still fought the Nightmare head on but was not able to land a hit, but the Nightmare couldn't land one either. Naralack was caught by the Sadida, while Lila ran to Ollow and began to try freeing him. Alex Did a speed around to help Viraille with Taw, he sped up and was readying for a flying speed kick. A quick flash of the blade and Jamie cut down the Nightmare as it came in for a strike but stopped as it was cut down; brightl lights shot out of the Nightmare hitting each of the corpses and as each light hit the respective corpse each keeper took a gasping breath and then coughed.

The corpses where back to life and the sentinel fell apart Taw stopped his attack and was now on the ground trying to grasp as to what was going on along with the others. Who where all on the ground completely drained, even little Jaiden was asleep now Lila fell on top of Ollow. Jamie in pain from before was on one knee using his sword to hold himself up huffing.

OOC: Pretty much this guy is what Death looks like
Also i wanted to see what the Generals do to the Sentinel feel free to kill it if you want Calico just don't take it down to fast it is a weapon the Joedens made to kill tanks and dismantle front-line defenses.

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CalicoYorki12/15/13 1:03pm
Impermanence whispered, "That is not dead which may eternal lie, and with strange aeons, even Death may die. I believe you should remove yourself from this situation before you do something which you will regret. I care about you." She playfully poked at him with her long, prehensile tongue. "Blblblblblblblbb."

All of the Generals had their Powers activated, and were struggling to defeat the Sentinel. Aramis waylaid it with flashing blue blasts of wind from the wingbeats of her aura, as Sargon gouged the ground with his Power to disturb the Sentinel's footing. It suddenly lunged at Sargon, and slugged him with the force of a trainwreck. Sargon was largely unmoved, although his stony beak was chipped.

In reply, Sargon lifted his mace, and plunged it into the earth. When he lifted it, it was layered in a blocky pillar of stone and soil. He delivered one, two heaving blows, shattering the pillar on the second. As the Sentinel stumbled, the stones began orbiting it, slamming into it and preventing escape.

Then, Umara's energy arcs weaved in past the rocks to explode against the Sentinel. Then, Lu Bu's fiery feather missiles screamed in from above, rocking the area with their explosions. As the Sentinel stumbled out of the smoke, sparking, all of the rocks pincered in together. There was a tremendous grinding noise, and an explosion that knocked all of the Generals back.

By the time everyone had gotten back to the Bar and Grille, Anna and the Sadida had left. Lady Lasso had tipped her hat down over her eyes, taking a nap in her chair, as Gracie imagined an alcove for her to read alone in. Viraille had taken to looking after Ollow, as Clover took a nap on Pepper's lap. Polly and Heathcance were talking in hushed tones in their booth, and for now, peace had returned -

"It's fuuuuun tiiiiiiiiiime!"

In darted a white mousegirl, with garish markings of many hues and shapes, and deranged eyes of still more colors. Her left eye held a mad little spiral, and on the tip of her tail was a rainbow flower, with four petals around a monstrous little skull that had glowing dollar signs in its eyes.

She scampered from one end of the bar to the other, giggling in her warped voice. "My name is Nadia," she trilled, "and I demand snacks!!" From out of nowhere, a tall canister of sweet barbecue potato chips was tossed to her. She crouched atop a stool, and began eating.

Polly sighed. "This bar an' its lunatics," she grumbled.

~ ~ ~

OOC: Nadia is property of the artist known on Tumblr as Super Flat Psychosis, I claim no property of her ~MAJESTY,~ check check check your copyright! This is a non-profit fan-based roleplay, and any characters appropriated for these purposes are the sole intellectual property of their creators. Please support their official media!

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joeden12/15/13 9:52pm
Death payed little mind to what Impermanence had said but he knew what she meant and he smiled coldly as he always did this time looking like Jack a green rabbit rabbit with red eyes and looking old. "True i will die, when all living things end for how can i exist without life for me to end? I'll end my existence when all life fades; oh other then that before i take my leave you say one death here and there without it being properly done by time to come? Well i see what you mean the black death, world war one, world war two and the holocaust, one death can do a lot."

Death wasn't responsible for killing the people just reaping them, he got up and jumped down into the arena looked at Jamie and said "I'll be seeing you then left the bar. The victims of the Nightmare now had most their strength back Alex handed a sleeping Jaiden to Victoria as she took him ran over to Jamie who looked into her eyes knowing she and his son where alive hugged them which they hugged back. Taw was relived but pissed at the whole situation and moved for the door easily towering over the tallest of the Generals, he left the bar as the door closed you could here dark dreamkeepers saying "Boss you got him?... OH SPIRITS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" then the sounds of dying darks as Taw made his way home.

