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CalicoYorki11/10/13 7:05am
Pepper smiled down at Ollow, sitting down with him to take a rest herself. Clover had fallen asleep under a table, where Viraille had stashed her in the midst of more chowing down. Meanwhile, Anna stood watch over a still-sleeping Gracie.

Then, who should come scampering out from under a table than the long-missed Puccha Tail? Noting that there was a similar presence in Cas-ko, she padded over to look up to her. The strawberry red-haired kitsune girl glanced down at her, nodding in response to some silent discourse. "Yes. ... Oh, I agree wholeheartedly. ... Of course, I don't mind." She went back to reading a book as Puccha Tail curled up underneath her table.

Meanwhile, the cyborg(?) roller skater stood in the corner silently.

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joeden11/11/13 10:31pm
At the bar the Paladin Megaclaw sat, his axe transmogrificated to look like worldcleaver sat in a bug as he drank some more his gear had changed to. He was in almost full transmogrificated heroic tier twelve gear; the door opened and a troll along with a Tauren walked into the bar noticing Megaclaw right of the bat. "I thought I smelt tha stench of da alliance mon," the troll said as he eyed him,he was at least six feet when standing straight up, but he was sort of crouched. He had blue skin tusks and a red Mohawk he was in Tier seven shaman transmogrificated gear. As for the Tauren he was eight feet tall had a nose ring and was brown in color dressed in full teir six Druid transmogrificated gear he saw Megaclaw saying "I guess you where right friend."

Megaclaw payed no mind to this until he was hit with a lighting bolt which made him get up casting sacred shield, grabbing his axe he readied for a fight as the Druid charged at him in bear form. Megaclaw hit the bear with his repentance long enough for the Druid to use his trinket only to be stunned again and hit with the axe as the legandary cloak activated. While that happened Megaclaw jumped in between the bear and the shaman casting holy wrath Gaurdian of acient kings and blinding light, he dropped the bear with hammer of wrath and interpreted the shaman's heal attempt he then killed him as fast as possible the cloak activating again and the shaman fell to the hailstorm.

Megaclaw sat back down his damage Meter reading 457k dps per second on the two noobs as they went to the grave. Their bodies turned to skeletons as it turned out they spent weeks trying to find the bar and failed so they used a spirit healer.

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CalicoYorki11/14/13 10:55am
The fight at last caused Gracie to awaken. Laid out flat, she took a while to reorient herself to her surroundings. Seeing that everything seemed taken care of, she decided to take a more restful nap.

Pumpureimon decided to be off, trying to be brave, and was soon followed by Puccha Tail. Then, in through the door walked a Foggernaut, like Chimney before her. This one had long, wavy white hair, mechanical goggles with crimson lenses, and a variety of gear. She was closely followed by an odd automaton, with a silver-touched maroon sea captain's coat, silver-bronze armor, and various glowing magenta parts.

Polly hummed in thought. "Strange place, 'ere," she mused, setting her lightly-soaked backpack into a booth. "Oi! Barkeep! Have yer boys send sumpthin' heavy my way!" She then sat down heavily into her booth, as Heathcance - her Frayborg companion - stood by pensively.

Cas-ko was decidedly interested by these two. Leaned on her steepled fingers, she settled in to watch them.

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joeden11/14/13 1:10pm
Broxigar sung his axe with renewed strength striking sargerus with all his might, seeing the being which was perfect and utterly horrifying at the same time the next thing he knew he was standing perfectly fine in a whiteness a vast plane of white. He then knew where he was his fallen battle brothers waited for him, as he walked the Orc saw this large black iron door deciding to check it out he opened it and was in the bar.

The Orc stood there looking at the bar in his armor and the axe the demi-god Cenarus had given him to fight off the demon hordes. He stood in front of door trying to figure out what was with this place.

Broxigar is propertiy of Blizzard entertainment and if you want to see what makes him so famous watch

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CalicoYorki11/14/13 5:35pm
On a wide, dusty plain, dry and arid but cold and unforgiving, stony-skinned fiends clad in black iron and furs fought tooth and nail against an army of Power-wielding dreamkeepers. The Nightmare minions lurched with clumsy, stumbling footfalls, but every strike of their hammers and axes sent dust and dirt and ice flying wildly. Arcs of lightning and blades of wind lit into them, but there seemed to be no end to their numbers. Indeed, their numbers were thinning, but it seemed that they would overpower the dreamkeepers.

