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CalicoYorki10/16/13 11:40pm
Gracie glared at Halfaxa, having a bloody grapple with her spiked foe. "You are such a blustering poppinjay," she sighed. Eyes glowing scarlet, she suddenly yoinked the two fighters off their feet, and propelled them out of the door.

And of course, when one annoyance had been cast out, another came rolling in. An ivory white and amber orange comet screamed in, leaped up to grind along the bar, and bounded off to do some twirls atop Cas-ko's table. Said kitsune indignantly squawked, "Can you do away with -this- poppinjay too!?" Rocketing off, the high-octane shooting star came twirling to a stop.

The girl had a flame-tinged orange ponytail, freckles on her cheeks, and buck teeth. She wore an ivory-hued helmet with three elliptical amber lenses, covering her face from the nose up, and similar armor across the rest of her body; including gauntlets with amber spikes jutting forward from the forearms, and twin perked-up ivory-hued lengths amber tips. Poised at her shoulders were ivory and amber rocket boosters.

Clanking her gauntlet-clad fists together, she began shadow boxing.

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joeden10/17/13 2:08pm
Ollow had been eating a well done turkey along with stuffing and applesauce with cranberry sauce and had a bowl of chocolate ice cream to the side with sprinkles and vanilla mixed with the chocolate and bubblegum flavor to it. But when the fight started in front of his booth he moved the plates and his milkshake and verity of drinks to the the back end of the table to avoid damage and was cowering a bit in the corner hoping not to get hit, but that quickly disappeared when the two where sent out the front door which ollow had crawled to the edge of the booth to take a look when he was sure they were gone, he calmed down.

However when the next thing came rolling in. An ivory white and amber orange comet screamed in, leaped up to grind along the bar, and bounded off to do some twirls atop Cas-ko's table. Said kitsune indignantly squawked, "Can you do away with -this- poppinjay too!?" Rocketing off, the high-octane shooting star came twirling to a stop. Ollow's heart was racing and he was now back in the corner after a second his heart calmed down again and he looked over his booth to see Cas-ko's table and watched what was going on while trying not to be seen.

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CalicoYorki10/19/13 9:10am
While the roller girl stood very still, Cas-ko peppered her with questions. "From whence did you come?" Silence was her only reply. "Are you an alien racer?" More silence. "Are there others of your kind?" When the mystery girl still gave no reply, Cas-ko gave up, and returned to her dango.

Right after Pepper saw Just Violent Enough and a few others off, Viraille came slinking out of the shadows. "I want to eat," she hissed, "I want to eat pork and pies and cakes and king crab and lobster and pasta and candy..." Slavering with luminescent, pale orange dribble, she sprang on the nearest waiter and began demanding more food.

~ ~ ~

Deep in a primordial marsh, a tiny creature fled for dear life. She was an impish figure, tears streaming freely as she flit through the air. A petite little creature with stubby limbs, she wore a dark brown dress with a catlike hood covering her entire face (save for her flickering eyes), leaving an iron hoop for her fluffy orange topknot; as well as closed sleeves, tiny wings, and a little pocket on the front. She also wore pink pumpkin-shaped bloomers with yellow-orange polka dots, and carried a wooden mallet with a demonic jack-o'-lantern printed on the face. However, she was far too scared to consider using her weapon to defend herself.

As she darted around a corner, Pumpūreimon wondered just exactly what she had done to deserve this, out of all the evil, nasty Digimon in the Digital World. With a bellow, a huge shape came trundling through the mud and debris. Rearing up, it revealed its long neck, its one green eye and one pink eye, the many slender tendrils tipped by nodes blinking pink, green, pink trailing behind its head, and the slender maw oozing with neon-hued sick. She had been looking for a dark place to sleep during the day, when she stumbled upon a positively noxious, gaily-colored palace beneath the marsh. The resident had apparently had too much partying the night before, and when it woke, the Chromosodramon YY had chased its unwelcome visitor the length of the swamplands.

Then, a beacon of hope appeared: a ring of data, a brief opening between zones. Pumpūreimon knew she couldn't make it in a fair race, but as a Nightmare Soldier, there was nothing in her coding that demanded sportsmanship in matters of life or death. Gambling on her [Shadow Flicker] to not backfire, the little ghost spun - sending a sizzling ball of darkness into the beast's eyes. It roared in terror, seeing its worst fears in an illusion. As she tumbled through the data gate, Pumpūreimon hoped that she never had to find out what such a great and mighty Digimon was afraid of...

