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Habato9/14/13 6:41pm
Original post from the previous forum here:

This is the Nexus Interdimentional Bar and Grille, like it says, and it is" outside of time, space, and canon!"(Quoting the old post) Which means, none of this has to apply to canon, of your character or the one you borrow, at all! Wanna have Zuko come in and have a cry while Dobby gets in a fight with the bartender- unorthodox, but okay!

Basically, it's a bar and grille, in the middle of the void between dimensions. It's layout can change at will, as can physics and the characters inhabiting the grille. You don't need a rhyme or reason for a character to come here! Weather it's your faithful Dreamkeeper, the Doctor, or a good ol talking Pokemon, they're all welcome here, and so is their money!
..... (That was a joke. you're supposed to laugh....okay then.)

Hell, a Kittymorph, Human, and Zombie form of the same guy can all coexist in the bar at the same time while making funny comments on characters who who was created 'just because' come in and have a drink. I just remember it got crazy and it got confusing but, by thunder, it got hilarious. (And actually happened for some time, it was awesome.)

Basically, the rules are simple: there are no rules. WELLL, that's a bit of a lie, the basic ones- well, no....i suppose you CAN have ANY kind of character, over-powered or gary/mary sue...but it'd be annoying and we'd appreciate if you didn't. This is supposed to be centered on character-interaction, i can't control what characters you snatch from the void.

Fighting is tolerated, but PLEASE don't fight in the middle of the bar- the Bouncer over in the corner WILL stop the fight and 'kick ya'- take it to the arena. It materializes when it's needed, sometimes 'just outside' a door, or sometimes in a spectator-friendly pokemon-style, or however you choose to explain it! But this was originally not supposed to be battle oriented, so let's hold to the originals heart. Speaking of heart, i'm just going to post the ONLY two rules(labeled that i could find) really posted in the old forum:

This might sound unfair, but hear me out. XD This is only with the 'Bouncer', which is basically the Bar admin. XD It's a chill invincible interdimensional shapeshifting robot that will never talk and rarely interact with the people in the bar--all it will do is float around, set up singles matches when and if they happen, and banish folks that are causing too much trouble. This trouble includes...

2. Killing other characters on a whim/without their consent
It's okay if you do it in singles combat, but killing in the bar is considered rude!.. Even if it's HILARIOUS. The bar is intended for civil meetings of characters that couldn't normally meet in a civil manner. Kids with grudges, be wary of this rule. o_o However, you're allowed to kill each other if both players agree to it for the fun. It's not like you can actually die in the bar."
(I guess since I am creating this, I will fill in for the Bouncer if needed, which if I remember wasn't that much. I promise it probably won't happen at all. ^^;)

So, oldies- you know what this is, and I'm just suggesting we bring it back, since it was a good place to just screw around and warm up and have some good old fashioned no-rules fun with characters from every walk of life! And I DO mean EVERY.
(For the all of you who can't remember or weren't there- as far as I can remember, the last posts on the old forum was my Killjoy character talking to a RPG slime named Frank about his importance in life and self-image. yeah, there's really few boundaries.)

Oh- I'm jumping all over the place here- You DO NOT NEED TO PUT UP A CHARACTER APP-
Just have them walk in and describe them! If you want them to come in, knock back a few shots, and tell their whole life story through drunken sobs to the guy next to them to get their story out- fine! Do that! But you don't need a bio for them- Yay! :D Also, no limit to characters- but please don't take over the whole bar...

Okay, more copy-pasing-

The barkeep can serve anything to anybody.

The bar is subject to change depending on who enters it and what the occupants would like to do! Anyone's allowed to add to the description of the bar, and in certain cases, subtract. Does your character feel like karaoke? Poof, stage! Go on ahead, embarrass yourself in front of all of your friends and enemies!

The bar allows dead people to walk once more among the living! They don't necessarily have to be zombies, but they can be if you want them to be!

The bar allows people to meet people from different times in their own dimension. This means for example if you were from our world you could have a drink with Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, punch Alexander the Great in the nads, and have noon tea with Attila the Hun all in the course of an hour.

If a character dies in the Bar, or in a related Duel, they don't actually die (Unless their player wants them to for the kicks.) Instead, they instantly fade out of the dimension, and can walk back in a moment later as if nothing happened.

In the bar you can be anyone you want, though as a courtesy, you should ask somebody else if you can play one of their characters if you're planning to (This includes tangent versions of the same character.)

Hilarious tangent personalities are not only accepted, but endorsed. The same goes for random characters you just made up for the sake of messing around with.

All characters from slugs to demi-gods are beloved. However in the bar, you are all equals, no matter how powerful you are anywhere else.

Players of all skill levels are welcome.