And then, the tides turned. A mountainous tidal wave of rock and stone arched clear over the dreamkeeper forces, hammering into the front lines of the Nightmares and forming a defensive line atop their shattered bodies as it solidified again. A tremendous tortoise dreamkeeper with a gray-green halo stood atop this mass, and as he firmed up his stance, and threw his arms forwards, pillars of stone - each a hundred feet tall - leapt from the earth around the lumbering hordes, and planted themselves amongst them.

Meanwhile, a soaring wyvern dreamkeeper - with her glimmering cyan feathers and horns of crystal - came soaring in from the north at jet speeds. Her halo of sky blue lit itself, and she began to generate a gigantic winged aura of light. She did a wide loop in the air, then dived to the ground. She seemed to crash, sending up an explosion of dust and earth, but this was naught but the shock wave from the turn she pulled. She now was screaming in on the hordes, and they did not even have time to register her presence before they were sent flying by her supersonic fly-by - bodies violently twisted out of shape by her speed.

Not to be outdone, a white tiger dreamkeeper - her muscles rippling, where not covered by the flexing bands of her coal gray armor - came dashing over her other comrade's earthen barricade. Her silvery halo came to life, and her stripes glowed with the same color. She unleashed a flurry of strikes, and each one sent a slashing, scything beam of energy arcing forward. They turned lazy loops in the air, before suddenly crashing down into the enemy forces. They were eviscerated by the dozens, but still kept coming. The troops that had fought long before this glorious moment were exhausted, their Powers unusable for threat of total collapse. They were going to be surrounded, and then...


A bellow that shook the earth, and the thundering of godly hooves. A true beast of a dreamkeeper - his golden halo and wings visible as the sun - wheeled through the sky. His wings sent bolts of lightning down, razing the Nightmares. But it was the rider which caused the wearied troops to shout for joy. "IT'S LU BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!" Lu Bu was some kind of phoenix dreamkeeper, with muscular, clawed forearms and lower-legs, and a strapping tail tipped by a fan of scarlet and gold feathers. His blood red feathers and crazed, fiery eyes caused trepidation even in the mindless Nightmare servants, and his armor, his mask, his plumed helmet were nicked and scratched for his decades of battle.

Lu Bu opened his horn-crested beak, and gave a scream of bloodthirsty fury and jubilation that was more akin to a supernal beast, or a warrior-god, than a mortal dreamkeeper. His fiery orange halo blazed to life, and as his steed swooped down low, Lu Bu sprang clear of its back. The feathers on his limbs lengthened, and sharpened, and gained fiery tips. As he fell, he sent these feathers spiraling down like rockets. The entirety of the Nightmare hordes were blanketed in explosions, and were no more.

When the battle was all said and done, and the army had further fortified the huge stone fortress that the black tortoise had built with his Power, the four generals had gathered to discuss strategy. However, suddenly, the blue wyvern shuddered, her long cerulean locks and twin curl-tipped barbels twitching. All turned, to see a strange vulpid dreamkeeper of icy colors and features approaching. If it was a he, then his various leathers and feminine dominatrix clothing most excellently disguised it. He had a broad, squashed-in nose, and emotionless eyes - one a blue that was almost white, one as dark a shade of blue as the winter sea. Lu Bu had already drawn his halberd, and it took all of his comrades to keep him from bullrushing this strange fellow.

Perhaps it would have been best to let Lu Bu perforate the interloper. His pale blue halo with its cobalt blue aura lit up, and suddenly, a misty gray-blue rift opened beneath the group. They fell into a starry blue void, standing atop some kind of sorcerous circle. The only other feature there was a glassy door, within the threshold of which seemed to be another portal. No one attempted to stop Lu Bu this time, although they all heaved a sigh at the embarrassingly great number of times he tried to simply bash it to pieces in frustration at the situation. When he at last decided to open the door like a normal person, Lu Bu and his fellow generals were drawn through the portal and into...

