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Subscribe to this thread Preview Sketches (Last Update: 3/13/2015) created by Animefan18 on August 2, 2013

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Dawonguy2/28/15 2:18pm
and 10 years is probably only if there isn't any significant hiatuses (cough cough homestuck gigapause)

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Digitigraderobo2/28/15 3:52pm
I don't think that's Vi's massive cannon. It looks like the standard tri-barrel Troika springer rifle we've seen in other sneak peeks. I hope the cannon hasn't been replaced by it as Vi's weapon of choice, it was super badass.

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crazyhead422/28/15 3:54pm
Maybe she was using the standard gun because she ran out of ammo.

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Digitigraderobo2/28/15 3:56pm
Or maybe the cannon couldn't fit down inside the Archive tunnels. She does seem to use some kind of wheeled tripod device to move it around, in the very ending of V3.

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DanWithTheHat3/3/15 9:19pm
There was a previous preview sketch of her running down that hall way with that gun with the crew behind her. Maybe for the mission they are on, they needed to go light?

I'm sure that cannon is only used when she really needs that much firepower. In vol 3 I think that gun is placed in a look out point in the base. it makes sense to be in a place like that.

For the people on here that play Payday 2....
Tribarrel springer detection level: 20
Giant Cannon detection level: 75 with 50 percent movement penalty.

Also, I do not want to think how old I will be when DK finishes. It will most likely be too old XD

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Kymastrider3/15/15 1:32pm
Newest preview sketch is up, this week its, a nightmarish dinning hall.

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Sladerin3/15/15 3:02pm
Ah, so that's what it is, I thought it was like a nightmare meeting room, dining hall never crossed my mind.

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Kymastrider3/15/15 6:17pm
dining hall was the first thing that crossed my mind, but it could actually be a meeting room, since the table is just a frame and cant hold anything.

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Kirito3/15/15 6:51pm
Is it a frame? Or is it glass panels?

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Sladerin3/16/15 11:24am
I would assume it's glass panels, whether it be a meeting room or dining hall. It would just be silly to have the frame and nothing else.

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DanWithTheHat3/17/15 5:18pm
Could it be where void is hanging out for the time being? The possibilities....

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Kymastrider4/12/15 3:27pm
right, well it's no secret that Dave is now showing off the previews in video form now (I actually think it's pretty cool) But more information has been revealed about the room since last time.

So far what we know is there descending into the depths of the earth in search of the lost archives, the room they discover we know now was deliberately designed to defy logic, a table without a top, doors out of proportion, a stairway to nowhere.

I find it amazing that this elaborate castle structure exists deep within the caverns beneath Anduruna. Could these somehow be nightmare ruins, is the history of the bizarre structure somehow linked to the Silent Century's and Anduruna's lost history?

Until Volume 4 is made avalible this opens up some interesting new speculation.

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BryanDimmsdale4/12/15 5:18pm
Hehe, I'm guessing they're already entering the nightmare's realm. Well think about it, it's already at the bottom of the bottom; in the ocean, they are actually entering the abyssal zone now. I also think that the central tower of Anduruna might actually be a nightmare's surface structure before.

My hypothesis is that the tower was used as an outpost and transports of nightmares and dreamkeepers, in and out. The dreamkeepers in the silent centuries may have been colonized by them, so it's no surprise that *spoilers* Tendril easily went up the library so quickly.

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WolfKit4/12/15 5:46pm
I don't think that there's any doubt that this is at least related to the "inexplicably ornate central mansion" mentioned in the history section of the website. So then... is it an extension of the mansion? A copy? The original? If it is the original, it would explain some holes in the claim of it being demolished at the end of the silent centuries. First off, if it was demolished, how come no artifacts from it had ever been found? And just how would it have been demolished?
To me demolishing the mansion sounds like a job for powers, but within a couple of years the Serapeans showed up and it was mentioned that when fighting the Serapeans off the Andurunans were unfamiliar with their powers, which doesn't mesh with them being able to demolish the mansion. Alternatively it could have been destroyed by seige weaponry, but I don't think they had that sort of technology until after some of the Serapeans defected and shared their technology.
However, it being the original raises a new question: why the heck is it in a cave? Was it always there? If so, where did the field of rubble come from? Or, was it moved to the caves? If so, why, and how? That would not have been a small feat, I'm not sure that power on that level was seen in the Nabonidus vs Void fight. And why? Was it done to sabotage Void's plans after he left, or was it done to protect the mansion after the nightmare's plans started falling apart?
Or maybe it being the original is unreasonable, and the original was demolished. Were there always two, or was the underground mansion built after the aboveground one was destroyed? Once again, why?

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Dawonguy4/12/15 9:17pm
Sorry if this is off topic, but did anyone else check out or know of Lackadaisy, the comic Dave mentioned? (though I'm not sure what thunderclap is)
Anyway, I read through volume 1 and really liked it. (also, I picked the best time to get the Baccano! soundtrack stuck in my head)

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