She ended up tumbling through a corridor of shimmering colors, and rolled head-over-heels into the Bar and Grille. Seeing all of these strange people was just too much for her to take. "Ba, bah, baaaaaaaah," she started to cry. "Baaah, baaaaah-aaaaaah..." As soon as the first of her big tears began to fall, Pumpūreimon found herself scooped up into Pepper's arms.

"There, there, baby..." Pepper didn't have a clue what this oddball little shit's deal was, but she could never let a child cry.

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joeden10/19/13 10:30pm
Ollow at this point slumped back down in his seat and began to eat his meal, he was thankful for the kindness of the stranger that bought him the food. To be truthful he hadn't eaten anything in days except for a few scraps from here and there.

James got up saying his good bye and headed for the door as it burst open a soldier human ran through only to be shot down by a green light that made his skeleton show as a loud very Dalek voice came through as the thing moved "EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE!" The thing say James and shot at him the beam hit him as Havoc squad turned and saw the king and the Delak they just sat and watched as the Dalek shot at him. The first beam hit James which had no effect on him and he started to walk forwards the Dalek at this point was firing over and over while trying to figure out what was going on, while yelling "EXTERMINATE YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!" As the Dalek yelled that out James lifted his fist and smashed it into the top of the Dalek's armor his fist made the sound of metal clashing metal as the Dalek's armor crippled inwards making a nasty sound as the dalek's armor sparked and sounds of the dying Dalek came out.

After the little noise fest James stood there smiling at his work the dead Dalek laid in the room's center as the squad chuckled at the site. James still stood there almost hoping the Dalek would say something else.

OOC: Sorry really wanted to kill a Dalek and think of that scene while listening to

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CalicoYorki10/26/13 10:36am
The entrance and death of the Dalek prompted Pumpureimon to dart under a table and have a good cry. Pepper grumbled, sitting by said table to console the poor creature.

Gracie glared flatly at James. "Thank you for saving us from a rampaging alien," she sighed. She really just detested violence. A different cup of tea arrived - silvery-white, and brewed to alleviate high blood pressure and mental stress.

Chikala had seen herself out, Viraille was shoveling food into her mouth hand over fist, and Lota-Pram was watching more cartoons. It was almost peaceful...

...Wonder how long that would last?

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joeden10/28/13 1:24pm
The door opened again and a Joeden Sentinel came through along with six more soldiers all shooting their guns out the door as a spider's webbing wrapped itself around one of the troops and pulled the troop through the door. His screams where heard; before he felt to much pain, a shot pierced his head and he fell dead as massive spider-like creatures with a mixes of scorpion parts came charging into the bar their sizes ranged from three feet tall to ten feet tall. They looked more menacing and terrifying the bigger they where, but they ran into a hailstorm of gun fire.

Havoc squad quickly got up Johansson quickly transformed into a werewolf and charged the first group of bug ripping them apart with tooth and claw, the older Ollow pulled out his relic charging into a mass of Bug headed for the younger Ollow who was now gripping the wall and booth seat with his claws out and holding on with an unmovable death grip fur standing on all ends and scared out of his mind as the bugs showed up. The sentinel readied it's high powered repulse Gatling plasma cannon and opened fire at an extreme rate forcing the large amount of bug from entering but standing in a safe spot out of the line of fire stood three armored spider/scorpion humanoids they looked mostly human but for the spider like face and scorpion tails they also had six arms easily they stood there watching as the bugs fell but as some of the troops fell with them.

The king was slashing away as some bugs headed for pepper and a few other, as the sounds of Dakka, Dakka, Dakka filled the room. Death was still siting on the chair and lazily pointed to the things one after another slowly and the bugs fell dead one after another.

OOC: Sorry just had to do so, Calico tempted me with "...Wonder how long that would last?" Also don't auto kill these like the Orks that was just an embarrassment to their kind they should have wrecked half of our characters, you can still kill em just don't make it to easy an auto kill. The three figures please do not auto kill i have something planned for them.

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joeden10/28/13 1:24pm
(Double room fix)

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CalicoYorki10/30/13 11:43pm
Pepper snapped her fingers. "Bouncer. Send us out back."

And then, there they were. A much roomier venue for such a fight. Gracie and Viraille had opted to be sent there - Gracie's fingers steepled calmly, Viraille gnawing on a ham bone. Oh, yes, and Clover had decided to make herself useful, in the midst of nursing a bong. Pepper quickly snatched it out of her little sister's hand, threw it on the ground, and stomped it out.

