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Subscribe to this thread SOPA 3.0 created by RennacFaintheart on August 23, 2013

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RennacFaintheart8/23/13 8:25pm
Congress has put SOPA back on the table. Normally I try to avoid discussing politics online due to some rather bad experiences, but it is pretty much recognized by everyone except the politicians that it is a terrible idea. If you need proof, there is an article on the Huffington Post here:

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ezioauditore978/24/13 6:11am
Oh dear.They never learn do they?What sites are going to have to protest for them to realize this is an exceedingly terrible idea?

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ZycantAlpha8/24/13 3:00pm
I want to see if I can make a prediction: Google and Wikipedia will go "dark" again on or before September 1st.

Though hopefully the proposal it won't last that long.

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RennacFaintheart8/24/13 5:16pm
Starting to think we should all log into the republican and democratic national committee sites at the same time to show them just how much we are against the bill. Would even be fun just hacking their websites and replacing the backdrop with a big "Death to SOPA" banner.

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ezioauditore978/25/13 2:04pm
Heh,that would be hilarious actually.

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