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Subscribe to this thread New Space Marines? created by ezioauditore97 on September 2, 2013

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ezioauditore979/2/13 2:55pm
So in case any of you have not heard the news let me say that GW has done another release of Space Marines and mixed feelings are abound. I feel that the new Grav weapons are a really cool concept and the new anti air Rhinos were a good idea but the new Centurions in my own opinion look lame compared to all the new and sleek ginormous Tau and Eldar models and now they think it's a good idea to charge 30 dollars for a plastic Commander?There's a good reason I patronize Privateer Press a lot more than Games Workshop.......

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RashallVetkay3/15/15 1:20pm
I don't really find myself liking the Centurions that much, however if you are on a defense mission they could be a good way of locking down a capture zone, at least the devastator variant. I prefer actual devastator squads as they tend to be a bit more mobile not to mention you get more marines for less points. The Grav weapons are good at locking down heavy infantry and also bogging down vehicles, not to mention the salvo ability for the grav gun and cannon are great for dealing with opposing squads, not to mention they are great for taking down special characters.

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ezioauditore975/5/15 2:13pm
All the new releases tend be overwhelmingly useful in their debut edition,hehe!I've warmed up to them a little and while not my favorite looking unit to be honest they have a nice role in an army.

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RashallVetkay5/5/15 6:16pm
I'm actually very odd with my Tac squads in that I actually take homing beacons. Just in case my Tactical marines need a bit of help from their Terminator brethren lol.

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