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joeden11/21/13 10:50pm
Broxigar looked somewhat confused at first but realized that not everyone was a spirit, "I`m sorry but i am already dead. My rib cage was cracked and impaled my internal organs my, right eye was beaten beyond opening. Then i was impaled by the leader of the demons, the Burning legion; Sargeras the fallen titan, but i managed to land a strike on the god." Broxigar eyed Pepper's friend with a bit of curiosity as to why anyone would dress the way he did.

The rabbit and the medic moved Jamie onto a stretcher and moved him to the back corner of the bar near Lionella Lasso as a medical bed appeared placing Jamie on the bed the medic began monitoring Jamie. As the rabbit was dismissed he went too sit down at the same table as pepper, her friend and broxigar.

When the new girl came bolstering in it caught the rabbit's attention for a moment but when he saw people going to help, he turned his attention back to the group. He then ran his hand through his semi long black hair over his ears which where loped down instead of standing up, he started his forehead removing sweat from the encounter he looked at the group taking in their appearance. As for him he was in an army green jean jacket with short-sleeves rolled up he wore dark grey pants which stood out from his grey fur. He wore combat boots and a pair of grey goggles meant to protect ones eyes which hung from his neck. As he sat in the chair he leaned back relaxing a bit.

As the new girl came tumbling a couple members of the squad came over to see if she was alright or if she needed any help, in any manner possible. Ollow looked at her and said "are you alright?" Hoping she was and unknowingly picked her up with one hand holding her steady on her feet by her shoulder.

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CalicoYorki11/24/13 10:12am
With a rasp, Mia got to her feet. She was horribly thin and light, but her eyes were still very much cognizant. "Don't worry, I'm alright," she murmured. "I just need some water and bread, I suppose. That is what people eat, is it not?" As if in punctuation, her stomach violently growled.

Pepper grinned at the rabbit dreamkeeper - an expression which was not exactly confidence-inspiring. "What's your name?" This one seemed to fascinate her.

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joeden11/24/13 12:04pm
The rabbit looked over to pepper as she grinned, this wasn't the sort of thing he felt over comfortably with for some reason. "Name's Alex," Alex then ordered a drink from a passing waiter, as Broxigar got up saying "well i`m off I spent enough time here." At those words Broxigar left the bar to rejoin his fallen battlebrothers, Alex eyed him as he left then looked back to Pepper.

Ollow let go of his grip on her arm, and when they were sure she was fine he sat down Ollow saying "well if your hungry they have everything you'd want here." Ollow then went to sit back down.

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CalicoYorki11/24/13 12:35pm
Mia ordered her bread and water, and relaxed in her seat. Meanwhile, Lionella, Gracie, and Anna were looking curiously over the injured Jamie.

Pepper nudged Token. "You never did tell me what came of your trip to the great weapons factories up north."

Token smiled coyly, smiling at her. "I visited them once."

"Funny. I heard they all blew sky high a few months ago. Someone also paid to grow a potato plantation there."

"I told you. Once. Potatoes are good."

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joeden11/24/13 9:41pm
The younger Ollow who was still asleep in Clover and Viraille care, started to stir as he woke his memory of the bugs came back and sent a jolt of fear through his tiny body as he sat up hastily breathing hard and fast. His fur standing on end, he shakingly put his hands around his neck to see if he still had a neck. After doing so he started to calm down taking a glance around to see where he was; all the while not noticing Clover or Viraille.

Jamie still slept as the medic did his work on him, ignoring the Lionella, Gracie, and Anna as they passivly looked at Jamie.

Alex one eye brow raised and he said "Potato plantation? Blew sky high? What the hell where you doing?" Alex couldn't really speak much on calling him insane, mainly because what he did was little better but not with what he did.

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CalicoYorki11/28/13 10:57am
Token leaned forward, steepling his fingers.

"Those weapons factories were supplying villains who made sport of killing innocent people," he mused. "I thought that land would be much better served growing potatoes. Very hardy, healthy vegetable, you know."

Clover leaned in towards Ollow. "Hello." She smiled widely.

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joeden11/28/13 4:21pm
Alex looked at Token as he said this, and Alex replied "true, better but i was just asking what you where doing. At least it was more productive then what I had to do," Alex then ordered a drink and took it as it came.

Ollow had a little jolt as the voice came from behind him, enough to make him jump to his feet, from where he was sitting. As he slowly turned around, he noticed both of Clover and Viraille, and he said in a shaken voice said "h-h-hello." Ollow didn't know who they were and was just glad they weren't those bugs, that tried to eat him.

OOC: i forgot what post did Clover and Viraille come in on?

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CalicoYorki11/30/13 3:27pm
OOC: I can't remember when exactly for Viraille, but I think Clover came in on the first or second ork fight.