...Well, you don't need me to tell you, do you? Even Lu Bu showed some concern at this development, but the white tigress knew a watering hole when she saw one. She sprang clear over to come to rest atop a well-cushioned and thankfully well-supported bar stool. "I want something to get me absolutely fall-on-my-ass drunk!!" This was enough for Lu Bu, and he joined her forthwith. Meanwhile, the tortoise and wyvern both shared a fortifying glance, and walked over to James. He had the most authority in the room, it seemed.

"Pardon my intrusion," the wyvern said in a voice with a certain calming quality, "but we seem to have been teleported here by a scurrilous crossdressing dreamkeeper. Could you, perhaps, tell us what this place is? My name is Aramis, the Flying Blue God of Xienku. I'm not really a god, but, well...Our empress enjoys talking us up to her enemies." The tortoise could not hold back a rumbling little chuckle at that comment from his comrade.

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joeden11/14/13 9:20pm
James Finished his work placing the sheet in his armor where it had space to so. When this new person asked them where they where, James was about to anewser when he noticed death's face it was disgruntled to say the least. The look of he was about to reap someone special but it was stolen away from as the doors of the bar burst open again this time a Rabbit keeper came speed tumbling in and rolled close to where James was, he was carrying a horrifically beaten and bloodied Jamie who looked like he was on the verge of death which pleased death as the door didn't shut before three massive ugly Nightmares came charging in and a forth that looked pissed one of it's horns was cut off and his hands had the wounds of some idiot trying to use Joeden technology when they weren't registered with the gun it yelled in a thundering voice shaking the bar, "BRING THAT SHITHEAD TO ME ALIVE I WANT TO RIP HIM TO SHREDS!!!" A few more Nightmares followed in.

At this point Broxigar who was at the bar had a chat with Megaclaw found him to be a lot better then most humans he met. He found out about Megaclaw's adventures and how he learnt of him. But when the Nightmares came in Megaclaw killed one of them as Broxigar attacked a Massive Nightmare killing it in an instant. A true Orc killing machine running wild, as he charged the Nightmares with a bloodcurdling battle roar that froze the Nightmares temporally with fear; Megaclaw followed in behind him.

The Rabbit keeper was having a bit of a freakout repeating "hold in there Jamie hold in there," James had gotten on his feet and charged at the First to massive Nightmares cutting them down as if they where nothing. The big boss fought on par as a couple more came in charging at Jamie and the Rabbit who was now giving medical treatment the best he could do to Jamie. Death's face was at smile it seemed he might still get his reap after all but only a lot more as a couple of angery darks came in as the bar door shut.

Death said two words that made sure when the nightmares died they stood dead and he said this in an icy voice "death match."

Yeah i wanted him back also the big one in the back dont kill it fight it like your fighting a PC and not a NPC.

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CalicoYorki11/15/13 5:40am
As the white tigress dreamkeeper guzzled down fermentae, Lu Bu spun at the appearance of three Nightmares. Aramis and the black tortoise dreamkeeper contemplated joining in, but when their scarlet-plumed comrade sprang up - drawing his signature halberd as he bounded along - they knew that their participation was unnecessary.

Now, to call Lu Bu's weapon a mere halberd was to do it injustice. It had a long shaft made of dark burgundy-hued wood, topped by a five-point head - four blades branching out to the sides and below a twisted spike at the pinnacle, forming a certain star shape in profile. At the far end was a counter-balancing weight, but with a ring of spikes which clearly identified the weight's dual purpose as a bashing weapon.

When he reached the fray, Lu Bu sprang in and knocked both Nightmares away from Jamie and the rabbit dreamkeeper. "Looks like you kids handled the day shift," he hissed, "now let us handle the overtime. Try not to make a mess if you die, yeah?" Lu Bu proceeded to charge headlong towards the Nightmares, activating his Power and sending two fiery feather missiles towards them.

Meanwhile, Cas-ko had now become fascinated with this battle.

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joeden11/15/13 7:42pm
Jamie coughed up blood as the rabbit worked faster trying to stabilize him; the Nightmares that were knocked back shook their heads and charged again. The first one barring claws leaped at Lu Bu flinging wildly as the second Nightmare leaped growing wings and lunged at high speeds right for Jamie.

Broxigar and Megaclaw where chopping down the darks and Nightmares as they came holding back the wave of attackers. Megaclaw saw the dire situation with Jamie and tried to help but failed to help due to a couple more opponents showing up.

