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Subscribe to this thread I am Burdened with Glorious Greetings and Guilt created by Habato on September 6, 2013

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Habato9/6/13 7:34pm
Good marrow, people of these forums!

hehe, so...You might, possibly, maybe recognise me from the old forums. Ah, heh, I was MandyHabato, and I kinda just disappeared off the face of Anduruna. But, I'm back! And, uh, wanted to say hi and this is really nerve wracking for me because I feel soooooo guilty for just leaving.

A great rp rolled to a stop because of me and every time i think of the forum i feel a mix of nostalgia and over-bearing GUILT.
oh, look, i'm rambling again. Welp, little has changed. So, uh, sorry x10000000 for that, uhm...

Anyway, uh, allo! I'm Habato, and, uh, I hope to not just disappear off the face of the world completely as i try to get back into rp-ing. ^^;

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ezioauditore979/7/13 12:03pm
Hello there!

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