You can have your characters react however you want when they pop into the bar. It could be just a random 'wtf' incident and they have no clue where they are, or they could show up like it's part of their routine every day. Your choice!

This RP is not meant to detract from the main RPs on the forum, but instead give those who don't wish to or don't have the time to join in the more structured RPs something to do, as well as those that do somewhere to play their characters out of time, such as if they're waiting for the next post in their main adventures!

I would not only like it, but would be HONORED if people who no longer or haven't yet participated in the RP board would feel like popping in every now and then. This RP is also intended to give THEM a fun, non constricting way to get involved in RP.

And finally, the bar isn't meant to be taken seriously! It's uncanon! If you have a serious character, you're free to play them here, but don't be surprised if nobody else feels like playing along and you get a pie in the face! Same goes for over the top, cartoony characters--not everyone has to play the same game as you! Hopefully somewhere along the way, interactions between all of these types of characters will prove fun and entertaining."

(okay, after the brief blunder in the headless room, NOW I put up an IC post. WELCOME ALL!)So, any takers? Any crazy ideas spinning? And, for the love of god, is there anyone that wants a drink?!

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CalicoYorki9/14/13 8:21pm
The bar is quiet, being just recently reopened. However, -someone- is already blitzed. And in the words of absolutely no wise man ever, "She who is blitzed shall wake up smiling." Rather, Pepper Doolittle wakes up scowling at the bottom of the table. That dried-out gum is taunting her, or maybe she's just supremely hungover. Time to nap this #### off -

"I SAY!! Has anyone seen something big and old and new, borrowed and blue? I was trying to get to the French Revolution and much to my consternation, I wind up in a mysterious pub! It really is such a mystifying affair, yes? Barkeep, I would like a hot ale! Also, do you have any - " The Fourth Doctor is cut off by an unnatural snarl from beneath a nearby table. Two shapely, fuschia-furred legs with dark maroon spots and heavy combat boots poke out from underneath.

"My hangover says you're being too ####ing loud. Holy everlovin' crap, you're a trumpeting kinda buffoon..." Grumbling and gurgling, Pepper drifts off into unconsciousness.

Meanwhile, the Fourth Doctor is apparently ignoring her whilst he inspects the Nexus Bar and Grille via a jeweler's spectacle. He proceeds to spend fifteen minutes opening and re-closing a cabinet door over and over and over once again.

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joeden9/14/13 9:40pm
"Keep it moving they're gaining on us!" Captain tryion said as he ran down the battle torn road towards the only standing building, carrying his wounded comrade on his shoulders as the rest of the squad followed in behind. As they ran towards the building a rocket landed a good fifteen feet away. As a horde of Orcs came charging in behind yelling as they chased the squad, which made it thru the front door of building closing it. As they entered the build sadly jones was unlucky enough to take a bullet to the back of the neck and fell on the stairs outside as the door disappeared making it impossible for the horde to follow.

Tryion looked around the bar not many people unless you count the bar keeps and the Doctor and the person under the table. He turned around and looked at the door expecting a horde of ugly green stupid to burst through that door but it did not. The group not wanting to spoil their luck thanked God and headed to the bar after patching up Arnold; their armor covered the there bodies head to toe in black armor plating that would allow movement pretty freely black all in colour. The helm was basic covered the whole head with a vizier look across the face a bit of ledge above the visor it is simple plain black with a little bit of a box or two implying that there's radio and other tech in the helm. The insignia on their left upper arm read Devil's headache with a small red devil with a bag of ice on it's head other then that it was all black with the shoulders coloured as battered red with one troop having a solid white medical cross on the shoulder marking him as a medic. The group of five moved to the bar putting their wepeons on their backs or away and began ordering ale pulling out some krillium slips a rainbowed coloured rectangle to pay for the drinks not removing their helms at first.

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CalicoYorki9/14/13 10:10pm
All of a sudden, the Doctor turns away from the cabinet. "Do you know what I find fascinating?" He does not wait for a response, before continuing. "This cabinet's resistance to opening and closing fluctuates at a steady rate of one cycle every 2.7 seconds. This almost seems to imply that the matter of this space is -breathing- like a living creature! How lovely." He rapidly tilts his head forward, jarring the spectacle out of his eye and into the palm of his hand. He manages to extricate himself from his massive scarf, wrapping it six times around a peg on the wall; hung up his hat; and removed his coat, revealing a ruffled white shirt and a neat cravat beneath. Heading over to the bar, he pauses to enjoy his hot ale.