The Nightmare fighting James had a massive build and skull necklaces around its massive neck at least the skulls of nearly two hundred keepers in total it had a burning skull with rotten-like flesh on it black in color with green flames covering the head an espoused flesh if there was any but smoke only formed from the head it carried a massive Nightmarish blade that was craved in evil runes with a green glow. It's armor was black and as it fought with James it yelled in a furious tone "I AM GENERAL NAZ'GULTHON!!! SLAYER OF TEN THOUSAND KEEPERS!!! THE UNDEFEATED!!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO CHALLENGE ME!?!?!?!"

James blocked every attack the beast made with his first sword holding the other one lazily as an insult to the General. "I AM KING JAMES THE FIRST KING OF THE TERRAN EMPIRE AND I BITCH SLAPPED THE DEVIL." Note that was true about him during the hell wars James lead the attack on Hell's gates and lead the solders into the abyssal plains of hell.

In all of its forms fought his way through every horror and first bitch slapped Lucifer giving Joedens control over werewolves. He then killed Satan twice and left him mortally wounded on the third time he came back. At those words the Naz'gulthon roared in anger as he began to swing hard and breath fire which James stood in seeing as how it was used as a projectile the flames had no effect on him.

OOC: Getting fun?

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CalicoYorki11/15/13 8:28pm
Lu Bu slammed his polearm's hammer end down, smashing a Nightmare's skull into shards and bloody paste. With his weapon's other end, he skewered a dark dreamkeeper as she passed, and promptly slammed the body down into another with such force that the limbs of both were twisted completely out of shape.

As the Nightmare closed in on Jamie and the rabbit dreamkeeper, abruptly, a massive blast of fire exploded against its skull. Then, a figure moving at startling speed delivered a flurry of blows from every direction, before twirling away. Cas-ko and the roller battler had at last made peace, and were fighting for a common cause: protecting two cute guys.

Meanwhile, Aramis had begun to twirl and strike, sweeping her wings with such speed that foes were disemboweled all around her. "Sargon, though I hardly find it necessary to warn you," she shouted, "you've got a Nightmare on your six." The beast in question had winding, spiked arms, and a crimson body trailing tendrils that disturbingly resembled intestines. It attempted to lash Sargon's tortoise-like shell to shreds - to no avail; it barely nicked the stony plates. Sargon sighed, and drew a massive hammer with two picks on either side from a groove in his shell. Spinning, he hefted the weapon high, and smashed the Nightmare so heavily into the floor that its actual intestines scattered. Aramis nodded, then looked to the white tigress. "Umara, we need your strength!" Umara was content to heft a bottle of fermentae high and guzzle -


The bottle was shattered by one spine, hurled by a grinning, big-nosed devil of a Nightmare, its putrid green body covered in similar thorns. "What a waste," Umara sighed. Then, with a lightning-quick movement and a piercing scream, she hefted the bar stool, and planted its legs into the beast's shoulders. It shrieked, begging for mercy, as Umara bulldozed a path through foe and ally alike, only stopping when the offending Nightmare was planted on the horn of its fellow fiend. Then, with a tremendous straight kick, she knocked the latter Nightmare's blunted teeth down its throat, before clawing its eyes out. It attempted to rush her down, but she promptly delivered a slap with the volume of thunder and the strength of an avalanche. It fell dead, its neck snapped, its ally long dead on its own horn.

Suddenly, the door opened on a dusty zephyr, and a young woman strolled in. Tanskinned with long, strawberry-blonde hair tied in a ponytail at the nape of her neck, she had a whip-thin body beneath an outfit festooned with trophies from her various exploits. Her sable fedora's band was made from rust red fur and hide, and adorned with a glaring, four-horned chrome skull. She wore a similar-hued vest with numerous pouches beneath a long coat, hanging the head of some manner of horned canine beast in place of a hood; the coat's cuffs were made of rust-hued fur. On her belts - one on her waist, the other around her torso - were several pouches, and on her leather pants were rusty-hue furlined skulls for shinguards. Lastly, her shin-height boots were lined with this same fur, and each had two horns rising up from the leading edge.