A bug leapt for her, but Pepper sent a spearing tendril of flesh and bone through its cranium. She sent more of these whips out, skewering bugs and hurling them around the arena. "You little gnats -reeeally- underestimate just how -PISSED- I can get, when little kids get frightened." She smashed two together a few times, until they simply fell apart on the final impact. Others were pummeled repeatedly into the arena walls, dragged across the stone before being drawn away to another wall. In the end, she was freed of the burdens when they were summarily shattered into carapace fragments and gooey bits.

Meanwhile, Clover playfully danced amongst the bugs, taking glancing hits and just flipping her way off of them. Being sufficiently banged up, she used her Power to convert the stored kinetic energy into heat and plasma. The explosion slaughtered all of the bugs around her. As for Viraille, the wroth fiend sent poisonous darts raining down. Oodles and boodles of tiny little venomous darts with criminally small hitboxes. This was a girl who would appreciate the Touhou franchise.

That left Gracie. She tried to stay above the fight, but then, a particularly hideous bug took notice of her. At first, the only response that Gracie gave was a slight shudder, and a flaring of her nostrils as she breathed in. Then, a crimson glow began to swim about her eyes. The bug was approaching, but Gracie was more concerned with her channeling. And then, the bug was upon her. However, it was abruptly throttled by rusted, spiked chains. More and more chains wrapped around it, and heavy vices, until its strange blood seeped out. Then, the bindings rattled violently, and disappeared - leaving nothing of the bug.

Gracie smacked her lips, displeased. "What a particularly unruly spirit."

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joeden10/31/13 12:22am
The Joedens found themselves in the arena and started squashing bug, the sentinel was about to open fire when a bug stabbed the gun. It resulted in an explosion, taking out two troopers and at least fifteen bugs leaving a massive crater in the ground and knocking everyone but James into the wall.

With extreme force. The remainder of the bugs where quickly shot down as the troops where first on their feet; the arena door opened as the three humanoid bug men walked in. "Heheheheh interesting, interesting in deed our modifications need work but no matter time for you to surrender or the kid's dinner!"

The tallest one said holding up Ollow by the neck of his shirt. Ollow was struggling in the bug's grip and starting to cry; the Joedens who had helmets on looked pissed, everyone else was truly pissed. James took a breath one step later he landed a fist in the bug's face sending it flying but it caught its grip not realizing it was holding Ollow anymore, who was safe in James' arms he tossed him to pepper and said while fighting the bug "get him out of here."

Ollow was surprisingly light barely weighed anything at all, as the second bug yelled "FOOD!!!" Havoc squad intersected it and stopped its charge as it lanes in one of the troops that got in front of it and began to feed. On him the third watched cloaked in shadows.

OOC: Don't kill the thee not just yet at least. I'll go over this later when I'm awake to fix grammar problems.

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CalicoYorki10/31/13 10:47am
Pepper shouted, "OH SURE, give ME the kid!!" She proceeded to dash off, trying to comfort Ollow.

Clover sent the last of the heat and plasma she could build up arcing over the troops, and towards the second bug. Just as she collapsed, Viraille swooped down with a screech, and flew her to safety.

Meanwhile, Gracie was staring intently at the third bug; cloaked in shadows as he was. "I'm not sure that either I or my current bodily guest approve of your behavior." Suddenly, a casket of rust red and violet energy wrapped around her, filled with energy spikes which partially perforated her spiritual body. It was agonizing, and if she lost out in the battle of wills, she'd be destroyed. However, Gracitea Anglisse was a young woman of indomitable will.

The iron maiden of spiritual energy touched down, growing three spikes from the torso - or back, as it were. Six thick chains tipped by spiked, screw-in clamps for claws touched down, as its expressionless mask twisted up on another chain to survey the area. Focusing its sights on the third bug, the iron maiden spirit launched itself in, eyes blazing.

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joeden10/31/13 2:36pm
The third bug had burst into shadows again reappearing behind Gracie and froze her temporarily, as the second bug was being assaulted by the remaining two soldiers and Havoc squad. It didn't dodge anything it took every blast and shot even the Plasma shot which seemed to have no effect on it. The bug began to laugh and click as it's tail lunged for one of the troops impaling them on it's tail, Ollow looked to Jox and said "help her we're dealing with three."