~ ~ ~

Viraille huffed, suddenly feeling self-conscious. She knew that this kid was probably scared of an ugly monster like her. Clover, however, was delighted. "Hello, hello," she chirped. "I'm Clover Doolittle, and this is Viraille von Velloi! You're safe an' junk!!" She suddenly degenerated into maniacal, snorting laughter, and began trying to pull her horns off.

~ ~ ~

And now for somewhere completely different.

A feline cyborg wandered through a derelict spacecraft in transit, her mind scrambled. She had a red and white bodysuit that hugged her pert frame beneath, adorned with decals on her shoulders, knees, etc. - those on the right were adorned with positive charge signs, the left with negative charge signs.

Her helmet was rather simple, the large, enclosed ears adorned with corresponding charge signs on the appropriate sides, the globular green eyes blinking with light in distress. Her long, grasping fingers pulled her along the tilted spaceship, and her long, electrical cord and plug-like tail hummed as it searched for a power source to drain, or some possible way to assess her situation.

Then, she found an oddity. A strange door. She scanned the door: -Mahogany. Bronze. Does not correspond to current time and place. Origin: n/a- Thus, she did what any fine feline in her situation would do. She brazenly opened the door and sprnag through, just as the ship was fully drawn into an inevitable fall through space towards the local star.

~ ~ ~

In the bar, the feline looked around curiously. Her eyes glowed with scintillating grids, as she appraised every inch of the place. Finding a suspect electrical outlet which was not there before she came in, the cyborg plugged herself in via her tail, and plopped down. The lights flickered dimly for a moment, before the cyborg began to beep and click.

Pepper scowled. Token retained his status of possessing no discernible expression other than boredom.

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joeden11/30/13 7:26pm
James got up at this point and left the bar, followed by Havoc squad, time was short and a lot of war to fight; the medic at the table was a hundred percent Jamie was going to fine and unhooked the systems. All he needed at this point was sleep and he felt safe leaving him this way. Packing up his things he told Alex the news and left.

Alex let out a sigh of relief before looking to Token and said "so you blew up a weapons factory which group are you with? Trokia? Shocks? Mercenary group of some sort?" Alex then took a look at Token one more time Saying "then again you don't look like the sort to fall in line and follow orders all that well."

Ollow found this interesting at first, with Clover at least, but he was startled at first he hadn't seen them mainly because he didn't noticed them. But now Clover was doing this routine which made Ollow back up under an empty table hiding behind chairs hoping to make a break for the door, to safety from this nut bar.

The door opened a crack as a Sandman snuck in and started to make its way in as a hooded slowly followed after. The Sandman made it's way towards the table slowly sneaking its way in with the intent to kill Jamie where he slept. The hooded figure sat at an empty booth by the tree people, it was silent and was impossible to see what it was, but Death knew what was about to happen and he was happy with this; he however was no longer a little boy he was now in a black and grey striped suit with black bow-tie he had black dress shoes.

He still had black hair neatly groomed, with his cold blue eyes he had a glass of red wine in one hand and the other hand reaching over and resting on his wine arm. Which was holding a fancy glass with blood red wine. The major difference he was now a man pale white skin cold of the age twenty six.

The Sandman was making no real attempt of remaining hidden, it made it's way towards the table and Jumped lunging for Jamie's chest with the full intent of making a red mess.

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CalicoYorki12/1/13 11:31am
Suddenly, the Sandman felt a hand snatch it back by the throat. Token was half-in a portal by his chair beside Pepper, and half-out of a portal at Jamie's bedside. Two-tone blue halo glowing faintly, he yanked the Sandman through, and as it struggled, he slammed its head onto the edge of the table. Repeatedly. He then proceeded to use another portal to siphon away the sleeping gas in its cranium, rendering the dead creature harmless.

It took three of the four generals to keep Lu Bu from skewering the hooded interloper. Viraille had swooped under and past the table to scoop up Jamie, keeping him safe, as Clover took a nap. Pepper's maroon-halo lit up, and the others were similarly prepared for a fight. All save for the feline cyborg, who was still sitting and apparently charging up - or perhaps downloading something...

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joeden12/1/13 7:01pm
The hooded figure stood up and said "you really shouldn't have done that now i`m going to have to get involved now." The hooded figure's voice sounded like that of a bunch of dreamkeepers mixed together; the figure now standing at twelve feet, removed it's entire cloak revealing it to be a nightmare made out of dead bodies of those at the compound,the bodies were sown onto the creature with black thread and their death wounds sown shut and looked like ragdolls the creature had a face similar to that of a Sand man but more thread like.

The keepers on the body made Alex's eyes blaze with fury as he Gripped his sword but saw Taw's body a large white polar bear, Jessica a red-fox wolf mix with long brown hair, Victoria a Bengal mixed with red-fox with long red hair.