Jamie moved into the bar and sat at a booth in the corner near a fire that had soft couches for booth seats. Jamie sat down first then Victoria sat down leaning into his arm both just glad to be alive, Ollow have been freed he sat down with Lila on the other side as a waiter brought over food for everyone Jaiden was now sucking on a bottle as Ollow and Lila dug in. The rest of the rescued guild members sat at two booths both starting to eat as food arrived all where starved to say the least. Alex was where the Generals where and said "thank you so much for what you did sorry i wasn't able to help you disable the sentinel."

the mousegirl didn't go unnoticed all of the guild members saw her and decided to stay away from this mouse, for plenty of reasons mostly because they where all still exhausted and hungry.

OCC: the character jack belongs to the author of the webcomic jack and is used here as a non profit rp meant for fun use only

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CalicoYorki12/16/13 11:36am
Aramis was fretfully inspecting Sargon's chipped beak, as Lu Bu ripped huge chunks off of a whole ham and shank. Thus, it came down to Umara to respond. "No need to apologize," she grinned, "but you are welcome!"

Suddenly, into the bar flounced a blast from the past. (My past, maybe not any of yours) The woman had hale, lightly-tanned skin, a fit, well-built figure, and a mischievous little smile on her face. She had golden eyes, elongated, square-edged ears, and a wild mane of pale silver-cyan hair with two long locks framing her face. She wore a tight white t-shirt with "CRIMINAL" in bold green letters semi-circling the logo of a dollar sign inside of a ring, blue jeans, and an orange belt with a heart-shaped buckle.

Ryoko realized just what kind of place she was in, and completely forgot about where she had been and what she'd been doing. With a grin flashing her cute fangs, she whooped with excitement, and shouted, "Barkeep!! I want sake by the barrel! Load me up with all of the healing water you dare!!" She cackled, and threw herself to languidly sprawl in a booth. "Tenchi and the others can wait," she smiled. "A girl's got to have a day to herself!" She kicked off her sandals, and reclined along the far seat of the booth.

"This is going to be so much fun," she grinned with barely-contained excitement. Meanwhile, Nadia was staring at her oddly from across the bar. Pepper was also giving her a similar look, but the leering smile on her face gave a different impression, let's say.

~ ~ ~

OOC: I have taken liberty with the outfit, but Ryoko Hakubi and "Tenchi Muyo!" are property of Pioneer AIC, Hiroki Hayashi, and other affiliated writers. In no way do I claim ownership of their intellectual property; this roleplay is for non-profit fan-based purposes. Please support the official release!

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joeden12/16/13 1:38pm
Patrick was the last one out of the arena he went to sit at an avaible seat by Arro who said "if you want to sit here put those things away we don't want them crawling all over our food thank you very much." Ryoko would here this but not understand what Arro meant until Patrick sat down at the other seat at her booth, he had bugs of all sorts crawling over him but the thing that would grab anyone's attention was the giant millipede coming out of the front of Patrick's hoodie and went around his neck and up the back of his head to rest on top of his head as a waiter brought him some food.

Patrick noticed Ryoko and said "oh? hello," and he began to eat his meal taking a some lettuces and Gave it to the millipede while setting aside some chicken for the other bugs to eat which they did as Patrick slowly ate his meal still feeling sleepy, Alex noticed the mousegirl near by and eyed her trying to figure out what she was.

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CalicoYorki12/17/13 4:44pm
Ryoko jumped back at the bugs. "Hey! You'd better keep your little -friends- off of me, or I'll - " Thankfully, a circular wooden tray loaded up with bottles and gourds of sake arrived. "Oh! Thanks," she chirped, mood completely changed. "Don't mind if I do!" Snatching up a round gourd-flask, Ryoko popped the cap off with her thumb, and began guzzling the contents down.

Then, Nadia spun to look at Alex. She grinned with her sharp black fangs, and wiggled her fingers in a wave at him. Suddenly, she dashed over to him. "Hi hi hi! I'm Nadia!! Who are you?" She circled Alex, looking at him from all angles.

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joeden12/17/13 9:20pm
Patrick noticing Ryoko's dislike to his little brothers and sisters, as he liked to think they where. Patrick told them to go occupy themselves else where dozens of bugs came out of his cloths and left in a sort of creepy bugie parade, which went into the arena.

Patrick then looked at Ryoko "sorry about that then again i`m Patrick who're you? You seem to be the weirdest looking joeden i`ve seen or are you an elf?" To be honest Patrick wasn't being rude in any manner he had only seen two other types of beings which where Joedens and elves other then that he's only seen dreamkeepers and hadn't noticed the entire bar.

Alex saw the speed Nadia moved at and was a little conerned even with the fangs, when she was looking him over he said "hi, i`m Alex nice to meet you." His voice was that of concern for the fangs she had a little afraid of her biting him.

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CalicoYorki12/17/13 9:29pm
Downing the sake, Ryoko grinned. "My name's Ryoko, but you can call me anything but late to a date!" She proceeded to snatch up a porcelain bottle, and begin drinking some more.