Jox nodded and got to Gracie Just in time as a black shadowed orb formed around them marked with arcane markings making it impenetrable to all. As for Jox and Gracie they were now standing in the most beautiful green field that had a circle of a radius of twenty feet, the circle was a white flame small though. Jox knew what this was and what was coming just as a force made Gracie fall to her knees as a shadowed version of her formed and grey bug antennas formed over it's head and pair of beetle clickers came out of it's mouth and an extra set of arms grew on it. The thing then charged at Gracie with blood lust as Jox was sent to a second ring where he was to face a physic battle, with the bug itself as it said to Gracie "Have fun with your true self; couldn't have just left me alone, now could you?"

The bug then began to Battle Jox mentally as Gracie would find out the copy was the same strength as her on had two extra hands to play with. The comforting wasn't helping Ollow all that much but it got feeling back into him enough for him to start shaking at least in fear mostly and he held on to pepper tightly as he could still afraid of becoming a bug's meal. It was by far his biggest fear.

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CalicoYorki10/31/13 5:00pm
Gracie shed her other spirit, staring impassively.

"Really? A replica gag? This is the most passe, cliche bullshittery I have ever had to witness." She easily flickered away, dodging the first blow. "So, the leader-bug took a strong hook to the jaw. The big strong stupid one is fighting the troopers. I suppose that leaves us to deal with the creepy one with the obtuse powers?" She raised her hands, halting her double as it lunged upon her again. "You underestimate my individuality, and you underestimate my capacity for cruelty to all things which imitate me." Then, her eyes dilated, and she began to weep tears of blood.

The area was turned inverted, as a different kind of possession took place. "You cannot fathom the terrors which pass through my body." Her words resounded through the sky and grass and the dwindling flames, as noisome sores began to dot her face, with glowering eyes within them. "I am a close companion to the Outer Gods, the lords from the center of the universe which could with but a whisper destroy us all. I have communed with sticky, globular deities, with the deep-dwelling crustaceans worshiping their heat-giving idols, the vaporous brains which worship a single unknowable sign...And you are so, so small." Then, she proceeded to vomit up a mass of sticky scarlet tendrils with a scream.

These tendrils swarmed her double, violently wrenching its bones this way and that. Limbs were ripped clean out, making the double easier to consume. With a sound similar to a CD accidentally skipping ahead, a distorted sound rising to an incredible tension, the darkness closed in. And then, it stopped. Gracie was back to normal, though quite plainly worn out, and her double was nowhere to be seen. She stumbled, falling to one knee, and began to fade out.

Were this not enough, something began to emerge from the edges of this bounded reality. Be it illusion or mental scape, someone was coming into view - all static and flowing shadows, becoming clearer and clearer as though someone were adjusting the rabbit ears on an analog TV set. She was of medium height, slender, with long, burnished blonde hair. She had a white string about her brow, and around her neck, a scarlet scarf as well as a rosary of cerulean beads with a tassel pendant. She wore a shin-length dress with an intricate, rippled design of purple, black, pink, and red hearts, and plain sandals.

Ignoring the bug and Jox, she moved over to Gracie's aid. Forming above the girl was a gelatinous spirit, half of a skull and the rest consisting of postules and winding tendrils. It gave a bloodcurdling scream, and tried to lift Gracie. However, a single gesture from the new arrival caused it to freeze, silenced. "I am God, flawless savior of man, leader without equal," she began. "I am the law, flawless kept, binding script, harshly enforced. I am a soul, flawlessly saved, nowhere to go, bound up in a body, out of my place. Hear my words without interruption, let no Tower of Babel impede your understanding, and flee like a flying arrow back to the world you call home. Now." The creature released Gracie, and with a molten, ethereal glow, consumed itself into disappearing.

Eyes rolling in and out of focus, Gracie looked up as the woman opened a tasseled tote bag, and took out some kind of ointment. "Who," was all she could manage, before the cool sienna ointment soothed her back to sleep. The older medium used her thumb to make a single wave-like marking on Gracie's brow, before tucking the flask away.

Looking then to the bug and Jox, her scowl deepened. "Be warned that I'll put down your tricks twice as quickly as this girl," she said calmly. "Anna Asakura, proud wife of Yoh Asakura, renowned itako. This girl is under my protection. As for what that means for you: consider the fact that I just sent an outer realms abomination running for home crying."

Saying no more, she took a relaxed seat beside Gracie's prone form to watch the fight.

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joeden11/1/13 9:55pm
The replica wasn't a replica it was her inner turmoil, and Jox knew this well. "The bug didn't touch her at all, all it did was bring out her inner turmoil. Meaning it's not that easy to defeat it's still inside her not manifested in the physical world anymore," at that Gracie would feel a pain in her mind as her mental state now had to figure out how to cleanse her inner Turmoil as Jox's battle was on the mental plane as well which didn't last long as how there was a flash the world faded as the bug got out into the bar in blazing speed. Jox looked at Gracie before saying "now she has to face her inner emotions and feelings her turmoil, it wins and takes control or she wins. All she has to do is face all those negative and unsettled Feelings."