Sighing at all of the chaos as she removed her coat, she spun low underneath two combatants to avoid. "Ya can't just welcome a girl in with a pumpkin cider and a warm 'how do ya do,' no." She hung her coat up on the appropriate rack, and proceeded to kick a dark dreamkeeper in the chest with such force that several ribs audibly broke. "No, no, no. Ya welcome me, the Great Hunter Lionella Lasso, with a bar room brawl between mystical magical creatures of all things." She promptly laid one Nightmare out flat with a right hook, then stomped it to death in two movements. "I can't possibly hunt all of these monsters in one go. Not until I've had my pumpkin cider, freaky darlings. Hint hint, barkeep. Hint. Hint."

Lady Lasso took her seat by the fire which now quite suddenly was present, and waited with limited patience for her drink.

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joeden11/15/13 10:30pm
Naz'gulthon roared with anger as the Nightmare failed, using all his power, anger, fury and hatred he managed to push James aside and ran. On a rampage towards Jamie he ran up to Lu Bu, and grabbed his sword by the blade and chucked the blade aside removing it from his grip. He then gave a backhand to Lu Bu sending him flying into Megaclaw, who tried to move but was now under the weight of Lu Bu. Megaclaw then gorged out "can you get off of me?"

The beast of a Nightmare was now upon Jamie and the rabbit, the Rabbit's eyes where wide with fear, he was still trying to treat Jamie, as he now tried to move the horribly wounded Jamie but it would be to late. The beast swung the blade down but was chucked to the far end of the room by James, who was now upon it beating Naz'gulthon like a rag doll.

The remaining Nightmare forces including Megaclaw who was still under Lu Bu, Broxigar and the Rabbit watched as the great General was beaten to a bloody pulp and then had his head Ripped off by James' bare hands. He then held the head up in victory the entire force ran towards the door in fear as it opened to all of Havoc squad in full armor walk in; a moment of silence fell as they looked and saw Jamie wounded the battle going on and the king who was holding the monster's head.

James looked at the squad saying "kill whats left of the nightmare's forces," the squad nodded as gunfire filled the room, with the stray lighting bolt or two. Dropping the entire group within moments, the entire squad was dead and the medic in the squad was already dealing with the now shaking on the verge of death Jamie, and speaking of death, Death was happy he may have lost the one soul he wanted to reap the most but he got so much more in turn.

OOC: sorry about the little Gmod but if you wouldn't mind it, could you go along on reactions to the turn of events if you don't mind calico?

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CalicoYorki11/16/13 5:14pm
Pepper had passed Ollow off to Clover and Viraille, who kept him calm and safe. Meanwhile, she went about, using her Power and medical knowledge to assist the wounded. Cas-ko also lent her healing magic, whilst the roller battler returned to her corner.

As Lu Bu and Umara hefted dead bodies for disposal, assisted by their fellow generals, Anna and the beleaguered Gracie both made their way over to the new arrival. Anna didn't seem to know what to think of the woman as she sipped a glass of pumpkin cider, staring intently into the roaring fireplace. This little corner seemed to suit some wild quality of Lady Lasso: there were heavy, mismatched chairs and couches, trophies from various kills, a number of maps and brass globes, and innumerable weapons of all varieties and ages. Serrated iron battle axes were leaned against the wall beside a 2842 A.D. Earthling laser rifle.

Gracie took a seat near the woman, finding herself sinking into the chair quite a bit. Meanwhile, Anna took her prerogative to remain standing up. Leaning forward, Gracie muttered, "Are you the very Lionella Lasso who hunted the entire horde of fiends threatening Calibra, to extinction? The same one who felled the sky leviathan holding the Aeffie city of Barjimese hostage?" She expected a dramatic response, but she certainly did not expect Lasso to drain her entire glass with a roll of the eyes.

"Yeah, I did all that and more," she drawled dismissively. "But there's things I can't do, like cookin' and jugglin' and taxes. I'm a normal, everyday Itretes highborn - that being, I can do only one thing, and one thing well. But, insteada that bein' administration, I found my fancies to lie in the slayin' o' ferocious beasties." Finding her glass refilled by a waiter, Lady Lasso grinned with her big, sharp fangs. "Lovely service. Hate that business about all the murder though." Sipping one last draw from her drink before setting it down in a platform made from skulls and horns, she settled in for a nap.