Nadia grinned at Alex. "You're attractive! I want to kiss you! Let's see, do dreamkeepers kiss with their lips or their teeth?" She cackled. "I don't care! Teeth are always more fun!" She proceeded to lunge at Alex, snapping at him. However, she suddenly found two metallic arms lifting her up.

Heathcance turned 180 degrees, and set Nadia down. "Madame, your behavior is uncouth and violent," he declared. "You may share dinner with my master, however, precautions will be taken." He promptly clapped two heavy brass manacles with no chain between them onto Nadia's hands. "Via wireless mental command, I can activate these manacles in order to triple their weight, and immobilize you. Upon doing so, I will handfeed you. Should you attempt further violent behavior or a display of metaphysical assault, your punishment shall be swift and brutal! Give your compliance." Nadia grinned a long time before responding.

"Of course! I never turn down dinner and bondage!"

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joeden12/17/13 11:24pm
Alex was terrified at Nadia's sudden lunge, that he activated his halo and at the sound barrier he was at the other end of the bar. Alex had his sword drawn and he was terrified eyes opened all the way, this girl was a lunatic, trying to rip his face off.

The guild members saw this, ready to intervene if not for Healthcance stopping the lunatic at this point Alex started to calm down saying "bloody lunatic." Victoria handed Jamie Jaiden who he took in his arms smiling while taking the bottle to feed him as Victoria began to eat; she was starving herself as she made her way through a full chicken and a plate of stuffing. Ollow was now asleep leaning into the back of the couch as Lila drew on his face with a black marker, drawing a circle around one eye and a curly mustachios on his face before leaning onto his chest giggling as she fell asleep most of the guild was dozing off now.

Patrick was still awake and said "okay; so where are you from? Are you from within the joeden empire or from some part of the dreamworld? And you still yet to tell me if you're a joeden or elf or..." Patrick then realized he was being rude with the last part and said "sorry about the last part I said, heh."

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CalicoYorki12/18/13 1:00am
"Oh! How rude of me," Ryoko said sheepishly, as soon as she'd finished that bottle. "I get so excited over a good drink that I forget myself, heh. Well, I currently live on a nice little planet called Earth, but I come from -very- far away. I was created in a lab, but my memories are so foggy from that point that I have to take Washu's word for it that she created me." She sighed. "She -does- push my buttons like only mothers seem to be capable of..."

Surprisingly, Nadia was being very cordial as she ate with Polly. Heathcance, however, never took his glowing eyes off of her. Even as a very dangerous-looking group entered, he never let his eyes leave Nadia.

The leader of this group was a tall, muscular, darkskinned man with shortcut white hair and beard. He wore a scarlet jacket with golden floral lace - open and showing his chest, manchetes at the shoulders - black gloves and shoes, and formfitting red leather pants. He also wore a hat with a tall peak and a huge, circular brim, with seven eyes around the edges and one notch in the front; into the band was tucked a long, curled peacock feather. Into his peacock green sash was tucked a silver foil, which faded to orange midway, then to scarlet on the terminating fifth. Arms and hands spread dramatically, he appraised the room.

His jovial compatriot stepped forward, then. "Calm yourself, Raul," the red-bearded man chuckled. "Wherever we are, there's drinks!" Into his forest green tricorne was tucked a golden-flecked scarlet feather; around his neck was a flowing yellow scarf. He wore a green waistcoat with a ruffled scarlet cravat, a golden ring with a large ruby on his right hand, dark russet breeches, and knee-high lace-up boots. Carried on his back was an elegant bow of yew wood, along with a quiver of arrows with emerald green feathers. He carried two more quivers on his waist, as well as a sheathed shortsword on the back. He looked over to the woman nearby. "Tel'la, wouldn't you like to stop and sit a spell? Have a drink, tell stories?"

An elven woman with pale skin and spines along her fey ears - as well as angled back from just above her eyebrows - Tel'la had sleek black hair tied back in a short ponytail, and her eyes smoldered like coals in a black void. She wore light, elegantly-crafted black steel and bone armor. Around her waist was a skirt of sheathed kris daggers, and many more daggers adorned her frame. They were accompanied by vials of poison. As she looked around, her nose rankled a bit at the Nexus Bar and Grille. "I do not care for pubs; you know this, Handel," she said plainly. "If you wish for an opinion, look to Xue Lang." She followed Raul over to a table, and joined him in brooding over a document of some sort.

Handel looked to Xue Lang expectantly. He was a towering, grayskinned man with a bald head, the twin long, well-maintained strands of his mustache hued jet black; meanwhile, his eyes were golden and watchful, their slit pupils resembling a wild beast. He wore a hooded black coat lined with black fur along with matching breeches, beneath spiked plate armor. He carried a medium-length sword resembling a butcher's cleaver; a mace with worn, but still deadly spikes; and a small crossbow, with an undying wisp of black smoke seeming to breathe just above the end. He peered around the bar, then mused, "I would think it unwise to turn down so fortuitous a turn of events. T'would also be the peak of rudeness to turn down what appears to be such a hospitable establishment."