The armored bug still taking a beating didn't even scratch it's shell as James sent his bug flying past the Armored bug with a mighty kick and the armored bug turned to see James who brought his sword down vertically left to right cutting the bug as if it was nothing as Ollow said in an unhappy voice "Come on! You have to embarrass us that much?" James walked back to the bar saying "have fun with the last one then, if it means so much to you." The bug got up and charged at James who recived a hammer to the face once on the ground the bug was filled with laser shots as the squads opened fire and Ollow brought the hammer down over and over to make sure the bug was good and dead.

OOC: Also don't end that too quickly I don't know your character Gracie so i`ll let you deal with that basically she's fighting her inner turmoil like with what naruto did.

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CalicoYorki11/3/13 1:03pm
Gracie's mental scape was a towering library, filled with hundreds of millions of texts. This was the sum total of her knowledge and memories, suspended above a glimmering crimson and maroon floor. Gracie hovered above the floor, facing her double.

The double clicked and clacked its mandibles. "You weak, cowardly girl...Hiding behind books, hiding from your own people, hiding from the fact that your kind are disappearing. Without your precious trinkets, you are nothing." Gesturing with a claw, the bug sent a blaze around the library.

However, suddenly, a crimson rain poured from the lofty ceiling. The flames were extinguished, and blood pooled in the floor. Gracie glared at her double. "A paltry manifestation of my inner turmoil, is it? I think your problem is that you underestimate my apathy. I don't need other people. My people are fools. I protect our history for the sakes of those who went before - even my family abandoned our past..." Her impassive glare turned into a scowl.

Her double chuckled. "You say such things with confidence...But how can you? You deeply, secretly -yearn- for others. You -want- to want companionship. Because you get so awfully, awfully lonely. But no one is there for you. No one will ever raise you from your misery." The blood was getting deeper. Gracie was sinking.

She was up to her knees. Was it true? Was she alone? Waist-deep. Was it really that hopeless? Her shoulders would soon be under. Oh God...Why did she ever want to live alone? Why did her people have to have such long lives? "I...I don't want...To be alone..." She would soon be drowning in blood.

But then, she thought of something. And then, she remembered. Even when it had all seemed hopeless, there had been someone there for her. Even when Gracie was downright horrible to her, she always had Gracie's back. She never, ever would abandon Gracie. That was something proven again, and again, and again.

And then, a hand grabbed Gracie by her horn. Lifted out of the disappearing blood, crying softly, Gracie was laid on a bed which quite suddenly appeared. Gracie's double snarled - "Just who in the blazes are you!?"

The pulsing crimson and indigo eyes settled on her. A lopsided, toothy grin set the double's spirit to shuddering. "I'm the memory of the one person who loves Gracie most," the image of Halfaxa chuckled. "I'm gonna start beating you now. I don't know when I'll stop."

Club raised high, she lit into the double. Halfaxa was as fast as she was strong, as strong as she was fast! Each blow felt like it carried the force of a car crash behind it.

And Halfaxa only grew stronger, as Gracie's faith in her grew.

~ ~ ~

Having carried Gracie into the bar with the others, Anna gazed down at her. Pepper was looming nearby. Protectively, she still hugged Ollow into her chest. She quietly asked Anna, "How's she doing?"

Anna nodded at the soft smile on Gracie's face. "I'd say she's just fine."

=== === ===

OOC: Anna Kyoyama-Asakura and Shaman King are property of Hiroyuki Takei, all rights reserved.

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joeden11/8/13 10:18pm
Ollow was still shaking but feeling Pepper hug protectively was enough to calm him down enough for him to pass out. As the arena door opened and the troops and James came through the door, mostly talking business as the king gave orders first the group of soldiers who brought the bugs made their way out.

Havoc squad nodded and left, Ollow stopped and pulled out money paying for the bill of what Ollow ordered and will. For the older Ollow cash is no problem and the money is easy to get in his line of work, and protecting a dead friend's little brother was more important then cash. As he left he said to Pepper "take care of him, if harm comes for him i'll know." He then left the bar, the door closing behind him.

James sat down at the bar table ordering a drink he pulled out a pad and began typing on it fast. He needed to write down what happened that bug that got away had knowledge that could cause some terrible damage for everyone.

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