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joeden11/16/13 10:57pm
Jamie was starting to stabilize as The rabbit and Cilaxa worked on closing up the rest of the wounds while James picked up Lu Bu's weapon and walked over to him, he then handed the blade over saying, in a more of a tired annoyed from the fight voice "nice weapon you got."

Ollow was still sleeping; being him, he slept through the full fight, which did not wake the kid at all. Havoc squad was cleaning up the last of the bodies, or sitting at the bar starting to remove their helms and have a drink. The events of the fight were calming down as Megaclaw and Broxxigar headed for the door, Broxxigar waved him away as he decided to stay longer maybe another fight would show up. But he sat down ordering another drink and Kalimdor's finest meats.

OOc: Best try to interact with some of my chars plz Calico i got them set up if you want to start talking to them it's easily made so.

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CalicoYorki11/18/13 11:30pm
Lu Bu brusquely took his polearm from James, grumbling that he hadn't gotten to kill more Nightmares. He promptly returned to his drink, as Umara lit into some smoked fish. Cas-ko showed herself out, as Amaris and Sargon sat down to chat. This left Pepper to turn a chair around across from Broxxigar, and sit leaning on its back; after making sure that Clover and Viraille were keeping Ollow safe.

Pepper asked with her trademark grin, "Orc, eh? I've befriended a few of your kind. Killed a whole lot more. Usually this is about the time that the rest of the warband shows up and begins chanting about the glory of their blood-drenched, bone-chewing, flesh-sundering gods of victory and war. Thank you for not doing that, it's intensely obnoxious." Cue the door opening.

And then, in walked a peculiar dreamkeeper - as if those among us were not peculiar enough...I speak of the very same androgynous fox dreamkeeper with icy-hued fur, and two-toned blue eyes. This time, he wore a revealing, effeminate white outfit, full of pink and periwinkle bows and platform boots and things that were not ever meant to accommodate male anatomy. This immediately drew Lu Bu's attention, who sprang forward to try to skewer him.

The dreamkeeper promptly spun to the side, avoiding Lu Bu. "Honestly, could you just not? It feels like centuries since I've had my last drink. I'm in a very peculiar walk through eternity, and don't try to pretend you're not in the same boat." He promptly leaned over the bar, snagging a bottle of wine and a glass chalice while the barkeep's back was turned.

He promptly sat down next to Pepper Doolittle, who was making no attempts to hide her leering grin. "Hello, lovah," she drawled. "Still causing trouble wherever you go?" He nodded, setting the chalice on the table and promptly guzzling down the bottle of wine. Pepper smiled to Broxxigar. "Meet Token, my miniature master of mischief."

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joeden11/19/13 5:58pm
Broxxigar looked over to Pepper as she asked her questions, when the new person showed up Broxxigar eyed the events as they took place. When she seemed done talking he answered "i`m from the Blackrock clan; the glory of their blood-drenched, bone-chewing, flesh-sundering gods of victory and war? We do not have blood drenched gods we follow the elements, as for my fellow Orcs i was heading to see my fallen brothers when i came across this bar." Broxxigar took another drink from his glass before saying "i fell in the war of the ancients preventing the burning legion from entering Azorth the last things i remember was striking sargeras the fallen god." Broxxigar then sat in silence taking more of his drink.

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CalicoYorki11/21/13 11:18am
Pepper hummed in thought. "I see. Sometimes, this place has a way of rescuing people who are close to death." She sighed as the door opened once again, looking up. She was perplexed by the two figures she saw.

Both seemed to have bark for skin, yet while the male's skin was dark gray and brown, the female's skin was dark forest green. The male wore a dark gray-green mask, with dark eye holes, seven dark gray studs across the brow, and a similar-hued oblong slot for a mouth. His head was further covered by a hood of coarse gray fur. He walked with a slight hunch, wearing bracers of green leaves stitched together, and a matching loincloth.

The female, meanwhile, wore an entirely different outfit. It exposed her wavy, spring green hair, and olive green face paint. Similar dye colored her nails, and designs on her tattered black and purple dress. She wore anklets of beads and feathers, a chartreuse-hued solid gemstone ring, and a sort of double-peaked miter of bark and leaves and feathers; between the slots on the inside of its two crests were strung countless threads of various colors. Carried in her hand was a forearm-length ebony staff, topped by a moss-covered bird's skull and two dangling black feathers.