Meanwhile, Pepper has hoisted herself out from under the table, and slung herself into a wall booth. She wears a skimpy leather vest and briefs, revealing her toned muscles, rippling beneath her maroon-spotted fuschia fur; as well as combat boots and fingerless, near-elbow-height gauntlets. A long, crooked, poorly-healed scar curls from her left hip down to just above her knee. Her hair is styled in a large, swept-forward mohawk, connected to a mane down her neck and to a ruff around her neck. Her eyes have black sclera, golden-amber irises, and slit pupils (although her eyes are bloodshot with dark magenta veins), and her sneer reveals most of her large, sharp fangs.

She cautiously watches the new guests to the bar and grille, limbs splayed akimbo as she reclines in the booth.

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joeden9/15/13 6:33am
As the squad got their drinks they moved to the booth on the opposite side of pepper, the captain listened to the Doctor as he got his drink and ran an analysis of the bar from what the Doctor said. As he did he walked to the booth and pulled out a little device and set it on the table as he sat down; pushing a button as he started to talk a map sprung from the device a holo blue image above the table.

"Now we can assume that this place is an entiy seeing as how that man over there *points to the Doctor with his thumb over his shoulder* said the place was breathing." Captain tryion said as the rest of the squad nodded as Joey said "so what we're in a void zone so if we leave we walk back into the green plague outside?" "Yea that's about right, we just need to give it a few days hopefully this place dosen't have a closing time." The group nodded as the captain started to go over a tatic for getting out alive with the rest of the squad using the map they had available to them.

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Habato9/15/13 5:42pm
"Ooooh, what is that, a holographic map?" A childish voice chirped right next to the captain's ear.

Before he could do anything, someone swung over his shoulders and perched on the bar, revealing herself to be a little girl with ruler straight black hair down to her hips and eyes the color of oak leaves. Her little face was smiling innocently as she flipped her evergreen cloak over the bar and revealing her caramel-colored dress. She seemed normal enough, until one realized she had fluffy white wings peeking out from under that flowing cloak. In fact, her skin and eyes seemed to glow ever so slightly, hardly visible in the light of the bar, and her voice seemed to echo a bit more than should be normal. It was the little things cluing one in on the fact she was not human.

She glanced down and studied the map for a second. "It's pretty..." She complimented absently, perking up as she moved on to her next statement. "Buhbuh said that he and Sol would take me somewhere that had holographic maps of whole Galaxies!" Here she stopped to smile at the captain in excitement. "I just have to wait for them to get back from talking with the High Council. But what does your map show, mister?"

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joeden9/15/13 5:59pm
The captain was surprised by this little girl it mattered little he smiled which wasn't seen do to his helm he said "it's the planet sha'llramala it's been invaded by a horde of Orcs we're trying to figure out how to save the planet." This was mostly true the planet was controlled by Orcs but they weren't invading it was a Orc controlled planet. It was their job to make the invasion easier on the troops landing on the planet; the captain nor the group was phased by the girl's appearance by the least the Joeden empire had millions of races and different beings in it so seeing anything was normal. The captain then pulled out another slip of Krillium and said "that's nice to hear know if you let us get back to work you can have a drink on us ok?" The captain was trying to be as nice as possible, because size doesn't mean anything what species lacked in one thing they up for in another.

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Habato9/15/13 6:25pm
"I don't need a drink, but thank you for the thinly veiled bribery." She muttered, looking down again, studying the hologram more. "About the Orks..." She started quietly. "Have you tried just talking? What if they are invading because their children are dying of hunger? Or running away from a larger threat? Could you not just try talking to them, to see what they want instead of attacking first, asking questions later?" She looked back up at him somberly. "I may not be from your universe, and I don't know what these Orks are like, but it couldn't hurt. It's always a better option thank killing beings for a misunderstood reason. And I realize some species only focus on violence and power and war, but I hate seeing humans be one of those species. You're all so beautiful and clever and imaginative and...full of Life." She paused, smiling serenely, eyes far older than her face's young lie. She looked at the map in thought for a moment before speaking again. "Buhbuh doesn't like me getting into dangerous situations, but I could try talking to them if you will let me. Life should have a chance over war, and I'm wiser and older than I look. And if you agree to let me speak, then I'm bound by my word and Buhbuh HAS to let me at least try." She looked back up at him with a quietly begging look. "Please?"

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joeden9/15/13 7:03pm
Tryion looked at her for a second before saying "we are not human where we come from they are nearly extant," the captain then removed his helm raveling an almost human face but with brown spots running down the left side of his face, he was bald and had some scaring on his face. "We are Joedens, not humans, there's a big difference between us and we've tried to talk with them and they just kill us they are simple stupid fungus that sweeps across the universe they've already genocide'd six galaxies worth of people we're trying to stop their murdering rampage." This was the truth Orcs are simple stupid green fungus men that kill everything and reproduce like wildfire.

