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Subscribe to this thread Preview Sketches (Last Update: 3/13/2015) created by Animefan18 on August 2, 2013

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DanWithTheHat11/26/14 9:30am
They are dressed up like super secret agents with those suits on. Maybe to get into the tower? Hmm....

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TruthQuest12/22/14 10:08am
Oooo! This looks like a maze and a puzzle, covered in stalagmites and promising to be just as dangerous as an 'Indiana Jones Adventure' in quadruplicate!

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DanWithTheHat12/22/14 10:26am
That spiral room in the center is really random. This place was definitely designed to confuse.

Its Definitely Indiana Jones like. I am just waiting for a giant boulder to come crashing in and start rolling after who ever is behind that blur.

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TruthQuest12/22/14 10:54am
The shape of the blur makes me think Nabonidus, but the off-color and flow of the character makes me see Tinsel.

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TruthQuest1/2/15 7:03pm
1, 2, 3, and maybe 4 specters in today's Preview that could be somebody. I think that the one in the upper-right is Mace and Whip and the one holding the glow-sphere is Lilith with Namah behind her and Bast almost obscured by the dark pillar, What do you think?

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ST34LTH1/3/15 1:54am
I think I see Bobby or Nainso to the left, holding something spherical, seemingly a squid light (or w/e they were called). The second topmost one, I think is Ravat or Bast, most likely Bast. I'd probably say that the topmost one(s) are Namah with Whip circling around her and perhaps someone else behind them, though I'm very unsure about that 'one'. The second from the left, I have no real idea about, though I'd guess Namah, which makes my former guess invalid however, so I really have no clue.

My reason for the Whip conclusion, is the problematic situation of that extremely long (and by the looks of it), double tail; which makes adding in Whip, answer one 'issue'.

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Kirito1/3/15 2:24pm
Look at this. Lilith is seen holding the exact same lantern as the shadow is.

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Kirito1/19/15 10:14am
So this new sketch, Mace, Namah and whip are seen descending into a cavern of some sort. We know that the title for chap 10 is throat of stone, so we can pretty much assume that, like journey to starfall, the book will follow the crew into a treacherous cave. Perhaps filled with dangers and such.

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Dawonguy1/30/15 3:05pm
So no powers propaganda.

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Prometheus1/30/15 4:04pm
So, we're getting a little taste of the Andurunan government's anti-power and non-violence propaganda. You know, a society that condemns self-defense is pretty much doomed to fail sooner or later. I don't see how the shock troopers could arrive in time to save a dreamkeeper from being mutilated by another dreamkeeper's power, unless the victim were to retaliate, but that's against the law. It's pretty much how real-life cops, in a country with the same non-violence laws as Anduruna, can't get to a crime scene quickly enough to keep a deranged gunman from running around a nieghborhood and shooting a handful of people.

People have got to have the right to defend their livelihood. They shouldn't be punished for that. If you have to use your powers to save your life or the life of another, then so be it.

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Havoc1/30/15 4:27pm
The poster and shirt reminding of the anti-drug programs ran in grade school.

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BigEasy1/30/15 7:18pm
"After speaking out against CCA policies one Pon Raul was found..."

"Pon Raul"

Anyways, I wonder how the whole 'banishment for powers use' thing actually goes. Do they give them supplies or anything before booting them out the door? Is there a ceremony? What happens if they try to return?

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DanWithTheHat1/30/15 9:21pm
Mr. Chitters is creepy in any form. After seeing that poster, I would definitely forget about power use for life...

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Kymastrider1/31/15 1:52am
I sort of had this figured out awhile ago, but since the nightmares in a sense puppet the anduruna government through there dark DK. It seems very likely that the outlawing of power use to such an extreme is so none of the DK well be able to know how to use there powers. So when they finally do decide to invade and slaughter them none of them will be able to defend themselves. Since we know that DK had there powers to begin with as a means to defend themselves from nightmares.

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DanWithTheHat1/31/15 9:51am
In addition to that, the best power users out there are also the DKs that are helping out the nightmares as they have no regard for DK laws anyway. The DKs are falling right into the nightmare's hands and they have no clue.

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