There was also Arro silverwing a bat with shortish brown hair and the rest of the Guild's member's. The Nightmare then said again as it spotted Alex "aaaaaah Alex you're here are you? Good now the guild will be all mine; you saved me a lot of time searching for you."

The creature with all the bodies began to laugh in a disturbing way, then Victoria's head said "okay go get Daddy for us Jaiden." At that very moment a keeper shot out of the creature a baby dreamkeeper about six months old a red wolf flew and hit the ground with a chattering laugh. As it chawrged for Jamie and Viraille as the Nightmare gained an orange halo it picked up a chair and charged at the group with it's super strength adrenaline rush. All the bodies mangled into the creature, and the Creature began laughing all the way.

Ollow at this point was the furthest he could get from the fight, he was now shaking scared again as this thing came.

OOC: Don't take this fight easily this is going to be a tough one there's at least fifteen powers this thing can rotate through. So this will be fun

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CalicoYorki12/3/13 1:00am
Appropriately, the bouncer took the whole group into the arena.

Viraille screeched, sending scorching and freezing bolts of light out of her wings as her eyes glowed hotly. This awoke Clover, who stood about impassively.

Even Polly and Heathcance, and the Sadida were brought through. The feline cyborg was now plugged into a bench at the side of the arena. Heathcance drew a huge blunderbuss, with an ornate, spherical blasting chamber fed by vials of pixellating magenta fumes. He shouted at the Nightmare, "You shall face me sir!" One face -did- turn to cackle at him - and was promptly blown to pieces, along with one other, by pinpoint shots of processed Stasis energy.

Polly followed up by drawing a high-power, high-heat bolt-fastener, and began firing on the creature with bolts intended to secure the hulls of tankers. Meanwhile, whilst the female Sadida worked up some voudoun magic, her male compatriot slammed his palms into the ground. Thorny vines and long grass of green energy wrapped around his allies, forming into a protective aura. Polly laughed jovially, exclaiming with her evidently Scottish cadence, "Nice ta see yer on our side!"

Meanwhile, it took Pepper, Lu Bu, and Sargon working together to hold the Nightmare's strength back - all Powers were active, and Pepper had formed not only tremendous muscles to the point that she no longer looked female nor humanoid, but she also had heavy bone armor plating. Aramis swooped above, surveying the battlefield for the right chance to act. Meanwhile, Umara charged up her Power, then sent a flurry of energy arcs towards her foe.

Gracie, Anna, and Lionella took this chance to strategize. Gracie and Anna immediately deferred to the legendary huntress's skills. "We need to disable its Powers one-by-one, freaky darlings," she said calmly. "Gracitea, I need you and Anna to work on a heavy method to lock that lug in place. I'll run interference." She immediately summoned a tremendous silvery-bronze great bow. "I love this part," Lady Lasso's voice dropped an octave with delight and anticipation.

Dropping the lower tip of her great bow Arbalest to the ground, it thundered with an impact which shook the ground. She summoned a huge, glowing green spear of an arrow, and when Pepper and Lu Bu moved apart for just a moment, she let it fly. It crossed the distance in an instant, drilling into the Nightmare's blighted hide. That arrow wasn't intended to kill in one shot - no, Lionella wasn't an impatient huntress. Dismissing Arbalest in favor of a smaller, spiked yew bow, she began firing poisonous energy arrows; one after another, into the horrid Nightmare's hide.

This left Token, whom was having a debate with himself. "I need to trust you to only kill the Nightmare." ... "If you kill a single person besides the Nightmare, I will never let you out again." ... "Thank you." ... "Yes, I love you too," he whispered the last part lowly. And then, he shuddered, nostrils flaring. His fur turned white with swirling sapphire-blue markings, with a neatly combed mane and tuft of hair on his head. He also gained a distinct, though petite female build. This new female glared at the Nightmare.

"I am Blueshift," she declared, "and you shall be returning to your hellish world shortly." A searingly bright blue halo lit up above her head, as the Nightmare's mind was suddenly assaulted by a horrific noise and semblance of pressure. Blueshift's psionic assault was cruel, unfair, and exactly the kind of thing that just might turn a battle around.

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joeden12/3/13 12:21pm
"Hahahaha, you want to know why i fascinated on taking the guild so much? They have quite the interesting collection of powers..." The now almost dead beast said with a smile on it's face as it became wavy and disappeared and reemerged behind it's foes, as it did two bodies detached from the beast and stood there halo's a lit. First one was Arro who was creating more illusions to fool the group, the other keeper was a lemur. Patrick who had his halo lit and thousand of bugs came out from him and up from the ground, everything was coming from ants to termites for the Sadida who came up from under the two. A third halo lit up and everyone's weapons came to life all yelling "I`m alive!!!"

