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TA763811/20/13 11:51am
"Manners are becoming a rare commodity these days."

He quickly understood why Cyprus had smelled of explosives now, and why Alois had been suspicious of him. The fluffed end of his tail twitched in thought for a moment as he followed her. He opened his mouth to answer her question when he heard the voice of a 'keeper behind them answer the question. Sov turned his head and looked at the man, the back of his neck bristling slightly.

"YOU called it in?"

No, Sov didn't believe him, atleast not fully. The troopers had arrived too quickly for him to have called it in right as Sov drew his springer. He had to have called them in earlier, which means he was looking at catching him and the woman at the same time. His eyes narrowed with a murderous gaze that could have burned a hole through the man.

"You better start talking."

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Toleer11/22/13 2:34pm
[Bar Main Room]

Jess shook her head; she had heard things offhand, but she actually didn't keep up on things as much as she should. "I mean, I've heard but I haven't actually looked into the news-stories covering it. It always seems like that kind of stuff happens far away, never next door or what have you. But yeah, I've heard a little.

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Roan1/26/15 7:38am
Alois was extremely determined to get her answers out of Sov, and instead of getting the story from him, she got it from somebody else. Unknowingly, she turned around and opened her mouth to speak. "Last time I checked, you were not the one I was asking, and you certainly had no reason to answer in behalf of my own coworker. So, you better explain yourself."

Ah, yes, here came the other side of Alois. Stubborn and completely evasive on most topics, if she didn't get answers when she wanted them, it usually ended in an interrogation room, or somebody with a bullet through their brain.

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