As such, the two travelers set about ordering drinks and food.

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joeden12/18/13 10:10am
Deep within the eye of terror there was a gurgling scream from Nurgle the chaos god of death and decay, as lord kaldor draigo the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights Space Marine Chapter. Force fed Nurgle a chaos deamon before leaving all the other deamons where to scared to even go near the unstoppable rampaging curse that M'kar had brought to the warp.

As Draigo walked through the wastelands that was the warp until he came across another Deamon and said to it, "Mar'kilia, what are you up to?" The Deamon said right off the bat "Oh fuck" was the first thing he said as turned around saying "Draigo my man how's it going." The deamon prince's voice was full of fear as he stepped back, Draigo looked at the door to the bar and then to the Deamon prince saying "what's going on Mar'kilia? where dose that door go Mar'kilia?" The Deamon prince was now terrified trying to cover it up. "Oh this no where's special just some little bar I was going to no where's special."

The deamon was now trying to get into the bar as Draigo stab him dead and headed into the nexus bar himself finally glad to have some fresh air from the horrid deamonic reeking air that filled the warp. He put his sword away and sheild on his back moving into the bar.

Patrick looked at Ryoko a little weirdly at what she said, replying with "earth? interesting never heard of it." His and almost everyone's attention in the bar turned to lord kaldor draigo as he walked in Alex gave a weird almost scared look at the giant Grey knight Patrick saying "oh wow," the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights Space Marine Chapter truly was a sight to see mostly terrifying but a sight to see.

OOC: Draigo and all other Warhammer material belongs to game's work shop and is used in a non profit fanfic manner all rights go to gamesworkshop.

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CalicoYorki12/18/13 10:36am
Ryoko looked up at Draigo's entry, but quickly returned to her drinks. Her cheeks were beginning to flush red...Meanwhile, Handel also looked over to Draigo, polishing off a mug of ale. "Now, I'm intrigued," he muttered.

Soon after, the door opened once again. In walked four individuals, who looked quite perplexed at their environment. Their apparent leader was an orc - an old-fashioned orc, with sallow yellow skin, dishwater-colored eyes, a piggy nose, and sharply-curled tusks. His greasy black hair was tied in two braided loops framing his face, beneath a golden miter engraved with sun designs. He wore crimson and ochre robes with sun designs, as well as golden gauntlets with similar motifs. Upon his back was a blood red axe, while on his shoulder sat a goblin girl. To her, he directed a question: "How praytell did we arrive in a pub, Brindyhindel?"

The goblin girl sighed, standing knee-high to an average human. She had similar yellow skin, but also had messy red hair and light freckles. Strapped across her brow were brass goggles with slightly cracked orange lenses, while she wore a leather jerkin beneath bronze and brass armor; several pouches and copper vials of mysterious contents were added on. On her back was a handcannon nearly her own height, crafted of bronze and brass. Brindyhindel finally responded, "The portal could have gone anywhere at all, Azdha. It might have taken us to another world. Or between worlds..." She suddenly leaned around the orc's head, to shout at another comrade. "Oi, Snutterkap! Behave!"

Snutterkap was some kind of orc-goblin hybrid, perhaps with a little bit of human blood in her; a mutt, if you will. She was whip-thin, scrawny even, but surprising power was evident in her limbs. Her dirty orange hair was styled in a mohawk, with a braid at the nape of her neck; ruddy orange freckles heavily dusted her body. Her tusks were small, but still sharp, and her nose was very human. Snutterkap wore a collar with a chain hung on the front, snapped at the third link; a leather bikini top; leather briefs beneath buckskin breeches; and knee-height tooled leather boots. Lastly, sheathed on her hip was a short, stout blade; on the other hip was holstered a strange, short musket.

The orc mutt giggled sheepishly, as Xue Lang still gripped her wrist from trying to sneakily snatch food off of his plate. "Uhm. I was making sure it wasn't poisoned!" She gulped, quite aware that the smiling Xue Lang had already eaten half of the roasted chicken. "Guldhr, help me ouuut," she whined to the last of their group - a huge dark ogre, with coal gray skin and his eyes hidden by opaque spectacles. One of Guldhr's tusks was snapped off at midway, and he wore plain clothes. He merely shook his head, causing Snutterkap to whine some more.

When at last she was released, Snutterkap retreated, grumbling as she rubbed at her sore wrist. Guldhr corralled her over with the rest of the group, sitting in a booth behind the one where Polly, Heathcance, and Nadia ate. Nadia in particular had been entertained by the group's entrance, and was still giggling a bit.

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