Polly and Heathcance both eyed this pair - Polly with half of a steak hanging out of her mouth. The two bark-skinned individuals retreated to a dark corner, where they set about taking a nap. "I dunnae trust those Sadida," Polly whispered. Heathcance inclined his head just slightly, and activated his sensors. If those two attempted any uncanny rituals, Heathcance would be able to stop them. Probably. Hopefully.

Meanwhile, something else was happening, somewhere completely different...

~ ~ ~

There was nothing. No light, no sound, no up and no down. She couldn't remember if it had always been like this, or even what she was supposed to look like. Did she look like anything? All she could see was binary code, in broken panels floating by in the darkness. They might have had different colors to them, but they were more of a concept than a visual input. She could -feel- the numbers passing by, and through her.

Was she dying? Was she dead? Had she ever been alive in the first place? She had no way to tell just how long it had been this way. Perhaps this was the way it had always been. But how could she say that? She could only think of time, not perceive it, but she knew that this was not the way it had always been. But when she thought further, she questioned about which was the worse option. As her memories slowly trickled back, her last memories before this void caused her mind to cringe away.

Pain. It hurt so, so much. Fiery light, burning through her eyes and mind. Her very being stripped down to base coding, until - well, all she knew is that now, she was here. She now realized that soon, even her dwindling consciousness would cease to exist. As a concept, Mia would cease to exist.

Mia? Was - was that her name? Mia. Blademaster. Yes, and she had been feline. Purple and white. Armor. One-handed blade. Did she carry a shield? No. But she was also Macha. A star marking over one eye. She'd died to save someone. Tsukasa. Tsukasa had been nice to her. And there was someone else. Someone very important...He was...He was...

"Elk!!" Mia awoke, and found herself in a frozen mass of light. This was the moment of her demise. It had stopped. But - no, it was now starting again. Mia could feel the pain arising. But suddenly, something came spinning out of nowhere. It was blue, and boxy, and - "Oh, how funny," Mia said absently. A door was opening. A man in a long coat and reading glasses had his hand outstretched. He was shouting at her. She couldn't hear him, but she knew what he was saying. Mia reached out her hand, and grabbed the other's hand tight.

He was speaking so rapidly that he was almost indecipherable. "You can't stay in here, I'm sorry," he chattered in a Scottish accent, looking her over with some glowing, humming little device. "The TARDIS won't make an exception to your existence for long. You're supposed to be just an abstract piece of data, and I don't know how you've become more, but I came to this one place a very long time ago where you'll be safe, for now." He got her arms crossed across her chest, and her tail tucked against her body. "I apologize, but this is not going to be a landing of grace and dignity." He tugged on a rope, tied to a lever, flinging the lever forward from his position. "Allonsy!!"

The funny blue box, so much bigger on the inside, violently pitched forward and hurled Mia back out of the door. She was too confused to grasp what was happening, but knew as she fell through another door that she was safe. She fell on her back, onto a wooden floor. Many people went to help her. Most just stared.

She was tall, a purple feline white white markings, including a star around her left eye. Fur grew thick around her shoulders, but otherwise, her profile was very slender. Her ears were tall and elongated, her amber eyes were regaining their spark of mischief and intellect, and her tufted tail was all a-twitch. She wore white armor with fuschia banded portions on the faces, such as her gauntlets, gloves, and armored cuirass. From the bottom of her cuirass, intricate belts of slender fuschia bands laid together were buckled to some kind of cross between stockings and boots - mostly white, with banded fuschia panels on the knees, thighs, and toes. Lastly, on her hip was a sheathed blade - medium length, medium width, and contained within an ornate white and fuschia scabbard.

She was dehydrated, starving, everything hurt, and the world was spinning much too fast for her liking. However, Mia was alive, and no longer under the influence of any malicious force or another. That was most certainly a good start to a new day.

~ ~ ~

OOC: Sadida and Foggernauts are property of Ankama Games. The Tenth Doctor and the TARDIS are property of the BBC. Mia and the .hack franchise are property of Bandai. I do not own any of these characters, and they are being used in a purely fan-based non-profit medium. All rights reserved.

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