The weapons then made a break for the door to the bar yelling about all the things they wanted to experiences now that they where alive. The Nightmare picked up the remnants of the Joeden sentinel's gun up with its long claw like hands using another power made the thing harder then diamonds. Shortly another halo lit as and six balls of fire formed over the creature's head and shot at pepper and the Generals.

The body of Jaiden got up and charged and leapt at Jamie and Viraille, as the Nightmare ran for Alex hoping to absorb him and then Jamie; making absorbing every other keeper in the room a lot easier to do so.

Alex Was feeling hurt to see the people he lived with get torn to bits, but when he realized what the monster was he remembered reading about it. He quickly yelled "don't destroy the bodies! if we can kill this creature there might be a way to bring it's victims back to life, but only it only works if they're recent victims and these ones are so we have to kill the thing fast! It has a weakness but i forget what it is." Alex knew this thing's plan and he lit his halo to speed away from it and avoid it's charging attack.

The younger Ollow still in the bar ran out as fast as he could trying to escape this mad house to the best he could and hoping not to get caught in something.

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CalicoYorki12/3/13 12:45pm
Suddenly, Pepper grinned up at the beast. She had fought through her illusion, and had gotten an idea. Looking over at Clover, they shared a look as the younger sister took a wailing from the fireballs. She nodded to the Nightmare's real head, and Clover grinned madly.

Clover suddenly activated her Power, and sent a screaming rocket of fire towards the Nightmare's real head. Meanwhile, Blueshift intensified her attack on the Nightmare's mind - hammering him with noise and pressure with shocking cruelty. Heathcance stomped towards the Nightmare, creating a huge blockade of rock to prevent its passing. Polly cast a spell, causing the ground beneath the Nightmare to become sticky, cloying mud. The female Sadida swung her arms, and suddenly, dark rainclouds formed over the arena.

As the shimmering rain poured down, it enervated the Nightmare, and healed the others. As the Nightmare was robbed of its strength, Gracie and Anna completed their preparations, forming huge bindings of black and crimson energy. Lionella sent three arrows shooting towards the Nightmare's real eyes. The four generals did their best to prevent the Nightmare's stray corpses from killing anyone, yet without destroying the corpses. Viraille saw that this battle was getting dangerous, being that the many attacks were but slowing the creature. Then, however, she thought of something.

Swooping down to the feline cyborg on her bench, she saw that it had finished charging, or downloading, or what have you. Now, she was merely sitting inert. Getting close, Viraille whispered into her feline ear: "Please, help us." Suddenly, the feline sparked with electricity. Her eyes glowed to life, and with a whoop of delight, she sprung with such speed that the bench was destroyed. Viraille was left behind, stunned, blinking.

She squealed, "I SPY A BEASTIE WHO MUST BE EX-TER-MI-NATED!!" Holding her long, slender hands towards the Nightmare's real head, she zeroed in on it. "OFFICIAL WHISTLE!!" A beam of concentrated electricity and some kind of radiation was focused in on the creature, arcing down like a bolt of odd lightning.

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joeden12/3/13 2:23pm
Before all the attacks could hit, the Joeden sentinel that was destroyed in one of the previous battles was reformed and standing in front of the nightmare protecting the nightmare's head from the attacks made, towards it's head, the attacks that hit knocked the Nightmare off it's feet and caused it pain. The machine that took the hit's damaged it, but then started to repair itself as two new keepers had emerged from the creature a fox and a meerkat both halos lit. The meerkat repairing the sentinel and the Fox holding it together once it was fully done the machine was holding itself together The meerkat returning into the beast as Harry continued to operate the machine.

The machine then said "DEATH-MACHINE POWERING UP, ASSAULT MODE ACTIVATED!" It then charged for Lu Bu going to grab him by the neck and then chuck him towards the machine cat and then start a kickboxing match with everyone around it at least that was the plan. The Nightmare started to feel the effects on the mind it was ignoble before but not now it hurt the beast was managing to hold it steady but the strength fading was enough to force Arro and Patrick back into the nightmare and the chains did their jobs better then what was intended it was keeping the beast steady as it roared in anger "DAMM YOU LET ME GO NOW!!!" The beast failed in vein as it was now stuck but it's fury building intensely.

Alex grabbed Jaiden before he got to Jamie and managed to tie him up and secure him somewhere's safe. Alex noticed the sentinel and yell "CAREFUL THAT THING'S A JOEDEN SENTINEL IT'S A TOUGH THING, ALSO IT'S WEAKNESS IS IT'S HEAD DESTROY THE HEAD!" Alex then charged at the sentinel jumping and kicking it in the head three dozen times then jumping off and taking distance. He noticed Harry and charged at him knocking Harry off his feet and stuttering the robot.

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