"They'd kill you the second they saw you, they're not capable of reason, we've tried they've walked into hospitals and killed everyone for sport they just want to kill everything, included themselves." Tryion said as the rest of the group nodded as Joey said "this war has been going on for at least three to four million years, i`ve fought through most of it, there is no doubt that they can't be reasoned with they're like the Drow'n only they don't want to kill you with demonic magics."

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Habato9/15/13 7:56pm
The girl frowned, and looked disappointed. More than that, she looked genuinely sorrowful. "I am sorry that I have mistake you for human, but i am also sorry that they are nearly gone in your world. But more so, I am saddened that there exists species that only wish for death. Death for the sake of Life I can tolerate. But death for the sake of death itself should never be the purpose of any Life." She paused, jumping to the floor to stand at her full four feet of height. "Also, since it seems you have not noticed, this place does not actually reside in your dimension. It is in the void between worlds- no time passes here and every concept of physics tends to be broken at some point or another. But it is a peaceful place, mostly, and it is only by sheer luck- or fate- that you came here. It is only by such slim odds that your enemies or allies could join you before you leave.

"I do not like war, Mister Joeden. As I have heard humans say, war only seeks to destroy Life- so I am kept from it for my own protection. A 4 million year war sounds horrible- but then how old must you be if you have lived through most of it? You must have many stories to tell. If you are in such a rush to get back to your war, i will not stop you- I am not from your world, so I do not know what is at stake for you. But if you are on a mission to help end the war, to bring peace to another planet, then good moral and well-rested soldiers will only help you. No one will get hurt, or killed while you do so- time passes differently here, not a second will have passed in your world if you spend a week here.
I hate to condone any form of death, Joeden. But I recommend rest, and the telling of a good tale, regardless of your mission."

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joeden9/15/13 8:19pm
The time part was the shocker to the group, Tryion remembering about the bending laws of reality quickly asked "is it possible to come out at a different location then where we came in from?" the captain said hopefully because a quick trip to Valhalla was not something he wanted today. "If not then we'll be on a one way trip to Valhalla, as for our age i`m seven million nine thousand four hundred and fifty-six years old the rest of my group is all around the four million mark." Tryion as old as he is still looked as if he was in his late twenties early thirties, very, very young looking but experienced.

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Habato9/16/13 3:10pm
The littler girl smiled and shook her head. "Sadly, no. Once the bar decides to let you leave, you will be put back at the exact place and time that you got in here- unless you have a different way to leave other than waiting for the bar to put you back where you started, like some do. And i hope you don't mean Valhalla as in the old Nordic idea of the afterlife- that would not be a very good idea."
She looked at him again, this time studying his face for a moment. "Really, seven million? That's really old. Not to be mean, my siblings and I are much older, but we can't be certain of our exact age- especially not Buhbuh's age." She smiled again. "It's nice to meet new lifeforms, especially the rare ones that live such long lives."

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joeden9/16/13 6:45pm
Tryion nodded and said "are lifespan is eternal with youth only way for us to die is to be killed." Tryion turned to the group to give them the news and told them to prepare for when they were to leave the bar for they were going to walk into a slaughter field. The group nodded and started to prepare for the end checking there weapons and waited for whenever the bar would allow them to leave or if they were they just finished their last drink.

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Habato9/16/13 7:04pm
She chuckled, then stopped to watch the soldiers pack up their supplies. "Seems we have more in common than I first thought. Are you gonna leave soon, then?" She asked sadly. "Well, if you want to, you could try just walking out. Sometimes it seems to work, but other times this place just creates a loop and puts you right back here, coming out a different door. It won't make you leave until you attempt it yourself."

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CalicoYorki9/16/13 7:32pm
Suddenly, the Doctor gave a heavy, long-suffering sigh. "Many people ponder eternal life. They wonder how to achieve it, and most of their methods are either idiotic and destined to failure, or are consummately double-edged, built on their own suffering and that of others. To walk in eternity is a storied thing, but it's ultimately the most dreadful, lonely experience you can imagine. I've lived fourfold lives, died thrice, seen good friends with such beautifully fragile lives pass on without me, and I carry the burden of every legacy entrusted to me..." Suddenly, his grim frown transfigured into a brilliant, wide-eyed grin. "Oh, how droll of me, burbling about my own life!" He suddenly produced a large paper bag. "Jelly baby?"

Pepper, meanwhile, had fallen asleep in a gloriously exposed and undignified pose which does not bear textual description. Let us just say that a child's innocence would be blown into exactly one-thousand tiny pieces at the sight of this woman napping. God above, how much had she drank before this place was open for business? Did she drain a keg? Did the barkeep allow his first customer to have free drinks up until she could no longer stand, in celebration of the Nexus Bar and Grille reopening?


That scurrilous corpsewalker.

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